Talking Saints and "hitting the Sean Payton"

Deuce & Kristian analyze the Saints-Vikings game and get everyone at Manning's to "Hit the Sean Payton."


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Rock and roll up our two had a good time out here at. Phase of the pro at meetings on Fulton street for fans and produce and Christian. Here till 8 o'clock hung out of the kitchen staff. Did it the show on out back there in the in the kitchen. With via with the crew were gonna get used to do it. So what if anything even just one Fries missed an off your plate is because of Chris me I'd do it. It is because the Christian. Is this I'm guilty of the guilty party phone lines are open at 504260187. XX 87870. Great environment out here meetings tonight. I mean flat screens galore. Great need you. To Friday night about hang out with Deuce McAllister saints all timely rusher. Policies football thing to sell things that are. As well one of a really great that you all kinds of and ability got to him in it if they fire those he deserves as we can go you look corn hole ago he play that game unit and a yes sir. But you so you're that confident your corn hole game when you won't get up and do something that's different type of game now it's different type of game I'll be OK so that. Let's talk your meetings how many how many guys won a seat deuce. None of the Sean. But there. Shaun Wright could hit that button on that applause behind it that's out of that at. That's that's that's that's natural and we got to come up with some of betting that they have no art without even though I've beaten him but he was talking good game that he he would do it. He's most guys. A pro football played it before department 80000 people on a weekly basis. That wanna. It appeared it it's on. It is Dortmund a regular season game. What makes me. Go to the net does that mean the seats in the playoffs divisional round of the playoffs I don't expect this era over it soon. And it that is around open up it's like you make a gauntlet at its partner not that I'm not stoked about that it's fantastic but the meters available it is on and they're adding that. I'm yell at this a little bit into the whole restaurant I'm the whole restaurant video hobbled. No obvious you know it's on I gotta gotta be the witness we thought we ought to do this we have great apple watch I'll watch it all. The beauty of the him just make him move and so that's I outlet problems count right here a little bit. Uga will play you know it's yeah until until a look of explaining go to UC. See what happened you know already gullible. CC's Betty this is what happened in my head to your keys and the guy that military. No evidence. Lot of commitment that investors see this would happen. What had happened when that happens. Whatever happened and we get the law that disputes over there with Nazi disputes that you saw students additional. That's pretty solid and that's stupid man bring you up here to meant that additional they get you man. European applaud. Him how to party and you know while the state I. Applause. I'm gonna it's on. Well game right let's get let's get the whole wait staff up here. Let's get a by and by the restaurant it up here closed the back of house for a couple minutes nobody played out on television during my the united food could move that is on. Of the meeting here in polite to open a final four. He seeks only to talk that apple is I mean we haven't we haven't had this in three years. The city hasn't felt this at three years. How how great I would agree with that out of 100%. You just a little bit but I'm not cross that line. I would agree 100% CU got of video that you go to five that directive from for the boss that you gotta be that would add somebody got to live to the story. OK go live somebody got to live with snowstorms so I'm almost comical at Telus so you know we got here is there evidence that it happened. Yes he might have lived most of them and high five. It's okay. The only Siegel Levy you force a thriving on the news. Surprise leave me alone right. No man left behind animal to restore phone lines are open at 504260187. XX 87870. Will certainly come back bringing your phone calls also. Stand by I want to make it happen. Attire made it through and hit the show on line on divisional radio here. On saint radio. I want to back into the pro. Dues than that makes it wants to see it here bring. You know be it the zone and so you can call excellent and I don't care what they won't let it happen. I'm trying everything here. That I didn't go to some that they happen. The oppressor who dat nation pressure would have gotten more coming up at 54538. Finish. Line on FaceBook. It it's on out here meeting on full. Full line to open at 504260. When he suddenly taxed 8787. Who dat nation is alive and well Robert Lou what's going on me you're on W it will Robert. I need to know what we don't do receive a cool. It's not completely. Police could have a movement. In this year. We can dependable but. We know Leo. Do. No. Rears its. Well me too you can emptying. And you have to do is you. You know at the article. We also now Coleman. Who make mistakes renowned and have that happen here in the weight room ray gates and. He plans welcome and he's not playoffs and it's the popular but. What we're up. Note note that it. Okay well. Well. We'll meet you just talked about it I mean they can obviously. You could activate Austin are they wanna go to an all amount of receivers but I mean. Will this mean we'll have the opportunity to run that that our receivers or would they go to that he would be looked. With two tied into an X offered to Lyman you know you can use. He used my columns if you