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Kristian sits down with Nelson Stewart to talk about Fantasty football and Coaching.

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Often run an hour to hear sports talk. And in place of body hair Nelson Stewart head football coach at. Newman high school key imitate bodies he'd he'd. I kid you look at our records the million cancer. Nelson Stewart version Garrick here on sports talk all of the text line and 87 eights and pet peeves when watching the saints game Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. And yet look. The locals the local guys I don't know like it was of those national guys Nelson. The coaching. In his in his state you guys are fraternity very close everybody. And though you kind of come this. Try to come to you bodies rescues much weekend and in particular his story in and so my head I know my dad's very fond of having gone well Marten. And and my interaction with a more ponies head football coach a liberal Maarten this dailies that little adversity and tell us tell us little story would have would have smile talk a little bit. Well he you know I think you said the first thing he's democracies are my closest friends please also. One of the best people now. You know we've talked you know football countless hours late at night and I think that thing and it. Really resonates in me is accounted daddy is he's a super dad he has he's beautiful twin girls he takes from the tee ball he works unbelievable hours or brother Martin. And he finds a way to to about serving much better five and then I can do and he always amazes me he has been. Called little that of adversity. If you were a few months ago he announced that his wife Rebecca announcer. They're having us on and maybe more and non more. We was just born. Few weeks ago when he has condition which I believe has arisen. Harmful Lucille I'm probably not seen it correctly but it's a condition. Where. On baby marks organs. Actually formed in a member an outside. If it's them. So. They spent the past few months knowing that their son was gonna come out of this world with a lot of adversity. As he grew they looked it alters downs. They knew this was coming in the elected to. Attack it head on very very humbly they never ask anyone for anything. And I actually. Saw oppose it summits and you and I called him he's he was unbelievably optimistic he said. Soviets I I preaches to my players this he says it how I'm gonna approaching diesel hardest working coach I know best personnel devout Catholic the the believes things happen for a reason. And I was at all and and just watching him do it and as his son was born beautiful. Baby boy very wise and you know he he sent me the video is on in an ambulance across and on trying to do now but as I look debating mark and look at this. His beautiful boy in front of be your man you seen his daughter sold news. His wife there's a lot of calls with that and in this profession you do it for love and I and we all do we don't do these things. Just because for the for the Gloria Friday we do it because it's a higher calling and you know eyes his son's coming of the world. There's been some hurdles and you know watching and say you know we're back is unbelievable that mark has been. Bringing his daughters all over the place and how hard he works as he's if he's got it brother Maher he's running around and as you alluded there's there's there's been a a page set up enough on form has been the response has been unbelievable. And I can tell you that he never asked for anything. But boy this is a family that deserves everything it. He's on a lot of medical expenses and couldn't you know insurance won't cover all this this to be talking about potential of a million dollars worth of some of medical bills because of surgeries at Sutter. And is this this this was gonna make it. And then in the is it to go funny page who have. Somebody on a few moments talk about it. But I mean. We all of high school football in this. This state and we always sometimes lose the human element of it no tell look at you guys is hater there grizzly will coach his football coaches. And their families. They have families like I do we know when it. When adversity strikes he liked bill helps money especially high school football coach. It's giving back paying it forward by coaching game and teaching young men in particular in this case it's more funny sin and Bowen high school. Will simply come back went to to talk about this Delco barks a tight this sports talk here on W growing investment our top story more bodies had the ball coach. At its about mart high school. What he's still with his his family joining us now Blair O'Malley. Certainly our help start to go funny page for the bunny Stanley Blair thanks for joining us. Where can work enough folks at if they wanna help the Bonnie Stanley with with these medical expenses were gonna go. Taking the attitude that go on me web sites and I'd encourage pennies and marks picture it will pop baby mark and they can read about the story we also do updates on it and they contaminate. On that page on that site in everything every penny goes towards marks medical expenses. And marketers have been overwhelmed the size of the response to