Talkin' Guns 05-26-18 8A

Don Dubuc, Great Outdoors
Saturday, May 26th
We cover Guns And Schools, 2nd Amendment issues, transporting guns thorugh other states, gun storage and the big Barrett 50 BMG rifle.

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And welcome to another edition of talking guns. Everyone president accounted Boyer we're the president and now it looks which I don't and it's good well boys has been do you handle. I'm recovering right now heard what happened resume. Knee replacement mentally when it happens yeah it I'll tell you what though it did give me a whole new appreciation for. On the reasons people use drugs in. So fast say anything crazy I'll blame it on drugs and actually it's been rain that's drugs not my office. And that Turkey on tree bark in the bark has been changing calls between green and brown. It's enough and it Somalis some some some pink baits them afloat by a sudden it's oh want this. We'll miss invitation and he hit F one out heavily in the form that bright well odds are you guys been a hot summer so far there has been. Slows some of the slow Missouri slumber Summers are or slow periods in our slowest time in the gun industry. So we're used to it but it's good that steady steady but you know slowing down a little bit of mostly slow to all August and so the Colbert it's usually the Boozer who it is prudent people back to school. He says this summer's from people taken vacations and knowing dismissive and about the we have an interest in week to week or two ago we had. And news studio come in and they shot. Have you heard about these backpacks that there of their popular list that backpack very interest and stuff doesn't work over very very conscious adding that aren't. They're all kind of wondering you know when I was a kid and probably ill suited to some degree. When when school got ready to take back in you know you always went shop and to get to new school closed now wondered if you going to be getting Kevlar vest in ballistic backpacks and what will new school equipment include these days and. I don't know of those those those backpacks from what I understand of color to 300 dollars a piece they're not cheap. In for for soft Ballmer. Like that's his softball place it's pretty expensive. You know I'd item. I wasn't there when they did that questionable thing it was but it. I have a feeling with the beam on the books these kids carry nowadays with a bunch of books and it back Beck it's gonna make a whole lot of difference. You know it's it's it's hard to do. The way they did in the studio by just hanging them up and I mean in the rain by just hanging them up and student and you gotta have a certain stiffness behind. Any of that Obama's soft or hard place to make it work correctly and it's that's part of who just hang in you know free hand in the air. It was it was there are a lot of back faced echoed back faced defamation when minute best. That is all the panel bends back towards you the easily tested him for McClain but they're looking for ankle his late. Round two inches somewhere when I have two inches. It is it's showed dramatically more than that because it is it does not instead of behind it but it is and it's up gonna stop a well placed rifle round no I don't think so. Which is exactly what happens is that they brought in two's backpacks and yes they are expensive I think that's been for 500 dollars between two with the use. Backpack I'm very nice beautiful wreck effect but there's the cost a lot of money so if you are you know single mom that guy supportive and and there in that period between kindergarten and twelfth grade they're gonna spin and has backpacks that the plate cinema there are soft. Expiry. You know him and props right so you're going to be by an a couple of these inserts a police. Which is the expensive toward Mayweather brought in some some of the soft. Backpacks. That the plates inserted. And NASA's with the we that would happen in a tournament that they was gonna work and it didn't. It's stopped smaller. Handgun rounds but. The they put like. A hollow. Mannequin you know image behind it and it blew that thing the pieces so even if it stops that if you hit up for your road right a couple of times that's gonna break the ribs and stop there are probably so it's really not the books that they stick in the backpack usually work. Much better than any India that soft armor expression against a rifle rounds of the right from burned right through it. Didn't didn't do anything but the books stops it to some degree if you put more than you know two or three the big picked. Textbooks in the and a book that usually works much better. At stop and around like that and in the any kind of you know level three year global three you solve. Why total armor in the way you've been an armored to those of the worst suited separates those fibers in the I'm gonna get a win I don't think him and it's expensive it doesn't. Doesn't work. And so the conclusion you came away with was this is more likely a company trying to take advantage of an opportunity. Due to make some money rather than provide something that is efficient and we don't serve for us. I think it serves a small purpose. But they say I kind of agree with JP morello of the human and we shouldn't be teaching these kids is something that is just put that back bank of Peruvian stand there. I'd rather I'd rather see him run and try to get out of the way you know most people aren't very good. Shooters them when they're stressed out whether you win the you're there at the school shooter or not. Can you stress of the going to be a whole lot different than they normally would be so. They are not as good shots and you know you see that these guys fire to wander around