Terron Armstead on the Players Show

Terron Armstead joins the WWL Players show and talks about his journey to the NFL and the Saints turn aound this season.

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Involvement can give hope to the hopeless and feed the hungry. Here or delta worlds are the best place for tires complete all. Delta where a car has been serving Louisiana and Mississippi for over 77 years to make sure it's on usage of rock. The blood senator saving lives every day. I think it is the live show wait. Offensively on the Toronto thing. The idea Paul called for the saints and the elation tigers. Debbie did you have. The news talk and sports leader. The big 87 DW WL New Orleans 1053. WW LF MNET one Kenner and New Orleans. And WWL dot com. From our letter in bloom studios. Leading the way in Louisiana realistic for 100 years it's WWL. First news. And it's 6 o'clock kind Jim hands on your official weather station WW we LA MFM and dot com we could get some showers this evening. Your chance of rain for the evening hours imparted the overnight your ring chats about 30% for a few spotty showers not a sure thing but a firm will be coming on through and that should help draw the moisture away by the time we wake up in the morning. Channel Ford's chief meteorologist Carla Redondo in the pinpoint forecast is on the way. Mayor Mitch Landrieu and mayor reelect LaToya Cantrell on an afternoon press conference and they're both looking forward to a smooth transition to win Cantrell takes over in five. Months your transition to times of great opportunity for a local governments if they're done right it is essential. For a government to maintain stability. It is day to day operations to ensure the continuity or continuity of key programs and initiatives. And to establish a respectful and transparent process. For personnel changes Cantrell expects that transition to be seamless when she takes over she set a priority of hers is to suspend the use of New Orleans much criticized. Traffic cameras. All lanes on the I ten high rise bridge three open end earlier this afternoon after two eastbound lanes were closed for almost a week. Because of a fire from burning tires under the bridge that weaken their bridges support system. DO TD said in a news conference that our news release that decrees were able to make enough repairs to open all lanes safely. Charlie Rose has been fired by both CBS news and PBS after several women accused him of sexual misconduct. ATS news update the tsunami of sexual harassment allegations has swamped to veteran journalist Charlie Rose. Who was cut loose by both CBS and PBS. After eight women told the Washington Post he made unwanted advances groped them or appeared naked in front of them. CBS this morning co host Norah O'Donnell on today's broadcast. This is a moment. To demand a frank and honest assessment about where we stand and more generally the safety of women. Let me be very clear there is no excuse for this alleged behavior. Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan says recent scandals involving. Well known people like grows could have an impact in other industry must hurry. Stricter rules and clearer procedures. That really do assure women that when they do come forward that they'll be taken seriously. CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter I new report shows drug alcohol and suicide death rates could rise by 42%. In Louisiana. No lord chief policy analyst for the well being trust says the 42% increases are troubling number in a lot of it goes back to New York oil prices. Miller says based on current number of world areas more and more. The reefs around suicide or 40% higher in rural areas for alcohol at 16% higher education little Buick it's around 45% higher. He says in order to avoid a larger increase in drug alcohol and suicide death metal health care needs to be improved. We challenged the community to do something more around integrating mental also it's more seamlessly part of health care. I'm Joseph writes the White House is unveiling new economic sanctions against North Korea sanctions that president trump says will be the most severe ever imposed on Pyongyang. The announcement coming a day after North Korea was added to a US list of state sponsors of terrorism. CBS news correspondent Elaine hi has the story from Washington the white. House continues to ramp up the pressure on North Korea today the Treasury Department is announcing a new round of sanctions against Pyongyang and the move comes a day after president trump designated the country on a state sponsor of terrorism and our maximum pressure campaign to isolate. Knee in the murders. Of three games it's been more than sixty days since Kim Jong-Il regime conducted any missile tests are launches. Mr. trump said its weapons program was only one factor in the decision. And today's Wall Street report I'm Bruce Mayo with WWL. First to business news brought do you buy home bank. Technology shares advanced today and help push the broader stock market higher with the major indexes all closing at a record highs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained a 160 points closing at 2300590. The NASDAQ Composite rose 71 points the S&P 500 gained sixteen. Crude futures gained 41 cents settling at 5683. A barrel. The Mexican tortilla company Roma has opened a new plant in Dallas. The company said it can produce thirty million mission brand tortillas a day that will be shipped to Louisiana and five other