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Kristian talks with the fans about his Fantasy league with Try outs.

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So are open loop false start. Nelson's to be all over me about the football player can pretty snapped aliens are gonna tell us tell us false start on me. Pods eyes look at an hour three of sports talk and what it is it. Is it frowned upon where open toed sandals now as an XX assess apparently says. None offsets says I do it. Which is not true. He's also Saddam soccer fan the world's biggest soccer fan which is not true. But I have I am I'm never one open toed sandals in my life ever but is there some sort of folk August that you're aware of Nelson. I'm a traditionalist blunt not a no no if you can rock the load growth yet via CD do more as a regular sandals. You're the only yeah I'm a brute John NL where and how we're ten issues and now at my whole life says that when I go other to the beach help put on flip flops as well as daring as again you know I cannot stand. People wearing sandals with socks. I never understood adds it's it's a bold move it doesn't always work out now colonel and a lesson on what he's doing it to you you defeat. The entire purpose by giving back some fancy conversation we're having hard. Our sports talk fantasy football league auditions if you wanna play the league with me Bobby bare Deuce McAllister. Our local folks in our sports team Karen is already in so there's seven spots left. 5042601870. Is a week and audition we hear your resonate in a little trash talk as well not trying to shut out. The text line on these auditions but I wanna hear your voice wanna hear some your trash talking it's easy to do it when you sit down. A text and in doing is that what colony he would be able to do it right here. Policy face to face but over the phone with me who that freaking come into what's gone would have freaked here on WWL. Encryption dear I'm good ready for this year and I. Bringing I got an analogue in nearly a term he. Last year are in the went so. First brought us to be issue and there are. I'll be right now. Com well I just it's not there in operative look beyond. The com. Did you show. It. Well this thing Christians. Are called last year an eighty dollar. Bird. When I came in like a big. Sport bigger. And it'd. Moralists the spotlight. In your team. Here for you to completely that in order. You can market. And into the in their. Hey Leonard this strong men you're Internet free now here is it raining here. Or not go. I know but I've column view is nil that. And I come on radio and a bit of work governor a police are out try to keep it. I try to keep it to about three weeks in a year I got a big week like fourteen. It really gives our. Your trash talk. It already. I hear and read every when do you put on hold and Joseph you'll get your email I email address turn mark and our holy Nellie out the dates in particular is the draft. No that's all right. They so the phone call your and who dat freaked good stuff six spots open now and our. Sports talk fancy football league how many you guys are gonna give them gutsy call and coming to sit tight first of John colonize what was going on John you're on WWL. Acres. Or does ordered. Field position okay. So. Your service. Thank you. And book all about and is now about. On at. 41. Series. We put a which resonate yen. Put it put that India order and people are form. Years out of gluten. Are you playing me this week. You're claiming this week we'll cut trash talking a semi what. Nano gets some Kleenex and it is going to be called the number at this. You know stuff I like where is Gil and led Politico left me flat John I mean you know I think it on fuel our legal or shot at it. Or at the hands all right he got another argue more shot meant. I'm gonna play. On a network. Hi John I guess you're not gonna make him outside sacrilegious to hit it to shut out a former marine but can't do that no word sorry John. And it event. Bob Paul rod market Darren. Are auditions continue also talking to Derek Laughlin owner of Tennessee football maniacs dot com next you're a sports talk on W him well. If you're on hold for our sports talk fancy football league audition sit tight we're gonna bring in Derek Laughlin. Owner of fantasy football maniacs dot com and Derek Laughlin. On Twitter Derek after the draft obviously is when this user really sort of dial in in drill down on. Who were some guys that came out this draft class. That they can they can go high and a draft and one of particular. Sick one Barkley of the other New York Times where do you have him going no audio mocks for teams. I think you're your take here or. The first goes a bit but in the so much higher than the second pick in the last. He reminds me of Marshall all but thirty pounds heavier these guys in the lineup receiver. And and the sloppy in. Popular so what about the times immediately used in some ways. I am topped their. Trumpet. Well his alma Tamara drafted last year in most news leaks. That are. What Mark Ingram and am pretty much in place Cabrera and fourteen in the round pick them and let. It. This year but that's actually the suspension. C fourteen to fifteen carries for game in the evening work well sheer odds are. Derek give me a rookie out of this class that we talk about sick bombarded with. Others opposed to position received when his receivers a tight ends the feel like he's a good investment either and in the second third round. Our. A couple of you don't out Tampa Bay got more. That you oh when I think there's a amateur and the B started there pack. I'm sure your listeners a lot about so watching that market. Temperature there about it all the big animal adventure out nationally on the bird though. Are you that you'll probably about. Later but. Well the that's the. Eric Laughlin all right fancy football maniacs dot com. Overall look what's the fancy value you think of that at the same