Stats show crime in NOLA is down, but do you feel safer?

Tuesday, August 14th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners as well as NOPD Chief Harrison about the state of the city in regard to crime

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And what a lovely time I had walking through these so on between here and my apartment building and kind it's hot and resist. Oppressive. Suppresses its stiffness. You know when you go to Vegas it's it's hot and and I I remembers a kid my my grandmother aunt and my grandfather lived in Phoenix Arizona. She has every year our summer vacation was driving driving in the white Ford station wagon. From New Orleans to Phoenix. Without these C. Yeah. I don't know how we did it I mean it and then we'll have a panel on a near cooler for the car and that we are ultimately had had AC but bear this early years. Three days three days there three days back. And it was hot. But you didn't square sit there with like I think it should go to Vegas it's it's hot but you don't merely sweat. But this is just protect even in in Portland when I was their a month or so ago it was hot it got a two and 95 degrees one day. And that's really hot for that part of the country but the humidity is like 23%. So it's just it's it's really really ignited this is just a oppressive. Okay we've got a lot to talk about this afternoon the daily FaceBook video is up it is posted its about the Catholic guidance counselor. Who is being asked to choose between dissolving her marriage. Or resigning. Or being part. The Catholic high school guidance counselor. She. Is married to a woman. And that's the problem. Should that matter. That the school has a right. To fire. The school has a right to have a conduct clause but when you think about everything going on with the Catholic Church. And the priests. And the sexual abuse. And the way that's been handled it's it's getting better. But it's still not great. With the way all that's been handled do you think it really matters to the Catholic guidance counselor. A woman is married to a woman. Anyway that's the subject of the daily FaceBook video that conversations going on right now. On our FaceBook page it's WWL radio hand I have also posted it on the SOT a scoop on the year FaceBook page. I have some advice for president trumped. And probably Johns owner John snapper. Here's the advice at this is real simple guys would it real simple. Don't use the inward. Period. Exclamation point end of conversation. Don't use it. So apparently former White House staff firm Amoroso. Has a recording of president trump staff members trying to figure out is that we with the actually we've got to her recording of that this this is a recording that comes from Russia. She has been recording some conversations. Because she says that sometimes they have a conversation and then they chased a conversation. On hearsay here's what she here's what she. Recorded. Any sharing with the world about the the president's staff trying to figure out how they gonna spin the story of trump teasing me and work. I got. It isn't. It. At. That world it's not true so get. And I call them what you hit religion all of us what took so opt out. Civil Puget go and that. Talk I don't know so maybe he didn't he didn't use it but it it seems like there's pretty strong evidence that that he did it. He also following a story about the owner Popper John's pizza using the N word. He recently stepped down as chairman. And now Papa John's stock is so it is down ten point 5% in the month of July and down six point 1% for the most recent quarter. You see you can't use. They can work. And when you're. When you're a famous. Person. Yeah you're really gonna get in trouble. So the best thing to do is just simply. Not use the N word is having said that difficult. What we'll talk more about this in the next hour and then is is there a difference and I know a lot of you are gonna more org it is. Is there a difference between white men in powerful positions using the N word. And blacks using it as a casual charm for each other or in a song or talk about that in the next hour. LaToya Cantrell our new mayor has reached 100 days in office on everything OK so far. Yeah I mean I don't have any complaints. Of problems with the sewage and water board this goes back to go into administration. Now realize that she hasn't really had reached a point where she's got to deal with the real crisis yet. I'm so let's see how shall be tested where she deals with the cry I mean well hopefully she does after ever deal whether with the crisis. But I as far as I know on everything is is okay it. You know people who hater already have already got a preconceived idea of I'm not like it hurt OK so here's some good news. Climates down in New Orleans. But do you feel any better. And LTD's chief Michael Harrison what sort of sub live on the air. And tell 135 too much talk about this debt just the news and social media. Give us such a negative view of our city that it's not realistic. And if that's the case how do we. Her witching session. The news doesn't follow people that have a good day. In fact maybe this is something that we can talk about on the show. Hey this is a great way to use to show. I'll start out. This weekend. I was at the red rush Ron. And then I went home and took off my dress and put on men's clothes. And I went back out to the Michael Jackson live staying out MJ life a tribute to Michael Jackson at the center. And then I went and a quarter after that. Nobody bothered being nobody shot at me nobody robbed me nobody punch me. I had a really nice evening. So I'd like to know the last time that you went down in New Orleans and maybe it was last night or maybe it was this wicket have you gone out of new worlds and