Talking Mardi Gras & chatting with baseball hall-of-famer Andre Dawson

Deke & Kristian preview the coming weekend's Andre Dawson Classic in New Orleans with pro baseball hall-of-famer Andre Dawson and talk Mardi Gras parade spots.


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Often run an hour two of sports talk here on WWL the big chief Deke Bellavia crushing Garrick in for the next couple hours here on sports talk on this hour Andre Dawson. The hawk. Promoting Andrei Dawson class also about a great when management redacted. At act could member of Beck and you know vague there was was it into a debate about what you put. Man I've command this is gaffe from Florida Indian youth it is crushed the ball I mean it used to his cross about them believable. It went on in one of the most low of about tactic no doubt about it for awhile he were he worth the Chicago group that though he was I remember look. Some of the doesn't get talked about enough we don't mother hawk is yeah has great hitting. Prowess but. He had an absolute cannon from right on a proponent feel I mean he would. Like people on the higher thorn thought about a third base. Well doesn't tell the cubbies program I've followed it closely Al Shawn Dunston. As shortstop Mark Grace at first base and and and hawk and right field and I yeah I mean there was I remember rise cameras right as a a threat Bryant's amber yeah I mean. I'm tickled to talk to him also talk a little College Baseball LSU opens the season Friday at three game series against Notre Dame Fighting Irish. And I Kendall Rogers. Will join us as welcome a winner India program can arrive in the course. From a managing editor. IE EE EU like a brave man. Alia I'd love Christian not I didn't go it is used to bring the girls the the Sunday before. Mark grow leaking it was would have been the Sunday before pockets and you to break in the morning the in the immune Saturday and real goal. I will once thought somewhere you know that we Wear on topic solicited and operate kind of as the back end of it. The game we go like a port saint Charles at saint Charles on that but if you go on could now. It's is probably one of the best kept secrets it is the article secrets you can be in the middle of it now right on attract mystery caller run. It would have parades come without bright anyway roll. Dole whose prose will throw it take you deep mole in the middle company you keep LT we've Beckett back. To sit their candidate do you can't let you think of an SOS whatever. And you give or that you bought a four way back in the bank is less traffic it would impeccable people about a bear cage. And we did and what's phone as we couldn't make a lot of people they want Tea Party girl and you can put it so they did a good thing about it. Noted you know because the people the weather that they go to pro out of oral or though the people who say oh. Mourning relatives from the big chief and what looks like if you were advising Deke surmise it's never been a money on a couple of talent. Well if you like a list of three things to do and don't do. Double want to deuce and not talk about it though the day if you don't delete what you're via don't know a year. Made it that you know back home eat your count I don't care what you Leah you can live in Xanadu the most perfect place the world. There are streets in you know places you don't golf is please don't go into that that the at which you walk down at south street. If you to eBay and have somebody in your group. The challenge no matter what their persons knock on drink that person responsible though no matter how good it's not everybody else's and that night's my night. Take care Ali Al they would have me you won't trust me. I got you know ya got that locked up and yet they had a purse they tell it if you wouldn't do it at home. Don't do it here in what ever you do whatever you do don't walk a bottomless pit about as athlete though. Don't do today. Do not do that they owed. You be evident ice called the policy that anyway from the departments it you know and you'll get out last Wednesday you'll be out there last Wednesday they know managers. It just remember too with whale. If you don't feel Leo what you'll work it all the time your parent. Instrument. All the people you would too not by any ways any means excuse me eighty. And unethical behavior but these police now doesn't have its lethal cots for the last 23 week. We've been working shifts over a they don't go home. Yeah when they get down here they stayed on it and lock down in his CD from the and they grew ease those polls use it Thursday. All the way to win at their thing clears up on things they do they go from their bulk. Back our streak yet bomb. Beckham treat. So it looked as the ninth much on its a pain in much more things go smooth but when you expand their brains. And not a poll. The very also look at how is gonna get go there with a with a police officers state troopers and OPD. So I mean did you magnificent job you know by say look the bottom line is. Go open off from a a couple cups a couple bottles of water needs me she thanked him you're beaten it they are they there are exhausted that perhaps as CM. You know just go watch you know who look at if you are. Parade route tides go look at the that is the you know PD officers and stay true that are out there. And they basically need to fix the hold their eyes open there there's always awesome for the grind it's go to thank him also look here's another ten. Don't miss so I take full advantage of and I was I always tell who list. If