Taking calls on Saints-Jets

Deuce & Kristian take calls on the Saints' playoff outlook and upcoming matchup with the Jets.


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Yes speed off and run an hour three of the fans have approached morning 900 veterans boulevard in an area Rouse is in conjunction with community coffee and also second harvest food bank with which they've rights movement also. Ralph Michaels would double coverage last hour last week received. Last night we visited within it are Vegas lines. For this weekend is saying it's their last 1515 and a half over. The New York Jets this Sunday in the superdome with without Josh account at quarterback for the Jackson it's a team that. Deuce I think it five and eight meaning people feel like people were achieved it means a lot you feel like for the season started it just going to be eighteen that would rival. The Cleveland Browns if it weren't for them more attractive. Yeah yeah. Particularly when you trade you'd you'd Utah receivers and you let. The in the Gordon England Decker went to a Tennessee. It looked like it was full tank Mo you know and so they were able to win a couple games a particular things essentially is they played really well at home. Now owner wrote not so much. And play well on the road and we know last week Josh gets hurt. They were chaotic spear Maine what all three quarterbacks early years in him Josh McNown arming them account takes. Takes control of bad news whoever wins games. Mo Wilkinson Mohamed will listen not on this trip and it's a coach's decision. What are you reading that book got their disappointment Munich. It's slipped last year two years ago descent of the contract with them. He was the reason that they to allow local traded away. Another good disgruntled. These little comment to to to Seattle and so for him to kind of fall out of favor would troubles. Think. That that shows what they mean as far as the locker room is concerned whether he's the a tree candidate this upcoming offseason I wouldn't put that out of critically if he doesn't play. And he's a man the last three yanks do so we'll talk about the saints offense it prolific obviously it's always. Well the football is their bread but drop a rock and this year they could still throw. Would you would you agree that. It is well in his lack and it's a play making tight ends off. I mean yet with Kobe cleaner he had his moment he was playing really well at one point that you were still expecting. More out of Yemen and so that that was one position that he says man if this off fans were were able to have their playmaker tied in or even really. If you wanna. BP he or pity. 23 receiver. I mean Willie Snead had really been able to get a goal and this year though we know that he missed three games with suspension in India answering answer in you know maybe maybe easy answer room maybe working him me and gives them that that all they need to Leo Burnett you know even voted not far off of their normal average. It's not the normal group that we've seen as far as prolific do you think this team is going to coats. At times. At times I mean but when you look at the numbers the numbers tell a different story I mean when you look at the plus fifteen. Routes catches X Ater that tells a different story I think that. The guys and obviously a step your game that nothing Mike Thompson what five kids away from being. One of only two players at three players Gholston is a company yo know even even NFL company I mean when you talk about a little bit command. I think it was storms Landrieu of having that kids plus in their first couple years and yet that's part of the company. You make no Luis needs absence in this office is it because of the injuries suspension and navy guys have leapfrogged him a little bit on the depth chart yeah I think some guys that leapfrogged I mean I really think that they were trying to work Tommy Lee into that office and you know you'd really we saw last week but I mean after out of that. 445 game stretch he was there but not making really. Impact place you know there may be a kitchen to hear there but he immediate impact plays and they just were consistent. Enough and you know you can say even that that's the case. Would Brandon Coleman I mean brand has been outstanding in the run game and he's he's done well when he's got this opportunity as far as catches split. Sometimes you got to force will sometimes you have to say look. I am going to be open give me the ball right. What do you make of this office alignment dealt with a lot of injuries whether it's at left tackle left guard. It is Pete questionable for the ball every position. Yet emphasis ever sinner even go back to the altars every position every exists along the offensive line has dealt with injuries. What do you make of how good of a job Dan Roush is no longer off its one. Danny the race and ethnic. Aminu the bill the VA with some. Mix and match and you know seeing new element to it they peace that they were able plug in you know just Revis being in got it. Really you like who is this guy he's with that senator from Washington and these happen