nothing happened. Because see the news doesn't focus on this it's not the fault of the news. The nature of new sister report the negatives. Because that gets more attention and the positive. Can't we talk about this a lot and and really in more people in the media should focus. Should focus on the six. Because this is important to to understand that the nature of news. If you don't think the human nature. Is intrinsically curious about negative saying it's. And explain to me why people slowdown when there's a wreck or a breakdown or anything on the side of the road. And the Vickers Iraq. The slower people go oh my god if there's an EMS vehicle there and give almost stopping to look. You don't have to look. It's it's human nature. So it is in our our nature to him. Look at things that are negative. If not if if somebody has a terrible meal at a restaurant. They're more likely to complain about that then talk about the great meals I had so again it's it's it's human nature. So we can't blame the news but we can blame lenders if we allow the news to taint our few of the world's realistically. And I can tell you that they were a lot of people that went to the French Quarter this weekend had a great time. And again that's not covered. In a news it's not the news is false. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601878. Are taxed is a 77. Plus on a white man who shot an unarmed black man who pushed into the ground. Is now facing manslaughter chargers. I'm not surprised. When this happened I said hey don't be so quick to criticize. Just wait let's see what happens. And sure enough prosecutors. Have brought back a manslaughter charge against Michael Drake a 47 years old. He was arguing with more keys at the clock to his girlfriend. In a parking lot over handicap parking space. So mark he's. Pushed Michael Allen Molly was on the ground Michael pulled out a gun and shot the guy. And emit initially police said they stand your ground get right to do it so what do you think. In that case she's seen the video in that case do you think the guy should be charged as manslaughter. Or do you think that stand your ground should apply and the guy was just defending himself. The problem is is that the guy you pushed him. Didn't further tactic got. Ardidi got a comment our numbers 2601870. Gary Kurtz 5042601870. Text. Page 7870. I astute we'll be right back on every WL I solve all white guy shoots unarmed black guy who pushed into the ground he's now facing our charge of manslaughter. Michael Drake 47 years old was arguing with mark keys Marco locked to his girlfriend. Over I handicap parking space. When my blocked and walked out of the convenience store and saw what was happening here aggressively pushed Drake it to the ground. While sitting on the ground Draco pulled out a gun and shot and killed but reluctant. I'm sure you've seen the video of this happened in Florida. Which has a very strong stand your ground law. There was outrage initially no charges were filed against the shooter. And I said let's hold on don't get too excited here. Way to see what happens. Yesterday prosecutors in Clearwater Florida charged Michael Africa with manslaughter. Do you agree with the charge. For what you see in the video do you agree with the charger do you think that Erica should not be charged because he was aggressively pushed to the ground. By McGraw to. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every cut 5042601878. Or text is 87870. And that's a subject of our blue runner foodstuff opinion poll it's up right now on our web site WW real dot com. Give us our your opinion and two we will laden did you have they done that here in just a few minutes. Here's a Texas says some so when you got robbed us where you being careless or maybe not paying attention to your surroundings. Or was it's. Your fault in some way. If not. If not see this Texas around if not. Used and I don't IPO. Sometimes when you if you if you send a long text sometimes it jumps from it it it doesn't come up next to comes up later and saw eye to eye candy or follow that. But I think I know what dispersants trying to say. No it was not my fault. It was 4 o'clock in the morning. I was filling in for Tommy Tucker that morning and I was walking from my apartment to the station I was in a well lit area. I'm very vigilant and I thought that all you have to do is pay attention to your surroundings. Look around. Pay attention being lit area and everything's fine. Well these four guys proved. That that's. That's not something you can do and expect nothing to happen. Because something had to jump by four guys. It was not my fault I I put myself in the situation for to happen. But it was not my fault so careful about that. But my point is if crime is down in New Orleans and we hear about all these highly publicized cases. Which we do hear about in the news shouldn't we be Smart enough to realize that that is not a slice of reality. Did it it it is reality to a degree but the news doesn't doesn't cover the people to go out and come home successfully. Same thing with an airplane crash. That airplane crash people freak out about flying. The most dangerous part about flying is driving to the airport. You know that but you don't see on the news all the people that successfully had a trip that day or the last week or the last too much of the last year. Because that's the norm having it be a normal safe trip. What is not normal is the extraordinary. Something bad happens. And so the nature of news is to capture the extraordinary. So I'm just pointing out there when we see things in the news we should not allow ourselves to be defined. As individuals or as a society by what we see in the news this is not criticism of the news it's just an observation of how the news media operates. And it operates on the idea that it is giving humans what they want which instinctively is. The negative news gets more attention then. The good news. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy text is a 7870. And from Algiers are shaft here under you have zero. A scary shots I think I think you're you're right about the news is that the it doesn't report in the or normal but nobody greeted it's it's the. Exactly so it's really it's it's our fault it's the fault of of their consumers of the news just the fault of the audience. For not paying attention to the good news as much as they pay attention to the negative news in the news knows this and that's why the news has more negative than positive. Speaking of negative yeah every time I think everything and I think the office of the presidency cannot be downgraded store. You know Trump's trump comes up. Trump wake up and make the presidency more disgusting. It's it's really shocking. I mean referring to a woman as a dog you the public and another reality TV star that he hired you know the guys that only art that people buyers. Well I know I heard a ship or even even the die hard trot loyalists I mean they're gonna cower in their corner right now because they don't wanna admit this but this is an absolute embarrassment this name calling stuff. And and to call a rose sought and dog is skewed is inappropriate. Each show is also a very sexist site of a president trop which seems to be in the innately sexist. Tendency. And you know this name coupling stuff. That's just not something that gesture come from the White House it's it's it's just not dignified. Now that I mean to you could argue logically with the trump motor well they wouldn't be. That would be dropped right I mean not a. Oh. That's an interesting point. I shot I appreciate the cult like end and we you know we tend to generalize summary when we talk on talk radio. And so airs. This is it just doesn't apply to you then don't take it personally there are a lot of people who voted for trump. Who don't like to cited him there are a lot of people who voted for president trump. Who are. Not happy with is juvenile behavior in a White House and you know I I I try to stay away from truck because to be honest with you it's just it's overwhelming. There's just too much stuff. And for people who think that I'm such a trop. Dash or oh my god I could do three hours every single day bashing trump I I I would not talk about anything else. Except trump. But at some point there's just fatigue that sets in I mean you just you get to be exhausted. At every day it's something and it's over and over and over again and it's not the media. It's what trump gates of the media. And again remember he said during the campaign he hires only the best people. I mean that is an absolute laughable joke at this point. Quite crime is down in New Orleans and NO PD chief Michael Harrison will join us right after the news. We'll talk about why that's happening what is happening that his son is good to. And we'll get back of that conversation I'm scoot on WWL. Crime is down in New Orleans that is the good news NO PD chief Michael Harrison joins us so live on every drill she's welcome to the show. I. There chief on what last night channel Ford did one of their verified feature segments and Dave Dave verified that the idea of a summer spike in crime is is really a mess and and I always thought that it was true that crime spiked in the summer. Chief we ever really we have a really bad connection. It. Yeah Disco to talk for just a hair or you know is there it would let you know pickup team and he's gonna talk to you for just a second I'm just an iconic cover while we. While we checked us this connection are armed robberies were down almost 15% to burglaries were down 19%. And the numbers continued to trend down as we end term mid August now this does not take into consideration the ten people shot the three killed at a strip mall. Sell so so's favored also receive an avenue last month so those would add to the statistics but I don't know if those were totally push them over the top. And where are checking on our connection with a chief concern really couldn't. Really couldn't hear him even when you get him to two to call a strike back. Well let's do this tell tell tell achiever take a break here take a break here. And two will lie over come back and I talked to our two chief Harrison. You know one of the things that I wanted to talk about today with this topic boys that. That while Klein may be down. You and I may not feel safer. And is because of what we see on the news on a regular basis. And so we should challenge ourselves to realize that the news does not reflect the reality of the world around us whether it's the local news or the national news. Because the news focuses on things that are negative and not the things that are positive. And I can talk about all my positive experiences okay so look when you think about all the times and I've gone out. And I grew up in this city. And I didn't corner the quarter since I was seventeen years old with a fake ID not proud of that but it idea it. A guy just wants. And I should not have been at that spot. At 4 o'clock in the morning. It's not that I blame myself are let's go back to two chief Kara sit by chief I think this is a better connection. They don't follow exactly to cut the court building downtown Portland. That's our weekend we can hear you now so I'm the crime is down but this doesn't include shooting the last month or south clay burn off Louisiana avenue. Is that kind of changed the statistics at all. None of our country's statistics were actually. All as of yesterday we were down fortunately compared to the complex human equivalent to 120 fuchsia to