Talking LSU hoops and NFL free agency

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, March 13th

Bobby & Kristian talk with LSU basketball coach Will Wade about tomorrow's NIT matchup with the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, and discuss the latest free agency news.


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Mitch in Lothian thanks for your patient John W development. Again I think our technical. Recording the saint. Bringing in one walk and I don't think it's a good idea. There's great lag also there's talk about. Two. He's a force that beat also in case. Would you guys think about children were concerned. I think Seattle it's cash strapped and they like go a lot of players that. I don't know they have the where Raleigh to a 27 years old. This teen was very noble noble the medal. He was gonna concealed last season because we're a problem opponent. I think capping it felt badly witnessed in the group also again compact Russian bigger idea. And secondly. I think Preston ground you know. What is he when he partners all the land back to the field at 445. Tackles. Though at the Mike position that we have signed it. Right time is not athletic he he's just not. Brown woodlands circles around you know we need be. I elected that at least 25 years old. If he's too much there's also dying. Well wait a little majorities say. Mike he compared him to AJ Klein and and you look at it. Would AJ Klein and the one paying he's so Smart it's Garrett. It is now I'm talking about like with RT I got Graham gas and our our our our run down. And it is getting everybody a line in the right position and though the teams look at it. Preston brown but these plated in 34 import three deep into displayed in a number of different people it is. Right I would different coordinators so you can plug in me and anywhere. I really think that not having net speed and athleticism. It's great to get your deepest lined up. But people have the beat and web blog run silent silent which kind does not. I needed those tea tie AL or whatever. Then my anti detail yet you have when you look at how. Beat writer it's clearly obvious that we need to act and to take a chance. You know having a linebacker spot to a you know like overseen heaven's door. Bug that was over commitment to leaving a lot of last year that's slighted when asked and I heard Alex as alone know the big Devlin aware of that speed. Can you via linebacker runs sideline to sideline and B is stripping coverages that of a liability. Another that's a good point that they've done away oh aware of the linebackers in the market I don't think that I've seen grew how to pronounce his name. Nigel. Brandon and the Berrian ran an app bran ham. From the the past two season he's dealt with the Eagles. I've read a couple of places but only three down could triggered it would some play making prowess Bolton to run and pass the they kind of view him as a down year for every July magazine as the lone difference maker on the linebacker market and so. I mean as the gone anywhere yet but they'd be amazing to see because supply and demand what you gonna have to pay him. But the saints pay spend significant money on AJ Klein. Last offseason so I don't know this atypical in that direction in my B I'll manage again. And that they go to the draft prowl they're trying to get some linebacker to a great deficit. LSU men's basketball coming up. Tomorrow night. If you fell Lafayette in the NIT we'll visit with Ellis who had basketball coach will wade here on sports talk on DaVita well. Ellis you're the NIT tomorrow night Ichiro Lothian right here at 6 PM on WW do well in our pregame. Cover sucked at 530. Joining us now Ellis who had basketball coach will wade coach aria. Abdul one you guys don't. We're good look obviously you wanna get into the NCAA tournament that. NIT bid for you guys I'm sure there are a welcome addition. You know you know we always want to be in the in the NCAA tournament book from where we you know where we came from a where were trying to go as a program. That does this is a great a great step for a great step for our program so where I could be. In the ninety were separate that LSU and national parliament hope quote Japan plays well we can't the court I. The coach wade considering how well you played at home in obviously. Should be a packed house Louisiana Lafayette coming to town. They won this the thousand dollar commerce regular season and 27 in six. Badges saying like a lot of Louisiana flavor to it should be agreed atmosphere in the team. Yet get a grip and the border oh here. In purple and gold and they're very excited about that but the opportunity to tenure or he's in. In the post season and obviously your whole proper Diet Coke or student to really gonna turn now. Should be. Exciting it's great for our basketball in the state it would get to good programs. Competing with got our southeastern Louisiana also. India and the excitement it played out California tonight so it's been a better Goodyear offer for pro basketball are. Interstate you know pickles are tied with southeastern for the southward championships that are really