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Monday, April 16th

Kristian and Bobby talk the NFL landscape with the draft just weeks away. Bobby also talks about his favorite Jazz Fest acts this year. 


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Often run an hour three of sports talk. We get to the LSU Sports Radio network pulmonary show coming up at 7 o'clock followed by double coverage. Also do you wish some Jazz Fest tickets here this hour. Joey how good master control Bobby Hebert of the cajun cannon I'm crushing Garrick and based on our conversation lead and are around and outlast our bottoms. Haven't some mob some flashbacks moved boot camp. Marine flashbacks men and some Lamar nightmarish. Simone I remember her. I hunt and you'll you'll appreciate this and so we went the right range. And every day you have to. Yeah into your pockets of fun to drill instructors. And right and declare add and you know this recruit has no brash trash or live rounds a report this time and if in doubt all your pocket trying problem. And two weeks before it was right around Christmas I think and for Chris as we were able to have a couple Jolly Ranchers I was. Those are Christmas like I was suck on this New Orleans certainly is telling you that no no no no it wasn't that like no I was like the other that was our treat that was our treat others say were treaty yet so. These candies. Are camouflage utilities. Now is where in this particular day an artist had been washed in and you know the mass laundry Rhonda veil the recruited. How we can have before and I go and pull out no no no rational brass also had done about a direction that it washed like eight times over. I gotten so much trouble for one job I never did so many pushups in the sand pit in sugar cookies and flutter kicks in the sand pit in my life I mean. The draws doctor problem he had me in the pit for about thirty minutes over one Littlejohn image like this big. Then washed like eighteen times he's like are you sneaking JD does better and in India squad day when he was going not some males like. And you can't argue with a what do you do you smoke more than. So why did news. Actually partake in that dollar toward your leaving your club I did I just we were lucky if he gets a chance to eat something. It's two minutes so like I'm out of had I grabbed a handful and Doug I don't get any element and make. Than it did you move on to something else on Eritrea signs I just stuck in my pocket I forgot about it and tea so. Now the thing is I'm not gonna forget about this because this person is. So maligned. That would never want to lead our military because they'll understand the situation. Then odd times to military. Is putting. And their responsibilities they have this from 5556. Yes don't want. To what to fight a military don't want them feeling bad about blown up some kids. Will it occur one or why do you have to go to that extreme sometimes you could have collateral damage. And civilians could suffer too what was going on in Syria. But to make that statement about American soldiers who protecting your freed is in your rights Cologne that that that person I like to beat the crap. And like hopefully he comes to me it's he had paid his you with the that may occur on the F to realize what makes America great. And and how we are truly the world's police at times we don't need to be. Who we stand for justice. Now you know you'd be perfect. But that's will be standing up for so dominant that just takes bill and read something like that. The Emmy to go to ruffles my feathers as well which NC south team had the best free agency hall who cast your vote online at W did do well not come. Saints falcons Panthers and Buccaneers. Right now no surprise. Those that are voting about 76% them. Voting saying the saints had the best free agency hall in the NFC south also the pelicans. Back in action tomorrow night at 930 rich city Tony K take game two against Portland. He think the Sergio and 07. I make you well what they win them all night I think your body up really overdo it tomorrow night now I'd say no. If I was. That have been only two barn and I think the palace is gonna hang in there you know and in in. I mean this is like must the NB ATV. To me it's intriguing the pelicans and. Probably you know so you and I were kicked around there the break. To get home court advantage here in the world's Portland comes here on Thursday premiere Thursday and Saturday. Let's make this move thinking senator won the Emmy rip city is it tough place to play writes one of the toughest NBA varmints rotavirus Alia in the Golden State out there go reach. A defense I mean. And it and they're not hitting. But the the first gain a lot of times though we're not like soccer fans wheelchairs just to be cheering absent chance. Right now those that it get a game. And all of a sudden you make it a crucial three pointer. My merited show whoever he Clark. You make a crucial shot dead they yeah. Well meaning decided it was big and ignited chairs to be chairing I want a blue island Kona blue out in the in this meeting senator there because they can't navigate we know what Lou what are the official telling its films read them blue and gold yet. While the game have bread because the trailblazers have red and black. So yeah well why not like blue well. Boo on Thursday night the somehow get in every seat. Have pelicans teacher. Liken pelicans blue is red blue or even like Goldman not read. I have a I have a red colleges featured looks like harassment emblem for now what did the pelicans on it but somehow. Have been home court advantage where all the sun. Because to me that that is a great visual. When you