they only hit 1011 people. I rather see him run in high and stay and they just hold them back thank you from. Do I think they're trying to take advantage of course you know I saw an opportunity. To his businesses are not demeaning take it. Would people should worry and worry about what people should remember is at those soft armor please only rated for hang on rounds. It's a really effectively stopped shotguns or. Or long rifles you need hardly. Which is heavy to it has to be very hilly. What is your prediction on on where these backpacks are headed is that nowhere on it will be some sold. Today is bold to try to make this open that the school systems will have to purchase or mandated by school board. Seattle think they'll ever convince the school board that they need ballistic backpacks. However no matter where it is I go home. Will they sell a lot of my I have a feeling they will you know after 9/11 they sold a whole heck of a lot of portable oxygen masks and portable parachutes. The people you know it worked highrise building and so I I think the probably so decent amount into I think that worthless now I I guys seem serving a purpose. You know I think they also give people. A low blows all neutral security. Don't necessarily. Think is terrible because that you makes you feel better communal too and I don't want. The two rich kids in class there to have one of these backpacks and all the other spores in her home. Yesterday and up to insomnia the first on fireworks go off votes the Gannett. Actually haven't and the government funding seek to give the underprivileged. Of the ballistic backpacks that they can't expensive to drive over and get a couple of college kids with the movement have a few too many hundred shots 19 beside the CD two of them live in room TO work that. I interest in the as an interest in story is long but there was interest thing and there was a bubble where you expected would have crime and or didn't you launch. And well fizzled there's a lot of other talk on all across the country about you know two other options are really three other options which is limiting entry. And panel's sole arming teachers and putting in a security guards and we'll talk about some of those options and get your fields on what that might. Might be towards. First we take this quick break and we'll be right back Devin censure of suddenly DeVon Burgess gamma accessory and I'm Donna do you think. We'll be right back was more talking guns asses. And in light of the fact that school shootings are not going away anytime soon in fact it probably increased. Lot of talk nationwide about how much we deal with that and you know guises. That recurring theme Mikey handling hearing in this is coming from politicians who. A grandstanding and it's coming from las students who protests in that this thing you know invest all this time and money. Into protecting our banks and protecting them money and airline industry why should we put that towards. Protecting our most precious resource which is not children. And it sounds very good and t.'s stock to get to the hard part which is actually implementing now the number of schools and kids. In all the technical issues that that surround that. I'm thinking you know arming teachers we're starting him or the war heroes that are rising people who walk on some of them teaches some of them not. Where intervening in these situations I don't know whether it's curry more on the media is actually reporting it more now than they used to do in the past. But I'd get your thoughts on one teacher Allman and you know certainly yeah I think everybody would agree. There are some teaches just like this some. People in every career every walk of life that should never spot on the edges that not capable of using it then not capable of using it when they need to. And it would cause more trouble than it's worth but then again. A lot of people who could be very proficient in before that in net precious time. Well that last one on 911 is now in the calvary arrives. They can be a lot of lives in an injury saved by some one there was very patient. And I don't know whether this would take. I think would have to be voluntary. Where it would have to be teachers that wanna do this and if so maybe we would have to hold them to law much higher standard than normal concealed carry trained in. Maybe that might be something where a special class that economy and you would have to have law higher degree of training. In order to qualify for that position what do you all think about warming teachers. Almost exactly what you said. We know what is in you got to remember not everyone is gonna wanna do. Because you know he's like you just mentioned people don't like guns whatever some people feel qualified to do it. You have to have more than just chp training you know that that's great for it. Tees and where they should bring it when they shouldn't bring it some use of force laws. And how to hit a target 36 times that's going to be a very active. Think oh fluid environment where everybody move in everybody's gonna around and your stress level this went from ten to sixteen on the scale of ten you know. So is it gonna have to be way more training active shooter classes are like kind of stuff yes. To me should they be required to keep their training up more than once a year absolutely. Because if you guys know it that's a schooling goes is quick is. Is quick easy gated egos as quickly you know use it so they just come qualifier once a year. I wouldn't feeling good you know bottom carrying a gun. In that kind of man is that just around accuses going to be a whole lot of of people there you know a lot of heads in the way elect kind of stuff by the decision making. Also think about it