go on me and you know add up stated they ask for help. So we went ahead and as mark and were back at random. Did that needs to do week because so many in the communities as ethically in the sports community was asking how they can help and that of the pack. Immediately we knew that it is so. I encourage England in go read about the story is that it's so good or out and educate people on it. And no amount is too small and everything is appreciated and it's directly toward mark scare. Blair they don't any projections as to. How much medical expenses that the family's going to end up incurring here. Eight the amount of unknown because we don't know how many procedures he will have happened surgeries and eat it everyday we learn something new and but he he's such a fighter and he just like his parents and he's doing better and better every day in our RE EB and the protections that they originally had for him. He's done is he's strong on in he will have its first surgery anywhere from six months to eighteen months that he's going to be living. With the impala deal. Par at least that amount at times so it takes a lot of care everyday you. Prep him and make sure that is not damaged so bad expense when he comes specifically from the nick you will be at the amount. House de mark now he's denying all ninety's. Yes. So go funny the incident marked a shall be up there are folks in yes folks to click on that. There yet he can they can click on beta art texture and it'll take them directly to the story. And a lot of other pitchers what went coached and knees and back and actually beautiful girl and just being carried in the orient. We know coach and he specifically has touched so many lies in young the pack and I'm so many people are open to that giving up there and their time their money goes toward big market see GM. We're back now I am so grateful but he. Undying support that the state health over the past couple armed. Blair look we appreciate it that's for sure before you run how much has been raised today. Today or about point 7000. Announced yet sweet is it overwhelming. Element talk about it. So. Adequate net friend that we are we did we do we talk about it we get so excited we see people donating. Where we're so thankful and grateful and the last statement and had so happy that they feel the support. At that time. I'm watching Nelson Stewart's phone there are listeners will win because his mark bodies might Texan Lex stuff. I'm Victoria. He got story is he expert in our house. And yet it has two Waller you know talk about Simon Drew Brees. Because he donated cameras to the nick you usher Batman. And Rebecca and mark when they're not even there and myself anybody we can all on its path where our back and get beat eighty marketing. I'm honored he might not go on there. Look adamant lot some and Drew Brees you know great sat him for donating the money that went toward getting that camera but apparently. That can watch their baby in the U when they're not able to be there are. That's outstanding. Clara valley we appreciated for sure right. I think everybody know what amazing response I. Tones and a thousand on nine days nobody nobody deserves it more and yet they review when you give you wanna know it it's going good people for good cause and I guess they can opener cause in this god bless their friends were putting this together get a lot of text here how do you spell bonnies. All right so they wanna wanna know so they can get to that get to the website. Peel it BO in high gas spewing and I guess I'm. So yeah what if they're gonna be there you know that people are reacting as this is story that I. For any parent I it just us. Delco and garlic what's going on Dell call you on delete him well. You don't without Kristen and I write any I don't want typical true what it will remain Nelson Stewart. Note to stormont the Steward who do you. Can remember this year. We sure did we sure that's a heck of a team you have this year we absolutely. Yeah. Welcome. Art scene you know and I get inflated here. Chrome armory and I Mario. My family number game reaping it and number whispered port exporting used you know. And we were. Keen to winnable game fall we use news. And all. In all sudden we ought to Weiner would equal the mean big news via thing you do is burg. It could be that we use this should Obama stake. They now are I think we eat we eat the 82 of the common cute thing where it goes like fiscal. Like his view. Or what do you mean. And now on fiscal that we. Grew here is bringing you now they come you know. The amber and from BCQ. Receivable on issues and on an island at league baseball player or baseball player. That going to issue. Always there at the picture shall are you won't Malik told Maine we appreciate it don't know McCain Leesburg. Go to nose with my game that we leave them in an unknown on the game and why great football team you know I just wanted you to. I mean DiMarco see how great your world how to restore from. One or all to be it would be now. Knuckles they shall call. Yeah. Yeah I would you know actually that was one of our favorite trips not just you Aussie outcome it. Also a great football team yet this year broke as a top ten Tripoli program Akio Jones was. As dynamic wide receivers we