Stephen Rea Previews The World Cup

Tuesday, June 12th
Author of Finn McCool's Football Club and his newst book World Cup Fever joins the show to preview this World Cup in Russia.

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Welcome back to the program you know this week. If a couple of things had gone differently last year with USA soccer especially in that final game against Trinidad Tobago. Well be talking a lot more about the World Cup but. The United States they're not there through my disappointments. Member Tim and I have a breakdown last year the program. But it is still World Cup week it's the premier tournaments in the world you know it's a great. Tournament it's not just big because all the nations involved in its national its big. Because it's good it's a great tournament that round Robin group play. Followed by the knock out single in the nation stage you got David vs Goliath she got the Cinderella as he got the powerhouses. Just a great tournament and all starts this week and joining us now the programs Stephen Moret author of fined equals football club. And its newest book World Cup fever of course it is World Cup week. Here rebuilt a preview with Stephen Rea Steve welcome back to the program glad to have our. I have a membership. Let's get this out of the way. Look I know you're European but you've also got obviously American roots here you are you bombed like just that the US. A isn't it involved in this this year. A process that I'm a proud American citizens have been for a decade and it's not sit disaster I think for the sport in this country. Come on not on a personal level it's a disaster for me because I spent a year writing a book like the World Cup. I'm not a net. The level for the whole of this nation it's it's. Really abysmal this thinks that they're large part in terms of population. We are the largest. The nation on earth. The played soccer and I think that we're not going to be there and Hamas for instance. Are going to be held in Panama last week watching their team play and they were content off so the World Cup. And that was my overriding thought hike that's no disrespect to Panama LC underplay it finished about the states and good luck to them out they do well. But it system cops that disaster I think at every level. Whether you're just diehard soccer whether Europe can I shall supporter ready just want to see the USA compete. What other teams on the world level it's an autopsy disastrous. Well I'd like Tim and I had a breakdown on this program last year and are watching that final game alive so lots of time to dissect some. USA soccer here the next three years shall we before there in the next World Cup let's talk about this one. Starts this week on Thursday with Saudi Arabian Russia in Russia the favorites seem like Stephen. That it is Germany and Brazil the two favorites in this is that what you see also. Absolutely am I seeing that the chairman's twice recently. And so actually Wear a couple of times or play in my home country is known around I just think the best in the world. I think they have strength from the spot to that talk. I'm adopting trans sorry I think they're it's their roster. Stocked so tolerant. It's often not the starting eleven that when you the World Cup which seem to twenty treatment. Who make up the whole squawk. Think the Germans actually regrets personally I think it would be the first countries to 1962. To defend that title. Indeed there are there are some other semi presumably you rightly mentioned they have to be motivated no team in history. Is going to be more motivated to beat the Germans and the Brazilians have to walk up and after they ran out annihilation on the humiliation. Across World Cup. They will be so motivated to show that that was a free one talks. And again the Brazilians are structural talent and you know Marcelo now days that perhaps the that they did that actual black parent in the world. That triple threat up from travel exist continuing named mark the Brazilians opt salute makes. Would be right up there as well and I think the Lou the French regret. The Spanish regrets. And you some of that sect argument Argentina Portugal C never know but haven't spent a year writing this book I'm one of the thing united take away with that. Excuse me giggle a trauma was the one that when when when things went at our post on to it. It's always the same old same old Christians Germany Brazil those two cups past have been you know in the championship. Much more than any others. What makes soul. Difficult to reap Pete's in this Jeremy you mentioned it's been over fifty years since it's actually happen but Germany the favorites right now in the sports books. Yeah I think because you need a conveyor belt talent and true years is heck of a long time between tournaments. I mean just a modicum at least four years between Google and on and soccer it's made it such a boxed it's not as it is such. High level. That the players or opt out salutes physical peak at 27 hour 28 or forty years later that her teacher and thirty through a permanent big. I think you need not to mention very unique it's not really all star. You might have you played six or seven games but the game so frosty stated people get injured people get to spend it. And you need to stop gap I don't think most countries. Just come turnover they don't have a conveyor belt of tolerance. That that whenever won't Kyra we have reached arsenal will come along its thickest list I think these terms do and I think present in the state. Talking to Stephen Rea about the world cup series author of his new book World Cup he ruled that just a little bit but you mentioned Argentina. And the world's or maybe the world's best player illegal Massey. It's disappointing World Cup for years ago but they had higher expectations and where they finally dropped out. And is Argentina if threat and is Leo Messi still the world's best. I think yeah I mean you could argue all day if you ever look at their the day it's kind of like that. Betty gave us. I think you know our Alice Cooper and knowledge Osborne who is better Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Massey. It took them or just some kernel level in music. But to defend if you are listening every at the sperm moment