states. And Baton Rouge based H&E equipment services has reached a deal to acquire contractors equipment center. A construction focused equipment rental company based near Denver. That's WWL first business news brought to you by home bank invested in business focused on you. WWL these times 606 weather traffic and sports flash coming up next. First south farm credit has been financing arms and wins since 1960 it's your passion and commitment to the stewardship of the land. That fuels our desire to achieve excellent service. We're proud to worked with you that's why we've please you first. Thanks to her patronage refund program. We put our profits in your pockets and we've been able to return 320 million dollars and patronage over the last 22 years interest in learning more. As the first Southland dot com equal housing lender. WWL these times six or six. Don't force chief meteorologist Carla Redondo is in the pinpoint forecast center at our weather for the next couple of days cloudy skies pretty. As the front moves through overnight we should try out for your morning. Temperatures in the low to mid fifty. Mostly clear for Wednesday breezy. Highs in the mid sixties. And on Thursday some frost on the North Shore in the morning mid forties on the fell short lots of sunshine and cool highs in the low sixty. From the pinpoint forecast center on W dot BO TB chief meteorologist Carl Redondo. Out in Hammond it's cloudy and 61 winds are calm clear and 66 of the year reported Kenner Slidell 63. Under mostly cloudy sky designed Jim Hansen WWL first news. Time for WWL traffic. From the dividend yield traffic center on paddy Burnham and east and I Canada highrise all lanes are open and others drilling until Asia heading to Slidell right now. On the I Chan. On the riverbend expressway where we've got delays bent to the parish lying approaching the Crescent City connection. We get an accident and the superdome exit also wrestling blocked and when she gets SS there was a breakdown right near saint Charles in the center lane. That's those delays don't open up until after you pass the saint Charles exit. The lake found expressly stopping goes through downtown. But when she takes the I can't eat steaks it's wide open into the high rise and if she continuing westbound. Jordan Metairie Kenner. Teeny little little bit of a delay before Bonham bolder by the time he had to causeway is stuffing go. Until as he passed clear view out of west into applause Jerry issue heading to New Orleans. At the I 65 merger we have lots of heavy traffic coming into the city on the still linked and once you step up in Canada those delays of between Williams and power. Jurassic brunch you buy advance auto. And Advance Auto Parts they're friendly knowledgeable team members are ready to help you get help our unique. From Bridgestone wiper blades they had like you'll find it all right here and Advance Auto Parts. And transit zip code that he did you know 1004. To six so incensed. WWL supports flash. With the progress we could but the price controls and the first. Last Saturday LSU tigers have seen good day and Tiger Stadium in Death Valley fill. Showed amounts outside of pick up their mind whether regular season in his fifth full status now at least you could finish as high as number three. India is easy thing on what happens at Alabama takes hit the news in the both the tigers have been sinking in the where's. And of course it goes there. Overall behind the two teams that would go to the SEC title game. Enjoy talk all the stores on Saturday at 1 o'clock here on tiger radio if you just do in the back and they'll put their eight game win streak on the line. Sunday evening out wins in Los Angeles as they take on the rim trail right now the rams away. One and a half point favorite over the saints since moved up whole new when he announced two and a half points. The black and gold and a few towns the last few weeks things have been and the underdog for the rapids and kicks off here on the WWL's saints radio. LSU basketball by the tigers are perfect you know their take on thirteenth ranked imperfect portal Notre Dame tonight. Cinematic classic Philly she got a big 7775. Come from behind win. We're pretty good team of the week of the Michigan Wolverines last night. If those people under new head coach we'll wait tonight you can visit the action without the magical here on WW. And another casualty in the National Football League opener as five if antiquated Ken Norton junior. After age 338 loss Sunday to beat patriots. He 126 in total defense when he first in scoring defense allowing 24 points a game but they've given up 125 points in the last four that's over 31 points per contest. No one was let go courtesy to those players brought about but like if there's really safe for the latest on the saints and tigers go to WW real dot com. From these news talk sports powerhouse of the gulf south WWL and AM FM in dot com. It's sports talk featuring the veterans sports players show live from hooters on veterans boulevard. Come party was Deke Bellavia and the player of the week. Brought to you by Yingli light slugger he's not light beer it's like longer from America's oldest brewer but sure you drugs on Metairie road celebrating 47 years serving the community. And veterans forward and they've just gone together and you've gone too far. Could jump in the game call 504260187. The cortex a 87870. Now let's go live to looters on best in Metairie. Take it away rigged Jeep. And hitting week. Hey welcome