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Monday, April 16th

Bobby & Kristian speak on Pelicans, and one of Kristians twitter followers shows up to debate Dez Bryant's place in the NFL.


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Yes indeed sent her five welcome into the Monday edition of double coverage excuse me sports talk here on W him well enough when dot com all the habits are hard to break. And it cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Kristian garic. Joyce felt good master control everybody had a great weekend it was a really good we can in the sports scene Bobby with a pelicans knots in their first playoff victory since they were called the hornets and also. LSU sweeping. The Tennessee Volunteers look like they're gonna lose game three yesterday Pennsylvania Kurt Cabrera came up and belted a three run homer the weekend of sports for. Yeah. Thanks Christian I have to admit I them style listening. In those on the diagonally and you know down four runs in the news. In that role with analysts over. Look I'm convinced Bobby that there's there's like. There really is magic and at the box like there's some sort of high power and just sometimes they have had one of those and while this year at least. And it's just one of those I think this is a momentum changing. Series for LSU baseball because of being able pull off a sweep and do and that faction now all of a sudden you're nine is six in the SEC. And you're in the thick of things behind Arkansas earlier by game yeah I think. For young team they kind of need to one of these moments that make sense. Yeah because it's kind of been their track record where'd. Olson fans can be up and down. The first half an SEC's schedule and then all of a sudden. Pulmonary works his magic with the tigers and they've always been outstanding in the SEC tournament. You know and figure thing so. Yeah the right there in honor of the you know. Win anything I think I think that when we get a look back mice we've been Tennessee. The pinning how this either poles with to host a regional. Are there on the there on the term bubble they work at six and six in the SEC. This gives them a little bit of leg room this gives them a little bit to two two to expand upon at least. Yeah if you look at it. You know it always helps you comets whatever you could sweep an opponent especially in SEC opponent no matter who it is. And he knew one game I don't know western division lead like a sand and you look at it. And I thought this. Could happen are you wanted to happen. Because they had superior talent that Tennessee. But then to win like UN. You want us until Sunday. To have that kind of come edition legitimized the moxie that. Kind of swagger. How you handle adversity. And on all of the angles to via a long way and in how about Jake slaughter I mean I want talk about him well if you look at a Christian and I mean. You baggage that need to go with the bad at times that we look at the strikeouts and Albert. What he battle for rigid. Look at the first two games we had three homers he added a two run trouble. As if you look at it like I think if your a Major League scalp. And you look at players that are intriguing. I think. The aegis like you know he's a difference maker and so that's why when he beat a slump or not he needs to be in and the line lineup but. They're remarkable come from behind win on Sunday. Kind of speaks for itself in. And that don't bode well going forward now I think with a team as far as their confidence. You know winning their cubs series. I'll go back. Neil right he'll he'll hit two home runs and and back to back at bats and then come up with two strikeouts and look. Pretty bad in doing so at the plate he committed three errors yesterday that's my concern is defensively. Pulmonary stresses that at your liability defensively. He can live with it offensively you're up and down if you're in home runs and and striking out hit home run to -- our of our Boston doubles to the gap I think the MVP of this team honestly. Is Austin bay. He killed with a huge clutching yesterday to get the score 76 a two run double he he he an adult and to the gap and each time and time again. In a clutch Austin Bain who was a pitcher primarily in the no exclusively for the first three years of his career all the sudden it is I think your best hitter in the clutch at least. Yeah you asking him to. To get hits Kristen. You know to be hitter in the end even came placing him he's gonna turn double plays right. I mean that that's you know these outlaws baseball that he had to do you have to look at the level yeah when you clearly you do you know play wherever the coach tells you to play it. No when you look at the utility player Arnold that's that's the right word but. What he brings to the table and announcing he forgot how to pitch. If if one day he's called upon to do that but a big win for LSU tigers and and obviously. A big win for repellent is on the road two win at Portland. Like I got to win this game their up nineteen points put. You know if you look at it playing in their eighth playoff series since. The franchise came to New Orleans that it is the hornets pelicans in 2002. It was a four time you all and as one of the series opener. And just the second time in this is this is this eulogy. The road team that we are. It is the second time the team is one series opener on the road. You gotta go back to they won a series opening game on the road wanna say it was 2011. Against the lakers when they beat the league has been a lakers in the winning. In six games but. That nearly 31 is still on but hey. Why not. When a couple of games in the room could do you know how the mood and in this the series grizzly I just think Portland. They're not gonna shoot as poorly as it did in the first half. You know this I think they know they've got three and cannot afford to vote Ronald too. If date is gonna end up didn't game two Tuesday night tomorrow night they got a stranglehold on this on the series and it it would take a pretty big collapse ultimately for the Balkans does. What's still won't what's the what's the old approach to a well when I look at me if you know one and one in it if opponents go one on one ever would have been extremely happy right. You have an island say. Collapse silly because they've played as good on the road as they have home. You know the TrailBlazer beaten the pelicans in new Amazon EC play our basketball that's why. I don't know I think is gonna go back and forth throughout the series and hopefully that the pelicans get the doorway is reported troubling news. Operating Mazda people long lines we had W did will not come which NFC south team had the best free agency hall. Saints falcons Panthers and Buccaneers will keep that around. Cast your vote online at. WW will not come. Or calls at 5042601. Rates and also how you feel about the hell that they. Not their first win in a playoff over the Portland trailblazers in game 197 to 955 before. 