good really good year for all of state. Hopefully this will be appear great game or. Now coach wade all the basketball you've coach obviously home court advantage does make that difference. Well why so much would this Al issue a team in particular. That well we may be struck the robe was outstanding and no. Cattle were out in. To a better New York where we were better well we were on the road now. That was. Probably where we are I think this year's team we're just. We just a little bit. In mature. Or able. We have that the department that you need to overcome things. On the road we were able which they're. Multiple rounds we could kind of take there are teams. Or conscience and in that first hit. We were able to withstand. We were able to withstand. The totality of multiple hits more conscious. And that that really what did this and on the road work. Cut out the crowd behind it. Have everybody on and that's where it withstand a few more punches and hang in there Nagin hired and used that moment and make some plays down the stretch. Dog coach wade what is your take on this when you look at you recorded five wins against teams who wouldn't top fifty RPI. Obviously I look teams that are Nancy doubly Terry you're able to overcome and indeed but. When you look at that. Is that something that can help you measure where you teams that going forward and an outstanding recruiting class come an end. We'll global what does that mean held events like when you look at they would come way oh against come away who wins against a top of fifty RPI team. Dale where seven and seven against teams that are playing in the NCA are a ticket you know. Think the positive side shows that we can compete we can play with most anybody. On the negative side we did it a little bit more consistency and we weren't good enough for we could. Overcome some mistakes should be contingent make you work quite as good as those key itself we just didn't have the consistency that we needed. Over the course of the season really comes down that two or three games we lost a couple really close game to hole. There really are reliever or PRI really Curtis. In terms of positioning for possibly make in the NCAA TARP itself. I think down they. Children can play with just about anybody we get beat by just about anybody well electrical or it could be. More consistent with how we do things were consistent with how we approach it. Now coach way to know you know this and in going forward it's all about recruiting and you get the players and pals. To rent was an elegy. Look at the talent. From Louisiana in the proximity wherever it is people of those players you look at Texas and how really recruiting as nationwide. This editing coven the plea maybe kids young woman who has they'll realize. When you look at top players in the history of basketball. And we became well with the is that LSU has three top fifty. Though Bob Bob Pettit Shaquille O'Neal pistol Pete my average. And mean I noticed on the recognized. And could tell players. Dead wanna come LSU then made the best that have been simply year. Yeah I know that there's no doubt that two on home you know. That is summed it that people are well aware of you know Shaquille O'Neal and he's still so active in commercials and on B he's still resonate were people. Our incident that resonate quite a bit and I don't Suharto are mixed on that a lot of chipset that that really. Outlook Gupta and Simmons and like been Simmons and you know understand that he was wanted done from here and he's going to be all while professional. Professional player and so. Arctic although factors combined. What are our great tradition in great history. Problem is don't let people know that and we do have a basketball. Tradition we do have about couple. Like it seemed without some excellent excellent players here it is you to Gaza war. One app that let. Makes an oval will wait Ellis who men's basketball coach there back in action in the ninety tomorrow right here on WW multi value Al Lothian our pregame coverage starts. At 530. The sports talk Bobby Hebert crushing dark and coach a they still other players still on ham and cheese sandwich is an even more. Not our act to get ready to meet pit either fatigue in its preparation that eat well below the record I hope we're all. Were out there in the city. Which is legal but it looked a little bit better and that is political power that we're acting out in public term we can't have steak. How they react to that when you do that when you had to move. Olive oil they got that great anyway so they're kind of expect. Or are there are they're they're kind of cute Stuart panel or. Up and it you know you you play hard you represented as well be treated as well or better than anybody in the country are approached not where. Where it needs to be represented ourselves our school like it needs to be that. You know some of the doubt that our school and that's then rule will be that will be taken away so it that way it works in the world. Our guys are out of the clear understanding that. Coach what do you LL talk about them who can look at that at only affair. Gave good program there you know