Street crime continues to frustrate New Orleanians

Newell Normand
Monday, August 13th
Newell talks to WWL listeners about the man accused of killing a robber who had stolen his wallet

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We're back we've been talking about Simon Morris 31 years old who is arrested for arm. Beating an individual that actually stole his wallet. Any beating to death and their as a result he's been charged with manslaughter. Witnesses on the scene said that. He continued to beating while on a ground for five minutes they feared for their life for tried as they were trying to polling. Off. They said that Edwin is the only name that we have as a relates to the victim's head and body were battered. Deer in debating. And the question is is that. You know we understand that there's a lot of frustration in not only this community Rick communities across the country but whether or not you should. Take that frustration to the point. Of over acting over reacting. And beating an individual to death. For stealing your wallet. I can completely understand chase and the guy down not sure I would do it not sure I would recommend to others that they do it but then once you have. Him secured. Her secure who over the perpetrators may be. Is that I don't know that that gives you a lot do you know it doesn't give you carte Blanche to do what you wanna do that perpetrators. In the whole notion of emotional intelligence is keeping your emotions in check. As well. But there's a bigger problem here we have a culture. Now that is developed in this city. We're panhandlers. Feel that they can go anywhere they want. And getting your face and start asking you for money I've had it happen to me numerous times I had it happen to me right here a portrait street right outside the building. And when our responded to the guy saying no I'm okay. He got upset with me that I wouldn't giving any money. We go back to the broken windows theory of over whether or not we wanna have this culture of talked many times about the French Quarter. Walking over panhandlers that that are so drunk they can't even sit up. What's going on under the overpasses. With people panhandle and at the corners. This develops a culture. That makes it acceptable. Then when we can no longer go to a gas station a convenience store or strip mall. Without having to come in to contact with this. People's frustrations. Are rising. This is not what they want in their community. They want something done. They don't wanna be bothered with us and it needs to be addressed. Let's go to line one might commit city what say you might. Yeah. Well for herself. A paper Paris of the popular oh formula als. What what is the sense. And one of what. And drug addicts. You know. They'll fall. Because if Graham. Kind of been nice to summon up that's what. In all. Our what I will be part appropriate. Self that in the defense. All this gentleman garbage haulers. It probably ought to work Saturday to blurt out here. You know because I'm merely a moment now. Glad to be nice for the soul you know obviously as solid can't grow problems so. They're all involved that you know I don't know he's got in the from commitments you know. You know all who want to come work it's Saturday. Chicago. You know there are all. Very brick. Rather drug. No well to do. Notebook like taught people that you know this column in the most. Approximately amount eligible. You know at the temperature with a great grade. Contribute to a vote on the apple wanna you know. And let me ask you Mike or are you frustrated. Almost definitely you know more definitely I'm like you know act and 41 you know and I'm like you know in our league. Local. Considered date but it really didn't grow up. You know arguable won't do its bit to do it did Russell Bob because local problem you know the ball and get a colossal. Oh. You know a lot of people late you know that speak out against that they that they claim that folks are insensitive and this and that. But this is the culture that develops when people think that this is acceptable behavior to just score around to get in people's face images. You know in a row their their peace they wanna go about life not being bothered they shouldn't have to be dealing with. These folks that are aggressively panhandling. While the trying to go to or convenience store trying to get gasoline amid this ridiculous. Now. A total group. Would go from house you know one are all. All want for all. There. And it's important. Who suffered are to get out to wherever it. Normal flow. Unfortunately. There. While not gonna go as far as to say it's he's a totally innocent person that the key let things get out of control that's why the manslaughter charge because. The facts are anxious you know the heat of the moment is his blood was boiling in the news. Probably very upset and frustrated but I think he took it too far in my view. I really believe it becomes very slippery slope for police. If we start taking street judge says justice in being more of and it's really what the case of vigilante. I mean at at that chased the guy down and you know he was involved he could help that the guy down a way to for the police to come. But what was the date of February February. Out are well I it's not really temporary insanity it's the emotion heat of the moment that's why they charge when manslaughter. Government data chalk up the longer an option which are metal mine and as it is the. Now that he didn't enable us and that's the culture we need to