skill position players right now. We sheer. It would not welcome Merrill already been a money back one. Williams of the weapons like quarterback last year I think Spain. They want at the same make our web page. They definitely shouldn't run and so India or what about thirty yards and twenty creep up on blacks here. I don't think we're gonna see your blog I now are actually do so on the ball. How do you handle the job if you're if you're Carson whence it you own Carson was how do you handle that and what are you doing it foale's. Within the affairs of respect does he might start. The first couple games then Carson where it's now my missed the first two games so as a fantasy owner how do you address that he Angela. Well and being able to I would even when he. I think our work is gonna start week what is at all and it not. You might matter. Take it and other members of even if you just want action games as soon as cart won that ultimately going to be the. Derek we appreciate this segment thanks for the visit okay. Hi Derek Laughlin owner of fantasy football maniacs dot com back to our auditions and Nelson Stewart is a useless anxiously awaiting. Some of the so the trash talk and might become in my way. Here yell Pauling Covington what's going on Paul you're on W him well. They were wrong. Just call no addition. These quick Reza. Oliver and their people while I was younger memorabilia dealer was. Adored about it about eight years ago we start off with. Couple big money league that we call like you know big bucks. And then we had a guy that he was funny because he almost got mayor Applebee's. Hebrew and he grew on me probably going to be also want. So when you lose when he lost it. Public come we started to make fun of every year we retained earnings Deborah Applebee's and like you know pain but it's light or stop like that. It was really funny but then. The he started it down actively about two years ago and da. I didn't heated note as well he communion by its current you know are joined W bondage or. And and I kind of like ruined it could beat him again and got really bad. I would go he was from Alabama thing is that he was. This year Gallup Albanian and I look back when now about start. Play well and what an exit even things like that so we missed the target at the reward now. One game at a a total what are you you have that outlook to refused gorgeous sister and you get so mad at me and he wanted to talk to Mary Morgan in regard it as well and I grew up when they are like so. Guys just upon thing to do so. Paul Revere you you plan Bobby Hebert this week who will contrast I would descend body. Apparently it's funny. Probably that your book that grants. On the weed wacker. Our. It's easy and it's easy. Yeah. I know but I kind of bounced John cousy and his was cheesy and uses less cheesy. It has to do I mean I ala some serious acts. This get you can't beat you can't be to meet you can't be prepared on on on on the race. No that's true that's true that I'll consider that we'll put on hold you to go in the possibility category are called. You bet you did get calls email loaded our. Doing really good chance. Higher ago. Lawrence. RC's meet market Metairie first Iran W develop more. Yeah good. Yes it is our. Old. Are you. A once I'll argue played his cows is this week out what are you saying to look at trash talk to. Our. Are open. In order for. Me. Oh. Nobody got to deal though on the ice dogs but how you play I'll make you play in me and I you idolize me so dress talking away. Are different sort of went. That's accredited that sort of felt a little bowl and appreciate. It all go there jobs were a little bit problem. Football golf and chest you know it was a one. War. Honey what are your resume. Here we play. Football league that we came into the game open in the streets of law and so we got all of the other. One that we should cheer in. That's just the board. Of these guys they're pretty good waited Alex your personality. All that is the statement to allow. You know well not all the gambling shook off and you know this would be. Skilled players. And more revenue and our state. Pol I mean mark your door your rent Joseph Dziena. The title in touch will be in touch. Lawrence in the lower ninth what what's going on larger on W well can you audition went. So Christian yeah. You have to Laura what got home. I've been prepared football boat but when you. What what I do I told clearly remain true to their part of the blues there yeah now the mayor in my opinion. You have. Our equipment what locals all. Told. Well we're repetitive I would bring support pole operative who broke through a network mr. Besides not deploy anymore so we we do we have a way. To go all the chocolate. Well. From what my opening. It's dark and provide players are thought Porter crypt there. From the term. Reporters. What would during the. I look what's your what's what's first off give our you played if you plan Deuce McAllister this week we tell induce. Keep a family friendly now on the radio. Well. Part of their autumn are now in my opinion that maybe our public sports are made up Rivera or way. Like. Will burn or. Well. Bore and after our group that operates. And do whatever may. And monopoly. But all that and repeating not seen him. In this little burnt out on while we're a quick look at burned on. It depended on it very audited. Not happen and hearts are not attitude. Sari one are ready distraught I need strong trash talkers in this league I love you do good. Can't they can't do it I'd. Thanks for playing though they should be to get sport right. High. Brock rock on and Brian. Sit tight allow Paul Scott. Market Darren and mark against Tennessee football league tryouts auditions for sports talk. On the way got a whole half hour to go get your auditions in few moments that one line open to 601870. Tech state 7870. Else's to sit back and join the show here. We'll get back involved here if you Mosley these auditions out