SportsTalk w/ LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeon

Kristian talks with Ed Orgeron on LSU.

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Take a walk in that fourth and final lauer on the wild side right here on W two all sports talk the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert is off I'm Christian Derick Nelson Stewart. Also saddened by the obviously got coach and knows Ron right now and LSU head football coach coach Joseph how are yeah. Not really him on so. We don't well thanks for joining us eight and you know be in Metairie next week off of the Cotto Kermit. Ellis who. Portland. Should jewels secret recording their proportional. But it's so sweet as regular yeah BitTorrent will be on the comport to. How's the house else hasn't gone so far. So great. Excellent but the direction though Wall Street as they get he's a great job or could also. Give international opens. Obviously the addition of joke. As a couple of position. That quote about we're excited it was gonna have all out. Oh we've well we've welcomed the noble one wide receiver recruiting class. In the country failure. At work out that can go. Excited are you doing good girl went to open will be or cheer at all. LSU football coach and oh drawn here on sports talk and coach mentioned Joseph borrow the transfer from Ohio State. Two years of what made you go go after the settlement. The only you know but it available obviously. The industry people would like miles per just. But look. She's. A tremendous job would slightly quarterback here. Well this book does real well all week well they keep. Their complete what sort of position. He's. A tremendous job that worries them. Well he took a brutal what we want the court. But obviously can be go to burger quote actual if you wedge. Coach some I would look at this move assailant Joseph blow would not transfer. To LSU if he wasn't a short some sort of deal that he would be the starting quarterback is that not true. Well it what. Should I don't know what model will feel recording of joy. Was given the opportunity to compete little holes still. Public doesn't want well some. Problems that sport position. Everybody you know to complete report published and that was brought. We'll talk about Devon White if I could Cotto he's been talking Basel the best defensive players in the country what does it mean your football team. Well easily. Support America. Well obviously. Easier that you all total wheezing well ever talks about a certain image. Well well well. Does a lot of moral legal or partners. Tremendously. Think you get better these brief stroll and there's. It took six. Hundred meters two portrait to rule him out of school a tremendous that we all possible for tropic what are what are some of the country. Coach eight do you like this new law. Redshirt freshman rule in play at the four games is still redshirt. I love the real low or no war. Formal roster right now would have benefited from social stretch that obligation tremendous role in social world. What do you like about it though means that has to explain that. Flexibility. Flexibility. Is inevitable in. Short a couple of players well element of the boat all you'll. Total or season he may be rid of them. Are actually. The gimmick deal. Little bit of separate but Asia or go to maturity global should you get to play in a rebuttal. Well. Report games would you nurture. Alison football coach and O drawn here on sports talk on. W him well coached the offensive line looks to be a strength of your teenager that now. Other side and so it's great article. But only report should be jewels. This comes back he's sultry. Well editing room about war the war. All the Buick does is go back you know opens. Review right tackle their guys that we really excellent well. Does that Tenneco shall transfer it as cute reported more as well as it opens. Well we feel that we can be pretty deep as the opposition. In the open. Fairly new in the SEC the transfer rule do you like that. Billion bushel but we have obviously. Transport rule. Well I regret transport but. But it medical school school. But it probably written. How much seat theater and it can impact teams. Well a big news approach I don't know what shall actually goes. Public will use to transfer rule out that. And jewelry interest or. Britain's global co leader Trent. All the balls your trip where I would open interest we. That'll surgical well won't blow local ratio. Of sugar crucial with the good QB. Tremendous and also there's so would those two extra. That revealed as well. Ellis who coached and oh drawn here on sports talk you lost Darius I slash into the NFL what do you see you running back group. Well you know it makes it. Probably. 00 believe that. Put the players total book. You know but also at risk of pushing Europe. Issues the court you. Try it was a letter out to everybody lies. What are walks of romantic music story. Yeah Lilly has commitments to let let format. As the wearing of the Wall Street Driscoll orient paper was quoted as they're going to win reporting to a reduction. To a joke. But it all goes Moby all the spoke rapidly very important to. Kozo masculine enough odd question here DMI tunes are are Spotify annoyed that. Okay look like he is about when it's year college Louisiana playlist is who your fear musically in other words if you ledges rock gallery licences. You know others would contribute rural remote should seal. But goes Google books and an expert at. How much at how taken coach. How beneficial are these summer camps and in terms of you know give recruiting players that get the LSU experience. Total global culture say to get our. But when normal count should be able opened the two lane number of the so at least open it to Malaysia too. All of Mexico and the old schools in the state they come mostly. Oh regret portal schools and camps they give these guys culture of a couple of opportunities what was it. Two to greater. Portion. Well explored now in league camp of storage to borrow. Well there's going to be the best couple your well with the top guys come to camp is going to be there could put. What do you expect I agree wins this year. A little bit more popular or go to go by. Old idea an option you let your outstanding number. He should doubles so you. Look at offensive we see on the fall high in the fall on the field. Yeah a bit rattled the originals would be good descriptive. Lot more the old model which she'll go triple. You search for receive essential. Rumble bird. Sometimes you'll. Should that would do coupled with would be opened slightly exceed as a tremendous. Also wonders shall. Ball passing game quarters don't get it put together tremendous advocate shortly. Hello San football coach and always run here on sports talk. Coach I know you're all ball time he got a breakaway occasionally woody don't vote for the summer terms of a vacation. Well bullet fuel oil portrait Cody. That these cities probably assault and column also were familiar shall we circled around in the Caribbean took a complete report to. Have a blood it will go back to work. It's not like fun house and affable coach and those run the LSU football care men and walk ons in Metairie. Next week June 28 from four to 6 PM right here on W Google Cotto. Let's Iran thinks of the visit. Ago who tires I was the head football coach and those were on. He'll be at walk ons in Metairie June 28 for six will be on here with them from four to six decades can embodiment myself along with. Deuce McAllister Rick Michael Jerry Mike Eric Nikki Dan Melissa. Fancy football league tryouts next here on sports talk on W two well.