be back on is that we are not willing to accept that. And not for those that say that folks that make that statement or insensitive. These are the things that happen and when these things happen just as you said earlier Mike they have ugly outcomes. All right thank you so much for pollen in the Skoda and on a west bank and what's that you aligned to. Hi. The problem is that the people are going to jail and make that they are out in quite a cellulose story that was in our Vegas. Maybe ten years ago how ladies that they are on top slot machine and let it not being. And some guy and a casino and grabbed the right to carry out security got above forty got out that you know. Well I went there at some he has light up and out that this marrying and it was his first and he had no. He got. He is that they and then not allowed on alum Los Vegas could kill tourism. And I like the walk and think about it. So your view you know we hear a lot about over incarceration. And we're putting too many people in jail. And I have always said that that out that's an outcome. You know we need to look at whether or not we have too many corporate traders. And I'm not one like Lou Elizabeth Warren. Who believes that the criminal justice system is completely backwards from front to back it's completely racist from front to back. And that it it's all about these things. The trying to keep people down I don't believe that force acting there's a balance of interest I believe. And we need to make sure and ensure that that balances healthy it's transparent. And it's honest. And justice is not an L com justice is a process. And but when you're talking life as is is in I'm agreeing with the many times. We're focused on a wrong thing we have too many perpetrators. In in. Yeah out but they get. In. And if you look at the and why. Street the big. Baghdad this you know and that's a thing as a frustrating shouldn't brewing and we're you know the unfortunate thing though is an in and let me ask it. This question do you think we're gonna jail our way out of this problem. I think that if they ever. If you have of these things you know and I think quite what you do it again that he would go up or not are not. You can't model and you comment and bang them on Oprah in when you're on. Caller ID and thanks so much for calling got to get to a break of your own hole stale oral will continue this conversation. Also talk about Elizabeth Warren Chicago bait car. Alexandria. Oak Casio Cortez and some of the stops that she's saying that's. And seems to be misplaced we'll be right back this is fuel on WWL. Warrior talking about the situation where there. A man is a victim of a pick pocketing chases the pickpocket are down catches him. And ends up beaten him to death whether or not he should be arrested for. Manslaughter 69%. Of the respondents say. No he should not have been arrested. You know I made a comment earlier that justices about the process is not about the outcome and then the techsters says justice was not on mr. Norman look at white sources blacks for the same crime mr. proven of blacks get more time than whites for the exact same. Crime I don't know that. Necessarily his true decision won't admitted I have often. Been someone that is said that I. We can put an end to all of this. They make this very simple go to if X then Y system you commit a cook and armed robbery you're sentences why. You commit a pickpocket is sentences why you you know effects then why. And let it be completely objective and let there be no subjectivity. The police don't sentence people. Those are judges. In if you don't want there to be judicial discretion than you should advocate for the if X then Y system. And that way you can make sure known in the outcome there will be disastrous outcomes there's no perfect system but. That way we move beyond. Talking about race. And we give moved beyond being mired down in race. All the time on these particular issues. If acts then why let's go to line one Kenneth Slidell what say you can. Market. Yeah on them being if your. Our. I think about it. And I. Pick out. So well. I nothing good about conflict right. It's really got no commitment no great outcomes. Question that chick and I. I'm not sure if it were a bit that there's. I'd experience. And at some point that become so. We'll Kenyan men and an argument before right. And did you know where the tipping point was where you say you know and that's it's not there's not a lot of good outcomes that a gimmick com when I go beyond this moment you know that there's this Sydney and get that better. What an estate project. But that's. It. There's that ugly word it's like yeah. Yeah now I agree I I bring. I. You know. I would bet that the people. History where that I would like and that just simply. What do cock. People. Yeah I mean has been any number of studies cannon is all kinds of generalizations. You know about whether you're engaged in a violent crime and not a non violent crime is though that actually matters. I think just as the pointed Jamaican as you gotta look at the perpetrate. And see what it is about his life for her life that you redeeming. Win where we're putting them through. The wheels of justice. And what's ultimately gonna happen once they inner banner into the criminal justice system. We're always make generalizations. All the time and what I see in what I'm hearing today in what I heard before. Is that folks are getting frustrated with this system. And it well and that we really need to look at that the criminal the