This stinks, smell it!

WWL's Dave Cohen and Dave Nussbaum crack open the What is WRONG with people!?! file to find people wanting to smell a plant that has a stench similar rotting flesh.


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If something smells really bad but the obvious thanks mallet. You take it and now a hole and I at all that's why do people do that they and a 60 and people do. It's the same mentality that had the folks in northern California flocking over the weekend to the San Francisco conservatory of flowers. Yes that's thing. And they issued distinct alert because one of these. Corpse flowers was blooming. I don't understand it. People are lined up and wait for hours to go seek corpse flowers that rarely bloom. But emitting a huge trade noted that smells like decaying flash and dash. Who just as well lap. Up it's so there that that you still need. Help now. I've smelled that and I don't like the whales Al's okay. You know anyone who's had Alley rotting. Rooted here's something you smell it never wants to smell that ever again and but these people that extend our orders. To accommodate the crowds who won the cup over the weekend this now there. That's why our. People make it and yet he real obvious they'll be smell and asked him ms. mama and write the pin point port cents.