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Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, December 6th

Bobby & Deke analyze the SEC coaching carousel and talk Saints-Falcons with former Saint Lance Moore.


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And good evening and welcome to our number three is more talkies the case again Bobbie a bear I'm Deke Bellavia 260187. You can text us. At 87870. Coming up this hour we'll continue taking a look at tomorrow night's opponent the Atlanta Falcons also we will visit with former saint great. And why receiver in Lance Moore. Rescue Esperanza will be was this without you from Vegas so what Brandon laying in the movie too fancy football report basically. Tomorrow night Thursday night schedule had a bumping up and I because the saints play tomorrow night in operating jaguar opinion poll that WW dot com what Tennessee south team do you think. The saints could face in the playoffs could be Carolina and Lance both on need to vote at WW real dot com street dot takes line indicates he came back looked a bit. They get in love is open because I like respect and I just hope all NFC south teams make it but obviously Elmo has to be the top dull. But to get national recognition. You know you talk about an NCA AC whatever big they me that's you look at the parity in the NFL that's a great accomplishment. If he'd have three within your division. All make it to the playoffs. You know you'd have all in one division winner obviously that too wild card so a lot of play for you look with the Seahawks and rams competing in the west and and you with the Eagles Iran and obviously Minnesota but it. You no they don't say you like respect that you talked about the talk trash slightly with like we know what I do these radio shows around the country. And he talked about I had the same two and a weak division you know he knows that a weak division. The patriots. Look at the pages of the paper it's highly. Did the I think Tom Brady is unbelievable and given M uses the patriots are unbelievable what they've accomplished in that 40% treatment but look what what the bills. Dolphins. America dig it. C'mon now you write that you go OK you jets while noted are seated divisions to over Minnesota house note that but what big all I'm saying is not obviously the competition. Ryan you know often teased about the Super Bowl beat by accident. The pages to go six and 05 and one. Ali it's solely because look at NBC is a season that's why. I think beg goals a long way from a national perspective. When they give the NFC solved our props have all three at Kent can make the twelfth and obviously we got to beat a top dog if that was get our car. Now they got got to read this or that being said again that people here they wanna hair. And this person is delusional. A local call a local number. So do what 42 he set the things I wanted to tell the schedule is but ESPN has them as the fifteen Teva is schedule. I'm 32 teams stop drinking your roll call eight. What I said again if you listen when I brought this up. It was the first seven games. Yeah if you look I vikings patriots Carolina Miami it was up and make it this go on the I'll win this gives it windows team dollar right now. Yeah look at what those teams when the saints played him. Yes you have to look at dig at this is going to the end of October. The deferred the first the seven game I neglected to bears gave it to end of October. The saints had the toughest schedule right as far as winning for just lucky just like doing that do you think. And week three of the season. David Ewing was town around all we beat we beat new owners know but right now. No I don't go out menaced a quality wins plus have been got to take a win that it was plus a big Minnesota's. Same thing about being examined in their cap the huge win Brazil that that's like college you can hear what you wanna hear a listener right yet to be objective look at this season as a whole. And when you play 180. What was their 00 won loss record so not like stop drinking you'll cruelly Unita get all Cooley. He made him feel like Jonestown. Eight good news is good for you delusional again now they come out this on a positive note positive note. Saved color rush uniforms are the sharpest. Don't they get it we will bring them all tomorrow night yeah Diego what is it like that all white color schemes are in the military are being download chart. Hopefully we went to go to Denver look to JT but this phase color rush uniforms on the chart resolved believe that. And and this fan says the party to nineteen the real team is gonna go off and another two. Mercedes been building in the league again dealing I was saying. Mercedes being get a monopoly look at the whole Saudi alternative. Get a Mercedes-Benz superdome and the Mercedes van and they don't they could name every stadium and it was board they wanna do. Well they had to have that much drove it I do play well we'd. Show Alanna. That we're for real and dig you go on the road can because. Realistically. Big you know is crazy would Vegas thinks. You know points friends. And then we gonna talk about this later Michelle yeah we row one point three let it was a one point favored. Then did his swing towards the saints all of us it's a HR 22. And have a will what is it now. Because because become telling me. Vegas. They just trust the saints more right now even though it's a short week thing about this Thursday night football. On the road being that you Lorena opened here's what it was it opened into saints. Minus full. DN Sunday evening we you are now on radio in winter as much as it alama. Was he about a one point I'd say yeah right I now it is gone back to the saints are on the go across the board you both Bob Dole in GM or and swing in the use of the book. It's all about between about 11 and a half is is to have visited the sites and now back the favorite again. So you could