you picking a spot whether it's on saint Charles look at now are up to our Abbie. It with a straight starts or where for where the parade finishes make friends with the people next here to left and the right in behind Jeff is it'll make for a much better experience. You guys are all enjoying instead of not really don't know kind of fight for turf as you'll make friends with everybody as a result only about sets like cartel be able. And tenacity and with house that was so I do and I drew you if you're doing your own down to won't do it here you definitely not arguing they hear they're more stringent upon that they are anything. Absolutely and you know the thing is to the last thing in eighty offices all our state to do. Right they order of I suspect that's the last thing they want and they wanna see everybody happy saint. Have a good if you I haven't had that not mean you who live in Holland or whatever. They don't plan an apology to have a good to have. They just don't calls a prop don't don't interfere would anybody else's space that'll give them anybody else's faith. Best that we you know could you want that you dug in my memory brought up. The Hulk who was speaker laid on results it. They'll quit this the literacy class if aids you classic that you'll see this is getting bigger and bigger. Christian act and imagine this thing off and it does something that's being in the bill one day it's keep that gave epic its gonna obviously dropped. Some some other big name teams that big name people and Allen to look at Beckett. The press release that came out you know the states Jerry Manuel longtime manager Heath a part of this government this week in office Freeman. Dmitri Young. Curtis Granderson. Andre dolls sleeping enough that's Arnie big names I mean it's all coming here. In the schools that are in it's a huge you know you know beat channel broadcasts a lot of this it's going to be out there. It's Southern University. Virtue us the you have Alcorn State vs Arkansas planned book. Granite state vs those in USC Hewitt oh Alabama State in prairie view and it's all kind of like a round Robin L plates of and this is the big deal and I got to play Christian at the yet. Major League. If they'll be why would they call it that so one of the talks the agency also they play a year ago. So they're kind of bounce back and forth but it's a big thing if you watch Major League Baseball. They got. It's the who's who were in. Tune game that of the area. Voting MLB network that is going to be Alabama State you know that comes up Saturday. As Columbia 6 o'clock. And then they also had the USC southern game. That's a couple of both of those so while will be at both of the Major League Baseball. Youth association so it gets a lot of club in in his it's got some big name Chris you know way more about. Major League Baseball immediately vote Andre Dawson Dmitri Young Curtis Granderson Jerry Manuel. That's a pretty big thing. New look manna that that was the air that I. The height of my baseball my pro baseball viewing I mean I was. Andre Dawson Shawn Johnson Ryan Sandberg. In a cubbies. Organization in numerous stars around will Clark Major League Baseball media would doubt. I outcome I'm tickled them on the on the big giddy to be awesome to be old talked at all walk. No doubt about it I mean you know you think about some of the great. There's not a outraged at Dawson is certainly a lot of the moving looking Lou Brock provide did so and universities that mean it's if this is something that it came forth I think obviously coach rod Cano was part of our rob pastry with a part of this go to this up is a big deal and it's good to have to walk him break with the big time Major League Baseball teams here. We isn't College Baseball next hour Kendall Rogers will join us. At 5545. It'll be Andre Dawson 615 B Kendall Rogers men and managing editor of the one baseball dot com. At Kendall Rogers phone lines open up 504. 26018 selling text 878 semi. The big chief and Christian here on W well inasmuch dug up. While grades are rolling W wells working to get you to your gut destination on time listen for. Money blog traffic reports every ten minutes here on your quarrel information station WWL. Well all things purple green and gold are brought to you by our partners are sprint let the good times roll with unlimited. Data text and talk welcome back to sports talk here on W real decompression your phone lines are open a 50426018. Sony. Text 878 semi Deke wanna hear your take on. A question mascot Kerschner earlier ultimately. What will be the faith and Alvin Gentry in Dell Demps if they don't make the playoffs obviously Willie get a pass for should they get a pass for losing a guy like we cousins. No. Know about the because of the whole body of work you can't just look at 11 season that's what they would be looking at the new look at one sees yet to look at the whole body work. And I think it's gonna come to a situation where it should be greatest news as it was when money with a year. You know in my body was a coach he would just came what does this say to coach at thank you with the latest. I don't professional sports we thought the issue occurs we soco it's a with from Tennessee but that they've been very few coaches that let the team in any level a professional sports that latest team to the playoffs. That that was fire now what mistake that boatload of Boudreau the coach from the watching capital but now that situation we'll watch it. Just never got past the second round in a jail and they must Austin and they have a lot