beneficial not too. Published saws which one or two. Teachers is the only one you know one thing. That always think about on airplanes went on airplanes is so one of these guys you know as an air Marshal. They don't tell you or is that they do that for reuse and it's a psychological. You know warfare you don't know what we're classroom has begun in. If there is one if they go that route put. Developing that might be. And I hope that's a safety thing for teachers to fees and the and the key is because you know well I could do so if kids are old enough they're gonna get mad at that teacher and if they happen them. Breaking to a desk trying to find whatever and come across a gun locked cabinet. That would meet good. And known yet you can teach them all the safety one bit still. People of people and also worsened children involved so I don't trust of people who work the school either dancers. Of the teachers anything like that. They can pick it up in the plane within easily shoot themselves money Els and that wouldn't be that would be a disaster this would be a medial wonderland because they can get on the means that it wasn't. I think would be psychologically. Beneficial of those even if hypothetically. You know everybody started doing this in the schools. And and maybe one school hasn't caught up yet. Tuesday. The whole gun thing in there was an ago and in the school put him you thought that there's one or two teachers that are on there. Just a thought could be an official to prevent them from happening. You know the worst thing is advertising that in this building in this in this. Error yet there let's throw away and no protection in this building you know ordering classroom full day ms. Jones has the rightful and auto the opposite blog is exactly where the gun is so. Yeah I think would be beneficial to. To implement the system that. Hide the identity of maybe the one or two people that have four arms and in the way you abroad in some areas that they can recover psychologically that you don't know where there is you don't Wear that conclude the first room you walked into a human being faced with a you know and on teacher which. I think could help you know is an official. All teachers as opposed to paid uniformed security personnel. You know there's a lot of talk all we've got a lot of ex military we've got a lot of retired law enforcement people who would jump at the chance to take this kind of a job. What are your thoughts on that it would that be better worsen. On T choice should they be plainclothes shouldn't that. The I kind of think they shouldn't be identified you should have some type B uniform presence there. Because people the majority of people's shy away from doing stupid things in front of people with the uniforms the majority they'll move law. But then there's also that majority as you've seen that much on the majority of it is that that element that. Is gonna shoot or try to take out the armed person I mean in the uniform person first causes the most visible and they probably think he's the only ones. I would be more inclined to see him be. I guess I guess you'd say on echo reply given that plainclothes. Yet only advertise and the fact that that is. Let's you know numbered office. There's one and this is the and it's it's this is the Puerto scope who do you. And you see a lot of departments and we have school resource officer every school won so they know if they get that guy or that female. That's it. It's like. Kind. Look at what ought to look at Florida they had a bit of a few. There's one security doors is a law enforcement personnel Austin don't think they've got to the bottom of that yet. They had a few outside that Gordon for six minutes or so and so I mean it's there's no answer was simple answer room thank. People were. You know buried. In that I don't know honestly I mentioned a little bit ago it seemed to be increased and I think they just reporting in more. BC and then a couple of weeks ago I forget which newspaper was in home they they. Posted how many it happened many school shooting that happened the first the journalist BS. A lot of those statistics were there shootings that happen inside of a 1000 foot by a freeze on around the school. Which in immoral is as every other block of people out of themselves from the school was closed Friday. He's somebody who brought the gun in the park Alonso himself mindful of all like business or misleading which is unfortunate that the view. You can tell there's an engine there and they sort of thrown statistics of people that went to the park and you know across the street it's technically schools. And themselves admit you know something like. Well you got to give them credit at least accomplice and is going about me and aggressive and taken aggressive role that a passive role in these things car. But then you also hear the politicians. In the protesters in the keep bringing up district coloring. Theme about we need more sensible responsible. Gun control. But yet nobody can point to that directly and say okay this is some responsible sensible gun control that we do not yes. Have you seen any legitimate ideas passed along that would do anything in the laws that we have Lorena books would not do. Now no none has some orange employees people who talk about mental health and so that's already on you know background check that something that's viewed. And a major question that your answer and and there are fewer and when you fill out of a background checks and no I don't see any thing. These people just don't know where it you know goers and supply and a gun and would. The FB. Looks at when your purchase and lomb there just on from anywhere that sort of thrown out ideas that sound good in there are good because