look at. The oracle. When Golden State and you see all those I don't know what does that yells that school Busch yellow. I don't know Golden State warrior yellow they blew an all bulls fans don't have that yellow because I think this is gonna happen. Christian and I think is going to be re going to be Cottrell blade design and those could be six or seven games. And in going to be faced in the warriors yeah but it is being used to have courage going to be coming back yet you say you are shot and hungry to add that he beat the spurs and they undress some pretty good reason. And less on my house blah blah blah we're not the same and we've lost to announcing team without stuff curry in and out there and dominated the spurs don't have what dominated a spurt I don't I don't sailing as easing by my his desk predicting the demise of the well I'm sorry and I. I don't go to form and I don't know what I have formed an Chris did as we go to break and when we come back. Well we talked about the NFC south but would you disagree with this. That when you look at NFC winners in free agency. I still put the 49ers. The vikings in the Ramsey headed to things. The thought I think when the top five Boe but I still think that we still behind the 49ers in the vikings do you include grapple of an in the hall for the 49ers freed CD includes that as a a part of their. You know 099. No not really an hour elaborate on that ethnic American the break it and not any kind of gravel and Alan duke how Kirk cousins. Yeah with the vikings. Because I think Devlin is better version or case keen them. I wrapping up here on sports talk blunt Obama's final four to 601878. Text 878 Seve this is W to be well. Well Tom Petty coming back. Away arterial. The New Orleans jazz artist festivals almost here and WWL wants to. Party what you party at the fest three C Aerosmith Rod Stewart staying at Jimmy buffet while Richie. Bonnie rate show crow in many many more now through Friday to win jazz besting its plus he passed for two to the Miller Lite ten. Join me between now and 8 PM for Jazz Fest artist song of the day. When you hear it I'll give it a number to call in to win. Free tickets to the New Orleans jazz and heritage that's who presented by shell from W well and our partners know like the official beer of Jazz Fest Miller Miller Lite. Great taste less filling so mute I'll give you will hit. We'll have walked thirty minutes left in the show OC pride and have an opportunity to win some Jazz Fest tickets and two mil like ten passes as well. Here of sport's talk phone lines open at 504. 2601870. Text 87870. That Texas is we got pizza one day followed by attempt ten mile run. It we never got pizza and in in the Nokia Internet when he wins here chic but they got pizza. I I was related PP it's a one time you run through him that he engine you have the community they are if I could see them going all right in Delhi pizza now Kitna let's go boots utilities run like immediately after. Well he had yet now that that that that would be a little bit goal all season and is not where. There I so you talk about the winners in the AFC in free agency review and yet that therefore. If you look at it. That and it's amazing because. To me how far the rams have column. How far I think potentially the 49ers have come yet. Like who's relevant Hoosier competition. Then maybe. Get that it's saying it's Ruble what you gonna do come playoff time. And I think right now. At the top of the Bristol so to speak obviously visited the Eagles. When they in the AFC and NFC east. But I look just out west. And the rams and I say Wright is saying 101 AM I think the 49ers could do something special. I still got the rams ahead of them being at the vikings aren't going anywhere. So you look at what is gonna take that's why that is so important. That. Whatever happens during the season. And not just appraised value increased you know allowed to bring down on actual schedule comes out. Yeah out Thursday and just looking at the Holman road opponents on cement things can have a great season. Indeed finish sixth. Went ten games but what would it take. All of a sudden the road to Atlanta and this Rubel goes through the Mercedes in super no. And what would it take to win. The short twelve gains me only thirteen so maybe thirteen to happen in 2009 that's been so wrestled that's why when I look at. The team like the rams. They're aware of Herat look like. And the Eagles obviously suitable champs and then. The vikings. You look at the rams. I mean. As that arguably the biz dual quarterbacks. When you got Marcus Peters now and keep Philly on the Wade Phillips right. I mean being you look at they also sign the sand shields. When you look at nick and you know you never have to be covered guys. Marcus Peters Joyce and then. Yeah morning is Peter jab and keep Philly. And then you look at. All of a sudden a dominated soup. So yet that. That's why the grand oaks that they're branding. Brand includes the rams are intriguing that the media are all in it to win it now. Do you worry about them though member of the dream team the Philadelphia Eagles a few you know this is really what got Andy Reid fired run out of town. Where they acquired all this you know camera that that that the cornerback is neem he's with the raiders. They signed them at the else's he's got he's got that. Funky name. I remembered the site anyway. They sign a bunch of players in the all these are the one who's like yeah absolutely thinks the name last mean yeah familiar player occupies his name escapes you right now. Newman a year they assembled all this great talent. Added Vince Young is a back up quarterback. And in a whole bunch tell the players