perpetrators. To see what it is about his or her life. In that the sentencing has to be more appropriate to where they are as as it relates to that. As opposed to the instant charging we may get them on a non violent case. But they may be anything. There everything more than non violent and there they realize the frustration. And we don't know about this particular case yet so if you just here and about it there's really not a lot of details out there as well. But more will continue to reveal itself Ken thanks much for colony in. Got to get to a break. We're gonna continue this conversation. We're gonna try and interject a few other topics at this point as well stay with us this is new rule. On W Dario will be right back after the break. Wherever I can own a blue runner opinion poll a man chases and beats a pickpocket her to death. Should he be charged with. Manslaughter. 70% of the respondents. Saying no. And you know this is a question of whether or not are we going to allow our frustration to lead to. This type of outcome. And it makes it a slippery slope for police officers but I I go back to even something more basic and I've said this before. Is that we are beginning to accept a culture here or whether it be panhandling. Home list this and that. That Deborah dates the quality of life in our community. And we need to get control corporate you've heard me say before walking to the French Quarter stepping over the homeless the panhandlers. Come and I'm getting very aggressive wanting to do this the folks that want to squeegee your windshield or whatever it may be. You're not in a position to say anything about it and when you do they wanna getting your face. And the facts are. Is that. We need to address these issues these small things before they become big things and it's part of this broken windows theory that. In note several years ago was who is very popular. Now has met with some. Resistance. Folks are saying that that there's any. Other you know many other reasons for them wanting to do that I think it's pretty basic. Is it you can't accept these things in your community. And then you have these sound by politicians that want to just pile on on these particular issues. And I'll give a law enforcement is pushing back. The just this past week when Elizabeth Warren was at Dillard University. She said the criminal justice system is racist from front to back. Really. 99% of the arrests made. In this country are reactive. Not proactive arrests there reactive. Somebody calls somebody files a complaint. Somebody gives a description of many in many cases not at all in a police go out. And look for the perpetrators. So with those facts how can you make these generalized statements. That rule that relate to this and she's talking about an overloaded public defender system yes. In fact if they had an adequately funded public defender system. They would make it easier for law enforcement to move these cases through the system quicker in fact. As a Republican. Law enforcement leader I'm very much advocated for an adequately funded. Public defender system. Because I understand. The importance. Of pushing the cases through the system and making sure that folks have access. Two a defender. She went on and talked about some other things shouldn't law enforcement is now pushing back in fact. Police chief frank Fredericks and from the Dartmouth. Police that city your arm of police says. It's an insult to the hardworking men and women of his police department as well as local state and federal law enforcement agencies who poor part of the criminal justice system. Many of whom. Are minorities. Many of whom. Are African Americans. So therefore we're talking about the African American community is that racist. I suspect not let's go I want Chris on the North Shore what say you Kress. Christian there. We haven't trouble with the line won't for some reason. We'll try to get an crisp. I on the line. Chicago another rough weekend over 27 people wounded another one shot and killed. Big story out of Chicago they put a big car. Filled with Nike ten issues. In Christian Lou but tone shoes in a band. Next to a playground. Unlocked. And are looking. To see whether or not someone's gonna break in to the way. Lo and behold it happens. Is this entrapment. Or is this part of a real. Law enforcement strategy while they try to defend it by saying that they had been a number of break ins in two rail car so in Norfolk Southern railway. Of guns and ammunition. Was almost like the more they talk a further. The nexus was to what they were trying to do. And ended up putting it in it in a neighborhood in Inglewood. Chicago. This is this is kind of the question and I am I mean a lot of the folks are talking about what's going on in Chicago he's genocide at a warfare. And there are those that are thinking that ought to go into military receivership. And they also believe that Rahm Emanuel should resign. And then there are others talking about suspensions the policy coma Thomas sack in to bring military. Into the city of Chicago. It's been done three times I think it's done one son and a I think one so under bush one and one under once under bush to. And that's almost as if Chicago's answer is a fake call. And there have been a real problem. With resolving. And preventing murders but more importantly they're they're solve rate. This horrible. So. A lot of the folks that are looking at this are kind of saying what are we doing what are the strategies that we're deploying. How is Cisco