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Monday, April 16th

Bobby & Kristian talk LSU and the Pelicans with Luke Johnson & Kurt Helin.


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Jumping off power to hear sports talk on W two LA enough men dot com the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert crushing Derek Julie felt good master control here until 7 o'clock tonight. If these off field Sports Radio network for pulmonary show tiger sweeping the Tennessee Volunteers. A dramatic fashion yesterday heard their in sports flash. With a six run bottom of the ninth inning this hour or talk about the scene scheduled release schedule will be. Thursday by the NFL. We'll find out the times and dates we know the opponents. Home and away. Atlanta Carolina Tim they obviously at home Philly. Washington Cleveland and Pittsburg and a rams all in the Mercedes-Benz superdome for Tony eighteen known of these yet will find that out on Thursday it's a great home schedule and it's on the road Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay Dallas New York Giants Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals. And the Minnesota Vikings got Dexter dates have meets every says guys love your show why we stick to playing in Minnesota again. It's tough location plays and it's mostly vice Versa for the next you know it's based on. It's is based on how you finish the same place finisher in the division they were in the NFC north saints won the NFC south. That's witnessed that kind of a scheduling format that it works before you in this body the state radio network like to salute Tommy for OSHA had Dow Chemical Tommy is the youngest incoming chairman. Of the group of ridding the world as a corporate so once again congratulations and salute to Tommy potion doubt them. Well I think you look and I talked about how prolific. The State's office is in the nation with a C that. He might say well let delicate by the same small market no daylight to be entertain. That's why. Any of the major networks. Sunday night Monday night Thursday night. They want the saints on. It because it could be a shootout tied game. Back your fourth now. To meet. Big man vs Drew Brees in the Mercedes into brutal that'd be the last time Sunday night Monday night yet. So what I'll just a whole schedule. This who will attempt Philadelphia Eagles. That's two games right there the Eagles at home. And it's either Steelers at home being prime time maybe. The rams went bats they made it could be a game that talks his charm and had a bit. There may be. It's getting old when they play flags are a four clogging the yes to have that because that how they think. The saints and the rams a bull be relevant now you look on the road and we thing I got a prime time because in the thick of things the saints and falcons. I guess he has haven't. Primetime game and at Atlanta. I against the palace only because a dozen homes hit. In the NFL doesn't put the third tonight saints falcons game in New Orleans Sean Payton might lose his mind and rightfully so because the last three years. On Thursday the ball solid and he's going to write to Atlanta I mean at some point it got to balance that out and you know they. Have to Bubba did Dave ballots and I didn't conclusion that ultimately prime time they balance that out more when you look it's amazing when you look through history. Of the teams and how that this scheduling gurus it's unbelievable check thousands look at us like how how balanced they are. When all sitting in my belly all wobbly going back to Minnesota. But then when you go look at the big picture. Is not damaged differences you know the home vs I was having to go on the road. Now. I don't know could be at Thanksgiving game I would go on the road against Dallas at that happened what 2011. And the cowgirls yeah I 2010 I could see that scenario because again this saints everyone's watching Thanksgiving Day football. Things are gonna score points. Sight to see that. Being as the prime time and it is ever in the nation is watching your own you know national audience there and then. To me I would say though way scheduled the falcons on the road and miniscule mind Ollie on the road right and it's your prime time keep the mind body needs to play at least three games now on Thanksgiving Day. Used to be Jack yeah games so to be a prime time 730. Cut it off right yes yes because not like they always do the lions in. And they got at the draw I did that and Dallas and in that yet then there Thanksgiving night in a third now but that would be against Dallas things in and night the united to me deeply mourn that afternoon game yet assuming a lot of sort of been like the lions that. You know you can lemonade and go on any of Pamela ALM and AM and you get ready to eat. In known luncheon. If things given luncheon in you know watch some football and in. You get there in in my hey I'm glad you hear of him much in the game don't bother me put you want to say still billions. I wanted to win. I don't even know I I just like momentum yeah the Christian the bottom line is can you win cleaver and at home you would think we should go to be wanna know. But you know we maybe we have a better team we can handle adversity still got to play all the gains that. A lot of that makes it devers and we gives in to see the schedule makers. That. To open this season. That they did that do they dig down into consideration. Where the previous year UN on the road and this year you get to start pick of the season