this week's edition it's like as soon earlier this don't do tonight your Thanksgiving and folks took over the fence if the business offensive line that. Exactly to run onto it to run thank you so much of being in hell yeah I'm good how you doing good good to run. I don't had to say you have it it's out there you know put. We you become the elite if anything you digits of your younger. Haas who is going to comments made in the flag would have blow us in the down the pros. Put what is what is it like to have to know to which you get to a level and it anywhere you attracted fewer phones I have you play. It's almost like could you go from positive thing you've accomplished there that you cup book which is thought that above. Didn't get to the pros if you come up how I thought of which talked about it. And you work your way up what does that tell you liked to work you we have almost like he is that under the lap let the clamp on the high clamp that goes. Devlin been harmful turning. It's been a long world like you say come from high school we started his freshman year ago. The new guys young guys go to college and same thing for us from new got a young guys you get to and a failure rookies so it's kind of the same as a freshman. When now monsoon fury and and so it's been a long rows from the great journey in New Orleans and beloved and important. Two runs you don't you're someone that I don't think anybody and I say this though president failure the only you'll like this. The west have agreed upon on this hornets around homestead about the B Holler all you can beat you. We did say where are you now have to take game to this witnessing. I've been all right ma'am I've been all right I've had a couple solid performance performances so far among six. Six games this season and owns the dog because though my fellow office a lot of support because there's been other women have been amazing. And just see there's definitely Cummins was all him because he's been a monster. But my son do you know the leader in the nucleus of those long and drew Wofford is probably the biggest user creates an acquisition drug benefit. The romantic. I can't speak highly of this guy can speak even more Ali and his guys an amazing thing he's. Not a typical rookie. He's a pro he approaches the game with a level of professionalism that you you don't see from guys you know. Can you say that this guy's living room America really does have them. You came within an hour event you know you can still could take be humble. If something has got to be right it's not because he if you want to know using it to us and it. Round isn't isn't a rookie of the cases they are freshmen. And one of the best and attack was the game is telling him bonuses like. You gotta keep it here because you don't. To get comments or anybody of its economy and what it does here that we don't lose to the front of the you beat refuel itself so the ponies that you gotta you gotta keep it Jake and Billy. He's just don't what you don't know thought supposed to come only though. This and in this game you gotta you gotta go out and prove every week you have to go on Brutus the horror porn about it. You have a great game this past Sunday you've grown this Sunday and they don't perform well. That's only been as a mother that that on the newest film the newest tape so that's a tough for a while at the level of consistency you have to approach to game will. You know it's this it's a challenge. Toronto instead it's our special cancel the players show title four to six of one creativity you can take the city 7868. Street between two run. We we you think about the music being played. And not a part of it hurt but now this right now. Pounds is being from a confidence standpoint particularly with the whole sense of love and I believe if people look at things haven't gone and always beauty. We'll go to Iraq repairs and cook vehicles do equally with six it. The confidence level assistance through the roof expressly. With the win that we just had this fence and then went on down to team with three minutes left and two beautiful little it's over Tom fully. A little quiz shows temperature Pettigrew. The show's fighter mentality. That we have to run a locker room and you meet those things and January. February February determined to play in the big dance so yeah. A flight we have that we have that mentality we have the pedigree. Well to say straight has been very has book but we haven't accomplished anything yet I'm still young season. The only goes out. Two divisional rivals still on our heels today you know as well as we play go locals Gaza come pick it up to so. Which when put ourself in position where we control loan business. Points because that's right it's almost like you we don't discredit you don't say. We hit all day and if you look like wolf but tocchet had his game is a team that we peach street. And you've got basically want to know what separates you from the team. And specifically its. It was like he could you be doing only hit fifty theoretically yours and right when you always feel loved him right up there. Oh for sure who's shortest. The NFC south lose those stacked division. It's so we'll markets that we you know we believe he's a string wound put up he says ourself in position to control our own business so. We have to secure whether you have ceiling toys. Have to tell me again. So. We control everything so important so room. Has been good as the victim pastry has been good has been team building has been