Teddy Cahill on CWS

Monday, June 18th
Baseball America's Teddy Cahill joins us from Omaha and breaks down the opening round of the men's baseball tournament.

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Welcome back to the show told to the delays earlier today at the college World Series but lots of stuff to talk about. Over the weekends as teams advancing on into the winner's bracket set a new favorite in my mind I told you. North Carolina they became my favorite after they beat Oregon State I would not be surprised that all deceive them. When the whole thing this year I like Texas Tech a lot of notes him Zimmer. They kill joining us now ready for baseball America dot com for under the program tell you what's going on man college World Series is geared. It's another beautiful day nobody can build little not accord is beautiful and would like. Looked much rain but otherwise another great you know. Yeah indeed in L organs states they are involved of one of these delays today. We are really struggling in Omaha the last. Couple years. What what's owners just as normal struggles that you can't really predictors of the bigger could be. I'm. What you need to get Syracuse so I mean they've they've. God they got beat by LSU obviously but they did start a law all pretty well last year. And LSU team to optimize Gillick that Alex hits him it's a good this year has been a little different they played very sloppy. The pitching has not been as scared and I I don't know that. It's hard to know if it's hard to imagine that the moment it's too big for these guys all year a year ago. And they were probably more favored a year ago that they were this year so I'm not really sure what that was. That that's been going on so hard but it. You mean this team. Is built around a little more around offense then than beavers teams that were used to in the past so. You know when they make mistakes. Whether part of sounder defensively is to pull jarring but it is just a little bit different make up more of this Oregon State game especially vs last year. You know I go back to the game on Saturday it was organs did against North Carolina. They Alec that was whoever won that game might be the favorite in my mind North Carolina didn't win that game the Tar Heels one of the favorites Nazi. Well I mean they're definitely the favorite in their bracket and there there are you know you gotta consider them one of the favorites the overall. And yet they've got to. Got to beat Mississippi State Kirsten that if there are a little bit like the team of destiny. With seven walk off it he's in the region their lasted like seven games. Really got to contend that that first bit. You know North Carolina is the team a lot of it's in it's got a patient lineup that would poster pretty well on Saturday it. They have enough offense to it to make it happens yeah I mean I think it's a team that I didn't include a team and into Carson people's problems out here. It was baseball so good Carolina man I guess all the Carolina's the last few years sustain. Team after team and Odyssey or the called rosters for the regionals this year is littered full of them what what what baseball like penalizes those special. I mean I I think that when you look at it it's an area that is pretty good too large population wise. And you know Georgia is right there especially for and a south Carolina school. Confident that South Carolina that the big recruiting area. And they're able to pull kids out there. And I it's just a really good area or baseball and I think that youth baseball. In that area has improved. And in recent years and you're seeing that now move on up to. Two it's good to college level that. You know that there's just more talent there. And yo I'm I'm not sure I can speak what changed in that aspect but I think it's got a good hotbed going on there. And you know there's really no reason why can't continue. Its. There are a lot of people don't really care about is all there of their their a lot of really good players there and in those teams there are a lot of college team in South Carolina North Carolina and and but there's enough talent to go around. You know when we beat teams like I was still in South Carolina and confident. At the school in North Carolina. You know I haven't accepted it's pretty impressive. Talking to Teddy K hill earlier writer for baseball America dot com about calls realtors let's go to the other half of the bracket games. Yesterday. Arkansas wins Florida loses SEC goes one and one here but I wanna talk about Florida first steady man. I don't know if it was Dan giving a singer and everybody arrest towards into the regular season they weren't able to restart those engines are what happened here. But this is a completely different Florida team last month than the one we saw just dominates. The baseball College Baseball. The entire season leading up to that point what the world is going on with the gators. Well you and one of the things that I think happened it was the judicial work got hurt at Mississippi State and that did not do you any saying positive for their wind up. In an over the last two years when JJ gets hurt. And goes out it's a different look at a lot of defensively this year. They just aren't quite as good as they've been in the past deacon with that it is not what can no doubt shortstop but we don't Guthrie wants. And that reared its head last night but it'll at the same time. I don't think that anything that happened over the previous two weeks it was particularly out of character. On the debut last year when they want the national title they had a great game seven in a regional like we did this year have been adequately in the super regional detected this year. I'm. It's hard to win in College Baseball these days six of these super regional went to game three is now last night I don't know I think it is. But especially if they're talking the order you look at fooling anyone at Texas Tech and that was strange to see but I think that's more just a matter of Brady having a bit off like he's been outstanding but he came back from injury. So I just think it's slowed saying it every team has been up and down and what would happen haven't down at the wrong time you know it's a big deal get into the post season. You know everybody's been tell me to watch out for the red raiders the last really couple weeks for got into the regionals. And all those people were rights Texas Tech man they're for real they're the favorites now hours at Arkansas. And then next I meant after the bracket. Yet but the Arkansas for medium and pitching is much deeper for the hard. In a brilliant night. Is true agents and yet he's out now I'm different in terms of of London about her to that. The matchup with Texas Tech but. It's Texas Tech killed Killian is stupid good starter but yet he got hit around pretty hard. Are in the super regional little inconsistent. Herb Pope and good but not great. I just think that Arkansas took a little more on the mound it's going to be pretty offensive both of those on a very good and I think both of them did a good job of answering. Art in the playoffs at the ballpark in bomb and and and barbecue and you know I. It's a different ballpark here TD Ameritrade it's is it they attempt to favor the pitchers and I think that what they did yesterday it would both of them showed they're often than not ballpark creation. And they can they could then be just fine here that they can find ways to score runs even if they are blasting Iran's. Echo at the rate they wore during the regular season. Would you be surprised if any of those teams came out of the losers bracket to make it back to the final like what happened last year. I know afford can now lose bracket I would not be surprised one bit on Oregon State it would surprise me to be a little bit more just because. You know they're they haven't done much they're starting pitching at third by assembled a conflict combined for six pertinent that are suitable opponent could be a little tax. Aunt but the way things setup here obviously with the days off. If you can work it a little bit. You know I cautioned yet prized record date were to do it. But no I I I think definitely Florida and it seemed to make that happen. It's. You are not going to be easy of course diet. I think it is possible. For those games I think this could really be a wild week. It's all well. Fasten to pick one favorite right now sounds like maybe Arkansas or North Carolina. Right or. You know that the team that I really like coming into the year which put them on the cover her college preview issue and I this has so many back. And I really like the assortment of pitching. In a bit. They've got enough arms out there. And our offense has just been so explosive all dialogue and I think what they did on on Sunday it was pretty impressive. Teddy K hill baseball America dot com great breakdown as always more just getting started here SC WS are more baseball ago thanks so much. Notice their egos at Ted K Phil. On Twitter. Baseball America dot com is where he confined his work or just getting started here. Delays at the CWS. Today so everything got started blades and of course Noel shoes. Baseball fans here still pretty blunt about that but this signing circuit so parts of overshadowed I think by its World Cup year. So even here locally with all the outlets operators command forced it Abbott if you took a hole here. In New Orleans about L issue involved in this called World Series yes. Hey kind of rank what your most incident right now sports wise you probably have NFL offseason is number one. Maybe NBA draft LeBron number two World Cup and then probably College Baseball the World Series down there although some people just looking. The watch Florida and Oregon State and get beat up. I would love baseball and greater. When I've talked a baseball and take quick break here we come back the American League. In Major League Baseball don't historic pace. To have now one not two. Not three. But for. 100 win teams four of them. Incredible giving a Major League Baseball updates. Come back. Next oh and one of those teams probably would never guessed up the lap double coverage wrap it up next on WW.