they're very very physical. Seem they've got a big Centre from from right there in the world operates Washington played it straight off a great job. Program great coach coach Johnson. Prices is a very very good player and get four. Our transfers into orbit and start his career misery Kia. I get treatment and and start discourage southern now to growers started he's from pat who started group BYU and cart circuit curricula Carolina so. Are they they got a lot of pieces. And now they're big they're physical strong order need to do radio or be part of its gains due to a great job on the par four or so which it went. Coach who looked more like. Thank you. You bet thanks coach Wright Al shed basketball coach will wade here on sports talk back to the phones bill Randolph has been patiently waiting and Houston are shooting Dallas Texas was a brand off. You heard it he Randolph. Grade. Do. The corner the more about the new moon. Randolph got back and X amount reconnect with his son every other word were gonna catches elected -- you and you started out dividend. Literally thousands. Basically wasn't ask us any interest in town I for for the saints and look I'm I'm I'm I'm sure that there's an they've it's very clear there exploring the tide in position. Floored with Jimmy Graham. We're gonna work on Austin Sperry and Jake yeah. Team would want Tyler life and let you stay healthy though Chris. Every team will want that ability in Tyler our effort. You've heard however you pronounce his name. I've. I've written 27 years of age of the Bengals. He's a perfect example he's hell and he's well. So it via the king's prize. When you played five seasons and you miss 41 gains and you play in 39. Kabul. And but it just goes to show you did talent. That he's considered. Significant free agent run on the Jimmy Graham he's right there would Trey Burton. Who just time with the bears at twenty seizures a day. But you gotta be at canyons. The call weekend and week out. And so I think the right price that caucus he could play some item as oh he's not getting it heard for us. But is that going to be his price. But you know the more Amare think about it. You know I don't think is going anywhere to about chopping block and who can be that's Kobe cleaner. I think that might drive with Kobe cleaner because I think they're gonna cut bait. Why would you keep Kobe cleaner bat the pass February to seven. Because when he was on the roster past February to seven you know that meant meant. 3.4 million. Of his contract was guaranteed became fully guaranteed. Past February 7. Now if you would cut Kobe cleaner now. It would cost more in keeping him that is so what do you mean about it. I releasing them it would turn his contract into eight point two million. And day cap space in 2018. AB just release him. As opposed to eight million he's currently scheduled to costs. So he might hate Kobe cleaner. Now we all know and we don't like his production he might say stealing money here at all time but he had 26 in guaranteed. Now would argue it's in right now that was amiss on the saints because it was like production. Is contract looks bad but at this point there's not much to saints can do. And I again saying cutting cleaner would cost morning keeping him. As released and there would turn his contract at eight point two million dead caste based. But this upcoming season as opposed to eight million. He's currently scheduled to to me so elastic had to deal. We Jimmy Graham that they want him. And I and I don't even know Christian I'm just speculating that the Packers pay Jimmy Graham warned the saints were willing. That they might roll the dice again with Kobe cleaner and makes sense and look. All things being equal I think Jimmy Graham landed here in the world's. And lowers my ethic the money who was deciding factor because you have to hall fame quarterbacks and Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees so what's the deciding factor then. You have an opt to exchange of angry may have up to two and a agendas of here the deciding factor is what the money. And I always say right now overall the team top to bottom I'm not even gonna say that the saints are better than a vikings even though we should've beaten them but we lost to neutralize but to say its roster. The saints team is better than the Packers right now. And I had to push it quarterback Aaron Rodgers Drew Brees but. I think that when all's said and done you can see that money that the Packers know they had to pay Jim Graham or you. Probably would have been in your own thing. Bobby they're cursing Gary this is sports talk here on the beat into LA and admin dot com. The un officials. Official start of free agency the NFL can start to the mall but an all kinds of deals going down. It's it's so it's such a trip illegal tampering period it's set out the deals will be announced tomorrow but if you're not plug in on Twitter. Then you you know argument is that it basically unfolds. And it's all over the place all kinds of big names off the board few names going back on the board Brent Celek from the tide in the tide in from the Eagles. Be released. Saints Florida would