there are already laws authority in place. So no I haven't heard anything good yet I don't think there is necessarily an answer which is unfortunate. But. Now in this last one is a perfect example but they keep Geneva and only gun he seventeen years old he got a hold of his office. Right we can you know mordant humor the road you can't chain him in a room and a lot of people to sit below him. Do they sort they told the police that he was crazy. So this year when arrested emirate took. Or you know whatever but that's a slippery slope and that's the one I didn't like the most which people. Give me back last four or bring it up but let's say I says Don the duke makes me real mad today. So I tell everybody that he's nuts. And you should go take his guns away. Who gets to decide that many. That's not good. Would have done a viewer gets mad at me and says man that guy DeVon is that they guns stories and isn't alone you better go get as guns he told me he's gonna do want to bad stuff in the coming in my house and take my guns before I do any thing because somebody's done their individual. Is in itself is as much as people go on a lot about that that just happened over on the was sort of forget exactly would it would schooler was voted. The police to win in and said there was a cute who made a bunch of threats on FaceBook they got a few reports about it. They went and scooped him up and interviewed him wound up arrest him then they put out the parents in the past romance some of whom. A man who didn't find out earlier some humble man because he was a child and Bob Bob Bob up now. So I don't know there's any way to keep anybody happy and everybody at. You're due process there should be respected absolutely moves. You know literal low once you start taken people opportunity in people's stuff before they commit a crime. That's. Very reminisce. Send out an awesome thing going on now yeah Brooke history. Yeah Nestle bought goods there you can't get arrested for what you think you know what somebody thinks you'd think in the worst deal C a trend it. Start with this seat is where you always gonna have to answer Eisen and going to be. Born and bred men never gonna change but I see some people who will Connell on the fence. A bond. Second amendment rights and firearms kind of warming up a little bit in in changing their thinking simply because there's been so much information that is finally starting to get out to the public is causing them to think. About self defense and about who the bad guys on who the good guys with guns. You get that same field. I see it class wise they know he's really don't care about guns they don't care about permits they certainly don't want to be there all day but somebody told them. Not to is your right can be taken awake that's fine with them but if you tell me if I take your right away viewers goes with it then they get all upset name on Iran and all of a sudden guns aren't as bad as they thought in the I'm Volvo. You know it makes it hard he's doing a lot of people who don't wanna be there and I think they're above it and everything else and radio. Unfortunately see nowadays is just human nature yeah. You see the less. Of people that are. On the fence or borrow our. You know don't have a real opinion about a think he's used to fund a lot of people and and emblem thanks so see a lot of people that. That are on once four signed their one people in a group of people that are on the other force. And the never that you show meet the homers he and a lot that limited. New Orleans. Twists on him a lot more people pro gun and pro self defense because that means it's analyst. Provides awards or did you go to dinner one night then and you did on you know robbed and him. Gerald children alive you call it the take their own life in their own hands when it comes to they don't wanna. You know be dependent on police officers arrived and and save and only one of the over to defend their. Their lives in their lives lives in their kids' lives of so many comes up with a gun on them which is I think moral thing to do you know that's the not the victim thought but. Another victory a stronger person. I think takes there. You know their own life into their own hands. On a more regular basis in the week. You know than the sheep do they won a few protected by somebody else which I don't think this. They're the right minds that you should be in Everett and then the life in general you know. You know another comment here quite frequently is is now on him a lot more from politicians Wednesday. On ultimate wrong we wanna take anybody Second Amendment don't wanna take anybody's guns away but and is always a lot but I notice that following that but. Is maybe just a little piece of something where before they had no problem and come announcing and nobody should have guns that the police says the only people legitimate and who needs what do you need and they are fifteenth when he needed. As much of that. Undergone a change. That's good I hope so it is an I think there's that phrase behind that would be votes. Right they tried got to keep in mind they tried that extensively. For the last you know eight out of the last nine years or so and it is obviously didn't work and it didn't work for reasons. You know there's more people on the far side of the fence than their or in the or not. If it doesn't apply the votes and give people an office. You know and they're not the numbers to take. Those guns away then they're gonna start to move to the side were of that has the most numbers but fewest of the most people it's just sort of that works. I would not take a break would come back I wanna talk ticket get some tips on packing guns away you know. Turkey season just ended is virtually. An awesome