at home. How would look how would trade Thursday night. New Orleans thousands matchup for week one it's about the falcons home so Syrian Alec you go in I was just saying how. That the NFL needs to balance it out and give the saints a home Thursday night game against Dallas I would trade that out to open up against the falcons' week one in the superdome. Domino like okay moblog sees. Yet now let me know be it be great opener happen with the leaders mimic the fantastic finish that they had came Carlos is on the ball and it ended up deflected a last second come out of one. I did today I'm not a fan and in I remember when I was playing back. Today I'm not a fan two played team in the pre season who you play in the regular season. A pocket recall what they would like the Steelers in pre season had to play him again in the regular season unlike talk about not have a game plan. And it is based seem like a truly it is a practice. So I did say Buddha a nation. The last pre season game at home that is the worst game so you do have a cousin. Or anger. A friend. And an airman is things gain UN that needed tickets so do that it's not fair to the those that cousin. No my cousin and enemy game that a fourth preseason game a together. For pre season games that are what help got a guy like your insulted me and also those three would it be a bit migration of people watch guys in the bag and treason in in we. I'm just telling you that. That might be this news hit the snooze button. Because both the rams and the safety got to play each other. And that that's looking at the back in and arise the individual talent who's trying to make the team did you know that in the game plans and add that that's. That veto one. Pre season game now if you look at it bill when exhibition on the road against the jaguars. The preceding game to go to as the cardinals at home the second week. Ending apprised of the charges that play at and LA they play my share at LA. Now that's a coincidence. That John Maine as a kind of stroke. To play of the charges in LA to pre season is back to back they just got daughters is good now and at Pepperdine men. Leo FL allows you to if you say hey when have joint practices with this team they usually try to set it up to where hey now. You bouncing into bed at bats that's the way out there in California I think Sean Payton. Wants to be out there and two birds one stone so to speak. He gets to visit his daughter. And then she comes around and they get the hang out that I'm a mom mom all of that. And then you look into the into play in their soccer stadium at its chest the charges but but. Florida Al parking and cause a hundred dollars apart there. Is that when you I don't doubt it was a hot I am a media. And a parking pass and throws really hard to carve Oreo was I don't know I just saw I saw a sign eligible Robert Carroll we were the only game. And house is an underdog cardinals like a kidney Arnold's park what do you this text record and that's the only. Texas a saints opened up against Philadelphia on Thursday night football now to do with the Super Bowl champion is at home the saints are playing defeat Philadelphia Eagles here in the world so I don't see that. Happening that the usually open at home so it would drop the banner celebrate the world championship one final time. The sports talk Lou Johnson go to next here on W grew up. Ella she went from six and six in the southeastern converts to nine and six after a sweep of Tennessee over the weekend. Would have happened without a dramatic. Ninth inning six run ninth inning and capped off by a three run homer from Daniel Cabrera yes they welcome back to sports on Rian now Luke Johnson. Covered no she baseball for the advocate at. By Lou Johnson on Twitter Luke I don't much toppled me too much out of this does Tennessee's pitching staff was a very good. We knew that second worst in the SEC but. I think this is a momentum changing series sweep for LSU you agree. Yeah I think it's certainly candy noted they have not. You know to this point he's universal enter their first. The first real legitimate sweep of another team throughout the year yeah they did. Tension flashes of it through a series you know they'll they'll beat somebody ten to one comeback would use fortitude the next day like that. I think it was really important for them. You know define what it took tended to get a big win and sweep the series. Did that really really young team. And you're the guys who aren't you know there are pretty inexperienced in the role. I think now actor. In delivered more than half the season's. In the books I think they're accustomed figured things out. Yet in their game out of first place it in what turned out just absolutely remarkable consider their. Opening day shortstop and leadoff hitters and now for 34 games. They're leading hitters and second baseman has been out for thirteen and you and also met. Probably best overall players that ought not I think this is they're they're really good spot right now. He gets those guys back at the terps can turn corporal. Now look and you brought out like right now only one game all of the way as division western division lead. But it says like Desmond kind of encroachment Harry's demo unit of fans there bitch in in Lego Oakland. When we add menaces like the tigers come through in the back in and you look at SEC tournament. And you you look at injuries but will what is your take right now when you look at the size it comes as a whole. But then mainly in the western