from acts longer but who is. He's been able to step in an incident and help about it aren't we know with Bryan rich again and we need to see Brian at all. As far as field TA he made his first affairs or training and so he's been able to step right in in in and been Phnom. Just been phenomenal piece and so. You talk about patchwork letter Wilford who was the big ticket or that they you talk about him stepping right in and just didn't write me. I mean this group is if they're not top pop up throughout the NF I don't know what people great. We're in the saints would you feel like if there's if there's an undoing if there's going to be something that. Come back to bite them in the post season what would it be. First things. No I think special teams is good enough. I think special teams is good enough I think they have enough playmakers in special teams where they can make plays in two years here it is here's the thing. Want to give into the playoffs. Both starters. They wanna be alternatives you know those guys that you don't want word now for 62 games they wanna be on special teams and so I think good enough with special teams you have supreme confidence in. And you kicker as low as a partner coverage units yes I mean but I think that they gonna they gonna break one at some point would they return. You know Tommy Lee has gotten better Adam it is it's still about what you won't. If if if I had to say one thing. That. Would give them a little fears it would be if eighteen. So they look we're gonna ago. Heavy none and don't know. We're gonna go man to man we're gonna drop their safety in the box he's eager to write it down our throat. Or your receivers have to beat me covers. They have to beat Maine covers about it to gamble because most teams don't have the corners. Personnel to be able to do that. They don't want exposed their corners like that in the safe to say look we're gonna run it. We don't care if you haven't actually gotten a box we believe in our backs we believe our guys we've believer in what we're going to end when we wanna throw the ball we will. He's do some critical back for your phone calls at 504. 2601878. X 877 to win our veterans boulevard arouses. The one out make a donation to second harvest food bank here on. The fans and prolonged W deployment aka. What if we get reduced in India and arouse do you. Moves and how severe tilts 8 o'clock. Actually usually get off at 7 o'clock noise football tonight so weird to eight on the fans and posting its all time we've Russia is signing autographs also. To get some donations for second harvest food bank at the routes locations when 900 better boulevard in matters of one by the donation also. That great gift basket out here. Back Groce basically that you can donate five blocks in each area here at routes as it goes to second harvest food bank and the great cause I mean we're gonna know. We've done this for a couple years. A dollar news feeds for families during the holidays not a four meals four meals to you know meal for mills which is which is phenomenal yeah. Is really talk about one dollar feeds. Provides full meals. For an individual and so. A strong Crist. Great donation here's a couple by nonperishable food that's also he can make monetary donations here. At 2900 bettors boulevard in Metairie conjunction with second harvest food bank and also community coffee and for the biggest donor we got a community to community coffee gift baskets for that you guys will love so small by. In the Q donations will comic and what's going on will you on C trio want to be that well. Guys for notebook movement there there's Erica. I was thinking of all the pure football there and all of the time of the year when Leon. Lower divisions and their play off some of the semifinal championship game. Does that sound like council ought to mount union plan. Mary Arden. More you know look that good news. This is a true playoff for the extreme team will report to be some of these kids that don't go to the pros there's no good draft of the it is applicable. I would love watching. It. Again that's tonight into tomorrow. Yeah I mean when you look at tomorrow's game that that is true. As far some of those you don't make it but that's not under through as far as the NFL you know par to win it. What was it will not go to state after. Though every now I mean you're talking. Yeah renowned in each unit got a little bit maybe it's in trouble look at Bryant field in the quality of the like he he was an ankle state. Captain is that may may get in trouble they get overlooked. And they you know they get their opportunity and so that it felt fine. There are more or 49 UB parent whispers here. Are you deported back Britain will be lyrical. At that and at that level football I outgrew it that level football's under rated news. There's a lot of talent down there and also I think it's one of the more exciting playoff system playoff formats and I think a lot of folks want division one. To go to the current format similar to that of the the two. NCAA division one the only football organization with a true well and the only empty noble sport