and it just imploded because there was so many personalities. To manage a nineteen I think the rams are. Are in dangerous territory here's why. This is second year coach Sean McVeigh while he brought them to the playoffs that was in the cop that was a good accomplishment for well for for the grants his first year however. You're not Ernest Dallas coach yet. If you're Sean McVeigh so I just wonder how those personalities. For a guy that what shell shock McVeigh's like 37 wants. Well that night he's done that it might be young and that OK that dawned on his allies and our about it now Chris Nnamdi Asomugha ego that's an area. It was a bulletin that it. Thanks for the taxes the reason why. On the outward about that with the rams. Is because even though he has the head coach. He's coaching more is Peters the key to leave it comic it's who you know who's coaching them. In its first or you we'd feel right. And then now I'm I'm telling you Christian now and it helps and allowed now weighed fellows as it is is considered. To me a hall pain it is to coordinator obviously and have success as a coach. But. The trusts that less knee. The general manager has in no way Phillips to me is unbelievable. Because what they did their personalities are brought in on the defense. That she shows with the thing you know wait for those who controlled them. And point him in the right direction and you look at branding cooks. Now the office that that that's then coaches animal like. That's his but he. Now I Sean Payton. Shall obtain I'm telling you where they'd be. Rob Ryan Dennis Allen. Graying. Going way back. Specialties that element he was cordial with the duke he's an operative go and have backgrounds so. If the rain has followed their faith. The list mean indicated the big and we look at it like bankable. Sort of putting a lot of trust in. Wade Phillips appreciate in their defense. And they get it in a dominant different level. That's X 3787 rams win eight games tops next year. I don't know I think of that than that the best team that division right now with Seattle's demise the best team that division and the cardinals are. Arizona Cardinals are are much a threat they're they're going through a new coach and quarterback. Who also are well Randy niners rioters and it's been a total changing of the guard and that and that NFC west division but I'll think to 49ers that's our yet ready to challenge the rams. Well we'll look look at their linebacker with the saints were all used to get tough al-Qaeda via we're all Foster in he was drafted won the players before wrote Ryan Grant his face in eleven years for. Domestic assault and battery no onions and it's all like the big guy and this guy I don't liar to video pistons the so. You know look I think and again the 49ers to deceit a favor by train up and government and grab a rube Foster looked. I heard some things a citizen does male sports on I had heard some things last year prior to the draft number that come by an incident but also missing workouts. Completely with teams. That the writing was on the wall for rube Foster for most teams I guess 49ers didn't do enough of their homework. Probable hall of Famer Willie growth up next here on sports talk on W two well. I look back to sports talk. Can connect with Willie Roaf pro football team for saints tackle at Willie underscore ruled on Twitter he's joining us right now good have a hall of Famer and a house really howry. So you don't have a beer. You bet you bet look but I would just talk about in the NFC south. Which team had the best free agency hall saints falcons Panthers and Buccaneers where would you where would you get the nod to. Do you have a determinant of who will play. Well I can tell you there right now the saints are on top nada I told Chris I don't know about the whole NFC. Because I'll look at whether rams add an in our household names you look at the vikings now only getting Kirk cousins and and also signed leave its attack was Sheldon riches and so they say it's a probably in the top five. When you look at it overall. And who ruled the falcon is the Panthers and who the Bucs were able to attain. I think is say is got the edge I mean I'm looking at like. If you look at the falcons okay. Bin Garland a guard. Brandon Klesko. Guard Paulson had tied in. Justin Bethel united table and l.'s all that. Now to media resigned their kick a man Brian. Who can make those game winning cakes you know looking at Carolina yet they did resign Julius Peppers. Jack Johnson. That boat we still occurred colon to say deep from them the laws done this to ordered Charles Johnson. But so when you look at who it is. And so reforms of the war yeah sort of instant criticism of the group bill. To what to do anything in bachelor. Yet yet Billy Donovan the bears so yeah I'll look at Ontario pole led the falcons a went to Carolina. And then you look at the Buccaneers. Now Doug mourn a household name a running back he's released Robin airs is released. Now I'd be reassigned Ryan is actually to Bagram quarterback in my cabins that are cornerback I've heard bing grind to bring Grimes day. They brought him in but when you look at this say in who they brought in they just bang for your buck. They just got more equality and and and emit more need so to speak in those other tees in his. Minnesota podium. He had to guide did you watch him and a ravens. There immediately as tension with this race so I would say that's good. Obviously it's got a bit. And mature Demitra does come up weapons did sort of bullet. What to a professor of the blue it probably necessary to that they dependent. Drew Brees who's who's. And apparently the blow him in the Quebec street the top