division. That you look at the Ole miss rebels of living ranked as high as among five who went Arad. Probably to all wheel whose only really been the Dominique is is it team has been artists are razorbacks is it is that when you'd think oh. Yeah yeah Arkansas and got off to a slow start it's been really really good street. Yet impaired and I have right now I'd be game you in the west and and yeah they're they're really good you know they've got did get a complete package there. Carolina does that standing. They're pitching staff has just released its I think their pride that starter indictments. It is right up there and make sense ambient you know best pitchers yet we see here and there are they aren't good pitchers yet to see. So yeah. They're gonna be good have to be I think. Yeah that the west as a whole is really deep. I think you can have as many. Six NCAA tournament means. You know I might be a little bit more realistic yeah that. But almost the entire division. Is that seems to make it as speaker the NCAA tournament and you know it despite being a year word where he can win could could win that division. That's rarely rarely happen. That you look at the last ten years that almost almost all his twelve wins went to division problem. But it could be dispute it the never really just kind of knocking each other offices he and his. Overall player right now they would be. I iPod it would distribute atom. The guys spent three years as a pitcher. It would come up with huge hit after cute kid and not not to mention that. You know the guy is just kind of thrown in the wherever you need them yet Grand Prix circuit for couple weeks of the broken thumb though hey we need and the place second. Literally gaga that that are completely came without adequate practice. Like dates you know credit to gun goes out there and get the job and he used vehicle owners but it is like you you keep watching them. Play more on the field and it's played. You know he he can get everything that's been thrown his way and you know popping LTB year. We're at that right now without the contributions of up and Bain and you know we didn't even talk about it to guide the picture because it has been used much quote situations but he pretty good there. Now Lou you bring up errors and taken to go with the bad. And almost has to be case in point because his ability of potential Jake slaughter. I mean you look at the first two gains would he would three homers added a two run triple. When you look at. You almost even there in in the line of data down because his potential. Yeah yeah Peru but about this in the paper today. He. I don't want him to two years now on and a EG if he just just watch like five minutes in the batting practice. He just wonder. It worked with guys that superstar. Jerry yeah. He's one of the guys were down differently at the ball interest and it does is that and and you know I have watched batting practice he's out there are. Hitting the ball and between on early in the cotton ball after ball in the bleachers. Lugo get wrapped up about twenty seconds signal. Yes yes you know I just think. I think you have to keep kind of given chances and have figured out apparently topic that they you know it yeah water all these or a couple of desperate but my take on the. Lou Johnson cover zealous you for the ads get at by Lou Johnson on Twitter appreciate it man. An abrupt Islip. Suddenly coming back we occurred healing in the mix is well NBA writer for managing editor for NBC sports dot com sports talk. Rules on here on W two well. I look back to sports talk. Her heal and lead NBA writer managing editor NBC sports dot com. At basketball talk on Twitter Kurt. The jewels gold is get game one over the Portland Trail Blazers 9795. What does that surprise you at all entered a lot of a lot of experts were saying that there or Portland and in particular game one. It didn't surprise. It's going to be close all the way I think predicted or when that happens. But I thought this was one that with the political points what's series that could really tweedle haunting do tend to win the first game at home by. Not only excited edict which was amputated. And last month but you've got other guys stepping up Rondo made some plays point. Obviously Jrue Holiday it was brilliant again and Mirotic at a moment to. It's this of the formula can continue to work. Against Portland and it's really demeaning even here or not Keebler quiet ul series. If this is one where they adjust and adapt you know I did have an answer for him to. Be honest. That anybody ever get an answer that cannot. It's something that's importantly we can so easily. His playoff Rondo real. Is that real things. He he had a moment and play I don't know like count on I'm. We just consistently eat you obviously didn't force him to be more sugar they should or should try to be more sugar. I don't know if you're gonna get that at a consistent performance and he's a Smart veteran guy who you know he's not gonna make a lot of mistakes and 120. What has limitations in that game at that point Greer. He's not that. Being himself you know not going to do. Kind of stupid things too often and make this silly mistakes that. Plagued younger players sometimes that's bad debt but the good thing about it. He's not you know you're gonna keep doing things well light. Even thinking you know even if he's Smart and stay out. You know taking a lot threes and things that he's just not strong or as strong. Course shooting from Portland in game one it was at the