without a true what. They you know economically you know here marathoner about minimum dogged him thanks. I will argue it do so as for Iran channel's name I was surprised. At Toledo who watched them on. We'll talk about the draft I would like. The December. Which Obama April's draft or or you know look if you're not in her race you need time to talk about notify you wanna find the knicks aren't yet it is one of the national network so well and for the they have a programming issue but I. It's it's really because. They look what's the nets knicks prospect until the bowl games don't officially start. Until tomorrow you've got some of the like he loses saying the lord of business that have playoff school. So now they need to start to float the knicks prospect let's watch this he would will be will he be sitting out. A bowl game a couple of key at the hardest hit that they're not going to plated and prepare. For the NF bill so that's where the programming come to talk about this cute maybe. He's gonna should go to draft board or watched this player in this in the in the bowl game would play else. He figured out approach that new found approach where guys that are gonna go forgo their their their senior year or whether come out of senior. Whether or not a playable games you like that you think it's a kind of a cop out on on your team and a bowl game where they might be to win. And help your school for for recruiting etc. he view you view okay with the idea. City apple game. Well if you don't have anything else if you're not playing for the national championship or you're not playing one of those spots I don't really have a problem with it particularly if a kid has been banged up. A lot already know some some guys don't wanna risk if who in my details acute that he needs to go and play a game that. Yes it means something but you know for him and his prospects make him in if bill. They're really mean I think that it. I mean a part of me feels like I get I understand it it it they they don't want to subject themselves injury. Bloody also they also signed a scholarship yet you do it's not a scholarship I mean but. Is that team going to. Let's just say on the low key fifth round fourth round. Are they gonna guarantee you put it makes two years. That that that amount of money. Now there enough. I get it I understand that. I guess I wanna have a perfect world here were you there you go like hey I'm honor my commitment. I committed to the LSU Ole miss or Alabama USC would have you would have a bowl game therein even if it's not a playoff game on and on that and I'll play the bowl game whether it's in the Liberty Bowl or the sugar ball for the national championship game. I'm going to honor that commitment that I made for the university three years ago when they took a chance on me when I was a freshman that didn't know about is gonna work out or not. I understand that part but at same time. And they key it knows that he heads and he's already been told that he is in exceed you know. Let's just go with three million dollars million dollars. But now he's going to fault the tide you take bullet missed you know terrorism ACLU would change it for the world. But. You you go back and you look at some of the other guys that if and have. Fallen in the draft me because for the NFL they're gonna say look. No you're not a first round anymore no you're not a second run anymore I can get to 44 rounder now and for the university it's like on Manuel but Lou we're we're. We're sorry. But the executive Millard inducement right. Cowboys did yes here in the bowl yeah it was okay and it's okay. Cost him he was second round pick I think the cowboy yeah and he was the first round he's top ten pick out these first round and so you take situation like that in. Yes TE took a Richard yeah the cowboys richer and basically take took him and they were able to to feel good about him because of the relationship the doctors that worked on him. Had affiliation with the cowboys mean to let that happen all the time and so. That's tough spot that you put those kids in. And now they're making decisions well not that I expose myself to injury I'm going to you know hopefully prep for the NFL. Don't think it's the agents also kind of puts pressure on him and I don't I well know about about. No doubt about it I mean because that agent knows as well and this commission for a first round reverse its permissive for fifth round. He knows as well that his commission is tied to that he would be enabled him to go out even though they don't have an official deal. Probably handshake deal but I mean at the same time he noses commission is tied to. It's dirty business GA vice from second harvest food they come up next we're at 2900 veteran boulevard it arouses. Columbine make a donation to second harvest food bank phase in approach here on state radio Doocy Christian will buy each autograph take argue your picture taken and also an autograph from the saints. All time leading rusher who's skelter. Its fans and probably on saint radio. How do you take in donations for hearts for the holidays here on. Sinks radio 2900 veterans