to their payroll. But if we're talking about oh over the course of just you know as a coach can be steep the playoffs make it. And not make the knicks' season but. Now it's been far too many minutes as Christian and epic look at at what the saints organization hits on it's under the same umbrella. There was some there was some shaken up and it was so moving in a far office evidently it took several good drafts at that point in time. And a whole body of work about the saints. To whereas now everybody's feeling good about the saints they wolf lap below re org or it's because of what they've done it's the Euro. And as the body of work they've done via the draft and it hailed the good created some guys use. But a lot of places that you look up you Google picked delicate France has it been in front office and has got to Paula for quite some while. I would be surprised at all reduced shaken up there it's a new blood in there is or changed you know I think it's change would be good in and let's face it. It's it's been a lot of misses regardless of which you say hey we had to get geared Gordon Deal but look. You'd have to do anything you know EE if you look at ramadi we insist that we can be complete sixty million dollars to a that it won't be here. Justice that you TP. India you know he goes so that it the next team you want to beat and secondly for so you know it's the situation before you mean this is about here it. And I think they look at this was that part even if they do make the playoffs that is part of these changes. I'm back to phones you'll fill and on the west thing was mausoleum on WW well. I'll look you got. Like the rob football season but the the pelican the average space right in June and a I'd have to wonder man that's the kind of guy you army you know. You don't mind in any of these people that. You know I'm an agreement by its make. And you kind of remind me body it would make things. I think that would make it show credible I think. You know that spent about about it you know you'd be in the true and it is I think Ichiro then. People appreciate that watt unit so that is win yet. And is that it's an attack is no different. It's no different than you know us the other night you know Christmas at big give and take Ehlers you know that that I think there's three types of ways people look at they look at it with. We'll see it this bait and issued a pelicans. We got those glasses on and done that they want a game but they went about we we are asking me if they are all and I got I have people at all I don't think that. It doesn't matter what good they do they do everything wrong in the AFP that kind of relocated as a balanced approach. Right but I have another questionable. Others good OK all argue going national I've ever hit you at all from one. But I don't in my. Please please me at least every day and a lot to ask you please meet and we heard. I had an aisle with the national. Now Hillary used to be needed not a great. Dude imitates an outreach. Appreciate completely you think it but man ain't nobody contact me about that match. Evan. That now I'm down if they go. The probably meant we tell like and the runners well. I don't have any of it giving either so happy that was exactly kicked our coverage we know that as a I mean I'm happy to be here. Sports talk rolls on after CBS local news semis here on W drill. Andre Dawson a hawk will join us in about ten minutes here on sports talk speaking Christian thing and Eliot. Full lines over a 504260187. Had a Monroe BC flooding obviously tomorrow. As well having one at all and Fat Tuesday don't go yeah I was that's not a good Joffe group out I would look at it. Pre season and in the season we were talking recruit in the medical. A descent of the common group. My issues streak dismissed 2000 comfortable 78 in outlook Phil Gramm issued stated I looked at some time in. And now look at the top ranking in accordance you know obesity is play 00. AP. There's a pre season top team in five teens who preceded it deducted as the top thirteen. In the end of course the battle more. In it publicly that a particular issue. You nobody AP. Appreciate that right to come to an issue that they're Christians in six of the last eight years. They pretty much make it including 1234. Years they were perfect. All pre season ranked in a way LHU fit it took out there and and Ellie she was pretty he's ranked seventeenth they fitness. 2000 team and if you retreating to eight it it is a and eleven were pre season insect it. They finished. That's the pre season they finished. Fourth and finished second a year that would unit loss Alabama and disturb them and as that in 20121414. 2013. 1414 to two years that would just way off a base. Without the 2008 yet the national championship briefing right. Seven and they finished. And outside the top thirty that they beat Georgia Tech in the late oh at 2014. They were he sees in them but thirteen and finished 43. But usually Chris it is not often even in the years they didn't hit it they were all a couple off. In the fifteen. And sixteen and seventeen as you were pre season right. Thirteen beneath his feet though it's it's it's pretty stout if you look at the bank for your book Christian teams that have outshot go to the beat here. In the last five seasons either Wisconsin or Michigan State the last two with cuts in the previous three biscuits they. Well pre season ranked outside the top thirteen. And they finish in the top team to go though the big team has what you bank for your book and. Inching they bring it on als Reno