that you could ecologists Landis from places they get an in tell you right now because wise soul mind boggling. Because you got a short week yeah and you traveling. Thursday night football. And you look at also audiences still think the falcons are relevant. Yeah stated that that ended a more desperate team night. Chris when you look at their current Goodell also mean and Anna's close until the mean loves them but cardinals Atlanta sort of hard to be seven it say now they can. Big Dick in that day they they lose their seven at six US can be tough and in the make it they lose. I don't mid city for chairman chairman thank you for calling WW well. Hello Sherman how are you. Good outlook a couple questions or are hurt Scott Shanle thought out of control and may be the most improved there on the defense on the change. You can't speed is the most improved audio and. Let's end that's a great point yeah he's he's on his arm and let me tell you Andrews. What we've seen him as a rookie in training can go way messaging is not even like the same guy right. Where he would be struggling and in pass protection now we can not only play goal Marty played guard or tackle tackle and guard. And he had a groin injury I think that's why got exploited. Who are giving it a pass rusher now. From Carolina. It is gonna solve them. You want another not that the tackle that the that the bits have been. I won't Portman. That that either it's a man who act on actively Aniston and had a thing got it good I'm telling you dealing with a big groin injury. That no Andrews. And Bob. You know season didn't have that same line coach question. Of the but you know. No I think you know that know this came up with a life coach and they've dug come together know that that and as that is now like good bill John dingle ordered Iran. I know is this not dead damage jays coach bid leaving. Yeah Johnson and did lenses sweets and receive who's visiting. He he he echoes Rochelle is off his lack of yet yet though they have now he's at an outstanding job. Boy there's a great job and the and the direct payment I think you. And of course as well. Well I'd pick yellow much data we all Bush's name all nosy give play. You give put America guard tackle tackle guard Jack of all trades he he's the he's been terrific. And nine in less than their utility guy I every one to describe them. And that he you know was crazy too big admitted talking about this because that was a big acquisition is free agency. And help solidify their problems almost sublime when they got Alex Mack yes. From the browns that was a key and is that you have what he meant and he's still good yarn would you goes even playing better than him this year Max Unger thanks on the from hangs on her photos saints I don't know holly can not be Robles senator. This year not all pro. I'm investigating Dan and Bobby Hebert and he Bolivia. 260187. You can take this an 87 B 870. And welcome back two ms. Carol long I want thank you for calling WW built. Though ms. Carol thank you for called. No it was you know mute testimony and Reagan and a in just a few moments KG can he had Samoa. Takes over the folks obviously. Pumped up tomorrow night because at this point dam will be about oh right on an hour away from kick off the saints and the falcons 9375. Dig when Bobby and you know the way things are sending out we talked about this a mighty tree on the coach's show Monday night. Philadelphia as an another tough game this week with the rams Minnesota is with Carolina. If the saints came win in things shape off which some of the week from now we're all four division leaders in the in this seat would be eighteen and three with three games that the play. And Bobby you talk about a shot everything is in front of everybody being. Yeah and they do this and I'm not say everything and Thomas the top two seeds. This is an instant. This is from moves he takes 9216. Bobby V is latter more already did Ben's corner magazine's history. I would say well yes. Silly because they've had no cornerbacks in saints history. For instance look good Alan Tamara has accomplished so for a canoe I mean is unbelievable. But don't you have to do it. When you look at consider running backs in saints history has to do that may be over a handful of seasons night. Our number of sees you know when you be compared to the likes of Darren Sproles a Marshall Faulk. We have to do it overextended period. We had no cornerbacks Eric remembered Dave way where a guy play when a Pro Bowl type cornerback. But it few and far between. That's probably been the weakest position in say is history we come up fifty years plus. That being the quarterback position so right now a lot of more yes and we speculated asset is earned a draft. That considering he was a top ranked cornerback. And asset Allen going to pour out on a limb now Lattimore is probably going to be you don't greatest saints quarterback in history. Because he has that kind of ability and I got to stay healthy. And now you got to produce. Now big guy one also read this. These big do you think I'm insecure I don't know. Whose sit and wait of 42 you do music you played this group foreign help and thank the governor of every million they're raising again excited downplayed yup it's a good idea. Get excited when I. Wouldn't Vanessa talk radio is a part of Helmand Dielman at all monotone like he came boys started off easy you know what what Bobby. 