boulevard arouses in conjunction with community coffee proud partner. Second harvest food baked local analogy vice of second harvest food bank in. One of the things we're proud of for 35 years we've been a local and statewide disaster response agency. And in just the last couple years we responded to. Five or six of those count major natural disasters the office floats in Baton Rouge and Lafayette. The up problems we have with Turkey Harvey this year. More than two million pounds of food we've distributed for disasters just in the last couple years so. Your prediction today economic and monetary donations. You help us out here Ralph things like that which you're up and beat people in politics do how rewarding is for you personally having. Your humanitarian. You beginning community. Just to see the response that people keep you guys. Three years here when when us and part of with with 87 meanwhile five point three. Just to see the impact that you guys can have it it's really it's wonderful it's humbling it's it's a wonderful place to work are really really look forward to working their. Everybody who's a second harvest all the 9000 volunteers we have. Walking their purposely really wanna be there every day and it's really just to see the response from the community. The positive response but just meeting the people that we help the hundreds of people that I meet but it's hundreds of thousands of people across points repaired as it it really hits home. It really makes. We're going to work if no we talked about it earlier were just you know we talk about qualifying as far as Ford via food pantries. Just tell us a little bit about who qualify as as far as. Who can come in and it and accept some food for you guys who did get product from you guys nobody'll nobody will walk away without so some food and for instance our world we have mobile pantries with 36 mobile pantries for recent trucks up to neighborhoods that don't have via the don't have a traditional pantries have them on the paper which restores of December quarter stored so slugger isn't exactly. The food desert. These 36. Mobile pantries weeks and that was about 8000 pounds of produce. We don't have any in any income qualifications and all anybody can come anybody from the neighborhood or in but he drives and we do velcro so we've seen him. How do you become a vendor. For the second our food food bank particularly like if you have. Pro goose or you have a problem that you wanna be able to team up with the war. Become of vendor for certain art. Well for folks who wanna donate to us we've worked with farmers would work with stores like riles is another of local retailers as well. Go to our website no dash hunger or all the information there about how you can contact us. We get to of this forty million pounds of food that we collected then distribute girls from a huge variety of partners and we're so thankful for all of whom. Like the city's going to be farmers it's going to be people coming in here today to Rouse is the drop off a couple of pounds of food it's going to be the farmer who drops of 101000 pounds of food and where else. Jam a veteran amenities you'd be you'd know that I've worked with me and have or. DeVille is. How many how many veterans you guys may silly times better in families and veterans in general. Are too proud because of the services they can in this country yet to go to a food bank but how often do serve those guys. I would say how's it look let's for a particular segment we talk about two for the homeless Center City and in south Louisiana. From the guys that meth and some ladies to. I would say it's between a quarter in a third of the folks who were on the streets are almost homeless have served in the military ma and it's what's extra hard is and that's hard enough to know and a lot of these guys go back to Vietnam. They have served in desert storm. But it's it's some of the young men and women who were coming home now it's. You know thousands of people were coming home to America every day. They are a lot of problems they may not be getting the help they need in the last indeed. Is to not be able to eat and just when you can't eat he can't think to solve your of the problems that you won't put in front of the other. I can't see this is nothing here here's the deal is that I think about this all time. Doocy you know I've blast in a lot of ways to be employed but you never know when that went and happy you know when it comes to an end it. It's not just us it could be out there it's my outfits work and it is a place for 101520. Years. Now suddenly find themselves in the situation in could use it call on the help of gave licensing hours with one of the. Hardest things we see with that Christians folks who they really didn't think they'd be in the situation. And they try to make it in the top silly people who they finally come in. And they're they're like sit embarrassed come and talk to them and they'll say well left got enough for my kids are eating at school maple given something home that. It's been five or six days and I haven't eaten. And that just really hit you when you realize