of the way coach and goes wrong come up at seven tonight as well this is sports talk here on WB well also and so. You had to say who who makes the sleek suits your appear witness and so if you like these when these additions and feel free to chime in a real big trash talk when you play. Mel. I guess. They're the quicken up where at the time so you can appreciate. When somebody comes yeah we're that I and is like this and this is. This hatred tea form it might come strong here. Offensive football league tryouts for sports talk also. When your resonate. In trash talking. Get him ready a year ago Darren in river ridge what's going on Darren you on WW well. Darren you there. Glad. Well. I would be a never played Tennessee football fall but this is. Good for me does that mean have a better chance of being fattened. Well I mean I've been on the sacrifice my integrity. This Tuesday you don't need to be broad. You know football and go to down. And just say it otherwise why you know would it say about in my head. You know that would put its currency football but I think you know. Pay attention. On them like. Abu. And now book but purchase a book we quote. Yeah get it you know in the end. You know. Yet Mike it lacked a little in his it's not a. I mean I never really did not like him analysts Leo there would be on going to be great. And a you know some countries that when Lou. You'll Stella saw that I see your resume is his does not exist that's okay. Looking at that sometimes sometimes you get that job even though you you know not most qualified but that's okay I'm willing to do that. I mean away and give me your best trash talking. In your face in your face and Bobby Hebert this week talks trash to Bobby. I would say about it well he did I mean I'm old fat. Never played before. And it's going to be cheap you know be really and the I don't know what else to. It is the absolutely different ways of the body like hey I don't know how to how to I'm less tacky harder than Reggie White sack to that eagles' playoff game on his want it. I would grow. Paying that's the kind of brutal selloff on four and fancy football page. And well. You saw a hole all right you just you just you just pulled out you just pulled out the trump card here it. You're and Darren welcome to our. Eyes so it puts a hold Darren. And ligature email will be in touch iso we got. What for more slots left. For more spots left a rookie just guided. Marking Covington can you talk him good marks here on W to go up. Eric Christian. Got it it's one going to be about Gator on the radio by. When you indeed these puppet like knock knock buffalo a lot of Bobby there. And days you know Lautenberg he's he's made the saint what they are. But that but plain and that these days. A sent Hitler book mattered to different things. I want to be there. You know. I like he came out hot with the idea that you would take shots at at at Bobby do satellite. The problem is that Bobby uses the snot bubble reference way too much. The use it on him so. Which are restaurant are what's your resident it's gonna depend on your resident mark what is. He we've probably probably haven't got it to my time in the that's why in the restaurant business now. Because you know you gotta go look at the bright side. You know I've played for several years. And have and generally do it. And Nelson I appreciate everything you've done Newman it's a great program. Yeah yeah I just don't see how. Some some guys that that they've been knowing things on radio. And out do you guys that know what they do not need the Arab radio. Oh that's a thought about mark. As the odds on us there for me media market and sit tight you're a dude well does that map you bet we'll get in touch of the united ninety million does that. He he's. In due to a perfectly the first and elect Bobby a bear stock bubble reference but when he just set up a few seconds ago yet. He's it for sure I was strong good stuff I have real run into worlds is going on Ron you're on W him well. My name's Juan and you're going to be caught on the wrong you know it's Ron after the stent people policies and because Albanian charge annual now. No one like Bobby and I can even his own restaurant because when it loses. I don't understand while we pray to eat there. When I probably Christian. And ascension church because here. There aren't you kind of been named Christian heritage are gonna mourn their church and marching inspiration. And wanna play is going to be achieved around a lot. Not bad. Not bad Iran not totally sold on though what's your resume. I've been planned and as people all about twelve years about four title dot com and check and quite probably. We partners Exterran. I outputs an impossibility category okay. I salute you on hold who puts on hold its email here may be played trash talking could have been a little bit better. Mean. And get the Bobby Hebert referenced to in his own restaurant not like not quite sure. About that and my name yes it's Christian saw that was a that was appropriate and the deuce is loose it's a common phrase so. I averaged trash talk and Brian in mid city he played last year and our double coverage leak what's up Brian you're on WWL. Hey Ike. Yeah I play what you'll do one way and clean up god go all the way of lord that we want you. Brian is as young as. Yeah I don't know nobody out there are and there are trash talk all he won't do it here after being cute or keeping them be true again. Our Cox respect bill marine but anything would be disrespectful. I'm on my lower bowl oh yen. You play a body. You blame me you play deuce give us what to say and that we we tell us what to contrast senator elect. Well it is. You have when you find your helmet was what are in short on the field. But politic that held an Amish and right on or up when I'm cool which you and Bobby. You know wish. That you're you're missing elsewhere. Because I say you straight week. Me and Christian. Had that support. That