earlier today an article from ESPN about. Howell to predict the college football playoff teams on that as it goes hand in hand with the recruiting classes and those show those rankings Alabama claims in Ohio State etc. And look out LSU was in there whether there average recruiting class I think it is a five your studies right around eight point two were so much that. So in looking at my losses maybe sometimes step on improved food the whole recruiting services the classes well some of them might be true you might Nabil project. A tyra Matthews a three star recruit and ended up playing like a five star recruit but by and large those recruiting services. And those in those recruiting rankings mean a lot there's a coral a correlation a parallel between. Recruiting well and playing in the national champion or the college football playoffs. You know Chris it is interesting because you know way Evan Nick Saban goes he's going and advance though. What you like to see thinks they've won like a class that's about eight weeks before you go back to Belichick he sets that is what they routes that. It's not the team at some of classes Ali's place pretty much. L as you did better in what they were expected in 2001 was that with a rare because it was good so that's the debate. That took nineteen make it a bit less of an Atlanta Marcus Spears and Michael Clayton. If that debt that national championship in an 0304. But if you go about what LA Hewitt is average and where they finish Christian. Get caught in the system and tackled to the recruits because of their averages eight. Over the course of listing years. There's only. And line and. To food. Three times in LSU has finished in the top eight. That was 2000 the end. Those 2011. And 2000 been here sixteen and actually finished empty it 2016. So they. Call it that the witnesses that is the system different. Big game more talent it what is being produced is in the fall of ranking like Clinton in the last team yet Clinton tapes and classes. That'd be in in the top five in three of the top team and the in the Q what they flip and we would talk about the other day. This is the first years since 2000. Eight in Alabama or was it you know. 12 or three because it at a glance and many years in saint it has been Alabama they've been double. Yelling and recruiting they've been 6211. And two. The last five years and look at when he finished right thinkers that you gotta you gotta look at I agree with you look at three of four year deal. That's the way you Tenet not want it to it takes it takes root for you it's a great clients. Hundred Aussie coming up next deacon Christian as a sports talk here on WL IMF and dot com. Andre Dawson classic. Coming to town this weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday. A great event College Baseball on joining us now thought one of the hawk Andre Dawson and cellphone Mara cubs and Montreal Expos legend and also. Pro baseball major league baseball hall of Famer Andre thank you so much talk to listen and give us time. It. Andrei if you just talk about this this event overall it's it's been go strong for a few years now and and you're excited about this weekend. Yes I am. In Iran and they've all been. Major League Baseball. How or in other pollutant or is there any. Baseball pool and innovators and the it. I think. That true. I have children yeah yeah yeah I look forward shouldn't. Be an ethical. You know. The that the changes are you can move up in the East Asia that it. Andre when you watch and this is a form major leaguer. I you look at this sit in these guys these kids play and sin that kid that kid that kid that as an opportunity to play the next level and you to appoint a model a bit. Well you know hopefully. That is the case. You know look at me and news. You know these cute. Playing at this level college bowl. I have the opportunity to. Something by. That can get into the next. Are you always look in the world trying to. Guys that are. You know. Do necessities. Two. I'm won't be on top ten. Which it is always. Immediately. What you wow one because. They didn't read it really great sense because it. I'm regrow watching you with the cubs obviously Mark Grace Shawn Dunston rights amber on that team and I'm crazy if you could how did you end up with with the cubs after leaving Montreal can you tell us store Oakland. Yeah that was the year I will lose when air pollution and I'll try to do believe in unions because. I did something that had never been done for Internet what does he agent. The literature woes. I thought it into the room to play again because. Couldn't create. To remain deadlocked appreciate it. Portable. Put in what should happen very. Look what apple. Collusion shall we surround the parliament that. If it GM's. You know tickets and or specific number and that'll do well. And they were questioned actually want their own country just so. Been created into a tree in years they're riding you pretty much on the war and basically turned to who ball. The only way I could make that work. It is I'll work without negotiating with the organization but. I've given them so in that they had to close look at. And not making it more material but. Chicago to me you know because it shouldn't wanna look up places that are really. He wanted to play. And a built in calculator. I would never Internet. I give them like contrary can get them pretty electric pick from war. Probably man and that ruling on that companies that are but it could were futile wait for him and you know my agent sheer you know probably. Or be related