it's apparent who's realizes. They can take care of themselves to take your family and they never thought we'd be in this position however is creaking you guys be working with the family like that or just individuals like. Absolutely. It's it's absolutely private for instance the model we have warehouse and hearing in areas that 2000 square feet. And then we send out product to hundreds of local pantries. The activities of those folks at this local pantries we do direct access that information. Those little local church pantry is local community centers that are running those. Whether it's in Gretna are here hand or in Lafayette Lake Charles those folks maintain those files and work with those people. But they have we never find out here. And the status only income based Miami like. It it's the mean I think is not necessarily but maybe further explanation an apartment and it's mind. That's working full time. And there working hard they're trying to meet make ends meet and can't do it can they still rely on you to check owning company Q is that. For certain types of her donations we do like for the stuff that's being donated here. No mean folks who can come in we take amateur work that they need help. When they come to our partner agencies. Four for her particular type product since its technical like this that you STA who does supply 25% or liberal county. They choose for specific programs like afterschool youth programs and things like that and those who have for family some income form but. Almost all of our partner agencies and communities sooners have the donated product you can go to them we can fix you up to sing to the local one. And they'll secure server processing that's a big part of it is it. Qualify or are they make too much money or. Maybe they're ashamed or are their barracks by it but I think that's one of the great benefits of second harvest is that. You don't ask a lot of questions right real I think people activity about fact that maybe they're not they're not make it the that the top wages but they still could use a hand. And especially this time a year where they can feed your family. If some people are the working poor I mean it's nor the way to say people working to 12 or three yet chair to check. And they're making enough to buy some food it's not the highest quality food to survive some of the better food it cost a little more in the keeps falling between caps. When it comes to something like a mobile pantry or one of the partner agencies that we serve quite a lot of its high quality food it's donated by. You know folks like paralysis in the folks that are coming in here. So you can make it paycheck a little further. Use it to buy some more quality food when you can help fill their rule on a family whenever wanna famine for them in a situation where it can happen in my life so luckily grossed. And that happens a lecture with a missile lock in happens even more senior citizens we we've talked to countless people who do that. They have to start breaking pills in half they have to choose between the lights the water. Flute or at the heat on things like that. It's it's heartbreaking the donations we take today. Make a huge huge difference in anything you can do year round for us. It's wonderful we love the donations during the holidays but the need is actually there twelve months of the year. No longer though or a note dash blogger dot net that's greater it's it's an awful. Excursion to Dave. I thanks to second harvest food bank come back for David mobile U2 at 504. 260187 XX 8787 mrs. W annoy enough but not now. Hi David mobile what's going on debut on. Debbie to go Deuce McAllister crushing Garrett was up it. I creation. Do inside look at the night. Ligaments. Are you doing so happy holidays are a bad reality ya ya doing Baird Baird who work out. Yes there are important to question. Our first question. We all co leader I expect both they and how old somebody beat. And what scenario would play out. But despite the number two the have been. Out up there. Think I'll I'll. Yeah for the number one seed I mean everybody you would need filled balloons you and you need Phil acted any real quick on that it would have to Alter again. They their next three games that would have to lose all three games there in the tiebreaker. You're gonna need Minnesota to lose at least two of their games and at least the rams I think have to lose at least two of theirs as well so there's a lot. It has happened for you to launch up to number one yet to win outright news guarantee you that's that's the first and have to win you have to wean yourself. The next three games and Anders probably one or two that they had that happen for you to. The clips that wards of things the bad situation would be easiest is to be able to get to to to to whom we would have little look this whale. Realistically I think threes that look over realistic which by the way he did it in the boosting. The agreement Packers Rodgers Gordon perfectly correct I mean. Yes that is true to let you know it it happens I know if it if happens. And so when you talk playoffs I think the but the most