quarterback. Auto team you usually make tore through you have to. The top quarterback in view YouTube at all possible peace principle it promoted the equipment that you. More caustic derby for violent deeply coach Thibault would. What is what they would do border with this and we ball. Let Latin lover similar. Because. Made him Thomas. If you look at the number of Google as Smart smoke is still deplorable. Given the apparent that we can. To a lot of slope does stability and I am the food is considerably you have to remember who bogeyed eleven and look around look important about it. And Willie it's about Toronto Armstead. When asked you to do you see a scenario because of the injuries that. Toronto arms and has had over there is couple years three or four years he got a big contract he he just seems to be snake bit by injuries. Do you see a scenario where the saints would be all right. Media movement to draft a tackle left tackle early in this draft. Now apple had a cup rivals together kind of initiative. Just don't do them. And commitment Hezbollah to place predicting that opened the remittances. Yeah yeah point seven at all yet to have a tornado. All are got you but it is in the it is not a replica. If you are a bit of an adequate tablet industry whether. I've been to draw on display is in Obama did an excellent programs only have. And while to know what to do what not to do. These policies and what do applaud him elements proper Bobo understanding what you need to do what else can you understand that you know disturb myself. They've all through those those who have committed. Uttered not a dual. Sort of in my that was remotely that the proper term and we've ever Ogletree slope would deliberately. And go. True to. You know many tools to do unfortunately problems in terms of overall it was a and I'll smoke but it was to a group will be far. You know sort of stuff he does and don't want to carry me. With the tigers. Even even in Kokomo. You know put the dollars don't usually would have to return to what. I just don't think that would make two football activity on the field. We can do. Decent college greens its shipments in the anywhere about that's done. So you know what this bill this is doing these crates sort of plea deal worked out and I told. Hopefully demise in college. Under the appropriate schools body start to work that we do about the college. Other than that probably they're basketball. Soul mob buddies you didn't go to him now probably been certain for the floor conference. And I'll put explosive. He UK it its UK Japan indicate to them if we were told to. Well you gotta be slow at the feet and you gotta have that hand placement and and I know you know that Willie and speak gonna hand placement he Luke Keller Monty he yet. A deal with the Houston Texas he cannot refuse he's in them being a starter. But I would think you a fan of Jemima bush tried a two time pro bowler you look at it he cashed in our success. Which Chicago's bid three season with the bears the last two seasons and the Starwood the dolphins are guard. Nicely turned 34 and August. But to me that that was a great sign getting Jemima bush tried back in the fold. Considering. Global what is it comical what he's done his NFL career that I here's a guy now. I don't know then Aaron never accidentally cinema could play guard or tackle. Then that I think it was account Monty was outstanding for us considering the injuries you can plug him in there are stardom. But our Jemima bush trot has that thing has a lot left in the thing. Room to both men have their boost levels in terms can overlook the play of the roof says there's only one. What about the bit Terkel Oklahoma historical you certainly don't work Super Bowl. And it really is the better of that group that opposes these groups are quick out of Iraq won't they put him up to that are part of this. Well taught and can Toby Young and it may seek a better it got elected. We we went back over their payment plan to use the being in the these states. They have it and I think he says that part of after the lockquote of his boots that you be you'll need that experience worked out from goggles burial. You know you don't have to switch. Good to repeat their power to lift group. It was the collect other people move away. With a growth hall of Famer here on sports talk at Willie on the school rules hall fame tackle as a mix of former saint and a Willie what are you up to these days what do you what do you do when. Are you still never AOL Iowa. And that put up again that would impact some of that as to who you were we know that is that. There's been immensely and those who above certainly. And I expect the humidity in he is so much different orbits. We'll also be in the business would now world what was so we opened the door open so well. But especially and you can do it got worse and medical term and a Photoshop would render it. Sort of appropriate to go too dramatic to put him. And also football helmets and a student didn't let him do that combo. Doesn't depend political and it was a bit companies probably would put the pin. I'm totally immobilize an open competitive open. Demo we're looking forward to world. Prepared to commit a problem that old twelve followed. You know be quick and most burdensome. So for the senate will ultimately issues and then were that incident where we're looking forward to this will blossom into the ropes. They're different people you're probably your absolute one depicting. You know LA yeah you probably might know this song is gonna tell it is little tidbit. Because you went against them and I just think all the guy given ability you had that may be do you feel you have that