could find it we never really shocked and we slowed down not one of those. Nights where really lit up the scoreboard on both sides in it's a respect there just as you alluded to wants who have. Analysts are coaching got a good morning Mike Walker he was believe his defense of coordinator being able Catholic. John Curtis guide it has great coaching pedigree and up the quarterback. Returns. Very good running back nom we felt like. And this is probably this probably get that was probably our big biggest early season signature win and we were 111 team state semi finalist. Burr oak is great if you were going there it's a small town atmosphere. The stands are packed. They they treat his great great locker room and doubt in almost fell accurate small town Texas and a great way at yeah I was definitely issued out a played very well all the I think bros should be great football team I would expect them to be right again they're coming out us this year and we definitely think it's me one of our toughest early season test. Delco is one of our our regular callers easily easily jump so what's so that is an Alley. How he doesn't Allen in Metairie was gone Alley you're on W them well. I don't know but it could very well on its wanted to send my best regards and prayer as the coach Maurice and is currently. Are having you born about twenty years ago that at the same situation Ari a couple of surgeries. And I argue that it can't network on and these picture though so the same thing happened collegiate articles police are starting. That app woman that you and now I'd get shut out the culture our sport. Again no Arctic you know who I am. I hope the Saturday at the saints facility. In government do this 77 as we. That's the main. Orbit give shout out to quote Ortiz and development trade for him and amber. We'll do things Allen. You bet. Juniata so its soil so why I really were so what I know exactly. How was it. You know we've gone for years and years and unfortunately. It is during what I consider a national holiday Newman Manning passing academies or we will not be there this year pressure or so was a beat and next year may disagree on a Friday that's a great camp we have Archie on earlier and really thought about it when an amazing. Haven't that is mix and I would Nelson Stewart head football coach. Newman high school you played with a part played eight Fiat they played against him. The Al played four on. Let me note give you some stories on this I hit Nelson doesn't like to talk about himself very much solid Jonas are stories about Nelson's tour. Nelson what are your hobbies are what you do and you use your premise football year round but. It's been a lot timely family when what sports do you take in their of them do during the offseason what do you what do you like to watch baseball. Man you know I know a lot of my assistants ears as perked up there they would like to do you know who knows a bit. You know I really am football and Family Guy I think that. You know I'll dive in a little I'm very Didi I think that you know what I'll watch a movie. When I call a game every talk remark but he he liked to joke that a charcoal three or four plays in the mix and that's. Poll what's your best organ it was a fourth quarter and I can't hit a baseball game he highly medicated I well yeah in my life would probably agree. No it you know what I do enjoy if I can watch in the pelicans we can juveniles and love college football. I think that you don't see law professor really get into line as its season wraps up but I asked for a hobby. You know he's weightlifting hobby and an hour on I was already Jack I know pick it up. No I really do enjoy working out and tell my family. You know try and you know vacation with my wife whenever she makes me gonna get out of town when I kin and just entitle them go to dinner do that and bless living great neighborhood with a great community. I live a simple life unless it's a good one. He what do you watch on TV I mean like is there. Yeah well two favorite show it's going to be a shocker I enjoyed pardon me an eruption at the end of the daylights out of bed DVR is great for me. A watch PTI will. We'll watch. I think we've watched every dateline because of where they fall that. Saturday to Sunday sweet spot. Lots of my life and evidently go network has all kinds of variations on that or she likes that. Mason law and order has view that pops in and no my life is a master DVR she's what she puts on the real housewives of whoever. I gotta adjust. In spots you know if if they can you know if I can get in and there's some what you watch is now it's. The subways ship and they follow up a crew as they go around it. We're not there I'll I'll pay don't know below deck they really ask well do it was real bullet that she's thrilled that I didn't watch it last night with her and she did love itself. And evidently need to watch below deck because as a lot of drama also laughter yeah I don't. Well I love. Don't do you like we don't come into big time is it practical jokers. Or now to tell you that I'm not making this up. A little shout out to. Remind Matt Brooks who we knew we watch it with but. We got really into it years ago even so much that my life that is go see. Then at this anger when they stand up