Jimmy Graham didn't work out eight Drew Brees two years for the million dollars two point seven million dollars of guaranteed money. So so far not that big splash that may be fans were hoping for still could happen though. Free agency you know kind of kicking off its virtually in date to if you will. I like the measured approach to the states calculated. It served them well last year the year before. In go out there and dole out a bunch of money for a guy like terrorist part a calculated measured approach. I think is Smart for the saints that's been there MO they've been successful is not going out there. In overspending. I mean yeah there's so much buyer's remorse it's gonna go on he look at some these dot these top deals. Guys like. Lucy and drew nor well guard going to. The jaguars. Sammy Watkins. That a big deal Alan Robinson obviously know about Kirk cousins is between a few of those teams. There's going to be some buyer's remorse Malcolm Butler signed a thirty million dollar guarantee contract with Tennessee Titans. I like the fact that the saints are not out there. Will and it just outspend everybody in a bidding war for a player they know they're sealing. A good negotiator always knows that when you go buy a house we go by car you know richer you know which you're you're willing to pay for and the deal's not write you back out. That's a free agencies about fourteen. Like. The saints that have the luxury of looking for that one or two. Players are player our player or players. To add to their roster. But they don't have to have them in free agency overspend form. Annika just patiently waited out. But the markets settle little bit you'll see them go back in look with a did last year Larry wall for was a big splash AJ Klein was added. He was in this that the huge sexy splashed. But still the saints measured approach body I think it is going to be. It's still approved to be really solid for them and they will have as much buyer's remorse didn't have any buyer's remorse. Last year with those regions they brought in Alex Okafor also MMX pages Kline no agent righty is seeing so many teams out there. Anti tale that I hated about so and think about man tied pale compared to James Laurinaitis. Policy and nine day no not now and then I'm an OK when Bobby Bo when you look at this time. In all season. Could you honestly say that well I know man kite tail is gonna work out compared to James modernize its. Now you've anything like it'll be able to work out dribbled cannot work outs and I just don't know. Yemen Alice told they sign. When they signed and I guess some might filming illegally his body was ball broke out. We're told like. From agents are from around and people in the league and really good at the same sort of thing and now. No but. Anyway the point being right at the point being is that saints fans are starting a little uneasy today haven't had that splash move yet you don't need that's that that new sexy splash proved to be. Had a successful free agency hall may go look at last year yet Larry Wofford was. He was he glad I was rational but but but it was almost like a top second here is why is it under the radar. 'cause Hulu is a guard. Mark help help Chris and I'll. The one they denied gall and that I'm from the bay us citizen was just an unknown on the lot and listening. To pivot my tongue. Somebody's gonna take this no didn't have to overpay. No well I won't burglars right behind this guy like you know it's in the top three he was not number one. This guy was double on a one missy. From the singles not I don't know where you in the we've been ignored him for heaven's Tyler can and yes. No he got paid yet but I knew overnight pavement that do really happy. But oh well let's say about a if we walked in is that. The measured approach for the saints has been one that's been successful. That's what we'll what we'll go over all yet go look at when they decided to go out there make that big splash Gerris berg colossal failure Brandon Browner big failure. Me so. It's a massive here saying well they're not mobile ads that add to the team they're going to be I'm not a silly worry about just like a wasn't worry about the Drew Brees contract. I think. This calculated approach is a Smart one from if you owns a shopping because they're both aggressive by nature they both wanna go out there and try to improve this team. But watch you watched the a volleys big deals Malcolm ball out of it's going to be him but all these big deals there's going to be. A handful of them that are going to be there you try to restructure next year or trying to get out of contract entirely and the saints don't wanna be that position well. Did awaited CVA and into a UP rookies what you wanna do. It was ideal is like a poster child with the saints did last off season. If you get him on that. And save the beavers at 3040%. And a decade on ten year period what I mean by. Let's say all of a sudden. And that you get the likes of AJ Klein. You get Alex Okafor. You get an anti tale which he did let's say you could do that on created the I'd rather do that and free agency being really hit in the draft. You know why you're