reply. It's gonna. Want to get them come and property. Brian you got a lot of love for you. Go back you're you're 10 jeez on on on double coverage man. But I'm I'm I'm not sure if I'm feeling that made you do is trash talking game. Wasn't that strong. Who's. Joel familiar idea site and do this of Bryant a monthly amount is misery here. Others do before it and you're out not inside Brian. Brian good good trying to they submitted a sport. Prize fight Madden. We'll steadily come back to continue our sports talk fancy football. Auditions. Come strongly that trash talk the sports talk here on W two well. Just got a text saying. Kristi say to yourself the embarrassment by not letting me in the league look it's an embarrassment when I'm in the league I'm not very good that it so it's going to be an embarrassment regardless. BR might do something about this. There's four spots open but I don't body's not gonna set his lineups so I might let a listener Ron bodies team. And then another listener Ron my team to some not very good at either I but. Deuce is pretty good he's gonna run is I'm still think about whether I'm I give my relinquish my control of my team over to a listener. But there's four spots over right now could be is as many as two more higher ago. Who's up who's the pace of witnessing Scott and men know what's up with a Scott. Personally I don't really doing it again with these trials and Blanche. We and these and businesses on. It and there's I am you'll end of W de Mayo fancy football league's. Or if I'm not for I had the most wins in both points and got bit by standard book multiple time champ. You know the total amount. You know when it comes to do I'm just happy Hillary that'll do and so apparently football league. A lot of people on the border it's been able development that you know and action he tried to get into people always again what does not hide. You know the global those winds tore. Or in the tank when they kick them out so far and quality goes man you know they have no ability to Rio commercial. He says no play this many years and well. Concussions and all of that though he had there in a game that we can forget about what goes on in the allegiance you're confusing not gonna lottery numbers. We. When things out here yeah there's only one portion of the enactment. You know everybody certainly those that are ran off four minute Ryan. Ran all that are grown that you don't vote. I ran out people I'll always about it rooms UK which. And more. Morally you are the gonna do we got. In the studio. Well. And. Scott. Got. One more off the board and he's in the community these. Scott. It's a tight puts old beauty Mel I. As Scott Smith violent. He has done everything he's saying there is true he dominates leaks just pretty much like makes a living doing it so he's legit season. DJ new worlds on DJ you're on W I wrote an additional. And Politburo as they first. I silently. He. Probably 1011 years of play into it really be here and I win at least one of them every year. Registry don't. I you claim Bobby Hebert this week go. Bobby it's being used Morse which is there been less. And you're coming and going rejected went up and. All right not bad deuce go. Deuce. I would look at this stage and I'm not a question vanity darted through that period that I probably got better deals than you do. As a retiree. In the first hole is good the cycle is okay here's your third shot your plane meego. Youth are Christian. And you like. And I love and good you know at the Sudan it going to be thirty. In did. Yeah I don't have anything for the Marines feel hyper. And. Am not gonna happen DJ. Good try good try audible alert I'm now he'd eat him up pretty well fizzled at the end man. Thanks have been a good sport. And I. He did you have got three spots open in our sports talk physical Pauly will steadily come back. Get the rest of auditions next here on DaVita to a LSU coach and those drawn come on next hour at 710 sit tight for that. Come on Christian pick one text messenger I can't I don't really hear it as part of the trash talk and I don't hear only here so. Not gonna it's gonna telephones if you want it if you audition 260187. Back to the phones we go to the auditions and Andre Bogle loosens up next here on a W on drug. And I. Michael in order to get mad about it and try. Oh okay. The fact not on the radio stations say that yet props values of props. I Shaq. I'm out or nurture bird are they opposed a book or Korda. Yeah. Aren't you played deuce go. They're not poker Russian rocket back but at Iowa. Golf ball well. Alike are like the first of here's here's a deciding these are deciding one here real Bobby bit ago. Bobby Hebert. Hello quarterback. But he's COLT like chase and they both brought me a question and again. I get a for a possibility. Wasn't crazy about it Andrei. But not bad not bad not bad when you to email you might get in hi we backed the. I Andre thanks thanks for playing here real. The time for Michael that we had time for actually it's seamless. The pace in May go as she missed. Oh or media good. Spirit Christian college you special debut about what you pay. We. Won't or not one and the short Bobby Hebert gold. The horrible editor. Look at my momma said spark do go. But only by Ingrid Bergman mr. He playmates ago. Probably. Me a new opening. Christian warming. And issued a bit by the Alabama plays Schuker. Give it to me and. And I called not even close shave its so hard and I mean. That might have been like one of the weaker ones I've done is being honest and I know it's it's an all good fun good. Via Killen talent and still got three spots left Andre Michael Mike Erica Melissa we'll hold you guys over to next hour. How's your head football coach and knows Iran coming up about twelve minutes right here on. WL Nelson Stewart had the ball go to new and high school is killed himself laugh and has some of these auditions. This is sports talk here on the beat him well enough in Dhaka.