Steve Scalise on infrastructure and immigration

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, February 14th

Tommy talks with Congressman and Majority Whip Steve Scalise about President Trump's budget proposal.


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Steve's the leash joins us now. And a drug money sooner or. A well you Phelan. Do had a great article it's been. Lot of time home logically it and then unfortunately approached yesterday's sort order of the plot like to DC but it was a good. It's obvious that ultimately however the government there. Well a couple of she's won three drug look at what about you rehab doesn't really have gone well how Obama got another physical therapy on the two days so. Just continue to do rehab three days a week he earned work to get better. And tacky about infrastructure because we have well first off though put in a plea for myself Steve please please fix the bell taste on please can you do that. Q can you take the president's limousine just through the tunnel a couple of times when NC woody book we have to deal with and I think he'll put the top of the list. Tell me seriously what's going on in Washington and in terms of what are the two big issues immigration and infrastructure and there. Clearly that was the issue is that the decade there's a lot of other things are working on a a built properly followed defense which is gonna at least budget agreement in place. But if you look at our public infrastructure that some president trump. The updated as the one about this campaign and we're working in especially to try to find a way to finance it to funded. Well because some people think you know you just sort trillion dollars that infrastructure and you know who cares who pays for them not. We were gonna do things so. We work it through creative ideas so public private partnerships. But I have really talk to the present a lot about what we need to do to reform the process that it takes. In many cases in years to get the permits to go to big projects and that jacks up the cost dramatically we need to shape that debacle for the permit process. So a project that might it take in coming years to get developed. But only take two years. The semi was telling me and anecdotal story about environmental wetlands and how for every. I forgot who was and it wasn't you know like the coast or anything but for every shovel full of mud you took out yet to return or something along those lines. While we don't wanna preserve the environment are there a lot of regulations that did to what you're saying just delay the project and no real reason. That there really. Use that as an example and what the court engineers built levees. But their heart surgery at a higher while we have local government cheaper than the terrible things such as a percent. In many cases they don't Levy's state finance a lot of them because they're not certified by the mortgage skiers or at least they want and they are beasts stood up. They held up to Katrina they all the dirt reed. They cost about 2.5 cents on the dollar to with the corps of engineers spent to build pride and Olympic project. And yet there's no doubt that so what we were from back. In many cases you have local local people who could do a lot better in a lot cheaper India we have these incredibly high costs for permanent. Into fourth two projects one week but we focus on reforming the process is that in many cases Jack up the cost to make it possible. Two of pixel electable trees total. That's wrench in the time involved drug with als studies and in the expensive. Bombed in terms of immigration what's going on there. Bob I deliberately working groups all meeting with the chairman of committees. Judiciary Homeland Security. There's a bill by chairman good black. That up to be whipping today that I think is the ideal solution. But to double want to make sure we have the believable to have real border protection sort of finally. Secure our border bulk of the work in the south. That to do interior protection while also make sure we had chain migration in this lottery system that makes those cents. And then addressed the dock a population in a way that doesn't give amnesty that in fact. Well allows people to be treated just like everybody else if you wanna become a citizen you can get in line like everybody else. But we at least remove the impediments that make legal immigration. Public and all sorts fixed the things that are broken or legal immigration. And get back to world want secure our border the good let bill does that's the bill like support to a lot of other bills so there. Obama. It's called the chip and good luck Bob Greenblatt. Is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee deal with Mike McCall who's chairman of the homeland security committee in the house. Have put together a bill that it compass has all of those things such as mentioned. Everything from build of the wall securing the border to address in the docket populations. That bill is one that I've come to be promoting. It would take it to later today have a really good idea of public support that they'll have a house and then I'll be put the plan together with the speaker majority leader. To see if we get the past eight on the Senate's taking in different approach starting this week to address. You don't. The problem with immigration but at least president trump has laid out I think a good framework president trump does support the good lad called bill. In that we will see if we can get the pastor now. In terms of infrastructure and and environmental restrictions or what had yet. Is that something they got a the president can do away with some via executive border or is more legislative action and that required. Some of those things he can do through executive action just trying to speed up the slope process and federal agencies take. To do a project and again it is up to do with protecting the environment. If you have a project that they extended years it has environmental protections. If you if that project can only take two years ago at the same environmental protection. But let's spoke about to rebuild real red tape that's simply eating those projects from me in dog so what the president is working on right now with us. Is focusing on how to cut some of that red tape that makes no sense in many cases. You might have to get four different projects to do something that he shall have to get won't permit to do. And remiss in serie one Ed. Would cover a lot of ground but I think what you're gonna continue to see is that tax cuts in jobs act that would pass. Back in December a continue to spur the economy in more companies hiring people. Well the paid people wages but they're giving bonuses to their employees because we cut taxes it's working really well we need to tech to get the economy moving again. I appreciate you time hope you continue to feel club better and they'll be a stranger right. Thanks a lot could be welcome I hope so can you tell you sure that's the bill you whip and and not the legislators. We gonna see the legislators thought that it you know the words they can't support a bill that does all of those good things. You know we're gonna we have conversations with the. I do have a good day thank Acer you better Revver senate seized police US congressmen majority whip. In the US House of Representatives 723.