all coming in some. Kind of odd ball season still open for the most part most people are gonna have this fire was put away in shall fall. What do you do to get a final ready to pack it is stored in a safe for an extended length of time and I have a not quite in. Good shape when you get ready to use it again and also got a gun product of the month mark which is gonna join us we'll get DeVon it tell you more about what this parent and now. Was apparent end. Barrett firearms is that the name of the compared firearms the one who set them on the big board the big this. Can't wait to hear it will be right back after this with talking guns. I'm into our tips on packing a firearm away one thing before we move off of the gun control of Lowe's Second Amendment Rights issues I am hearing from some people in the small form the question. Was some legislation it went through that is gonna allow for the multistate. Use of a concealed carry wearers reciprocal among all states certain number of states are key here and Lebanon now. Haven't really seen that anywhere that I would say yes this is definitive it's definitely along going to be a law. I don't believe it past. Or they didn't discuss it or something. You get to a certain point and kind of stopped. As far as I know unless I'm radically wrong in. It's a but I mean there's also. In Stowe errors in and a lot of states that if you have a consumer care government now you know. That's or partially. And I think that's the better way to do it is to leave it at this pace I hate to see anything that federal government says they either beaten easily that way. In and they want do what it do from healthcare their taxes everything it's it's that's a quagmire. Getting them involved so why would we given guns do you know. Well what I plan on making the trip well actually mapped the states and I'm going through check in a sort of most fought to stay out of the midwest west. A BellSouth that they all interchangeable but that the if you what would you suggestive. You got across a stated to where it's now. What would be illegal carrying of a fine now. We're too which had is Morrissey new vehicle look does that marry some state to state. You gotta look up would each state has its say has its own rules for transporting at. Most of the time when you're in a vehicle Louisiana's kind of acceptance that bit most handling unit vehicle they consider transport and not caring. So you have to know how you have that big guy in case can be Caribbean of the compartment with you. The net to be off your person even with a permit as it has been two separate containers. That would be locked up certainly O'Neal a kind of business. The only way to know that is to look up before we go they're they're number of well. I always try to stay with my maps and stuff like I've heard their a couple of movements but there's a couple of decent books out there and he can always go to the state police's web site. Click on whatever states are going through and read exactly with the states has yet to do. I wouldn't trust anybody over you know will dosage just because he contests in New Jersey you're one of those really unfriendly places. And really get jacked up Newsom yes. You can go throw at Chicago. I don't think it matters which you have. You're done and I don't think you can bring firearm in the New Zealand missed a few years ago registered no confidence disaster guy came in the store justices this and that little more reserves than normal and it's it's a mess I mean it's a real mess so what do you do is rob several on you don't ownership guys it's an ulcer you wanna. And when you gun taken of the oiler dig underground. Yeah what's what's got people in trouble too is easy get to some of those states and am magazine capacity limits. So they may not all of a sudden may not care as much that you have begun in instead of the bad news in into the camera truck with the but you get ten of fifteen round magazines in the ten. A lot of people think he can just take five rounds out is on doing at ten bullets are good but. They gonna violated the may yet have a magazine that's manufactured only hold run at 10 and I am capable of accepting more than right you can't plug its itself only put ten bullets and now I kind of business usually they'll charge you that these ones for the magazine and by each individual around. Yeah every bullet. Did changes. Wildly drastically as usual like this the the southern states your year pretty good in going to start going to the store for west Europe north. The changes and it changes very very. Violently drastically. So you have do your research on. McEnroe in new vacation you know get absolutely probably a lot of these could call for arrest in absolute obfuscation here Gloria. Well worth it checks and good advice there. I packing firearms away whether the rifle shots on the causes while before earning season comes around again. Or for some reason you going to be on extended trip and you're not going to be taken up our own shooting it. On handgun what are some of the things you should do it again prepared storage of personal mix of the. Unloaded a lot of people that come in and we're not allowed but a few. Bring in black powder guns that have been stored loaded for a year. And that is a whole another disaster and and of itself. That black powering that. Solutions solidifies. And it's it's no good did that thing up toward you got to take all of port and either so kid or. In almost tremble that it's not it's markers hardens. But for basic fire arms mixture of unloaded. Silicone rags you're not familiar with a moral wonderful that your friend we sell more of those bodies and anything else in the store. It's a light oil base. On on a brag and you write that down