they were great yes yes no we. I feel like I've seen everyone but it never gets them keep waiting for someone you know recognizable idea that got you the politics of America on. I look I'm I'm I'm a junkie forest Velika I just got turned on to really was in the last year I didn't you know existed last year but I have been. Yeah I've been crazy about that show so you see CU RC do things other than just football. I think you know what I think it's what you have to and I think the biggest thing for me. We throughout my wife jokes that are item and give me till Monday and if you're lucky to get the Christmas tree is version and then. We just I just really doing a fan and I think it up you know I have to Iraq I do enjoy new you know. Our goal or from alma mater so that adds a whole legal I feel like they get to go home every day at work but. I do just spank tell my family and my wife is an adventurer she loves going. You know Mississippi Florida vacations and always say if and I never married or price in the same zip code all the time she pushed me to do it. And really Obama's simple man. What's the sacrifice of a family Fries affable coach it's hard I think it's hard I think that you know every year I asked myself or are you willing to do the things necessary. To be successful at seven days a week I think that. Yuriko to tell you that. You have to be willing to do things like work late film practice review film scalp. Self scout used Saturday EC you know. Get work outs in need your players and then work as a staff Sundays you know Sundays or are important David you know for us there's a lot of preparation. I think the big receiving head coaches. You have to really do all the heavy lifting up trying to you know delegate as much as possible. But off for me I'll wanna take as much on as possible and let my assistants as most some of their families they can but it's a huge sacrifice. And done. I feel like in every you take your breath would it by I think we're all blessed to have great watching great. Phone lines are open at 50426018. Semi tech's 87870. I time for our fancy football auditions you'll play in our fancy football sports talk oh lead. We're open up TI mean body America are in the league I. We have deuce and as well I think we'll put Steve Geller in there and mark and arts who have twelve team week. At least at least about eight spots open for callers so here's the deal if you wanna play fantasy football and our sports talk league this year. 504260187. Become strong with a hot cake and also give a show additionally we will hear about your resume why you should be in the sports talk. Offensive football league also by the way we'll have some. Fancy a conversation Sigmund bloom fancy right for football guys dot com also. Derek Laughlin owner of Tennessee football maniacs will join us next hour phone lines open at 504 fewer in addition to 6018 sending text 870. 87 this is Debbie to Roy and Ottoman Dhaka. No C play physical ball. I did years ago but it turns out you have to update your lineup we might not always good early but. All the sudden this season starts and you know worry your two and fourteen. I was yeah. The same issues for a lot gotten better about it here lately when I first on a plane. And then I'd be on rue and be on the road for seeds Kansas and I'd forgotten semi lineups but here are ten minutes prior to kick off can do like take a loss of an a by the league we screen and scream and Abby not secular lineup from. You're Tilton games. Some got better about it out I'd like a light plane offensive football at. I had tea and not as educated as probably should be a not very good at it so if you wanna jump in this. This sports talk offensive football league you certainly have a chance to beat me Bobby Hebert is gonna get. He's probably have somebody else you know his wife run his team. He'll make the picks but as far sentinel lineups awesome Bobby is allergic to a computer there's no there's no such thing according to Bobby walks round that's that's darn flip phones still. But nonetheless. Yeah it's it's it's some occasionally have a lead here. And then I might give will be with my family members as setter and have a little fun there some some bragging rights I know that there are some intensely set. You know feud the loser has to get tattoos of initials of of the winners the light that I am I going that far. Does not but it it pay out Nelson Stewart your head football coach at Newman high school polite to open up 50426018. Sending text 87870. Aussie. This is this a good texts basically we should we should do. High school coaches more often I get on a show more office hasn't done some work that's a that's a great point there's so many. I didn't realize Nelson how many. How much the seven on seven stuff has evolved and how much. You guys are involved that you reminded me that typically I think from. August. What December and and yes I do you think you do away with the bat I forgot it's pretty much year around thing. Yeah really as you know in as you alluded to December's kind of that all time and and everybody gets in the weightlifting spring football and yeah really has Sega and and and the the neat thing about it is. You hear so much now about selected non selective in this matter in terms