Steven Portnoy on Jackson withdrawal and Pompeo confirmation.

Newell Normand
Thursday, April 26th

Dave visits with CBS News White House Correspondent Steven Portnoy about the withdrawal of Admiral Ronny Jackson as the VA Secretary Nominee and the confirmation of Pompeo as the new Secretary of State.


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Dave's going in for no Norman nine year Friday eight. WW well joining us now CBS news correspondent Steven Portnoy on the day we learn White House doctor Ronnie Jackson has withdrawn his consideration. As veterans affairs secretary saying quote. False allegations. Have become a distraction Stephen what were these false allegations. To which doctor Jackson reformers. Well we should make the point that it they are unproven allegations that league yet they bind this senate Democrats who are on the veterans affairs committee. They released a two page statement of explosive allegations that it will get into the details on that. Essentially some of these and mainly because they are proven that we can't verify. But some of the larger ones where for example the one that that Jackson himself specifically denied. Including incident where it's alleged he was the Secret Service school in the way party that's so wrong committee that wrecked a government vehicle he says that never happened. There are all that that should be their party's easy to confirm if he were to go through these confirmation hearings. That there should be records of a government vehicle being racked and who was driving and unless there was an elaborate cover up. Well that's a very good question and and of good point to make him you know the White House makes it. Unity yesterday and he said that that this is a person has been added more than most presidential nominees because he served three different president has their doctor. And he's had to go undergo at least one FBI background check which would involve like he had said in interviews with people who know to work with him. There's also visited the allegation that he has run a hostile work environment and is prone to temper tantrums. The senate democratic investigators say they've spoken with more than twenty. The current and former staffers in the White House military unit have been making these complaints about that Jackson. Now it's possible to compassionate BI background check in and get installed into an office here at the White House and and and being regionally things in and not have a beat the subject differently and FBI check but the White House also had been pointing. Does the personal recommendations. Forward Jackson in his paper written by in their own hand the last three presidents. So that the that this president Donald Trump's debate and interview that they that the that the doctor had an unblemished perfect record and that it's all about the democratic effort to destroy the man. But the same time. The the Democrats who compiled the lists say that they are confident that there's something to look into here and top Republicans on the panel called the allegations serious. They be delayed oh postponed I should say indefinitely postponed and ultimately it will never be hearing on his confirmation but it was the Republican chairman. Of the set apart veterans affairs committee gently out there Isaacson of Georgia who this week. Should statement which he said these serious allegations and that senators needed more time to look into the beyond all the allegations there was that the growing concern. That doctor Jackson would have been in over his head as the leader of the second largest government agency with more than 300000 employees a bunch of close to a billion dollars serving nine million American veterans each year. That Jackson lead to medical unit of the few dozen employees here but nothing close to what he would do if you were running the Veterans Affairs Department. And that is why a number of Republicans. Applause of the company. You know it's one of those situations when you hear it on its surface you go wait a minute. If this guy really did all of these things that are being alleged in this two page document from the Democrats. He would have no many had these skeletons in his closet and he woody how would you expect they would not come out when going through such a difficult vetting process and such a detailed effort. To dig up dirt which is kind of normal in the confirmation process on the other hand you have a guy who's served. Two democratic presidents now to Republican president to all who have glowing reviews of M. And you go well you may be was a really good guy and then where is this coming from is kind of ahead stretcher either way I guess in the long run at this point it doesn't matter since he's withdrawn his nomination. Yes of drug domination global point to consider just talk about the factories and that it passed this is amended and admirals in the US navy which means that. Whatever process has occurred in terms of investigation that has gone on within the Defense Department and not in a public way. Obviously in order to be elevated admiral that is something that you know this said it would have to sign off on and four. You know into be installed as the veterans affairs secretary that's certainly something that this and it would begin to. But whatever process had haven't been undertaken before has not been political until now. And that's the key point not to say that it was politically motivated or say. But when you know political actors who are interested in digging into someone's background they will do it with a with a tremendous firfer. That perhaps the kind of investigation that might take place facilities serving an inning in a key role here in the White House in my caddie would be to the same extent. And went headed investigators are looking into that would background that is their job to. Very clearly that someone to look for skeletons in the closet and they. They hope that people will tell them thanks in this case people did tell things whether it's true or not. Jackson denies it but there are several people who will remain nameless because of this process because some of them are stealing an awful. But the senate Democrats say that they've spoken to these people and those people have told them with assurances that this solves this all happened so. At the end of the story because the bank continues to work your back Jackson admiral checks and continue to work here at the White House is that position to the president. These questions have not been answered and they will link. So as long as he is employed as the president's position as long as he's an admiral in the US navy. I guess you're right he's probably will merit some further investigation. And there are those who want to find out if these allegations are indeed true friend to continue to serve in those roles albeit not as the VA secretary. This clearly is set back. For the top administration another nominee who will not make it through the nomination process at the same time though it looks like outgoing CIA director Mike Pompeo is expected to clear his last at. Hurdle to become secretary of state. It's right at tech I believe the confirmation vote is supposed to happen this sour. Right handed it appears at this point to the senate is going to confirm Pompeo as secretary of stay. Well we appreciated Stephen Porter will be listening for your reports here on WWL across the CBS radio network we appreciated every time we join us and might ness about it Steven Portnoy here on WWL. I'm Dave cone what do you think of all of this. Do you think a guy who has made it to be the personal physician or the White House position for for president who has glowing reviews from both to democratic and two Republican president who has become an. Admiral and the US navy. Really could have all of those skeletons in his closet really could be this. Horrible drunk who crashes. The US. Government vehicles and then. Has it covered up do you really think that he could have been. Dispensing drugs. Without prescriptions. He really thinks that he could've been. Bringing a hostile work environment. To. The White House. To. The naval offices in which she worked. And none of this would have been reported until now when he was. Nominated to be VA secretary. Sin let's talk about that. Put that on the buffet for this. Talk show here on WWL Dave cone and renewal Norman while also continue the discussion this high school prepare students for college or real life that we started last hour luggage calls at 5042601878. And text messages and 87878. Coming up also look at a bill. To require kids get recess at school. Should they take thirty minutes out of the day. So kids can run around and play outside. Some say would be great. And it would further motivate them it would allow Monday stress and in the long run perform better others say we're in the world that time gonna come from when there aren't any strict guidelines to teach all the material done. The test. And make sure they're ready for these standardized tests that they have to take. That allowed teachers to keep their jobs schools to stay open principles to keep their jobs and students to move on to the next grade where you gonna find that time.