42 if you Bobby is so insecure. In the bears know relax before you do do and you shards I'm not gonna do do my shorts and I am not insecure. Right but you have to talk about passion. That being the saints and that nation. So forty to 82 you'll never be on the radio this is because you have no passion that is almost died the same thing why why can. Why do all the men ballrooms these police serves the same thing one can. One concern of the same thing for us is that sometimes I don't recall several thousand more because you know is the place to be so tired that I read this these pegs. It is like I think is hopeless the mag kind. UK beat that scenery and that idiotic. About stuff that comes audio mile or are you picks. I mean I'll whatever commerce usually you but you can't beat that stupid. I mean it's unbelievable some things that I see. And that means and averages trying to get my goat and a man I would have happened I would think so well but it though it gets to be unbelievable where. You don't appreciate greatness maybe it's jealousy are you don't understand how football. And the common vision Holler truly. Is hard to excel at the highest level rise and and and Goran is standing greatness to Drew Brees are don't understand. The play calling and how challenge it is swish on. Well where are you always in the top 5500 refers nine years your noble one but we'll wait wait who'd detonation. And just so you fans did the you'll realize you'll appreciate what you have until. So Goran yeah icon meg down most of Hulu is EC football L issue in the SEC west. New coach Tim Moss and SMU to our consultant our first up is a CBS Sunday. There's a decisive most likely see in the policies from the NFC South Carolina Atlanta. Maybe both or neither cast your vote online at WWO. Dot com to the phones we go John almost sounds a little college football John Dean and thank you for calling WW mail. They get out there be a season. A tactic article comment or question about my commented that goes a graduate of all player he got a but that it's like the whale leaping and tire debacle which coach ma got to give a coach owed them a lot of credit. You know based on land use and campaign in the issue would wait he turned that game around after. Mississippi State Detroit game that there he deserves. Credit card you'd vote for Obi has great success. Well quite a judge now when you look at distillate compare it to was gone on this seed is the ability. Rice and and you look at the debacle that Tennessee in Oly Ryan looked like it genius but yet. But I guess my question is that would be coaching change and have them with accurate bow on it say that opera on Mullen Florida. It and more of Arkansas beat you guys is that coaching at the rabbit walk in those games ideal deal goes situation late there's been like. Woods Jim both fish and did at Florida State. Then I mean into what he's going to Texas a and you know what what these go to Dan Mullen has gone to Florida that that's a different beast yet you comment on what you got. And and that's how predicated on on and you know just no divot somebody didn't a job promotion those but. The gym both fish and there was in Tallahassee as a host did a different set of circumstances for him. In Texas a and M in College Station now to meet his outlook he has more advantages it Texas a and am however. He has a much more difficult road to travel. In the SEC west the needed in this in the in the Atlantic coast time yes exactly the company's vision. So up and he's going up against you know coaching now coaching in the ACC has really is there's no doubt about it but top to bottom. I think that you know he's going to be facing he's going into a division where he may have name once considered the best coaches conference. Now you might say he comes in what is 234 I don't know but he's not know when now and when you did this tab a contract in this type the money. Jimoh fish don't win it's an NASA Jim it's at a Texas and the am not a failure as a failure that is a complete failure you pay money up front. All potentially predicate that this man is gonna win you a championship. And I mean Texas and it was close at Columbia but they and the name one SEC western division championship. While I yeah you'll get John I think that the vision I would say just face value. Dan Mullen has a better opportunity have success at Florida. Recognizes the SEC he's saying look I agree with and his background. And to recruit to Florida and Florida vote vote Burres is being in the SEC west even though you look at. The portal recruiting grounds they're gossip magazine and yeah so. I would say is going to be covered challenging jumbled finish it then those silly because. When I look toward SEC east and SEC west is an event. But residency CUS. Did you move pitcher has to win the satellite all of double digit earnings season. You and you get guarantees. What is set at five million awaited champions he has mold. It has faced. Jim bunkers and more pressure on him at Texas and in the coming and we end. In that program has placed a union the coach ending the program at school and here's the colonists drew on nine leaving clothes and you don't have data also. A Florida State when your coach in waiting you could kind of grew much you know hate. That's not my desk yet but dragged into this room on the amount you know I'm up month are irrelevant in this call on our. On the put this pitcher over he would he knew he was taken over and he was groom and a in the players he won in there. And him as one of the top four I think talented rosters in the southeast conference. But they're real or not that's not his though but I'll go with the recruits is saying he's expected to come in right away if we're eight and nine games his first year of. Well related job with that being said you know well this puts pressure on that everybody wants to when everybody came when. And is not be dealing with the SEC. Would loses due to Tom Herman a university Texas and no doubt our product because right now jumble fish like what Texas yeah and Alston. But boy you are doing you heard talk about a rivalry. I don't know why they don't at Texas legislators they got to make big egg laying there you know job of promoting typical adventurer. And aid and Texas the money involved in this engine be played every year similar because that the human interest in that they are better. You bet to be there and they gain year. It