want to I mean it's not that he would be you'd have blocked the outstanding job blah. Quote I don't want to that the IQ do you fit into this for many of the defense but he this year. It later mollid. Did you they were giving him and two win when you're not doing well bird. Panel and an end alignment problem with duke because we've all. You know receive them with the then. I think quote from major problem or third down Cooper's ago. So imagine what is that like he'd been sent. Home from about one. And take away at least one of the things you do hope that it won't be. So do you really think Leo Bobble. Wants dependable. Wide receiver or not. Not I don't agree with the dependable hands as far too wide receivers that can understand if you lived lead. And drop passes which didn't lead the league in dropped passes it's about targets correct. It's not talk until until this last Sunday. And a critical that you talked to the head Willie Snead as well it's where the ball eight different receivers. Caught passes the results and we'll Tokyo a lot of the issue on third down has been the lack of the titanium production. You know athletes and if they can have some production out of a tightening and that that victory. So what coverages teams can play in me and what personnel they can use as well and so you're not going to have a reliable option at tight in the matter it's hurt us this year. Peter in that route to a popular Robert thanks to the phone call on W well Peter. It was gone. Are you doing I got on the right Eric Wedge. I don't likely that we won. Our. It's like if you build you know whatever you know we're but the shoulder surgery and I think about that hunger just came back. Couple like from B three of the pretty deep in Ramallah and rent a plane on the left back. Think that. A lot better now. I can park or. Even though they see. And let. I mean as far as what production lines. I mean what what numbers do you want what numbers do you the army had like. Have sex and and like art like but you know run into that agreement myopic. There's some of them a lot of things though I mean and so you're not going to you're not going to rush for 200 yards and that's what's on the fourth. You may not even rush for a hundred yards and that's which is looking for a mean look for the saints they have to be able to run the ball. You have to at least so that the writ of running the football. Sorry if I guess my question is what would what are you looking for as far as. The office to line up take a lot of run for a hundred yards 120 that it bodes really really well for the saints because now you're gonna force Minnesota was faking at him. To walk that eighth guy into the box you know Harrison Smith. Walks into the box now they know me and may have on the on the corners that's not something that they like to do what they can do it. And it you know that's its options for your outside gaps with the team and whether it's Mike Thomas to be David Meehan waddle wants to waste. They were able to get some pressure against drew but drew put on comfortable I mean he's still got into the red zone five times against his tee. Man zone likely anomalies. Both I mean they can they can do both. They I mean that they can do both probably zone. But they will show me and as well. Peter thinks of phone call Mike in mid city what's going on Mike you're on WQ well would say its all time literature dues accounts. Doing good how you doing. Something in do. He's from my and it well and we don't want you out on who went on look I will. The complete. Well you don't look where that they're all wooden head off on him. It's clear that the government and I'll sell salt to Millen. Did you formalize our. It off with an epic game and you know look what Beckett picked Russell Wilson had experience in the playoffs prior to that game. Yeah I'll want. To read a prepared to work all I don't know what else. It doesn't. Drew would play will drew would play well but nobody picked nobody's thinking the things that took to win this game. Like against Seattle that I didn't know that it's safe to speak to beat Seattle when he thirteen to does that happen. If the quarter of this respect yeah. That's one of the advantage. That's one of the advantages. Lot of work. Here and you don't like I would Ukraine. On the that the film let. All that and and what we need to do it won't you go far. The floor. And will need to do all go forward with your your mail game here. You know and like you you know you know normal day you would you could make so we take advantage. All will fall to two ways to. You don't then and like you know we have all that Mitchell Democrat ago resolve up cool you're. You know hopefully. He wore on would be all you know that put jam at the theater where we. And general. You don't let Estrada what do the platitudes that give them that. Yeah game that we hey you know you know hold the root of all people who was not that you know and. And got on interpret the I'm which I'm which on that I mean I think he he he'll he'll be ready to play. Of course there is with the other you know 524045. That are drifts. Be ready to go and when you talk about the thirteenth team Christine saying though so much you you probably tablets and gas. Maybe twelve guys that that went through that experience as far as. Thirteen playoff low with this team that is also means that guys that that played well fidelity go back what I'm understand that went through that experience in thirteen playing against Seattle Seahawks. Priest that they're the average margin of victory in the NFL divisional playoff games eight point nine point per game in the last five seasons and last. Season's divisional margins of victory would 1618. 