biggest back to you feel like. Yup I think it's something that you can you you can make. You know the defense so I drew all that other guys and it can. Eclectic and a player that can make life difficult for the start the other team I mean. But look the shot at Indian has gotten game one won't be gear in game two playoffs were secured you know your. Options and adjustments and you say all right we're gonna do this. But the best players can you know the aggregate score a lot of weight to witness something else is going to be there you could make life with. Typical for littler. Or or McCollum kind of pick your poison. You gotta hope that the other doesn't get too hot cold fortunately didn't really ought to bury and it wasn't enough. People hold those two guys L percent and they're too good which you could make that work well and not be comfortable and and give yourself a real shot. Now incurred. Look anywhere they only one that being the pelicans for games. When they score on the hundred points. I mean is that significant is that just a coincidence. Means that the leader has to bode well for them that is not a 115 to twenty point night game. And you still in with a c'mon on top. It is I think it is a good sign that book got duke got stops that beat that's working and were able to get that kind of women you know. If it's just becoming no matter what they've seen with Portland they're going to be really tough to out score and shoot out at the situation because. They've got a lot of different threes and just. Shoot the lock in score the ball and they get that there's going against this series. We just finished you know you shake your head like with James Harden yesterday. And while that effort was about matters and went to those games in this series. But I think got do is just make them work so or keep the other guys roll did you get that you know even get that. Now occurred to me. I don't know kind of uses football analysis level in the saints had Darren Sproles minority Eagles. Cargo plane of four million dating one of the enemy. Each netted the enemy million a look at equipment outlook Rondo. 3.3 million by bang for your book and mean you consider right now won three straight playoff games on the road against higher seeded teams. Then it's like what Rondo could still hanging even though you might view him as like alone and that the game has passed them by these older. But Rondo was so confident as a facilitator. He is truly a quarterback out there to meet. On the basketball according when you look at his numbers. And know what he's been able to do in the final ten games in the regular season is at eleven points. In and have a says 51% shooting. And Beno Bryant so his swagger and coverages to me is. Is when big appellate does go in and I think there appellate its players acknowledged that. Yeah I think that looked. If nothing else he does bring great he's great a lot from what they've what are those guys where. They know their media members who had issues with them and I've I've had off the record conversation with him or where you know he can't be challenging individual. But that's all right you know. And it is part of the job is and remember what his teammate I don't know team where he played port that. That mostly guys in the locker room as much as much as anybody in every. But I don't know that anybody like every play but the but. But I think he's liked by teammates I like playing for him like playing with and he's Smart challenge coaches. Nodded apparently I mean I put just aren't used to make the real control freaks that double eagle that. Mark Dodd who knows the game and he's challenging can teach you something these things can be better or that he can do. And I. Players respect that but that it does bring a certain swagger to achieve desperate certain energy that hey we've got this guy who's gonna be able to make plays at the end of the game and I would like to start those. I would say a little too early to try and prevent these sensible earlier than at the end of game one and it didn't always tell them what. I'd get to what on the blog applicable because he's not the big issue in threatened kind of want to dish start down a little earlier but all that. It's still working still makes really good decisions. On the pick and roll he really sees the floor well and you can use that your financially gains could you get good shots. Now cart I don't know this is coach speak or just standing up as player are. Army navy he's telling the truth what your opinion on this you're observation. And now that B coach gentry talking about Jrue Holiday. When he says as far as it two way guy I think he's been as good as anybody in the league a week why Leonard being out. Name me a better two way player in the league. He say goes on the say look reacts drew. That try to get twenty points every night. And we also asked him to guard the best perimeter player on the other team regardless of this size are buddhists. Familiar agree would that says Lenovo would ginger says about drew holiday. I don't like though the best two way play there's a lot of movement as you like second behind client in ours that's for. Yeah audit is pretty good clay content preventable guide to put together that list. Is high up there and. It's going to be interesting hoping that all the entity must say opposite of voter. On mile an appellate. But you know it by the voters Condit as he so good on the N. And they asked did you ask him with one out there and different things at him. All created