Susan Russell, Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful

Thursday, August 17th

Susan Russell, Executive Director of Keep Louisiana Beautiful joins Scoot to talk about the State's efforts to change the culture of litter in Louisiana. Just how much does litter affect our ecosystem?


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When we talk about flooding. It brings up another issue in. To New Orleans area but really throughout Louisiana. Daddy's a cultural problem. And it's our fault. It's a problem littering. I'm appalled when I see. People later as much as they later. As casually as they what are. And sometimes it's from people who were driving like really nice expensive cars. So littering transcends so show economic boundaries. The mayor has said and this is a contributing factor the stuff that citizens throw into drainage canals the big stuff. Like. Mattresses and things like that. The stuff that goes down the storm drains. Delivered that we produced. In this city and in this state. Contributes to flooding problems. Susan Russell is with or keep a Louisiana beautiful she joins us on W every role Susan good afternoon. Tell me how much. Taxpayers in this state that is broke. Pay to have later cleaned up. Well as you mentioned literate acute top notch or ignore that we. Settle. Over forty million dollars each year it then can we learn on there. And we're still very later state that you mention Errol we're not we're not really making a lot of headway. Come what we do not believe that we ever pick up our way out of this problem here and spending money on the back and in pick up and removal. It is that etiquette that we could be. We need to be focusing on different we need to be focusing call and looking at infrastructure policies we need to focus on increasing enforcement community to ask in environmental education. Tell me targeting young people Susan Kelly we you mean about a focus on infrastructure. Well you mentioned about the storm during. That you write though you know part of that in charge is making sure that they are. Unit system simply. That. It may mean. And then that would go well the premiere of her record that they we have public. Parks recreation places. If you do not want to. People preliminary you know provide trash receptacle and should skeptical if they're they're people eat them and it's not their people currently on the ground unfortunate. But he just heard it it seems like there are trash receptacle is almost everywhere and people still linger. Well you know it. It does go back to her responsibility. And people need to wake up and understand that this problem a 100%. A 100% preventable. There are few problems that we deal with that are harder and preventable. If people were checked responsible for their own action. It is part of the culture here. And it should not ready and I don't know why it has become so acceptable because I was born here I'm a native. And I don't later and I've always been appalled by by by littering but it seems to have been an acceptable part. Of our culture. They agent baffled me because part stated beautifully cars and weeks. You know we are that we are sportsman's paradise. And we were in line and you know recreational. On the official print pool only the industry. In America likely perk killing people. You've been at the week long. Would be at that caretakers had their pay and get it apple need that we are. So. The taxpayers. Have to come up with. Forty million dollars a year to clean up the winter in the state and I'm sure a lot of that is in New Orleans although they certainly don't get at all. That the combination. Of talent me and he can see. Hit a collective and took a look at. Got a good. How are you content in the act like you know PP GA and and still there later. And it hit it at some. At some point we have to that you know enough and not it is too much of a bird on our state we have to have hardly state leadership. Everyone who's elected all of our community. And Arctic and can make him or her leadership he need two on in the way that they are attracting this issue in a vehicle. Part so what is it gonna take. To change the mentality of the culture that thinks littering his path that's just what we do here it's okay. Well I'd like that before I think it's it and number do. We need to increase in port. That has there been some people liked it itself lingering in and the fact. Haig did you grow up and even I mean I think they're mindful Palestinian prepared each and for somebody. People traditional programs or education and public awareness campaign. What do not include. Sometimes they need to be hit in the pocket and that's what sports is so important. Environmental education we need to teach kids that nominee. How to be good he would have aren't aren't meant and how to beat good. Caretaker at our state have been able warlock and break this cycle neglect Babel where a whopping be our leaders. We also need parents to keep their part in teaching children and get black and sometimes children will be teaching their parent. You know when I think about how broke the story is and and and during his talk show like I hear about people complain about how the state doesn't spend its money wisely. Anybody who leaders for example. Is contributing to. The deficit. I just littering if you're forty million dollars is spent to collect the later that we collectively throw on the street and if you litter. Dear really have a right to complain that the state is not spending money wisely. He got a good point. Well we'll talk about it that's. That's the best we can do now and in terms of enforcement I agree with you about enforcement but. In New Orleans for example Susan you know we don't have enough police officers to route to do what needs to be done now we've relief. Don't need them to focus on on enforcing. Labor laws. Well that might be truth is that there are other agencies that well that can import the little and you're wide like fishery agency. Has. I'm articulate or liquor laws. As well and you're comfortable you get that key so we really work with community he can help stamp which would tell me. And so that we can try to get that done adequately on ordered a department that wash during. Our Susan Russell whistler keep Louisiana beautiful you know once thought that I have is so why don't want one year. Why don't we just not pick up and get the trash can see with the state looks like and then maybe people will realize how important it is not deliver. What you have a point because some people think that that it that someone else's job you know now. And it's not. So yes it needs to be picked up the expectation that land. There's been leader Harry greater attracts more that are so there is read why he could be picked up and then of course this storm drain then. It goes into the war. Well the award it includes orders and a lot right arm but clearly he did not. Want that even been turn on the ground. I'm Susan Russell I appreciate ticket kind of view of us. Don't you cars is a cross over to Louisiana beautiful okay sir the question why do you litter. Do you think it's just part of the culture. Should that should the cultural practice of littering stop or is that just part of what makes Louisiana what makes New Orleans. New Orleans. And I'd like to know. If you have literate. If somebody has said something to you did you get manage them. And what's your justification for getting mad at them. If you're the one that literate I'd love to hear that justification.