382 points. Road team this one in five units in last year's. Fans that wrote. Stick around deuce is gonna hit this on we're gonna get this on here nannies on Fulton here about. Ten minutes of your own. Deputy bill also switch over but it will FaceBook page you'll. You'll lie. In it facility at me with a did it go one. And a Sunday Tennessee divisional playoff tilt with. The Minnesota Vikings here on state radio on the beat him well enough in the dugout. Dumbo. Saves goes. People dance we've seen this. Are you out and saying hi to my listeners. As two friends. I can't satisfies not manners. He hard pleased man. We'll go back to the phase of the pro four minutes away from reliance on FaceBook. And if this on here many restaurant in on Fulton street Islip crowd on hand you could feel by community. In this city it is alive that's for sure we Nazis and vikings Sunday. In Minnesota. Are second trip up the US think seated at a saint season start let's hope it doesn't in that. Up there not this week anyway yeah exactly exactly my point they'll go in or what's going on they'll know you're on W well let's ops soldier. Was who do. School number you don't look do they remain out he has my plan here. When you played against the Philadelphia Eagles played all women board which involved. Our active getting you know one you need to execute. They'll make that happen. That you write in my view it's one thing if things please be Keaton. Joke. Quote Sean Payton. For a great deal. Issue because I don't know but couldn't put what. That you would work and I don't wanna do god create quote put him. And Natalie I want to be O. Or support when he in the right ramps. And animal. Curry and you know all. These guys make. Good job I think we would be and we need to go wild and got a clue that you that we struggle what we used to point that we. And I think depth well. I'm giving credit to thank Jordan they would do a great job you do that play in in Brazil but. You know what people call me when people know what it cost wolf. You know. All told me cut me. With each. Unit that male I'll like Clinton. You know to do you do play an anti male babies. You'd be displayed it is easy climb. You know and they think you know. Me you know it. You knowledge when something in the main been alone. It's called up and say it's the it anyway. We wouldn't be civilized coaching thing we do we handle these replied. Like playing a team thing. You're playing I'm playing in another beauty thing. You would be what the court. Can't hit me my. Eyes and think. Then again and I think we're going to do you look if you. Are witnessing the Clinton that you read it. And obviously. Tell the buyers who can. I would agree 100% I mean if you don't have this draft class that you have now. Particularly playing the way that they are you not in the position you're you're in right now. As far as having options go to NFC championship game so. Hats off to Mickey movements in and obviously Jeff parlance for me in a two identified the other piece that you have to think you know look you've seen. Look at George Johnson. You know you you have players there were. Not necessarily on the street that they were not without obtained today that a five government found. That lives in all of this the homecoming for you know. The first game he was not he would meet with this you know he was with us in camp which he had a cold. Who was hurt and so Vaclav return back to Minnesota where he hits it some time and so just so many different players so many guys that they had a bit flat. That it into what they were trying to do. I don't go six of the awful call will simply come back who. It does show on next I'm telling me he's got to get rocket up in here on Debbie Molina and dot com. I look back to the fans the pro usually do this man. It is yeah I'm I'm I'm humble take is fit jumbled tell about it now is not it's not a big shipment. I promoting good we're gonna all everybody up here at any sort of you know poppy and accurate it is showing off our game right now that's. Owners now have laws well. The entire restaurant with a double wait staff out here yeah I'll have really miss. And applaud I. C'mon now yup and I don't need some support I would alternate it's on here hi mark in the music we. Everybody at the other beat somebody got Leo to tell about doing here this brightness please bring somebody got to live to tell about it they're not not the law. I have it's just like you ride the bike is real simple. That there's gonna go my whole my whole table a group about a billion yogurt could go. That is the lead and vikings Sunday in Moscow. I don't see ago. Back to act on and it is not just go and auto. And thank you so much for the for the appointment this gets them ought to help me if there is. Are among among working in my apartment. Negative article buckles that he had faltered manner. You gotta help me god might fall on like this they have given residency so now you got to crawl coming out the mandates. And so on who got those states. No duke sports but that did not do. Plain funny 80000 people. Don't wanna dance though I can do that I can go and play. I've got to go on the stampede to you got to crack down passenger who I don't know how much do this. Are there will be folks iPhone until the final four this apart from me ever confident they. Do the things. I give ago. Iron and went. I've fallen to open final four teams that no one except to thank you so that's a human being good sports. DeShawn on the West Bank let's move on it's I guess like the Mya might not it is now and what's going on the channel what you want to be that well. Pin this on your W two well. You're there for them because at the