of divisions it's nice to see everybody compete against one another and when you eliminate linemen that the nature of the game changes and it is so rewarding for us to go against just this morning lots sure. Madonna 35 saint Charles you know we don't John Eric. You know schools are great cost vacations and you can compete athletically against great coaches and see where you are engaged thing so it's very competitive. And I think it's good in terms of the competitive summit at. Or it's not as so the full policy Friday. But again it keeps it funny kids that you really get a deep appreciation for. The way coaches run their programs the way kids are executing both offensively defensively and got picked on it's it's win win for everybody. Either you have very devout friends are no friends because I think anybody tell me a story on the text line. Are on the phone lines about that about Nelson's two who played against them are played for Omar are are played with them nobody nobody can tell me. In any anything about the and that's that's negative are not negative but a story since he must have very devout freighters. Cat as a talent talent chum and I apologize. I pronouncing your name wrong I cal Perry and hope Karen okay I have I have at hell in my much community make. So I carry go ahead. This the number out but all of a wanted to click it took. All right yes Julien Levy got what mistakes but let's hear the to the resonate. It is not okay. I think you need to look at scramble to see in Italy with grandma. People are sees little bit. I am 108. Granted. And I've played fantasy football for purse constitute. And I played against. All in world war and that ankle out quickly because I don't know enough to do this and they acted got a problem on Oprah on. And that that number I'm really that you would likely not play in the league record for games played it was oddly like. 28 years old when it simply isn't that looking. At their first week I got more points than anybody. And apple in the morning assets at Tokyo I absolutely love claim they are a couple. Apple Oakley. In plain as the years to. And I play in our country and aptly be completely. And up one noticeable lakers' six years and when they when they technical wanted to play. And no more carrots in a warrior and yeah he got the okay. I don't care first of your and I usually do went puts on hold Logan's gonna get your email address civil. Email you as we get closer more Bernard Leno you as you close to the draft etc. so. That's one spot down we got seven more spots ago. There in your NO. IP. OW Google against do's my cell Bobby bare sports team here. TV debut saw I. You bet let's get logo was he care and email address please anyone audition what you just heard she said not our words not mine a token grandma but. For Essex usual way and all the a year in the league if you had auditioned for our sports talk. Physical ball league 504. 26018. Sony text 878 and had to let this woman doesn't mean thoughts and over again sees it sees it first off she comes out. The right approach. Playing on the hard streets by the way flattery of me will get you everywhere if you're auditioning I it will get you in and score a lot of points the way about it. But we want your resonate we watcher. We want your your your your your hot takes is well I take that now fallen star lineup. I will startling comeback fancy football additions for sports on right here on W going announcement aka. If you're texting one audition we're doing on the phone so I know text auditions in a lot of people sail and play low cost at 504. 2601870. Sports talk fancy football league auditions Karen hardy got in first one there's seven more spots. He have what it takes we'll find out what's your resume and look a little trash talkers that's what happens in physical police and talks contractual so he trashed our game. Better be pretty good night David a matter what's going on David you're on W him well. They'll upload. So. Echo what it takes up a little bit. I. Packed my back. Started in newspaper. It would let them though it all here and OG on the net that are again. And again. We go back in a unit that it wanted to went yeah yeah yeah yeah. Output from. After probe that they say how many. 888. The boat and I. Or. In jail years. Other trash talk game. So while playing you this week what do you what do you do we how you trash talk me. But you don't you know back. Or assault at a guy that's only got. Well you can look at comes from a you are out there are about report backward and the well yeah. I. Well we do they will put on hold David. You can on the on a fringe for me right now. I. I don't know if you're totally Agassi eyes though Lou get David's email he's a possibility. Not now lot Karen's guardian we're gonna get to that freaking Covington next hour also talk a little fancy football would Eric Laughlin. Owner of fantasy sports football to be owner of fantasy football maniacs dot com and Eric Laughlin on Twitter. Nelson Stewart Christie Garrett here on sports thoughtful lines are open once again for our physical ball auditions also got a question for Nelson about. High school football our degrees in general feel free a 50426018. Semi tech states and the gates of the this is W two LA anathema Dhaka.