important thing for the saints. This golf yet to qualify for the playoffs and it can't happen this week. Just because of some things out out of this not as loans and Atlanta game. Carolina actually beating Minnesota that hurts things. Sort of long term as far as qualification was concern for the playoffs in the and we talk about politically and that's Exelixis wasted a year Griffin. To the active roster. And so forth you know I think he's the Vatican help. I don't know if he's going to be written as far as receivers. Keep it gets to like it run run good routes bound book they're gonna call plays to say. They look you that your guy I think it was going to be Josh feel at that accidentally all you know we talk about I'd Indian law. I just bemoan the idea that we're talking draft. It's December but I think that's an area that if you sort of stack and right now deuce on the board as their priorities to be tight end is the draft. In a low tide in and a receiver. Yeah I mean at some point you know I would look to again to the plate four for five more years you know I think if he's got at least a good 23 and amber. At some point they have to look at another option as far as receivers. Opposite Mike Thomas and so. Draftees. Probably wanna look at it if if if a guy falls to you do in as far as defense at the end. Linebacker seminoles all positions that you wanna you wanna make sure that you look at. Yeah I think it. That's the area this offense that if there's one thing that. There's no prolific use of this that still up three total offense and point etc. but. If there's one thing that's missing how to get there it yep well I have to get there because my comment on the ball well yeah I'm just at how they get there as far as. How how harder creating Ozarks that's probably the that the circle. That that this is which ones are yet Mena that that would make him not just good but uncle ray offered to take its place down dumbest team. You know this news this team is more more becoming a game down the seeds it's it's become that way over the last couple years or it's commencement day. If you can create mismatches and if you can create. Safeties that are more box guys or guys that don't normally Ronnie can cover. And that's where you gonna go. I come back to your phone calls a 504260. When he semi tech's 877 hit us up on Twitter at you McAllister Akerson Garrick rat routes is torn and an honor veterans boulevard. And hootie donations for second harvest food bank nobody should go hungry and holidays so it's hard for parts for the holidays the Columbine make a donation will be here for another hour. Keep your picture taken with saint ultimately the Russian youth council should use your autograph as well his autograph. As well Christian to do here on fears of prolonged security. Welcome I think the fans and probably here. Roland and next hour here on saints radio phone lines are open it. Final four to excel when it's on its next 878 tenacity. And AT vice money I mean. Little bit of trouble here in the gonna break him and over the open might anyway I'll roll in the next hour Ralph Michaels are double coverage visit with the handicap for which talked dot com we'll get that next hour into the line from Vegas also want buckles seats and jet's black eagle favored by fifteen points. Over the York jets this Sunday at new kicked off. On state radio we start things off with a count etiquette off. With Bobby Hebert and BTU Sylvia at 10 o'clock and now of course. Before that it's means the court at 8 o'clock outside of the misstatements of them between gates a and B. And that was sort of 8 o'clock in Houston Jim the call at. Newt between the saints and jets don't hold John in this if you comity a full want to open a 504. She's so white semi tech's 870 Teddy deuce fifteen an appointment if you go back to it does seem like a lot. It's a lot I mean at him and he'll afterward about window so yeah. If you effects or pain you wanna do that in. Knock yourself column named it. From the odd one where about one idol on the way yeah. Is it that fifth win of the year in the saints right now currently the fourth seed in the playoff picture they could improve to its highs the second seed I think the first seed is probably. How the question needs to be held too much help in order for that app but also missing trying to avoid quote unquote trap game with the falcons coming up a week from. Sunday on Christmas Eve in the end game maintenance for the saint and the falcons on a weakness on him for significant jets. They committed fighting without their starting quarterback Josh account. We'll see how to handle it defense of early really good on its audits that this offense is struggling school points in a particularly shut out last week. When he threw enough that is that a bronco zones or find out saint jets at noon here on state radio. On Sunday is a crucial one hour ago we and it's often but to the count Attica excuse me double covered with set the lap recruit and a Christian are helping out. For that will that that show to them out here doing business approach the saint radio here on Debbie deployment not a.