and ultimately make this. Safer for Ross oh and by the way the neighborhood they deployed and has one of the highest poverty rates in the country at 40%. Even I have to say. After forty years of law enforcement. This is not making. Any sense. And we wonder. Sometimes why we take the criticisms that we do. They need to be called out. On this activity how he'd never been a big advocate of the bait car there we tried it we looked into it. I thought it was the the rule the the risk were far greater then then the reward. Maybe they should. Set up some bogey fencing operations and start having people bring him to stolen property and and and paying money out has been in trying to develop. Criminal intelligence information that way Elena there's any number of ways of doing this other than a way that they're trying to do it at while at the same time. Trying to develop a level of trust between a police and the community at large. And in here we are parking is next to him a basketball court or something new and in in the city of Chicago. Don't make any sense love to hear from you Elizabeth Warren to Chicago bait car. Our pick pocket or. Who gets. Killed them to then. The victim is now charged were. Manslaughter 70% say he should not have to face those charges. Give us a call 2601870. Or Texas at 8787. In this is new rule on debit Odeo. Lord forbid cops do their job and go find actual criminals on attacks on damn. Right they're reactionary cops loved the low hanging fruit the incident you're describing is deplorable they had nearly twenty cops Tron debates and kids and choose theft charges they literally have murderous. Around the corner. But here. They are just. Yeah. Engaging in this bait car a situation. I sometimes they're in their moments I think in this weekend aired this past week leading into this weekend we're good examples of this I think you know that we've actually lost our mom we're talking about Elizabeth Warren earlier just attacking the entire criminal justice system. And you know the reason I brought up the the notion is. Of what we do into policing world that was mostly reaction areas were responding to calls for service. I can tell you in Jefferson Parish who were over 400000. Annually. I know and a city in New Orleans they have a commensurate amount. If not greater. Calls for service. There is not. A lot of time to go out and do actual pro active. Policing work. Because we're dealing with a lot of what's going on day in and day out on the streets. And it's why have always said the response time is key to maintaining the public's trust in you have to manage it and massage. Carefully. Each and every death. But to have another sound bite politician like Elizabeth Warren. Talking about this new as the same thing the other day. I don't understand why we keep trying to beat up on the city as it relates to Sanctuary Cities. Senator John Kennedy once again. Trying to say this that are otherwise then he's upset that John Bale Edwards gets invited up to visit with president trawl. About. Criminal justice reforms. And wants to start you know getting on. On all of that and all we have just one sound bite after the other sound bite you were not. Engaged in any meaningful conversation. On any of these issues for the sake of politics. And I knew that struck avenues frustration as well it's not only did brush creation of the criminal behavior. It's the dialogue that occurs all around the as well because we're only talking about it in the context. Of what makes sense. For the politicians. In near political world. As opposed. To trying to develop a culture of collaboration. Of cooperation. Of achieving meaningful. Outcomes meaning role in meaningful results. Trying. Meaningful. Strategies. Does it mean that every strategies perfect no I haven't seen a perfect strategy yet. I'm still looking for that perfect person. I'm still looking for perfection. In anything in life. And all we do is we keep dragging each other down and apart. By misleading the public misleading to vote voters for the sake of some political purpose. We want to hear from you 260187. ER Texas and 87870. In the next hour we're gonna talk about. I'm Derosa. Mike eleven outings in Alexandria costs CO Cortez. Talking about sound by politicians. We hear some of this stuff will be right back after the break. On attacks line 70%. That says he should not face manslaughter charge charges sure she's the general public is fed up with the court system I can see it all I'll warn streets in my grandkids lifetime if the government does not get a handle on crime. That's kind of would spend the expression of many folks is that as a relates to their frustration. Of what's called on out there and despite against chrome. And what were willing to accept and our community and whether or not it's okay to take that next step and go to where we are I say no. I say it's a slippery slope and I said it becomes an even bigger problem for those in law enforcement having to deal with these issues. It's now time for the cash contests are ready for your chance to win 1000 dollars in the inner come national cash contest the code word this hour is. TE. AT. EAT. To 72881. At seven to 81 text now and you could win. Thousand dollars cash listen for the next code word just before the top of the hour. Every hour two now through 6 PM 1000 dollars is up for grab winner for your wallet. Good luck from all of us have Debbie Debbie we never charged protects an individual plan Texan data rates. Do apply remembered don't text and dropped.