really hit in the draft. The sales she tell us you know to have to pay him. Nice guy that can maybe down the road a look at the Seahawks look that they've blown on their team over and talk about Ricky Sherman to Mika. That's why median age yet we thug and he's sort of his garner partners I know he played its average American a Bay Area. And you know you anyone had those incentives that. The kind of screwed in so awful that but anyway the point being is that eventually you do have to pay you top young talent. That's why this small window of the small opportunity like next two years and the things figure advantage of that and win. But you wanna hit a three NC when players maturing at a high level. Which you really wanted to do was hit on the drive that type unit truly have sustained success what are patriots do. And now you might see Eddie cheap but I'm just talking about with the aid and a 20% to it would. Players politicos to pay them although they opinions though they get they get rid of them right address well. Yeah and and just plug in and different talent it's all about this is the so. I don't know that's gonna be the case for the saints can they go back to back seasons were re hit. In the offseason if crazy in the draft I'm gonna have to wait and see it. Right now we have a good enough team where we in the hunt will be competing. And add a few peace proposal that could make it different thoughtfully get to this rule. The T shirt and history console or the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert crushing Garrick this is sports talk. On WB well. Bobby Christian here sports are welcome back. Free agency frenzy. Going nuts. Officially tomorrow saints took care of business some housecleaning. Two year contract for Drew Brees. To point seven million dollars guaranteed fifty million dollars over the two years it's really club option between nineteen for the black and gold. Operating Mazda opinion poll on line at. W did you elect Thomas is that Drew Brees signs of the saints' two years fifty million dollars was the best deal for the team and for Drew Brees by before Tuesday so white semi tech's 8787. The pelicans back and actions ideas to wanted to at 7 o'clock and turning off a two game losing skid. To the Pelz and get. Accurate up also. Tight ends. And Orleans saints fans in those in the media been trying to solve and figure out for the saints. This offseason they swung and missed on Jimmy Graham earlier today he ended up signing with the Green Bay Packers a lot of folks talk about Brent Celek also got a text here 87878. How about trading Mark Ingram to Cleveland for the fourth overall pick. A couple later round picks into your quarterback and I'm before and maybe guys it's only seven. A would play Madden. Is it fair trade clause offers women. And then not marketing or has been just as of late in the saints uniform live up that are normal one first from billing but and I given that up for Mark Ingram. Now Venus in the C. Went in it was aging. Has it close in the states with the pay him in the future but you know agony it. United did get a late first round pick for marking him. The NFL does not work that way I mean you know. Some fans than that that that's like man like you said Tennessee. And then this is Tennessee to this is. From 318. And this is the closest Louisiana's Howell this Christian deal was this rude. Bobby and coordinated you know the no no my guide. This man is a microphone hog and cuts his resolve constantly where is deuce will do so be here tomorrow. But. You know what I'm gonna talk a lot because my damn show. I get there and I was called sports dogs are Bob lever but. I've been here dozen years. And they want me to freaking talks are you 88318. Comedy continued talking keep Texas. Because I know I know what hell I'm talking about and. Listen noted that it is jumping on this in a pretty deadly Chris first Alonso I'll cut you off growth at times our first off. But he's got a lot to say because he does homework he's got a lot Cink is he's he's played in the and he played profit professional football for fourteen seasons in typically. We talk a lot of football on this particular show. So. Yeah have you noticed and I thought nobody else took it a bit in the act and I'm not often given a talk about March Madness right. Because it's free agency hey this is thing is going to we might talk about a little march man this in the tournament starts. Why didn't talk about I don't know we off at eight. The pelicans that play in the heart of tonight you get India and game updates on that you know we lost double game still a football rules. And with football rules I'm gonna talk a lot so whether you like it. 318 area code. The holy. 92 and Trey Burton you want Tesla Trey Burton he's off the board. He's a Chicago for the bears the bears made a run at Jimmy Graham as well. Swung and missed. There when got Trey Burton. Well I think the saints. Are in the market for tied him but they're not gonna go out there and sign the wrong player. If I had a wish list may be Austin's very. I think that's that's a very calculated Smart way to new you'll negotiate navigate. Free agency