character building. We found our identity you know we are applicable to you know thrown together from week to week got to put together. Quarter of this that this is saints left tackle offensive lab at Toronto home stay here all the players should. We'll continue to topics to run if you think golf bag that we first got involved with football. Because I think two things in their pockets of tough love to go to Atlanta assembly Saturday. We became the top kill its amount of available in the draft it's now with the flag. I don't there's a special this is the players showed a high yield a home isn't just you go to. Wake up. Let's stop staring me obvious in the face and walking around that Noual dormant weekdays 10 AM to 1 PM on WWL 1053 FM paid seventy ailment and WWL dot com. This is Bobby Hebert of the KG can inform my friends and all lending group it's kind of followed the great race this season the folks that dole ending make it simple easy and fast look at the by bill are refinance no lending a division of fidelity bank can help no living was just voted best local weather by local magazine readers so why go anywhere else no Linley group a division of fidelity bank offers customized loans local decision making and world class service 8668725399. Or online and know lending dot com no lending group here for you here for good and equal housing lend their memory FDIC. Veteran USC commentator and a hold of the Joseph Rogan experience podcast shoulder again. 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Offering comprehensive and innovative business solutions so businesses can operate more efficiently. HL business pure business solutions partner. The city film business dot com. This LSU update also brought you by cal cast your local wacker annoy Sunni equipment dealer. The kitchen is the heart of your home the Stanley gathering place the place where life happens cooking and entertaining conversation hallmark therefore you wanna kitchen that fits both your wife's cell and you personality camel cameras is one of the largest gamma selections are golf pros are well over a thousand styles and color combinations to choose. And including custom painted finishes comes CY more homeowners and builders accuse Campbell cabinets for all their kitchen bath needs visited one about three show formal occasions are online right Campbell time is an icon. Nothing for my New Orleans and celebrating Thanksgiving Day with the elite friends did. Story. Race isn't flat it's given New Orleans tradition since 1872. Joining sprint only if they're coming at Racine and that's an image you know Chris posted 11 AM hill ladies get here only the club has reservations cup final flight nine Florida 322. Tina got concrete details. The ramseys diamond Jewelers in Metairie and on the West Bank ramseys. Back to WWL sports talk featuring the veterans sports players show at hooters on veterans in Metairie. Brought you in part by a majority of drugs on Metairie road celebrating 47 years serving the community. Called 05042601870. Or text at age 7870. Am not welcome back the players show it to run on citizen especially this season. Title for the 26018 Seve he could Texas City seventy feet seventy out to the phone to go let's go to around to do out here around it evening here on. Quick to Ronald standpoint that you get you have and. Iran's bank job. It's a question for the runoff has been on the left tackle what forced out of line to protect through a lot of guys will be a part of what 94 New York. No ads. You know it just sounds wrong and I'll hang up but listen I hit it thank you. If they're so much that. No I don't I think you. Of Patton Tyson is stressful man has so it's always a very worrisome. Part of the game you know you don't you know one if you took quarterback touched. So long as it is satisfying for sure he can claim and that and you have confidence in the guise of front. For all Islamic. Community tends to go forward and kind of move some people other way. Oppose your will on some guns and run game as that's over and over pride thing for us. To run. What's that feel the difference between authorities have the team in the way you did only 3430 want do what you did basically. But to break those down close. The 47 in ten game was. Great I mean I was. That was us hitting on all cylinders you like you could do no wrong website you can do no wrong that that's. Very dangerous same thing. That we can you know put that together. On any given Sunday as is known treatment can compete with honestly in my opinion you foam. But the big game as far as we can up the let was more important. It was a game that kid. So what's our potential. So and so was that we or people would simply be too if we don't come to play. We had a stroke was in the first three quarters. But it showed is that we're resilient. And we'll battle civilians sought to like that again this past Sunday was even more important. Than before sentencing him. 260 warnings have been you can takes a city 78 said it out to the phone to go it's ideal for Brian brown or yellow which Iran homestead don't WW Leo. Answer on how you doing today. I'm good resume. Feel pretty good I only talk to vote when he came back for me here injury. The day it seemed like we knew he did indeed think. Says he's got the full story. And only being eighteen when history is back Connell and I'll come together at one point or just simple working. Home. I came back pedaled it did early in the spectrum from below labor and surgery so who don't know