global sure. Still all the time. Doesn't affect commitment to global weather got a great group beat him whom. Ten things make the simple article and make possible. Coke all yeah I mean I think he says it can hardly gonna make it mean. Let's just get to the NFC champs of game part homeless and Eliot let's just get to the NFC champs of game first and main in and then we'll we'll see what we can go from there. Bryant matter what's going on and you on state radio on W well. Thank god I. I take my call. Like having the perfect position on complain official on patent. In years past would have the initial ensure we have. You know they can this year we're going to be in the we're gonna we're gonna go back to play it. Falcons and NFC championship game I got one requisite displays will be in the player this if you view it if it's in CT two game hole. We get to some players and coaches make you got going so I think everybody on the scene. But the cumulative when they shall Benson in the crowd when the Clinton's stance we don't go he. Just like Tamara and Jordan have airplane he built in community and I'll go out there when everybody walked into the film I'll leave you with that. Rock and it'll grow meant. Due to rocket with tropical groom them yet they won't assume will not get a gold cap. I would get a gold camp out and taking him out yes but you'll dance. I can take it even now I controlled. I got. Jennifer wave what's going on Jennifer you want to be that wealth is what. Aren't they Jennifer. And mr. fry you don't. I'm gonna get married on. Two world well I hate I just am calling on behalf of my father along without it here they get up lately. Am yet to get. You know. Yeah. Act and has no one could say that we know I believe they're ready to get award. I think they're rated it it will who will be easy bill. I think they'll be ready to play an elderly out to support. Yeah I doubt I'll be how disappointed they'll grow out of four out of oh he's you know high. Yeah I he sounds like he's good. Lubricate it and fight an irate out of the Friday night though. I mean I would be highly disappointed that they didn't come out and be ready to play I think that you gonna git. Giving good effort out of this team that means that question is excuse. Yeah I mean. In in this game in particular the margin for error for the saints beat the vikings it is almost nil let's be. But give them far I mean if you're talking about out of let's say fifty. They've got a little room to play. They've got a little room and a fifty as far as plays guitar I mean which you see he can't have you you've got to do the basic things you know you have to be you take your football. When you played up there earlier this year you were not perfect. And in that game and he still had a chance so for them they've got to go out and just be a look you you don't have to be 50% on third now. To be honest you just need to hit draft which is older pot which is only 37% this year. If you could hit 37%. That will be good enough in this game now you've got to be additional first second panel. You you have to be able to produce and reds all you have to be able to be at least 50% in the rental. No and you can't Hal you can't have guys run and four. Fifty yards and and thirty yards because of the miscommunication. You can't have that I mean you can't win a game like this. In this in with this environment and this being the playoffs mean so the margin you don't have to be perfect to beat this team. But you can't beat yourself in. Mike in Zachary earnest the lake view Jermaine and Arlington Texas. Carlin or by water Matt home. Gene in at Vanderbilt and T on its like they'll. You're up next here on the fans in the pro on saint radio on W well. Welcome back to Vincent Bo here out of many thoughtful and back to the phones we go. Jermaine and all the detectives want to me on the vehicle. But Cuomo I don't. You don't. Build upon. You know I don't really think about it and I know somebody very you know. It's atom. When the thing but on the role playing field. To me this game if you know who went to Spain played forty pounds and it appears no riled. Back in the back in the now moment. Boy and they can't beat me. The end game re elect rolled them back merit. Alex it was apparent order that really mean it. Despite this the minute we feel nearly pulled back game in the combo. You know between. That game in this game we definitely make them back into it. Latin landmark between the back and they typically quote about what to become the cadet at the game which I think you might it might be it. Wore the team and you go 00. It really it was. In the casino blitz yet you know throughout and he made the play. In the UR Davis right there. Within what would York regards seven yards there were. In Oregon is out of it the better team and eleven the and in the end zone you know I mean here it's. As the mobile concussion early in the game at 50. Yeah ain't that to leave. But one now that the war few apps in. Our Karl Jon cheat on earnest might you to the Bible for. So when he sent text he says that it's night look. Next hour activism like. Ian Ian and it felt need to report in Minnesota Vikings also youthful calls. Next round here meanings on Fulton street here for the next two hours one by single multi football. So it's ultimately what else yeah autograph itself. We use let's go bills. It meant to while Portland got a lot out ago. You know when he weekend right now it's only need that those who also it is thoughts on Ellis you irons even me. And the office would wore the old tires put those on its program and the right direction. After years and years to wind up talk about it next here on pro on the ointment.