why pick on now with that don't get all your greasy fingerprints which. But over time leads to running rusting in the in pinning and keep the more go to you know and keep an eye on him people. Those months turn into years very quickly people put their gun and the bad. And when they bring in annually cement it was less than seasonal that was 600 seasons ago when you think about it now that a gun so arrested could you took it you know six years ago and displayed with it now it's O rests his hospital room and. In something we had a guy I think was before DeVon sort of working every brochure reckoning because he couldn't see down the barrel needed to desert. Did it Lizzie carcasses in there and I'm in it when they asked him where have you been keeping this thing he said the rise above a show. It is in this group they're no case anything and of course he would rodents and will blow loses we have an omen on the ground die there oil in case silicone yes. There's you know you. Humidity is a real enemy you firearms to view and I have some of these diesels the human defined strips and uploaded in my gun safe. I don't know whether that work in and I don't and it rob well ross' book what are some of the ones you would suggest. In in how do you use. We have to think that made up barbed break free a company that makes. Cleaning solvents. But the they have the nice ones in the not that expensive I mean even the nice ones were only forty or fifty dollars which isn't a little bit of money but it's not a whole lot of money to keep order guns from Ross and at the other nice collection. But they have little pellets and on that absorb. Water in and yeah humidity the air. And it's interesting because the fun album almost all of them do this oh Hal. The smarter mind the mind but deploy command. And turns green a little light on the on the front turns green and then you can either leave it plugged in your safe if you have billion. And now live in your safe for you Kim. Not you can unplug it and or stay green for a long time months and then those slowly turn yellow or red when that light turned red to take it out. And you plug it back end and I guess it heats up there's little beads that I was toner and then try to drive them back out. And it turns green again after a few hours you know once it's charged and you put it back in the same very user if you if you just keep up on it every few months easy. DeVon mentioned to a coal rags I I would say yeah you always probably one of oil over gun before you put away. But it I go to silicone re route and just wipe things down rather than having it dripping. We have brick free or someone else dizzy feet distorted something soft. There's a good chance said with whatever you stored in his in the middle of that oil and sometime to come the Parton. Sticks and a gun and just makes a general mess in agree. Good stuff. In and try to boy I raced suit police a lot trying to avoid storing anything in lather over time you know to. What about ammunition in any special tips for storing ammunition. Trying to keep an controlled environment. Don't don't subversion and water. You know Waco a flood situation but it. I I've heard time and time again eight every six months disease change carry animal while all this stuff. I've never seen it go bad it every once in awhile when people using when it does is because the human error. Somebody's use WD-40 year three and one oil and that's just me to penetrate new gets in harms harms the vote but it. Or what was the corpses in some kind of way but it if I've also seen people Bible you know they collect thirty caliber car beings whom awards to. In my Bandelier is full ammo. That will manufacture in the forties and they come in these human everything worked fine. Because it's been you know has an incident in the desert sun on the water anything else so the moral climate controlled he can be with the better bird. Is always is now way at the gym work and that doesn't go from you know how extreme temperatures that converts in the hot too cold to. So title today here. They won't ego won't roster move like you know like Kevin said I've seen old ammo that was kept you know and living room closet for. Sixty years and it's still revenue and hoping that there's no way visit in a war going on and shoot there's always been that way at the than Egypt. You know us on the garage where. The temperature fluctuates. That's the name will be good for very long time. And I don't know I gave me. He gave me some fifty year old animal and had no idea but it worked perfectly it. And you know it depends on your body chemistry too there are some people that are so caustic. As soon as they cut something metallic. It is stores like DeVon you know like I don't DeVon he's pretty costly and caustic and a number on where the thought that the caustic they would meet mr. caustic we're gonna take a break we come back. Did you introduce a feature from walk with Barrett will be back with gun product of the month the on talking guns. On 105 point three FM HD. DeVon Burgess again geared Jefferson on outlet I'm here with mr. mark quit from Barrett the one and only fair. Talk about organ product for the month in this month is added to see we got the pair at 107. A one. And fifty bmg. Mark what is so special about this one and only semi automatic. Fifty caliber. Sniper rifle if there ever was a sniper rifle and this is this. Want to you forgot to mention is this Tim Graham I'm sure there are a lot of things you need God's audience in the vote this. So this this rifle was designed for the military. To be able to suppress its original model 82 which was built in 1982 by Chris are brought to bear it. Is he still alive he does so still laughing go and so on to the shows. Very