a ton of strengthening exercises and everything tuned to make sure was stable enough to compete. From offers came back and they did it and actually has it been to a problematic for me. It's still an ongoing rehab room. Third people trying to do strongest possible. Going to be awhile before it's back to normal. Put I mean it's a game winning streak you know women went in heels and almost everything so well. Has been has been a magical season so far we soon long way to go Brian thank you for Nicole want to run. Back in the early days we we beat you get involved it exports when did you first though like it's volatile with a sporty you think it's too. The purple balls those filed against ozone. Come for us mama. Kind of force moved. Played football when I was five whose own stay home play video games. When I'm really having violence denies the fifth pick and it was there's only kind of maybe get into it and you know. Kind of found a little look pretty good right. Kind of kind of early so I got more and more into a sort of play baseball as well again. Sort newest track and field to end football was always want. It was always good. Couple goes like this. I guess it. They just due to this last opponent it's around words like we beat beat beat Philipp now but like we used was it grows heard was is that what's it like okay you're kind of when he brought against him as I was saying making its tune look big their by the as I was then you get your early years cover those phones. I was I was have. Yeah I was always been having god maybe cute I was like short stubby occurs I go to both pretty quick from a from a size. So womb. Always play it off as a lot and people who won't be much dead in the coach. I was being Melinda run the ball and when the ball when he would let you detestable little ditty goes. So have been on the line. My freshman year high school come player voice to be me but I'm like. Eight. 250 Tallulah gross Burton whose gross product gets so we'll have to muscle more your high school homework from like five to the end six through. They wanted to what you get it's. Good for the fifth I go to so much out of more info out to his experience. And well again become more inches from a college career and a high school. Send them send six now in this thing I want to know he is Lance. The eagle 058 at the willow was six feet it's like. What was it Google we always on the line immediately always on the line. I have some of those coats and all other. Coaches who have accused planner yeah they're infants and mother were running back like what emergency room my counsel's if this is the difference is that may have faced nothing. So Tautou run it is they too would like what you eat here is similar authority that they will get technical used to detect it. Personally I was thorn and those going attends the and in those going to announce a plan though right Golar. On the office and line here and the whole way through always hang on the line can't go to this sort of kind of. Think the way UPS foundation and Betty and I think this that was attributed about stayed in order ground everything's good yeah there's a nickel whose son who. We haven't signed silly you you ticked away you use extreme at it and you tackle we didn't witness thought the city into like OK this is. This is up until midnight and he he he's solid you can still be one atop this will be one of the contact with a pitch institute coming up at crypto used top recruits. Sale was really going to college will be crucial to accomplish office and people are so high school and go. I was mostly focused on defense and thought I was pretty pretty good defense and you if this alarming because tongue because we've. And don't went on the college. First of your college learn training camp and is like just you've started. And a couple loose their recruits. Didn't show me all the slums. They're mobile first there will be no room for salon and like his second day of it's kind of blocked. I was pretty. Violent blood yeah and like 11 classrooms. They like. Restored and has its own it and if you hit it and if there. I'm glad it's around into this final four to 6018 city had its a question for Toronto we could take to sedate simply sitting. Include gift bag with thoughts on about playing in this way fifteen team over there. And does some of the arrival came to finance the golden glove hand. We don't that plus. I would be rises up to be done almost went all the limited and own two feet long that top level available if the nuclear threat what then was that. With a dual thinks it's the players go to our own citizens bishop this hypocritical to run. Final four to 60170. We could take the big 87870. Couples get hit bottom of the avenues for a company if eight CVS that they can then go to play issue are you lose a veteran boulevard. All the same trait you WW. CBS news update. CBS this morning co host Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King appeared without Charlie Rose today. He was fired by the network after eight women connected to his PBS show. Told the Washington Post he groped them or exposed himself in front of them. King considers rose a friend but condemns the behavior. To be very honest with you. I'm still trying to process all of us I'm still trying to sort it out because this is not the man I know. But I'm also clearly on the side of the women who have been very hurt and very damaged financed. Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan says roses journalism career may now be over. I think it would be hard in this case to come back he has been at such a high level. So revered and respected and that has no shocking and so much out of keeping with the wind made reputation had spanned. Three women who worked with rows it's CBS have also accused him of sexual misconduct CBS news update I'm Pam Coulter. From our letter in bloom studios leading the way in Louisiana realistic for 100 years it's WWL. First news. WWL these time 632. Line Jim hands on your official weather station WW bell AM FM in Dunn dot com. DO TD says all lanes of high rise I Danny's found now open to link had been closed for almost a week. After a tire fire had weakened the structure underneath the bridge. Mayor Mitch Landrieu in May reflect LaToya Cantrell an afternoon press conference said they're both looking forward to a smooth transition. When Cantrell takes over but it won't be for five months she set a priority of ours is to suspend the use of New Orleans much criticized traffic cameras. Meanwhile mayor Landrieu is working on a book to be published in March called in the shadow of statues a white southerner confronts history about his views on race and his support for taking down confederate monuments. Earlier this year. On Wall Street the Dow closed up 160. Points NASDAQ was up 71 oil. Up 24 cents at 5707. A barrel. Well forecast Temps in the sixties tonight we do have a 30% range chance but missed the front moves through that'll clear through the overnight hours. Mostly clear tomorrow breezy highs in the mid sixties it'll be a cool Thanksgiving with a high C in both low sixties. In Hammond it's cloudy at 61 Slidell cloudy 63. Clear at the according generated 66 and I'm Jim Hansen WWL first news. Here's WW real traffic. From the detonated mile traffic sent her caddie Burnham and in the plus or getting reports an airline driving eastbound heading into the city would get something go trash can't or mind. About a three mile delay heading into the city on the spillway would get heavy traffic from the I 55 merge onto the still blaming coming into the city. From the plaza when you step boss in Kenner we get delays between Williams empower. Delays approaching me Crescent City connection on the rebound expressway going to the West Bank began all the way back to city park. Had a couple of accidents one near the superdome in embraced him near saint Charles isn't this supposed to now clear but we still have those heavy delays working out. And on the lake band expressway we're beg to general the goal on the West Bank we get an accident and south Claiborne at delay on the lake yeah on expressway it's got two lanes blocked. Once you get past that traffic moves pretty well into the west we do have a accident on a bowl that was did handle aflame blocked this thing moved off to decide. The good news is it all lanes are open on the horizon there's no delay to Slidell traffic brought to you by the international work bench and. Busy international were good show government loans November 29 through December 1 dive deeper they re envisioned conference program featuring high level education and network opportunities in the shipyards offshore and in one passenger vessels sectors registered today and were both showed I'd come. Got a trashy Tibco and Denny Danielle fun though. Four to six an intern. WWL sports talk featuring those veterans Ford players show live from looters on vets in Metairie brush your part five veterans forward if you go under cutter you've gone too far. Call 504260187. B or text page 7870. And welcome back to players so it's Ramos as our special guest gave president to run 260187. You can take the city 78. Send it back out to the phone to go Slidell full field. Do you always Toronto instead all of that goes yeah. Create their own. And you know who. Smoked or more compliment and a question. You know. I've been paid for instance the first day's end. You know that Knoblauch who is going beyond its own euros. You know and do. You know you. Don't pay enough to fit into them these same. We don't have a run and can cook. You know I definitely paying attention you got here number one group. You know I'm I'm not so you wouldn't confess here you're the money and then I'll Sparky got here. Do you own. And you're out there I don't. Unchecked can I do you go to fifteen yards down signals. Blockbuster. And I mean so that I thought ma who you gonna treat children. Personnel. At least because it. You guys didn't grade this year. So we definitely appreciate that sir we own which is like. Facilitate trying to run game. We look we love we get a chance to go forward and you know attacked some guys. A move some guys that are way for him onto very than the big backs. Marking her melt more than me much so wound was assigned to a job. Odds on that's also going to be able to stay out front like that if somebody like they'll. When you remote clue that the real skilled appreciate it thank you the phone thank you all right bill thank you very much appreciated. I tried to run and so this has who would be dismantled bulletin the it was a bit of a late qualifier. Come anomalous. And in qualify to that it national signing day and saw kind of miss those big school opportunities do you. I want to be tracked as well those are states have been childhood and thank you so long. I would soon come local football intern scholarship. Fund at the my first career world. And I found love I thought about leaving a phone evoke comments to go to bigger school. You know about a better