the Sox. 220 will be number two. That's a different world golf partners but there you're actually numbers are really big number and abdominal cavity I'll Oman work well for violent crime. In the while primaries actually dom and it will probably mean a woman but we're not satisfied with keep pushing to make sure we can remove the directors. From the streets and that's why we went. On all around the city based on complaints citizens people about drew mobile home where all the equipment market analysts. And he indeed still strong appeal lodged in the and we now. Storm around him out last week so he won. That we picked up actually can be put a report out of 64 border where a product pick up. Well one of the concerns is a lot of those people are gonna get right back out on the street. And that's not your fault. No that's not helpful that's always a concern. Recognition that we we constantly look to which the court system but that's. You know that's their constitutional right to dale what we want to make sure that we do our due diligence. Effect at all that would knock on the incident some drunk on the street and move on hold them accountable at least. What we can do and we want to assure the citizens that we are going after the people sitting here telling. Are committing crimes and called apparently canal communities. And so we're probably looked at we are doing and he won an extra durable good cakes to take to court. Hopefully get convictions. And the change. All of these individuals' minds about slowing dropped just called in so many problems. I was striking out in Metairie I was going to force us for aid to veterans some are worried you are to Trader Joe's. And I saw a sign in a neighborhood it's airborne people took to lock their cars in that your dinner here. You're you're giving criminals an opportunity to commit crimes when you leave your your car's open we we hear about so many car armed robberies and in lake view and an uptown. Even considering all of that chiefs to the stats distilled down. Welcome step to the long crime you know the problem seems to be spiking just be a little bit much just a little bit and here's what. The real important thing. In one week on wall. We get fired guns stole out of vehicles in all four of those vehicles will not locked inaction is really unacceptable and dole gone. Turn up in the hands of people who review the content. To commit violent. And so that's what we're working it it would certainly all we tell people for one don't leave out. Called medal even gone caught in that league call. In Beverly couldn't keep it when he won continued until shortly you know there are a number of juvenile and beautiful girl walking out the door and split if you wanna. Then you know just kind of have to put up the pistol club and then end up in the hands of all person control here all of crimes element book release. Blood sport now. Business partners and now but not the club. Chief a mention something recently and here there's time to some people saw was very very controversial. I said that if you leave your car unlocked and there's a garden or their valuables are in the car. You were basically. Financing. The careers. Are criminals spiked by giving them an opportunity to have something of value that they can sell. Well it did. It gives them an opportunity itself something of value but he gives them. On the mindset that that's acceptable and that they'll probably keep contained in the key countries doing it. When people around the cause he can get into one they will inevitably lead to be stopped doing it. But we can't enable them by a lead in the caught a lot because. That's kind of been getting what they need and secondly it will also contributed to some of the violent crime and collected goes beyond some parents argue that Pollack. Went out to differently that problems in the course which is the worst place to leave a follow especially if it's unlocked. So it's more likely to somebody's got to look for an open car doors and to basher window and. Absolutely I mean you do you create that feeling when you break a window why did you leave traces of that that's what they're looking for that article that I left a lot what we can get in the dispute that it. To about five seconds to comment away from the defeat Iran it would be viewed as actually all it takes. But we can vote for all that problem but just block it costs affect your phone to remind you at a certain time of night. That it will law and remind you can just DeWitt and that's what I do model. And it looks even when I figure they'll all angles off the reminds me out of pocket all uncle did what's what's in the politics out of it and block. It definitely took a different. Just doesn't seem like it's that difficult to remember to watch I mean I know I'd religiously like Mike Carter I don't care where I'm I could be as somebody's house and the suburbs a friend of mine's house and I'm just in the habit of always watching my car. Un chief it dripping gang problem in New Orleans. People we have again and we do every indication gang problem in all sports. It is loosely organized gangs where there's no hierarchy structure. Where there's a completely ridiculous construction and these young folk to travel in the lowly people have that model ought to each other. And that's what makes them so called to force public you know how to work bargaining units were apparently not technically units. All walking constantly to identify. And build cases against them agency that it prepared they are more to com. We will their identifying them and holding them accountable football state and federal equal treatment putting. Put ended a long period of time because some of the committee extremely violent acts against multiple. Are very breezy chief what do