Susan Guidry: Council Questions to S&WB

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Monday, August 7th
Tommy speaks to Councilwoman District A, Susan Guidry, about Sewerage and Water Board's response to flooding. 

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Susan get review on is right now our friends City Council member from district. I can bring as an injury in new cassettes as I did. Tell you Britney. I would think you would yes exactly tell me about this City Council about the the collective thoughts if you can and also about what's gonna happen tomorrow. I had to okay Spaniard on CEO you know who. To mark at 1 o'clock Tuesday at 1 o'clock we will be canning AC count for leniency council chambers. On and we have asked on this surge and mark board cute and representatives including mr. sender green. And according ears. Aaron. We see why the public to be able to come ask other questions they want we won we have a load of questions. Ourselves most of more of the same as the public question. And so. Hopefully we will have very good day. Enter discussions tomorrow Susan you. An enemy no bad. Well I was at didn't go on to and you know I began this really why pay. Eight. Much more. Dramatic event and he went expected on Saturday pants if you look at that water ball totaled. Opportunity there is particularly in district LA. What we have in. You know right. Am actually on north broad nine point 43 inches Nellie great. It's like man ST that's according to whom money and because I'm trying to get a handle. Ms. get drained how much training Zach Lee felt his Carlson between Simon I have six inches I'm hearing eight inches and now you're saying nine and a half to ten. No pain when he for a three which used the numbers that on AD. The document dished it to mark boardgames church yesterday. That way. And then I'm Mallory. Acts. Be broad street station. Pumping station. Now. I am definitely. Knew most of what I will be saying will be what I have been in total of course because I'm an expert Norwood are working on the comps. On Saturday I would that City Hall actually. And and decided to beat their three. Interviewed some heavy rain. I hadn't been in my driveway on the format street with a river. On them right below city park which according to this city park. On the station seven at four point 96 inches of rain on Saturday. Let's see I can go on to mug award. And that the bottom line is that we all have a lot of questions out what happened Saturday and we're all concerned about the future. Who we are in hurricane season. That in itself. Makes what happened on Saturday very frightening. Let you know how how often it can happen submarine. And we all lined up at. Car insurance claims people are lucky to have car insurance home. It is insurance claims it would lucky enough to insurance and. Armed. What are they doing new inspect. The drain and signs what are the situation with the drainage lines what is situation around because. It is so many people have called and texted talking about waiting cleaning catch basins but who knew what happens after that is a choke point and on the restriction in the system why it doesn't clear up as quickly. Right actually leave it just last week that we had made public works committee meeting. Where. Colonel mark Jernigan. Urgent patents art department property where a presented on. That what the funding issue because struggled dollars we use in bench. When. When they are ready to our Tony needed to do it in there environmental impact. Study for each. Brain repair it needs to be on sewage. On on entry age. And it's helping. Are we course you know but can learn from that not to put their all time money. Like. Two bit kind. Maintenance and repair. And so that means just last week and then just a week or so before that only police say each. Quarterly. Recording absurd and mart board on their systems and so option yet we do get information. Fairly regularly. About what's going ought. Is who decline judge Claudia Jonah that's a work crowd but. The drain pipes being clogged is that something that's been brought up or mentioned there even addressed. Old course perm a court. I believe that. Kiki get the reported to actually remembered the right now that I'm here and it is. A lot more. Drain per year end or the couple years ago. But we told them a lot Huard and needs to be done and so we're looking at the funding for 2018. Each and restaurant when he seventeen. To see if we can. Put two more money. To that gets more resources. To the drain cleaning and deterring repair. Did the Mariners. I'm sorry to the mayor's budget address and Eunice. Age Hartman. Look yet to see whether there's an increase. In match I eight I know that we won't see in the book but could as the book gesture. You know big round numbers for many different sort did he happen to. You have to get guys before you to talk I'll play. Where it. You know what what exactly is in those numbers and then and then I believe they can. You know put there are little resources there are important item and as they see it. Heavy smoke have a mayor since this happened. Now. Was he in town Indian known. My. Our current account ms. Adrian I appreciate your time and we told you at the last minute is there anything else you wanted to and. Why do you know what to say action. I I understand that we need nine inches in and a short period of time rate at five and say that the system cannot. Handle that and I hold that sit around the country could not handle it. I would like to between today and alarmed him off that stride deep into that a little bit. And then I didn't act Alec say that you know we all deserve just feel that can certainly we feel and hopefully this particular report can get the answers that will make it feel better and Paris. Weekends you know well how did not. Surprises so much again. Are you also Lauren lake and again nastier he would you all also addressed. I'm some kind of way to keep these idiots from from speeding through flooded water in Korea flooded streets creating a wake enforcing and an people's houses and cars and businesses. Right you know I mean. Obviously if there's equity situation. And we are probably could be sending you know we cart and the but it's the best thing that can happen like what happened on Saturday. That people start taking video. At least. Traction. Plate to people who were doing and and then weekend you know that we can pop up from there is also opposed the ban on trying to get to the bottom saying his dream.