260187. Text 878 semi Willie Roaf. Paul Fey are we joins us 635 wood Johnson at 520 Conrail she baseball Kurt he went. Leading B writer a manager editor for NBC sports dot com sports talk here on W two well. I walked back to sports talk. Pullen drove a final four to 601870. Text 8787 Bretton port what's going on Brett you on WWL. They would I got it. You begin life. And now this group about a year ago. Bit by equipment is equipment. Begin but looked people statement that may have only the first. I wish. I'd thought our special just I'm I'm I'm just that jerk. Well I mean like the matchup. And you know you might agree with this takes Greta you're watching the game. And this that takes him a 2167. It is about a Portland's. Big twos or shoot again. If you look at McCollum Lauren and billiard that. Well they're on they're on especially at home in the crowds crazy. And the first had did not shoot well but detects and on this day in had a lot to do with the pelicans David's I agree that so. Does that highlight the talented chances when you look at judges. We match up against him and that makes it. Absolutely you and I think he took that that we. I would have managed. That is what makes. Good. Economic. If they. Wedge UK you'll get it. It. Should be outraged. The issue. Is. Not. Much. Mobile bug Bret Bret even if you look at the last month. Of the season are month and a half services like it was it was playoff basketball on the west the commerce does every game with so meaningful. And you look in the final ten games in a regular season Rondo average drive eleven points. There and have assists and he was shooting 51%. We'll when he did you BER hello would Rondo does that penetration and I don't know because lazy lay up whatever when he kind of banks and in all of the dribble. Yeah and it got honored Edsel did you make a great point where Rondo and now he's one three straight playoff games on the road. It gets a higher seeded team if you remember last year with the bulls. And they beat the Celtics did did he broke his thumb. But we again LB Eric cliche playoff run that we definitely getting that. Definitely dabble in court and it didn't Davis who. He's deepest league. Seriously. As who has recently. If you. Look at him I'm still. Get them. Yeah I say like he's on a mission. And deleted team is structured now David definitely move on from bogey cousins. And that's saying you know what bug in the future of how the team is structured. And how Rondo was a quarterback. When there on the break. No it can be something special and and holiday though the united sailor holiday at times and intelligence fans have seen is in the fourth quarter aware. He had an you have eternal war. But you can. Have those turnovers. Gary not now and then and they are significant because I think that led the trailblazers and collagen treatments that they get back in the game. But you commode is davis' docile it what would we needed would tolerated this is as good as it gets an NBA. And the reason why and enclosure he said the analog beacon argued he was saying it. That being educate the fans because this think the coaches and the players around the league that many said. That as far as. And Jrue Holiday Eagles. A two way guy I think. He's as good as anybody in the NBA. We coli Leonard. But this bars now how. Name meaning and JD says -- a better two way player in the league out of that you can't. Presumably the now they pay them warm we roared humor to great contract. Who accident trying to get to forty points every night. They'll accept. Guard the best perimeter player on the audit team regardless. Of how tall he has. Are or who it is it is George there's flexibility. A holiday I know that and in the end eternal workable turnovers but his defense there were five seconds left Amanda what is what that's a wanna game 12172. On points. Seven assists for for drew holiday and 3514 at 44. AD and yet at that strong well thought and look at those they're big to me. For the falcons say they controlled. Portland's and a and a that in shoot very well but Damien Willard they they were able to manage that is how the game to drew holiday and media. Well I did take this right here tells at all on the view that cement and you know they've only won four times this season when the hole when the score under a hundred points. And to me that that's very courage and also how to act Portland tonight to score are gonna win and then you look away it would drew holiday has meant. Dominant deep the deep is that he's played. Can you expect this 121 steals. But that the business crazy. And they rank and he's ranked third in the league among players to a 67 or charter. With 64 blocked shots we assume blocking shots all the time and meaningful point in the game. Now how about this if you look when holidays on the court. The pelicans have the fifth best Davidson team in the NBA in waiting idly running guy kinds Barnes and I'll fifth best team it's a team in the league. But you know ordered the visit efficiency rating when he's not there thirtieth. Oh so. So it is on the bids. And not on the caller go from fifth to thirtieth no drew holiday house money. This elites the June money well spent. I come back at our CBS news headlines on local news headlines steeler cane into without. Can't wait for this I'll explain what's going on with steeler came here and a few homes we come back to sit Tyson looking at about five minutes you I go. Toto sports talk here on WLA anathema backup. I bodies so on Friday. Obviously that the