Three tickets returns as the popular choice before receiving a boot

Newell Normand
Friday, April 20th

Guest host, Dave Cohen, speaks to State Senator J.P. Morrell about the New Orleans City Council's decision to return to a three ticket policy before receiving a boot. 


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Eight censored JP morale they JP thanks for joining us here on WW. Don't all right Friday beautiful weather looks like we're getting great tomorrow Sunday maybe a little iffy but hey can enjoy the weekend. You must've enjoyed the fact yesterday the New Orleans City Council unanimously voted. To change Apollo the and booting cars with unpaid parking tickets and you were vocal. A spokesman on this issue leading up to an even considered a state law to impact this. Are we confident now that the Landrieu administration one that Vito. This effort to require you have three unpaid parking tickets before the city can go to Clark. Are. Are. I. And but on an. Important here. So it was at an all public. Reiser take a couple weeks before they can come back and override the Brockton. As and so. Groups from all caught inspector talk about how ridiculous. That I'll. Yeah. I can't eat so I. Can. What a strange. Cars. And call well. Obstacle ma. Call it out there well they could get to work in the school. Aid. One on. That can't. Catch the ball. Well. That's where this one or where. People. Even people pay the 120 dollar boost he paid the unpaid parking ticket is still took hours for them to get it removed because most of these discipline on its cars and at the Smart routes that they give you a code you punch and take it off yourself. Walk. Because. Basic. So a cop. Yeah. These machines. Like. Well call. Keep that. So basically. I. Click the people out if a person that. How. Do the job. Got. Well now the City Council. Along with backing from folks like you who felt passionate about this issue. Have to say you need to have at least three unpaid parking tickets before they can do jerk are you comfortable with that is that the right number. OR. Did. But to make sure what. Needs to. Have noticed that. An epic that pay a ticket. There's ways that. Yes a few mid may be some integrity get off maybe it blew off. Maybe you forgot about it. It. That. Could. So. Oh. That that. That. The public. Right sir if you moved if you're addresses and today number of things have happened. Who knows if that notice ever make it two years what we're. So it could be. Gobble it all. The but it would not by. Yeah yeah you would know if that point with this is specifically they decided to only make this applicable. Two parking tickets at least for now if you still have one unpaid red light camera ticket or one unpaid. Speeding camera ticket you can still get a mood are you okay would that. I don't. Say all. Right now. I'll try but the market violation. Amid I don't tolerate it shall as well at that point yet but now like. I thought. That I get the park. It would not be. It. Possible. You might back here. Oh. Now I think they estimated it yesterday that just by limiting the boots on 13 unpaid parking tickets. Parking tickets specifically the city's gonna lose about 600000. Dollars in revenue as a result of this change but obviously the City Council was comfortable with that. In their unanimous vote to make this change. Yeah I guess we'll have to wait and see. It is eventually the red light and speeding cameras go away that won't be an issue but for now but I just wanna make it clear to people that if you have won a red light camera or one. Speeding camera ticket you can still get a bit. OK. Where. But it actually put him you know why. Are we actually somewhat. Hey team morale thank you so much for joining us and I appreciated and I am glad that. All of your efforts have paid off in the fact that people will now need to have three unpaid parking tickets before they can get booted anything else you wanna say before we let trust. Now we appreciate it state senator JP morale here on WWL.