ability our that it. And coaching thing needs someone. That you kid work out a young player in May be developed him going from you know that I use in high school to college or maybe college and NFL. The reason I'm bringing that up. Because I know you remember chuck Smith. From evidence jarred University of Tennessee. Trucks trains summoned a top athletes. Then again ready today NFL draft Diaz or in key. On LSU trying to develop them. To get ready for the draft as far as rushing the passer. Is that something you ever thought about doing that to develop these top prospects naming cows get ready for NFL. And what it takes I don't know to be a hall of Famer but just really to make it team we contribute. Yeah this wouldn't preclude them to go to the well critics no we will issue. You don't have the GO and and I think it was going to be. Okay well yeah. You know a lot of folk sport total about principles were deal. I've never really felt about in Omaha would be a poke your use. You draw on to two world. It'll be better work to burn it to Moscow where Obama spoke. Universally viewed it's difficult majority coach Bobo. They've viewed you know you have to do to accuse him to. Chris what do you know when materials with the social media two of this is a little different so. And you're gonna have to be probably you know. People who would do ultimately rule it the one would do to you do provable and Dario would and be able so. Obviously it is not you might get arrested on. They're still. Vehemently and equipment that would really good you have a similar. Until further than they have ever in my polls but he's so you go to Google's move. I don't know about these countries to. Willow pro football hall of Famer okay it's up soon I. All right well there goes live at mentally underscore rules on tour will simply come back wrapping up next here on the B to go investment out of. If you wanna win a pair of tickets to the New Orleans jazz and Harris festival plus they passed for two to the know white tan call 26 so W I in pass. Or 2609467. Right now. If you're these call you win with a WWL and our partners Miller Lite official beer Jazz Fest Miller Lite great taste. Less filling my favorite song by the way it Errol Smith welcome back to sports talk here on WWL IMF and the dot com. Bobby how audio just as. My easily go one being that it it's via never because you know we do the draft right easily go. The next week in you know in me. And I have a particular man. Well glossy. A wanna see steel pulse is playing them at first weekend. In the and we do in the draft. You know you know like reggae music chart. Song I'm sure. I think you have one don't wait didn't I'm gonna say the last time to draft. Now I think write stories play here if I just of the top my hands so. If you can have won. Your favorite artist dead or alive complaints SS who who who do want. Oh. Does that mean they went even have a Jaffe jazzed as they would be by himself and in peace allow. The two weekends back to back. About six night street Led Zeppelin Alia. Listen it and it went O two arena wanna say in 2007. And and welcome the B 230 years and now pupil as the Led Zeppelin we'll bug and I did get oh. You have Bob marlin was still alive he's an animal doesn't get our life is not Darryl Bryant called isn't they can have the Jazz Fest one artist Bob Marley in the Whalen. There than in any Julie hill Euro. Are Led Zeppelin. Two weekends in a row now. You know they all alive and they weren't as an old man do you pages than jamming. I don't know what Robin play can be maybe a primadonna and John Paul Jones and naked goal weight. John Bonham son I mean I'm that things John Bonham but he is still pleaded drums Ted Nugent for me Ted Nugent. Didn't newsroom at Dublin's level come. No no I'm just say that's allowed to that would keep cat scratch phenom a scratchy. You always write in the them violence yet knowledge stranglehold hello Christian. Try to trick plays Ted Nugent is same level as well I did not just a doubt be my choice OK okay and I am Ahmet data they're wrong choice. This is forced on him for. Rock doc here on WL. Closing it out here on sports on Wednesdays off to the pulmonary show and LG Sports Radio network and about three minutes here on WWL. Congratulations to George brownies are winner of Jazz Fest to its two passes to the though like ten listen every. Date this we give 40 PM I'll be given away a pair of those states along with two mil like passes as well. That about well yeah Christian we can have like one weekend against the jazz fans do you see Iraq roll weekend and one may be. Diversified. Weekend. This is from. The Z 3937. How about this. The first weekend in I would city. Led Zeppelin. And Pink Floyd Magnus. Knows of whom I knew that. The second weekend Bob Marley and Louie Armstrong now on the L alive Maryland play in the jam and but how can you not have you thing in his prime Elvis Presley Shirokiya who. Avoid he was not Elvis Presley or how well. One week in Elvis Presley in The Beatles. He had an eyewitness. Love it perfect world yeah everybody everybody is alive and tolerated Iran in a big one. One art to artist are bands that complaint SS. I'll be all see out like to see Led Zeppelin and deploy them comfortably in Rome and yeah that's that's my favorite Floyd's uncle Norman's. They want us is saying body was England you have a very strict rule idols sing Ellison had a lot of drinks and that's where you might get me sing. But that I'm not seen wrapping up here on sports on Julie felt good that's control of and a that he also. Logan fell to as well men phone's body. I'm out of here simplify these and then bundling a way Sean good night view rule bat.