bill. And it created by a Christian warmly monetary. Merit concern political action but let them feel weird reporter mark. Which led to dairy and hall of Famer Andre Dawson Andre. What you look back on July 25 2000 team and so many historic feat yeah great career. The body of work Major League Baseball which you go back to you Florida union days it would. And oh yeah a lot of fans with a fair view Florida state of the U haul but you decided to go to fan you route and really helped 80 African American baseball eights BC youth baseball. But also Florida he had him take take us through did the decision to not go to you know write it Tallahassee. To go to Fairview is that if they issue. And how how was your family support you had the entire tab right that you Alberto. What. Loaded them. World camera. In my book and change the program. Up real well. There can be reversed. Worn as a Pro Bowl later at a baseball players who. I would scrap it and waited Pittsburgh power multilingual Haitian. Community. RA. Decker yeah and our football. And I shall lose those doubts kind of disappear and I didn't go there and speak with. Some of the political news at the local level my community who college north and so our campus universe him. And not get rewarded scholarships available. And I think it. Distraction in the British weird from the surgery went well. But I have an opportunity to to go out and try out for the initiative will take care. I don't look at it and you know there you use with our participation will only face formidable. And Google where it is indeed. And my grandma will parliament chief mental outlook. Should sit should know that when you go over conflict and education. Peaceful. And you know that song in your user who. The some I don't know later on but he. Your ability. What the game and signal. Educational distribution potential life. I really couldn't understand it as a cute but. We want to ensure it is. Not a topic about sixty he would remain want to read it was invited by. But we're Saturday. And I think again. Preparation people actually destruction I'll let it burn. Sixty perhaps what what they'll want an individual that stood out. He looked like instructors. In the attic I mean he should. It's firm that you read anymore who. Continue. The career. Because you know we should ensure local state. And the problem is that what is most be scaled from little mistake. I told me it ridiculously. Income notable quote contractual floor stating angle or in Asia. And we'll file that he's watching. And sure enough. We're out trying to wouldn't GMAC made the team at freshman made northern but you know eventually get simple question. And you know what Andre and expand Florida State in the universe of Miami three out of port. But fair and reflect the fair use it you don't let it get powerhouse that I remember coach. Coach rod to create all all the things himself in its wagon with the university upon the diversity comedian of the partners. A piece you classic with talked about you know give African Americans Campbell president of community to have the numbers increase and made in the baseball with the itself. But there and it's the Buick and U Miami with 93 days on end of the Dallas was what becomes idiots that before. But a lot of people remember is a lot eloquence that you play the U Miami. Are you with Andre Dawson it was MVP not all the goods up so you're able to prove defect it it it doesn't matter where you are if you sat. The with the. Well certainly you know I mean. And we'll show you know I could in my age. Game and I happen like that one tomorrow ghost got an opportunity. I think if we can do it can do to taxpayers who took. And what you know because. I just need a closer look at our government so what. Commonly known individuals who are addictive and you know. And you know warn there it change who shouldn't be in the junior year I had to make negotiating program one to finish. And get my degree. If she was and the herb street. And it really knew she would understand what was trying to communicate her. About the possibility at the end and it's but. Well tomorrow we'll look at it you know you don't know what bill and you managed to make those decisions. Side. We're what you what we encourage you we that you make decisions and true what amazes me cynical it. And sign up but he will hear that means. North Korea that they won't lose it completely you know senator. The hawk Andre Dawson eight time all star eight time gold glove award it's four times over slur award. And member of the national Baseball Hall of Fame the Andre Dawson classic coming down. This weekend Friday Saturday and Sunday Andres thank you so much repression the time. Thank you need to. Agree with it okayed you know get into bed and anchors of the days news stories right you could tell he was raised right it's that good news amid the rookie of the year it was never right now Christians if terrific player and that he played the two great friends and Montreal is that at the ointment that. In a court to Chicago Cubs that you're an apple may you know they had a couple of good runs and Italy 88 counts against the pot it was habitats and lost. An inning NLCS but. Man you pull out it was Andre Dawson and it was you know Ryan Sandberg accuse him Mark Grace. As poppycock that each year in an American base it was Atlanta on that team yes. And with the club so that the a year out of dale are the only team he has raised and Andre Dawson. Adobe team which Chicago yes indeed the sports talk the Christian here on W into alignment and a.