down to earth man and loves to meet all kinds of people special military. Very good man. And markets at this rifles designed to be able to suppress that the model 82 you cannot suppress that firearm not sign for people do it it's it it damaged against the weak created this just for it. It's billet receiver. And again the biggest thing is you can't suppresses they can take that bait comparison again when you shoot minute and then I'll stick where it will be re cool hand them just a lot of on the issue communities and root of this sort listen. Or is obviously hand viewed this rifle but it is probably. At least twice the size. Anything else that we have on the wall in the the bullet itself yeah. It's huge it's like the size of remote control. So any. TV remote control or any thing. If if you have a group of guys that brought trying to. Outdo themselves for the biggest and baddest frightful. This is probably. The biggest. It has a hefty price tag but it's it's one of the coolest guns that we have ever carried in the store and it has massive. It is death. Only the one up for all one rappers. He got the got a buddy that then you wanna impress you by this thing we take it out everybody wants disputed any time people these things out. They're not. Too terribly expensive the shoot most people blows their mind shoot them you you're anywhere for. 258 at three dollars around my efforts ball Lamo in. You can and legacies in rounds with this things that mono you can take that time you can have fun with that sweater you want to do what's the accuracy. Out to distance on that I think that gun how holds the record for the longest. Mum. It's it's it's it's there miles. Let Montauk and Dave the fireman so that you offered that that's all outlaw either itself. I that you know. But no I don't go 345 miles on it's it goes along highways this nine year. Never slow to 2.3 so again you mentioned that can be suppressed not many people know still to this day which surprises. Myself against them him in the industrialised more than. The average person but you can buy as suppressor which in turn as a as a silence are pretty much that thumb is illegal. It takes a little longer to it today. To get eight inches gated walk out the store with it but that the process of getting it is very simple and you make its oppressors for that guy and it's meant for that big of a caliber. Correct Barrett yet there are various arms makes a suppressor for this for this rifle. It is all steel it is robots. It is may to take the punishment of that fifty corner on to that fifty is big and it's allowed with a can on it how how much do you think it helps well I meant a lot. Anytime you shoot fifty needs at least double plug just because of that the concussion and noise that comes out of that thing when your shoot as suppressed. Even a pair just normal foam earplugs insider just fine when she met thing it takes all that that about it it's this how come oil unaudited he's yet he hit more instead of the snappy or did you get more that'll that pusher arguably more push with that but it's not. Crazy ridiculous on you re Kabul on cheat neat sayings. Let's hope people. It's about like shoot the twelve gates with a normal slow and it not a not a heavy Rickles like which is normal some monument so it. What would you thinker from. That the military when they when the bodies out of a does he think -- carries that mean oh yes and now means something you hear stories all the time most most of the gasp of summer rains here a lot they have a love hate relationship that fire. They hated it because they got to carry the when they did today double that's every time they need to pull it out there in love with the save a lot of lives. And admits it does the purpose that was built for and it doesn't. Very well would it what was it you could summarize that briefly which I know it has a lot of usage were you what was it designed specifically. To do so vehicle yesterday yes a so that that the purpose of it is is seized stop vehicles and two punched her armor and stuff like that when barricades stuff like that when he got somebody behind them she can't normally get there. It'll be there so if if if some studio which. Noah yeah. As yet an aircraft carrier neighborhood and knew when OC or need like a whole neighborhood over one absolutely you know an outlook as a love every last ass every little drop which title of that along want to output at where where can people go to view. That rifle. Right here. In what Jefferson got announcing. Trying to make a NATO ally I don't read an article on website lip where which your votes votes are just got to bear firearms. And you can look at look at it there to get them some detailed specs on the arms of their arms not come yet so what's on them so which surprised MS RP is a little over 121000. And that do you -- port here did say it's twelve tomb yep twelve to try to keep it under in this opiate of him as a music poem and and that. We do our best this gym every particular and now and then that's literally got some ammo here to cells that we do we get them with that with some with some average legal issues today amounted to a trucker. One bit if he's got a private helicopter on euros Drexel and that like the you know did you buy it and dug up picks until we do we do that's that's her preferred for. Upload control. It is as if there's. That I have not yet seen it than that I will be and then next month's. A place in Texas attuned to shoot and I helicopters. Now that this pharmacy on the ground that thing man I'm not trying to offhand I'm an MB per president I'll ask. We'll find out. Well look forward to maybe. You do that be fun mark again Barrett firearms dot com there. It was a pleasure talking to you will