you say to people who say I don't believe the statistics I believe crime is up. Well you know we want people to be pretty and we want people to feel. And so all of the whole statistics are compromised digital. All reporting system that's what would feel if a call to report decline. It's electronically captured we reported would not care and lighting anything. In that not Robertson reported shoot into the Condit reportedly to report that we took that citizens called us for. So we're giving you back the information you gave such and so we can demonstrate that Dole's crimes actually down. And we brought you to make you feel that you are we making sure that you ought. Our control because we have a consent decree monitoring team with a consent decree the other independently monitor with the metropolitan crime commission and the number of. Entities or steal and look at the work we do all we're pretty confident that you know. That would QB you'd be accurate information is what we have to produce to the FBI every quarter and every year a little bit more reason for Austin could not get action so. IA chief Eddie any lease on the other man shooting up a south river also resentment. Absolutely there are a number of leads investigators bought folly we're pursuing every lead we are right now connecting the dot com and keep you know. I didn't particularly morning and every evening on that case and from what I've been. Particularly this information that comment because the citizens help and where happiness citizens to call him giving misinformation we need more. But these investigators are putting together a number of lead and hopefully I can and in the future will be debriefed under an inch. Thank you Michael Harrison thanks for senate time minister under behavioral. I screwed if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy text page seventy. They seventy. Now I mean look. The statistics don't lie but that does it mean that you actually feel safer. But it is. Getting better at least for now will be right back. On WL. So crime is down violent crime is down in New Orleans but do you feel safer from. Maybe not because of the coverage shows crime in shootings that you see in the new respect this statistics say that violent crime. Is down a got to Texas says so why shouldn't you have did in the area at 4 AM do you gives us slugs the jumps you. Our credit 'cause it's their time to be out to stop hand regions and screwed. I'm not pandering to their thoughts. On being Smart. And the reality is that there are thugs out there. And the reality is they they they they hide in dark corners. There were comfortable in the dark. They're more comfortable Al between. 2 AM and 6 AM in the morning. Pay attention all the crimes. That take place between say 2 AM. And 6 AM the morning. So I'm gonna be Smart enough to realize that I'm I'm more likely to be shocked at that time they're 4 o'clock in the afternoon. And so while I don't blame myself for being there. I did put myself in a position to be there because of what happened and I thought I was safe because it was a well lit every but I again I I learned my lesson. But I spent a lot of time in the quarter we spent our lives downtown in the CBD. I live a block off canal street. So I spent a lot of time in an area that may be considered to be very very dangerous. And in on here. We see that doesn't get covered in the news I go out and I have a really good time. And there are times or go to Metairie they're trying to go to the North Shore I I go everywhere. But the fact that there is there. There are times when I don't feel as safe as I should because again of the depiction of what we see on the news. And so let's just be aware enough to understand that the news as it always so reflect exactly what's going on here is a text to that says. The chief is blaming the law abiding citizens for villains and police neglect I didn't hear that there at all in a conversation. But I I'm the one who said if you leave your car unlocked kind of got a text here for some artist as a living memory kind of electric car. If you leave something valuable in your car if you leave any amount of money in your car. You are financing. You you're paying for the careers of criminals you're you're paying yourself. They're getting stuff from your car. And they're selling. Now you can argue that they shouldn't do that that there are bad people and I understand that but if they're gonna do it. And you don't watch your card that it seems to be that you're actually. Paying the salary. A preference. If you've got a comment our numbers 2601870. And our text is a 7870. I'm scoot and we will continue with the says this conversation when we come back also in just a few minutes are given a code word. And all you have to do is text the code word to 7:2 A days morning you automatically eligible to win a thousand dollars in cash will do just until 6 o'clock every hour. Next code words coming up in just a few minutes on WWL it's time for the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest the code word this hour is chrome. Text the word chrome at CH or OMB. To seven to 81. That's seven to 81 text chrome now does seven to 81 and you are eligible to 1000 dollars. It's our national intercom cash contest next overcoming different for the salary earners at 3 o'clock we never charge for text that individual plan Texan debtors may apply. Please don't text and drive I've got some advice for president trump any owner of Papa John's and I think it's good advice for everybody I'll share that with you. When we come back also if you have more comments about a crime and to worlds to talk about that as well I'm scoot hang on a lot more still to com including the Tuesday song text off. Coming up to 250 is an interesting point today.