opportunities to earn better films like the war room yeah but. Conference near palm blow for kind of establish my position I was still in the calypso who. I wanna confidence in the new world conference records you know childhood running as a freshman so Kafelnikov found a home and so that the third. In Italy qualifiers and all that surrounded you you get out did you get the Pentagon and well that's until people exhibiting hate I don't care where you from what you know play within view of it. Would have looked used to you live your life you life you don't battle with foam a life to come from boredom but and I try to explain it college football. It is squared the ball. I think we you go to games beat the intensity. The route route company if it's it's it's a big U I saw the plane like so for some home games. A lot of times the opposing teams they got way people think because this is the most traveled conferences in in college football does know fans low heel weight gain. And you get out there that you hear that things you can had to be night. Man that helped helped man out here because and the first he's really saying it's close it's it's hard not to go with early eighties that the value classic in. There's rose Sanders is what playing in new teachers of her son did they say we come and how we can only kept telling me how you plans to buy you suddenly granted I was attempt to run the where's. So the painful life. They won't I have to have the distinction because and his adopted has made it probably rolled out Hollywood elite team like Oregon state of they would just rolled moody with you know his night. I would hope we do is hope that we Torre six years straight. Unbelievable but. So I kind of paint a picture of a dead. Eighteen to level off beat dent. It's you know it it is everything now is televised but but if you read this big time college football is big time just that you know it did get three explosions it is fun. For sure that that is definitely big town college football it it has a different field you kind of want to explain you know into some some big college. Games. This is a different field because this is different problem the atmosphere. Those fans a win has an event that is. Be known drone manner we're both fans and their spending them right rock in the stands and tell us how would you do fear the holes then. It's like don't give the Ohio State he's king repeated. They gave to those things looked hopeful. I had boosting morale I think when my dad has never really tonight do but I think that's a gremlin. I'd like to have a gutsy Pennsylvania Graham those tunnels topped with a swagger and ability is quite awhile yeah. So. Those same kind of hone their home. We have some really great wells of southern. Yes as a group I was in Texas stay with Clinton's state championship as friends and from gloves only in terms of victory and in school history so. 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It's around homestead as I was fishing gets here all the players show concentrated because of a two run. Titles with 260 points that you could Texas City said he says it wants Iran also went and saw what do you think he used with the we think that the scouts felt comfortable around when did you start to like you. Get held up that if you eligibility he saw fourteen years it started like eight. This is clearly becomes eligible for the prayer these people be so what's the secret what you don't hear about it. I'm the in my sophomore year old whose turn. Schedule your classes. Two quoted. We are a couple scouts and that was at the yellow jackets improved most. I think you have to Jones dome rents go and that came in maybe they just so you know the look. That was pretty much do. My engineer. Programs. In I was able to quote run through 4040 your business plan and know pretty big league pretty quick win for big guy so. Become a life Kalu wind we have. A few more than just those tombstones. Take a little wind room. And then. See you want honesty we went in I guess for the championship in quite a few other nice moment. And he knows it. He got explosive was. It's a lot of those Kansas City can't compel him. You're able to quit you'll receipts they will be able to beat cops found him offensive that I hooked on the comical spectacle so no. Indy with the threat to John Stallworth and Alabama State. And thank the ability to handle what's it take to have what PPP and we got to watch film on John Stallworth he never gave it to Phil black theaters coaches for the fans rambling idiot don't think it. That's over patriots fans want and don't Stallworth and he can't there. The elderly get real with the other. And as we were trying to do it you. Keep keep your video did you know that is don't come without getting all these draft and diseased vessels coming home to keep people and it kind of life. Know you hear that run if you didn't scouts say that about Q who what does what does it do because. That's that's awful luckily you know being that these people that can handle success and I think we handle failure we had to think that. We don't like. Veteran and a few weeks and months and this is it global vehicle that was successful isn't like he did it feel what you gavel comes to play. Well. So maybe you do if you have to sit down segments notes right that. Think it's really assume assume out of my senior season to go through. And have personal but an even even then there was always the question of level of competition. So womb when I come. Also a game