Steve Korte talks Saints vs. Vikings

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, January 12th

Tommy talks to former Saints Offensive lineman abd Co-host of Fans First Take, Steve Korte. 


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Consume this morning as I think most of the city is of the saints divisional. Playoff game against the vikings in Minnesota all the action here for you on DeVon WL and he gets started with our guests Steve court along with Christine Garrick for fans first Tate. And ants at 11 o'clock morning Steve. I'm good you. A mom Bonnie and ours start I would love to be able watching game with you and Bobby induce in and get the inside. Information but in terms of you know what were actually looking at and so forth. Who what are we looking at in terms of the vikings in the saints and advantages and disadvantages. Well I mean. I get it obvious that probably say well that does the Pakistan. This year how it changed the fact that we. And it shouldn't change our direction a little bit stay it would at least be sort of patching. Jeanne just almost exclusively in and out it becomes sort of a running team or. Actor James second or I guess you get a better Berkshire theater. And doing. It gives so much more flexibility and you get it shows. Double Eugene you can do when they decide to make you one dimensional. The part about news or one dimensional picture always agree so. You need them. On the degree. Weeks so. It's really say is biking the. And it does really well. There were some of the watch they're there they're expendable most bother other people as it is played now. We been able to be pretty successfully get people for and I see that happening is we get well. You have to bet that it would be harder and are clear that it would like it. In Palma. That we won't know Ahmad. You. Ahmed and the other guys involved just in the movie. I've got a bit between what their trichet. Normally read those poor guy. In real problems. Like describe it and in doing so. Did it pretty easy on the quarterback a couple of good quarterback there are certain that. Could look at guys and that. Is order order and appalled there are so it is going to be on it's going to be quite. Tom Johnson I think as a you're looking for. Tom Johnson I think as the capital. But in terms of picking your poison in you know elite in this guy Xavier Rhodes says. To say the least is extremely impressive 1010 the vikings take away both on defense can thank. The box and take away the running game and and it be talented enough in the defensive backfield to neutralize troopers. While thinking about it. I probably don't consistently in it and I mean you'll be might be too cute. Series and things like that that. And critical look at I did that there's and that's certainly what. It positions on the field and then obviously what that we will play call and then be execution part of that but nonetheless. Look there there extremely talented team like the football makes a lot of things happen you know question but the same time. Look at it's a percentage and partly you know that it's good you're on the football now they have to respect that. So who got shot that felt like Carolina duke last week pretty effectively. They really did an adequate goods sat actually be good tagged. Yeah sound defense. And in doing so. That you utterly and that would create problems force and in doing so. Pretty much held in check on the on the web part but it still had to expect part of it. And in doing so. We were able sort of number nine is still. As good as he's ever been at that and we've gotten tickets or two because they can get in the act after. Application ball and and we did he saw. It's going to be interesting to see the game plan at this both these teams are. Given these economic that the beginning of the year all sea change interview. Everybody's eighteens or. So what blew a dynamic way to save it about the change during the year. Nonetheless you ought to don't have solid group was going to be one that he was perverse about it tomorrow will be played great. You know and and then got hurt early on. Season and then you know obviously. Bradford commuted back and like Joseph Montana hoping everybody game like that and I had our pictures they probably get a look at. The back first game. Other people play. Well they have and and and you know. Think they. The State's defense is completely turned out there completely there. But defense in the east in they get bad the fact is that might go what is coming back coach we've got these guys. Player that bears. We would separate some attrition there was an injury. Mobile. Approach that we got and and execute it schemes at times they'd depression that we need. Has been good spot on next and now dealer and they each. Australian question match you know that standpoint acre deep it is better. And then but Minnesota's offense. And the same time predicted the defense and offense is on the slot. You know options in the vikings' defense are are gonna be in traditional watch. So as they give the edge in Minnesota you ready to make a prediction or do you not do that. Don't look I still think that they are planning and live at a high level it's going to be. Obviously the game they're they're forever say good late each their playoff game has been. But nonetheless I think that interest rates are prolific and if we don't turn the football. In his game. I think there were we're well played at air and wave it at this point that they can beat this statement that occurred just. Steve I appreciate your time I really do will be listening Sunday morning at 11 o'clock and yelled getting on. I. Think that have a great day Steve court farmer saints offensive line in senator and and I'll does start at 11 o'clock Steve court Christine Gary transfers take in the mail ramped up till 10 PM. A point after cajun cannon in the big chief and again and sings when I wouldn't be surprised goes longer than that.