Squirrels of interest sought in attacks

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, September 13th

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter Paul Murphy about a spate of squirrel attacks.


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Paul Murphy tell me what's happening in existing and while wearing where it left little bit. Boy the man against the rays he rabies shots one spotted him and all. It Gary tractor he you know was attacked by. Squirrel on Monday afternoon at his side yard he went out to make phone call. And all the sudden it. He feels this scratching on his back he thought it was his daughter but the little dog playing a joke on him but he turns around and there's a little head back there. And notices it's a squirrel. So it tries that the world squirrel long ago off of women and girls front scratch him. Eight pro is that the squirrel and the grass and instead of running away the squirrel runs right back adamant and attaches itself that is. Ankle it's hard biting and and it comes after several other people have reported similar incidents involving squirrels in the lake Vista neighborhood. Father Pat Williams over at this saint Pius. Catholic Church tells me that that two women were actually attacked. In the parking lot of the church following Sunday man. And we know another gentleman who was attacked. Reportedly attacked by a world that we got into a house. Apparently via squirrel decided jump on his chest. Before. Taking off out the door. This this you really reminds me of the national impotence Christmas vacation when the squirrel gets and they are comes out of the Christmas tree. Com which is it just around his shirt Chevy got reports from people in the area. I'll wait from the church. It's on the same general vicinity and you're familiar with lake mr. Henry interesting neighborhood where many of them home front. These lanes these these so wooded lanes that this. Trees in and other literally hundreds of squirrels running around. But it's going to be one general vicinity of public this stuff. On the same area and this city is aware of this probably spoke with one of the city officials yesterday to was brought you know on this. Made aware of it by the church after the Internet on Sunday. And dealt with the with the city's animal control was going to do is they get some traps out there they think it's probably at least. Too bad actors. Slighted to. Squirrels of interest right they're gonna try to trap bomb and find out what's going on and so. I don't know it's it's in it is an issue where squirrels are fighting backers are just too bad actors we don't now. Mom. Did anybody explain why this could possibly be happening. Among they're bury it. Thoughts about this mean the one main one that seems to come to mind is that. Some squirrel did desensitized. Two. Humans because humans are feeding them and you know keep in mind that these are wild animals they're cute and cuddly and very. Benign usually. Some people have trouble growing not a number or what have you been done at something that you shouldn't do because what it does as a defense sizes they're natural instinct. To be afraid of humans. And in Serb run away. They run towards humans and that's that's one. Thought that I heard and and obviously there is there's the issue with possible rabies although I'm told that that squirrels don't normally contract rabies. And the other one is it that they're maybe you know little baby squirrel in the area that the trying to protect so. Until they catch the the the squirrels were on now. But Paul again I'm a big any work in the last night. I was on the floor and I know it's not funny. To the man they get bit and I understand net. But it's hard you talk about desensitization. It's hard to say squirrels and not in the same sentence and be serious so you think. Why you know I think it was a good. Change of pace offer from here to do anyway after doing a lot of not very uneasy because of the storms and in the general things normally cover that was. Somewhat of a treat to do it's all those with this development as you mentioned did get bit by the the the squirrel wood but he seemed to have a pretty good attitude about TJ well he he was sort of joking that this sort of book post apocalyptic. Type scenario for him said that in lake Vista is they've had problems with the coyotes and other animals but never squirrels before and also spoke with the head of media problem property association out there and he's saying by no means is this widespread across lake Vista it's isolated incidents. And at least cities where bit apparently taking some action and hopefully will be able to follow open a couple days which know what happens. Pleasures always call up big for any work early and have a good day Arie. Good morning watch out for the squirrels.