Tigers play the Bulldogs

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 13th

LSU takes on the unranked Bulldogs.


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Steve Geller we don't have time as dangerous so consumed with the saints to get your gut check on LSU starting SEC play. On the road at Mississippi State how you feel about this one as the tigers play the unranked bulldogs definitely really favorable I think for the tigers right now feel good about them the offense has been rolling the defense as solid as usual. And the return of guarding key should be another big factor for the tigers right now. I think they go to Mississippi State and are able to manage doing the menacing cow bells of Mississippi State and come away with a win on the road and SEC play Aaron that your gut check in on the saints in the patriot you're dead it's not feeling nearly as you know definitely after the performance from the defense on Monday night I'm just worried about what Tom Brady's gonna do with doll that time that he's gonna have to throw the football and also we saw the return of Adrian Peterson the Minnesota on now we get the return of Brandon cooks at the superdome this Sunday ouch majesty.