is what situation recovered not bear some pretty damn good job we do not eat your angle that a lot of good players that he's got a lot of work but so what he does yet BC west coaching groups. Group from where what Marc Fisher I think that's approved. Qaeda network out there well John you talk about coaching analogy. Obviously. National type bowl atmosphere at the recognition when you playing the fighting Irish IRA could be any better. So what is your view point. Look at the next big Jason would beg game and I am right now I think you're making eight. Ellis you can take care of in this but what about next year considering. The lack giving spirits at quarterback can yielding to season went University of Miami. Notable would you expect that is like hey. We've got to win a game neutral site or what. No my expectation you know at least in my expectations do you that they ought competitive but not. Expect the Miami game with a quarterback whether I'll Brett Barnett B a broken. I think you're in that in the game and you grow. You grow your quarterback over the next three games and that we get to the FCC you're winning games ot think if coach. Hope it repeated nine game win these next year I think that except to be the you would idle realistic. Gone gone back to what you said about SEC west division coaches it it looks like that but if you go back and you look at it when these codes come from this point time. It's is solemn potential because Tim Morris is you know what doesn't what you think Britney Obama. Read the animal was companies only coach in big team and incidentally would pretty straight Rose Bowl. So he he was he was taken at the right time ten months and done that yet. Yeah and then wins as a bit be in the market he good coordinator. But coming tomorrow Dan Mullen is a far superior coach Somalia so that west western culture you do get above the Jumbo Fisher. But as far as those guys Osama potential. Then the two big command at one night in the on the level that Mullen and dealer more abdomen go may have been the most when he came auctions. What do you think is recent it is you out because recruit Texas. I think he really good break below my overall targets all let's let Arkansas has ruled. This book Magnus solace cars Ford SEC they've been able against the Texas players. And aren't Arkansas's field in that regard and a couple of years you know when he loss at the back the saints just picked up. Dip at the foam on some back Williams and cons in both of those got hurt that was at a point in time in the you know he had the quarterback situation was different data they were. But it is almost like a perfect on in the worst way kind of hit on he had those big physical laminated did Arkansas I mean it was content. Tabs on what preterm pound they were found in people and like he would turn that corner and goes back to their ideas when they beat LSU and a beetle mean something they were the first team now how long that. Won three consecutive games against top fifteen teams. When they did their bit deduce it fell apart quickly in an idea well and I believe John actually believe that if markets saw as relevant again and SE CUS. Like Oklahoma. You gotta get a book to Texans yeah. I mean I definitely believe that. It's going to be experiment to say now you know Ochoa and I've stated that the earth is that million dollar it for a about what money they'll Petraeus. Oh well as they're called choke again a handful at Texas studs. And I take care Louisiana I don't see is if they. Regardless if we go back and was sit here and we'll go back in the blockades that it candidate is a mandate who they want out of Texas the Texas does LA issue. Texas these huge LSU golf always did play is that Houston that's the biggest content type of fan base. And in the country even more so we talk probably didn't Baton Rouge, Louisiana because of the numbers they Hewson is the fourth largest city ran the country. Now what they doing grooming those players up we'll see but what I've seen in the last what. 1216 months I've seen. Canada I've seen a Randy knows Iran get more out of those players that are already here. Beneath the staff ahead of him previously idea and I having a reasonably did they not gonna continue to coach and groom some of those liaison. Until proven differently. Welcome Magid debris in the nearest you call us and former saint great Lance Moore joins us here on WW. And welcome back that's get out to Houston for Brendan Brendan thank you for calling WW. And good. It's like no we don't think about the rumors that Mac can't even inspire you to read or you freeze on ideologies that have been that the bad guys. And it coach I would say Google. Hi Brendan thank you you know I'm glad you did so they already are yet thicker type. Regardless of what happens I think coach O and his. Is merely focused and prepared what I'm saying is. There's always and you had to do this. If you got a plan B you have a plan C to get them to Randy. And when you have half profile tornadoes like Hillary she hates you know every year regardless of which are going to be pain if you pay an incessant not a vote. A million dollars. You'll Gaza going to be highly sought after Janice like depth now with that said I think is seen to be some not saying on I'd is the same level. Because if you look at. LA issues numbers overall bodied did not overall. That much greater than they have been before although we've seen some different movement in what I thought they moved the ball better Yankee games this year. Matt I have no problem with that on the promise that at all meet you for he's proven he's a he's an excellent. Coach in looked. Q for these in its own way different in Lane Kiffin did an about Petrino. He's gonna need decked coordinator route to the comic give himself back up in the head coaching. Position dislike Lane Kiffin others do talkies and sometimes depend on what goes on in life you've