by Portuguese was trying game and which is a big thing for middle school who were so. Want to go cruise was trying game. During the practices that were most of the stones were differences and so I was fortunate enough to get invited to see people the next week. So wind from the east was to see you bowl and it was I mean everything coach and then a film that's when I was like real it was way. I hope good fun and it's and there was cruising I'm seeing all these guys you know watched on TV for so long us military coaches. While and then you know it's become like came up to is seen on the big the top guns and showing up there say. Can you believe Phillips notes say every them right. This is news is good news is came close. And just try to perform you know. The home. Thank you see this is 606. And three wood paneled room was full civil authority. So do best feel for it took for those who don't vote to run 2000. Applicants to the fastest time came into the kind of thing settle things alone I think they saw they. Not to visit in 1982. So I would it would have been a who have been within it wouldn't. Instead they got to come within his win tonight they're a bit of me was it looked at that the fans you have green I don't know I have a good. Brent for Six Flags laser when I was friend in Florida. Solidly go one of the go from here to do more. Love David that was back that you could take you by the doctor wrote it down. They don't pose one of the goat before finally think for good idea always. The forces found that the supply was so warm. Official time. I can be any have to you can run what will pull it proves that they're likely to what you what you got called into the -- Buick defenseman. Don't seem. It was. Come out was that I was a lecture us on everything it just was can talk to my agent and visit and I went and visited a lot of different things look forward from a lot of different things of that term process so talk to him couldn't he couldn't get like really good. Feet on forums go right. So loose and you think Michael refers to the fifth. It's a life in us there's a pretty broad. Range so first first days as a first round which is watching going through. Come on CBS T hello we have got a great business maybe. Olympic tens of small school Rhode. Few teams come through Craig hasn't been great and all his own Islamic goal all his time was going. I think he's like a haven who loved 11 round from entertaining. And so it makes stay sick around go through luncheonette. The most places want to family. Turn around go through. Thanks to my game columnist who is American cause you're late in the second round. Feel like people look at everybody's okay here. The studios see people who remember there was. So the cinema mom room you know. I'll save ten minutes out today. We go he defeated saint visitors are. If you look at people who say duke and the risk letting go just look at their families with the deflected goal. In that attack why they got ex certificate to run thoughts on his next opponent he's seven and three Billy Graham's. Find out what offense allowed them to run arms or if the players show here on state radio divvied up your. 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But the Black Hills to run all day it was that they they look to make it bank street they are taking on. Los Angeles brands to run the break things down home Mondays and and tempo routine not talking with coach can you kind of review if you become if you. So you start to look at this brand of defense and they got a good these things I do they do. Extremely talented. A lot of young talent. One of the best in the business and then dome we have to speak his name. Is going to be is gonna get by with some talent pool of students to be a lot of fun if it's not like that though it usually when it's on loan to like that it. They'll they'll go out there and you've got to leave that to practice on Friday. This is is there it's just been through you like for you by the heat did you know that we keep going at that time differences. We'll play it out there you can kind of be like that. We don't at Duke Team he would that you're playing basically the way since these different. Do he's usually in the morning ounces of how you have to get equity and debt because that's of this of the anticipated. Probably so I don't know nobody can lie at home. Like I definitely noticed right but. Mentally it's always it is always good to. To give it to yourself a chance to thank them into your body and mind to at that time difference yet. What the want to lift we before so is for the week in London. With 667. Hour time difference we I think he held a different than you know we've we've got on this yeah. Good it was true we got back. You know when you go to sleep then went I thought you know taking longer. What it would lose to strip the Toronto fifteen. But. Just a sort of prepare myself well. As a smaller play and I try to use my mother you know moment to call out. Not like a lot more a more physical but I was kind of been known as the athletic god knows is this an athletic guy. When I'm I feel like I've been playing this game for very long time I'm pretty Smart player. The leader the leader on the team. Why doesn't see it. More and everything so thanks so much can you take away your mental block and it's very develop someone else a month to succeed. What that's what I've. My home is trying to help people find me on Twitter is a philosophy was sure he underscore form stay at seventeen. T under.