thank you very much for am glad you came in today and he came in at the perfect time and it it's got this and a few days ago the first one actually snowed in pars them in this they've vision. And it. They're not cheaper man they're cool though when we're very thankful that you brought it on the look forward you seller in order some more promise in the skit but some ground here nor violence all right guys unsafe if you have and the check it out yet check out there at that makes them awesome stuff with. With. Military design behind behind all of that and super cool to lose him and I appreciate that note thank you very much thanks again. All right and that is a gun product to the month than in DeVon since you had that conversation he was there obviously to sell prod the it was good jump to describe and it. What is your personal feel about it in had a chance to handle it fine art which your opinion. It's just awesome I have a bee line for to a judge John and I haven't shallow and yet there they're about seven dollars around Selma before Warren onion and seven dollars and Princeton Review it's. It's just so awesome it is there's not too many things they did rootkit you've got to seal over guns or the birth. After you read did you go in part to a month this month it is. You know into the wall off the court really cool it's a huge aways like four to shop wants. Yeah I shall want a few years ago every year pat Taylor's wife still those who is taking the law enforcement. And now they bring guns out there for people to shoot and actually laying behind the thing everybody thinks surrenders to shoot it really wasn't to me it felt like student. A twelve gauge of nutrient. Greens slow Austrian fills. Now being on the side of it for a little bit you know that Mosul breaking it all goes sideways. He would do reaching knees up pretty bad that you would have given them any replacement that you can you can really feel it out to the side being behind it wasn't so bad. He's right and you wanna double of causes loud and you know it's got a lot of Kinkos and with the and everything else. It is not a lot of guns we hear these things you Romano with that accurately its system he's dead in the I saw video Wiki in Afghanistan suitable convoy. And they get two for the right over him and he jumped the console that thing and shot it is what you suit and they are and I was thinking you know that's what you twenty years old when your in the nodes. It is. Nobody else in the news that. Well this would be one of those farms where the opposition Wednesday why does anyone need a price legal and this would be one. That they would have a hard time by because it's ten rounds or less it's semi automatic. It's not very or it really doesn't other than that size it doesn't look like it's that. Terrible. You know and not intimidate ride solo news is but it's not it doesn't look like you know they go for the sale of the plaque the one that. Look like you give him moving to somebody we'll look of the school with a in the basket you know on harvested and he's Poland. It's just says it's his super Kremlin Elaine I was very quarter you know not only you but the play with them eventually she wonders who but it is it's is really cool movie and there's really no client is up when he says he's gone now home in Texas next month when it had seen any videos of actual there's not much left of any thing which is it now thanks and thanks you know him back into who did he. Think in disabling helicopter within a mile away act in amended over arms through. You know military engine vehicle all I can say is if the hawks of lives that shot. Don't hang around he going in if it survives in the lived is that god give them votes that fourth inning walk out of it's as of the lives. Of I'd guys tell us about Jefferson gone out and Jeff's shoes club. Today enough throughout the week. How about those classes. Series curb we we do glass David concealed carry purses starts at eleven and that eight. No no reservations necessary just come on and than that keyboard and you think you got me caught on when these festivals in the rain comes to lose over the weekend same thing for Jefferson. Just an indoor and out turnover as you remember does Jefferson and Rangers rents machine guns to assume if you look and. Or as fun outing with your buddies are bats reported Deseret party. Come on down she machine guns it's a once in a lifetime thing you can do it's very very fun. You wanna buy new gun. Come Jefferson gone out there we go to an incredible amount of guns in stock ready for summer. I am we're open seven days a week now we're open every day from ten to seven the ranges over into a and Sundays as well from 116. So we look forward to people come in and them. One nearly everyone has heard of it and knows about the tell people who won me with a stool to fund its own airline drug. It's by the state senator from your familiar with the various blood David for an airline from a 6719. Airlines are this next scene of old XDMV from hell ray drive rather scooter club is on Hickory and therein I chemistry that's. Only three theory that the reroute because in the camping area restaurants. A good round for now won all seven you could hit the elegant no absolute easily and a close in the river eyed guys in there. You both equally on I always find guys that good show and I'll look want to talk to Cuba as soon ambulance that. Hey I'm Laurie Elmo way thank you so much. All right that's you have a century DeVon Burgess I'm done if you could wrap it up by a four hour block of outdoor programming invite you to come back again next Saturday morning we begin darkened early at 5 AM with the outdoor show. And has filed a bomb more outdoors right here 0105 point three FM HDT.