been doing with the ball and not. You had to kind of go on her a different road travel and I think there's you freeze probably will be better served being a top tick wanted to somewhere and then eventually getting back to being the head coach again. They're small foam was saying great joins us now. Glanced saints and falcons just on the always get the blood ball and what are what was about that saints and falcons robbery did you always looked forward to the most. Well you know and a you know up playing allowed these games you know that that you can generally don't like each other and about it can't tell people all week like. This game in Atlanta for the bank is probably. Why am I'm at least one at the paper games. A all to win like that that game on the road. Basically turning back out into a home field advantage that they are playing well later gain. One in there I mean it stick it to great feeling it and you know that tomorrow should be there. Now Lance when you look at like match of sin and obviously. Don't people get intrigued when you got the lights have liked to Julio Jones and you got Lattimore. But that you grunting is different cornerbacks in the oval what is your take on came crawling because. I'm kinda look at net even a flatter more plays and he's ready to go. That is just not gonna follow Julio Jones that coming off an injury demise say OK you playing a one sided if feel. And they Kroll sesame scooters Corning is Julio Jones odd little word about. The combination. Of like a lot of teams are. When you face in Ingram McNamara Dovonte Freeman as a cold win. And oil would they can do within and the need coverage. Yeah the good topic for them Coleman our beat writers weapons and and you know. Ricky Freeman there. We talked about him as much in the patent game was that in the screen game. I'm sort of media you know being that they were there we technical speak here. And I meet at the ball there at Eckerd at all. On the Arctic eco. The about noble thing that I you know kind of stand out to meal at a competitive guy. I know you know it out either quarterback he's going to be competitive. But when you what the report back that jump ball screen to. Beat you can tell he's there and totally. An app look a bit about being being. But I think he's gotten better better be on. You may you know pretty big hitters that mean and it marks on board back that week in and giggle out there and you got beat that the things he put them at all. Was figured it out Foreman saints receiver who is a big part of the Buddha nature Lance Moore and Lance I would agree respect now you staying on top of things in any game like this between the dollars and the saints. And I think some fans don't realize this but when you look at this is the National Football League. This denied the NFC south is that the saints or falcons. Do you know. That you look at fourth quarter overtime game winning drive since 2006. C'mon that's over a decade. You know Matt Ryan is number one with 34. In true reasons number three. With 31. So they can come down to widow in theory. That it could be a game winning drive in the fourth quarter or overtime. And Matt Ryan and Drew Brees is that a number of times. And they sometimes the Fed bases on appreciate it would be the immediate air prospective teams that beam Matt Ryan Drew Brees. Yeah and that theory a lot of the games are you know. Let's try we regret the ball whoever he is at last I mean they're usually historically cocaine I'll be beaten back and then. I'm yeah it's something that kind of goes unnoticed but but it something that should be ticket or ticket program is because there's. They're both teams that they'll have a quarterback that. You know they have the ball but that with a chance to win and they don't have any chance. Outscored Bradley you know bill you know oddly the he beat you gotta be. Thank cool it and understand how fortunate you are you know poking about it at quarterback that there are more than capable and some of the bet that what they do up the you know nobody Herbert are scared when their quarterback at the Bali again. Now Lance. You know pros rule and what it takes. You know sometimes giving fans take for granted I Drew Brees that another player on the throughout there. Because I because I look at what they do a first second and third down. And now whether it'd teams have a success are not dead he's gonna be amongst the best and that being canned jar. I mean I'll look at Ali plays the run and you look at sags quarterback hurries quarterback kids hi every one to describe it batted passes passes defended. They can Jordan. But to me. Wanted to greatest in saints history. And deserving. Obviously to be in the pro ball who have not all pro silly because what he means fitted the visit his consistency. I mean it's written paper and time again what am I mean he'd been really really good player and he got into war and then and now he's. Kind of turned himself into a great player in it but where that are on the heat out of it law chapel because of the lack of picked bet on the heat of the year. Alba but now to eat and it is not they are never well in the league in defense. Romney they're playing a lot better football and have at least the last four years so. And you have a marked a year if if you know all things are equal all around the league he would be people talk about repeat it cleared the year where he doesn't have. I would say that you want your name on the the other guy but there's literally a thing that he doesn't do well feel picking completely take over. I'm telling you legs right now he's at Von Miller JJ watt and all those cats. Our global what he's done that day I would play and are out. Man smoltz homicides receiving NFL analyst at the Lance Moore sixteen onto the Lance always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. All right let's all right sports tells continues at 8 o'clock tonight on WW well.