you know he beat the secondary guy I'm going to be the primary guy at times. And part of that social facilitating print but he gave. It will be like that got in the rock where you. A lot of different things and he's earned that contract is certainly got. Obviously got he'd you know a year ago but he's he's earned the pitcher he's an absolute phenomenal on both hands and I think sometimes just. He gets a little Oprah book just because the pelican haven't been on national television is much lately and hopefully that changes your. Card he'll lead NBA writer writer and managing editor at NBC sports dot com that basketball talk dot com on Twitter Kurt we appreciate divisible catch ups of all right takes you bet. Simply come back we'll get back into via NFL schedules exposed to be released on Thursday he would do about a week before the draft so also next hour. Pro football hall of Famer Willie growth Stetson to radio. Then you know Chris as we go to say it is so relevant prime time we've been relevant in pre season. Primetime you know yep pride felt as we go heard a break if you look when they plated charges that's a nationally televised CBS game Saturday night. That that is sentenced to home Saturday night August Tony pivot 7 PM well done wanna. Watched Brees and filter is yeah saints now now as a third point stealing game. And then you probably see if I have who would mind going LA right in a certain level and I don't know last has got you like your hand when you come back you know this is sports talk here on WL. Our. Ages 74 lobbying and that is right boom are Lee army. No I even better known as gunnery sergeant Hartman from full metal jacket OK now now I got it right yet know anything pale in course. Here's an homage. The killer right there. Gunnery sergeant Hartman Falwell's in and out Chris former Ford goes sucker that did you ever gay called the ladies Italian cars and then got a call all. And things can be kidney but they would. So he's got a foot locker right and boot camp and that's exactly what it is just it's a it's a locker goes right before your your your ball to Iraq. And guys have put. Pictures of their girlfriends are may be their wives are kids. And especially the draw soccer found a patient of found out it was just your girlfriend. The things that he would say about your girlfriend. Would would really really be be rough needs see that we are trying to get you angry collusion composed I mean just tester bearing a little bit. You know he'd say he'd say stuff to get too angry dislike me you know she's really not. Waiting for you come home. So Greg you always have a clean gun argument you absolutely had to. Yeah they you know the name your rifle memories do you think this or use spotless you like now I got guys pitch and not I did. How everyday memory when houses on a boot camp idea where spits on boots and that's the time as a way to answer that yet to put on line because that is the young Hedo. We view not human even though you know all right you know and only let you go back to achieve it. NGU looks different like you really ready to roll in shape. I'm OK if you go to yes I think that's what it is that I was able Chris was signed a big white hat like like yeah I have an Alice. That was like week eight of Boumtje. And missed a guy curator role in the. I'll got a game that's not even a full dress blue uniform it's actually like it just cut out the back in his goes over your shoulders and around her neck just enough to fit. Alison so it's not a it's not actually your dress blue uniform made it change it by early drill instructors in the in the Marines and other recalled drill sergeants which. Really perturbed me analyze that because. In the army they call a neutral sergeants that but it it's something the Marines as its proprietary thing the Marines are owned since their existence. And over 300 years and they're changes now a lot and that about it is like a DI have ever any marine. It creates the Akron DI. You know them but drill sergeant I mean. The Nigel sergeants does look they could be staff sergeants gunnery sergeants and I drill sergeants the drill instructors anyway. Will lessen the sports talk here on W. Yeah now. Bobby a colleague out here meant so one point texas'. Not a gun it's a weapon. You know they're gonna something else if you're from that movie this is my rifle was my gun this for Biden this is for fun so. You know and economic cycle begun. If you said gun and an end it in the Marines like him boot camp in -- get a quick note to quit Asia they get equipped from a DI it's not it Gatti Shaq got. And it will cause they look like they think they get these drastic what committee you. Mean nasty recruit at a until they all talked also of course. Though political correctness going on zero. Zero means. Many today's day and age I don't know I don't need to change that's why exactly did the military we we don't need any chimpanzees. Listen that has to be a different animal look. We don't need any political Greg is in a military. Looked their trip they tried they've tried with the stress cards on. I think you give recruit stress carton too stressed he can't yell at me for five minutes trends give me a break some races have done that. Well about Canada that's wrong I totally agree and they they did it for tool we don't know what the other years I don't want almost defied a military and they don't have a two and 300 years they know what they're doing let them build marine soldiers sailors and an airman. Sports talk rules on your.