just Google the statistics. I'd like there was two players we are very privileged out to be in an. That the place in the history. Where we explore we concede these two players. Compete against each other up to see him ample the both of those players are absolutely. Fantastic and I think Whitman actually. I mean I I don't know if you remember our how much coverage it got over here but. Argentina I believe I can't afford games without a win on the went to their final game I think with Ecuador was that final qualifying giving him. And they went 10 behind within seconds of connect golf. That Messi scored particularly top tricked. I mean he he is the guy who carries Argentina on his shoulders and you mentioned you perhaps some kind of disappointed turnaround last time. I think that's true and I think the reason is that the level of expectation. On him. It's ridiculous compared to most other teams unit of the Brazilians and the chairmanship of the trench that astonished they are in terror list. Where it with two real top talent I think as far as Argentina's coast nobody could direct a messy carried that team not to not to say that on players around him. They can't play. But the level that he that burden that he heat shield which for original or whole nation. The guy wouldn't be human accepted some bearing upon some impact of problems reforms. So messy and Argentina is in May be ever talks all the time the group of death law applicable here. As its group. The toughest group do you agree there'll what are some other groups are keeping an eye on here that could be got to meet Rangers the first couple. Yes I mean I think that's true I think I think duration Argentina policy always one of the favorites so they're going to be yet they're gonna be right up there. I think that there are down there a couple of groups that would seem their secret in which seem to just to be done and dusted Portugal Spain and GM group. But there opponents are ironic and Morocco. Surrogate and you gotta think that that's. You know that that's on the set and the one good groups eat the trench there and I I really expect and she gets through but. The Arab street teams Peru Denmark and Australia I think that's finely balanced. And those often tend to be hit it to the big names in the first stage but it's those those teams are in a similar level. Another group that I was just in Costa Rica last week. I went to Central America the chino bottom plate on a month play Costa Rica I'm not group. Brazil Switzerland Costa Rica and Szczerbiak I think now that they're really interesting gripped Brazil are notorious little starters. Switzerland. Again he'd he'd accept them close quarters they beat northern town and a playoff to reached a reached I think they were ranked twelfth in the world or something. The Serbs have got a lot of good players as well I think that's a group. Also. Extremely competitive. And other longest set to fly got. I'm curt pitch which has the polls Colombia and Senegal in Japan. I cannot seem to polls. Outsider and person live whatever you wanna say they're detained. But back Colombia and Senegal bow the for a second this well one might be significant interest in the well. Any Cinderella is here that could make or what about our arrivals here in the United States Mexico epidemic run maybe it's somebody else. You know I just think that there's a garage ceiling. I think like I mentioned haven't spent a year researching this spoken guardian by the it's always the Europeans. On the site Americans are now occasionally. Conference's South Korea and Turkey back in 2002. That. But in general it's always that they voice from mark actually meet South America the big boys from Europe. And I think teams like Costa Rica and Mexico and some of the African team has its Senegal all like here ever maybe they might reached a lot stay at. I just don't see when they come up against. Wellman the European car artisans are one of the south American giants to me. That dot this at I was being realistic Andy any country outside of Europe or South America. Even to reach the last it to me would be that the would be successful tournament. Well starts this week Thursday in Russia the host nation taking on Saudi Arabia were talking to Stephen Wray here. Who wrote the book your reference in World Cup fever seemed to be it a little flavor of that book and working people pick that a. It was definitely originally entitled the American guy to the quote. It's. Hello Olympics failed to qualify there was no other region in the had become a winning titles we had to go with the cover. I had to write some new chapters so it's really added to that everything hit the lip. I'd Heidi Americans specifically have down in the World Cup's all the way back to 1930. It's a look at that surpassed tournaments but it's also thrown forward to this. World Cup it was some of the teams from the players to watch for on one of the things up tried to do there are so many. Dry socket books on that left tried to do is actually turn it up but then look at some of the more quirky offbeat things. I'm mom on the bit for a cup and I liked. Company and I didn't know a lot of the stuff that I came across for instance. The German coach in 1930 jets dropped one as players. For the heinous crime must eat you know an orange and their relation changed as I match. Hope it showed just that should skeptical World Cup the very many local bookshop where I'm examiner and any you know you can contact me interest that whatever Prada. It's a bit this week hopefully. That takes a look at after the more sideways. Look at the World Cup and not just a dry retelling of what's gone before. On the ticket out Stephen it's always a pleasure to talk to you and we'll have you back on hopefully if you're available once group play in June and a knockout states thanks so much. Aren't there it goes Stephen ray even find them on line and it Stephen dash raid dot com raised. Or. This week we're gonna take our final break of the show when we come back it's wrap up time. About some thinks he's a friend of bars. Lou Bowden our cohost of the Allstate Sugar Bowl prep football roundup. Well big news for him although it in no one's and we'll have our moments that's coming up and set double double coverage wraps up next.