because you're going to be it's the land of overspending this is where guys get more money they should on the back and of their career. Or more money they did they should come off their rookie contract it happens all the time. Well the same thing. And Chris because because I think it would have definitely been. Distinctive in that conversation for the best dual quarterbacks. Alongside Marchand Lattimore but you look at Malcolm Butler. Live with the Tennessee Titans beat him. Look at truly Johnson who's the new Revis island. Within yards jets. Look at truly Johnson come. Men that do live franchise tag price the rams as he won anything or Smith or anything like to win. But he's been ordered top cornerbacks who you're playing zone or man would he do now with reject some odd that a Big Apple to get paid. You know so when you look at yet and in theory you wanna win a championship. But are a cook a lot of quarterbacks to and there Eagles. If look at Richard Sherman and his pride and all of a sudden you don't have an agent involvement in how he signed that deal with the 49ers. And he got taken advantage of now that you make those incentives. But Richard Sherman. He's still himself shark where if you waited that that a process now he might wanna stay in the Barry B area. Now he's from Compton or CLA Southern California went to Stanford. And so he might be excited about be with a far knives because. Think lynch did their GM he said well maybe one at the silence to kind of stick it to the Seahawks a couple of times. And I could become a voucher that can egos involved. You know how does show that I'm not sure what they missed an average Germans are declaring us two years ago he's not right but but but I mean that's the mentality. Whereas a player is hard to say maybe you're not. What your perception of yourself is but it just ogre driven in Ohio that when you with a good supporting cast. You can't think it the old team. Troy tool low low six Aiken block us from protester dates of NATO this from the the falcons. Utility tight end. Again they've got that player on the roster. And Josh hill if you bring another tight end position Troy to willow. Is no better than than Josh hill no better than Michael Allen doing. He if he's not that they Kobe if there's much as we see appear maligned Kobe cleaner for first time and always there's no better than who you Troy to a low low he's easily -- tied into the falcons. Big guy six. We did have morning once the Moline I mean I go out begins right now you know I think given another nickname I always say humans and well I mean I don't again right now currently got cal on that day. Right yet he got hot. Yeah let's not when I love civil as indicate they kick butt in the NFL that that's the Polynesia is our. Are a bad. Exhausts the tough tough I mean I'll look at it could could trigger a contributed the highest level in the NFL. I was I'm also going back to Tupelo and it was rumored. 22 with a linebacker or linebacker in the head the whole family and a that Nikko know that Al though back when I was playing a Palmolive. No there is exactly. I mean hall of famers. No bail on the radar. The Polynesian. Playing at the highs though in the NFL. They'll find your listen all you got to do with his putter and a uniform and he does make plays in the you'll get that recognition of playing in effect. Levine's oil LaMont that wasn't Troy Levine toil and falcons it anyway you the point. The sports talk here on WL IMF and dot com. Margaret are a master control. Kabul playing games. Along tonight incidentally tournament indeed yet playing games start tonight there's two tonight to tomorrow and right now. The first ever meeting between the Big South Conference and the northeast Northeast Conference Radford leads long island university of Brooklyn. 42 to 38 about fourteen and half minutes to play in the games and the winner of that one will become a sixteen seed and move into the term. And I got one more game we're gonna. While eating a Radford. Almost they have like some player's name. Right and you know I thought that the rapper was really good last night on the of that thus block might initially be addition ripe for Geithner. And the Radford highlanders highlanders were over the Scottish highlanders and no we should do next hour. Of the field of about 68 teams currently with the playing games. That the best we should write the mascots and then in a nickname slightly we're you know that's an honest ones some of the more common ones do that next hours from the best nicknames. India NCAA men's basketball tournaments or mascots however good measure Long Island is the blackbirds the nets in a right Ian it's only you from up there on the island now. Long Island Long Island they got a pronouncing the island Long Island Brooklyn is the black birds Long Island blackbirds. Are there any NCAA boy is the black boys like points and I'm selling were New Orleans in the tonight there are things in either red wing by birds as the laggards that's right it's not the same thing don't compare in the world's accident in New York accident. Accent I'm offended sports on rolls on here and having to do well.