cowboys released Dez Bryant. And mealy yeah so dominated or would you India so some saints fans are some fans football fans in general think you'd be a good fit here with the saints this is after. Cameron Meredith and already signed with the saints and I'm not I laid out pretty passionately my disdain for the idea of bringing Dez Bryant. In Seoul for anybody with a recap of that but there's certain Twitter follower of mine and I look up I'm I'm glad to have people at that one clap back on Twitter and and chat and get in the good conversations etc. But I mean the sky about the bring on steeler can I admire his persistence he does he would not drop it. So I got to the point allows a guy call us on sports talk and will. Will locate this around will will will will will have this discussion and -- the winner you know basically whoever whoever proves their point the best. Has sale of the lose a stealth Twitter iso to bring in steel for weeks steeler came what's going on steeler team you're on W grew up. Question but I'll be what they haven't felt a little volatile. What's on steel McCain now beg your real name he just has a Pittsburgh steeler fan in non food. Men and book on my humble. Commendation oh Pittsburgh spews sledge Miami Erica multiple almost looked a little pact about. Well OK I found. You fronts tip that a tiger that the guys can be from down here. Auto critic is not on how one of you is born crazy be living now and they're I it was so pivotal high okay Steelers do McCain's so how did you. Come about. Take in the Steelers as your team in the Miami Hurricanes when it's sick you know by large sings country in LSU country. First game outlasting college will win Miami beat Notre Dame and Gerry file led game holes like 78 years old fell in love with Miami and Hurricane Fran that was. As for the Steelers is more lists when would then I low Kordell Stewart ago. I slash ailment. You know real good appreciation that Mario followed him from David Colorado and he basically went to saw Pittsburgh you know I I basically became more of a lifelong fan activists let that it's. No hatred sort of thing. Know what well. And that's it. I got you so what you love the Dez Bryant. Why now. If one when I hurt when Christian. You know California an old idea that it did it might not be good for the saints locker models like wait hold old. Not out there in the passionately. Argued there and the bit of it is to argued. But make no mistake about it this bride don't use a little bit older and it was production may have diminished sole way in the left go with these. Not somewhat a lot he has had thousands are receiving year in three seasons are because it not playing that Tony room. You pick it back and look and I am happy you know what I even referenced that because I told him you know you've got des pres got and you gotta keep reminded delegate count. He admitted activity -- press gonna give me that's fine that's net that's us that's a fair point with a Tony Romo vs Dak a sky here's here's a thing though steel McCain. Did you see him today go all in all and in an interview I think it was on one of the networks and he was he was given this it's good to think he's and he would be a problem in the locker room. He's given all this he said only Jerry Jones had his back again is Jason Garrett guy sold now you know those players in double a start throwing people under the bus that gave her hold on that's the behavior that I've seen consistently. With Dez Bryant that makes me go if on the saint I'm not touching that guide all and he indicated he would be on that acts I can't tell me. You can't tell me that he wouldn't be a problem analog world. I feel I can't it's really Cain how about this I think he would be beneficiary Dez Bryant made the plea would Drew Brees. But I I don't know we BB it appears that the in this thing on the limit takeaway that could voyage drew would trying to check him. Because is David top dog here is Michael Thomas. Can he handle. Now all of a Sonny's a second and third option. And needs to maybe on this outlines and am I don't but it damn ball a bit with those kind of received an ugly when Andre Iraq rise in market. My daughter was safe at an end. At end and aid they in. Like does say it's out now there's always at the right prize and he was to be with him is not even the right price and maybe the that that the Dallas would have negotiated. I'd and as would in this thing in Dallas I think Dallas is that one and there but did the point why is that. Gave him because we. That has been negligent that breast god that's like that. A little bit to what Christians in this about the other I didn't expedient view today in any thing from day boy you gotta keep in mind this morning you know and to. He did go to Oklahoma State but he pretty much doubt that being so it's not like he's just all a person has drafted by the cowboys there's just. Later he he actually Wolfram of the copilot. Corey that's great. Yet where. He grew up affair cowboys. And you know you're in to me it would be Connell or to separate personal feelings playing for France. That you grew up loving it will idle I think he would be more personal. That's probably more than likely why he's he's probably acted out more so it's more personal that he committed to. I checked it out we don't act it out at the still McCain he acted up before he got paid if you look at that California really payment to reward and that contract he was in his act and he he was active now now duplicate. You've been through this body and I know your saints fan he played the saints and then. They they told him so well as you play long and W and anyone alas in the lead got to be a mercenary now Steve McCain speaking a mercenary how would you feel. Dez Bryant thing the Steelers I mean using the steel issued one right away. Well. We're drew a little as well. Well not. Go out on the right now we've got Antonio borrow. We've got you mention there. We still on video and it would more David bright but what about you you rock as we don't. Trust me if we. Spot that I can go and OK hobby right there which. OK okay so who's a roster spot that he really he's not going to be an enemy number one to be the number two had an OBM best. Mike Tom it's Mike Thomas is the guy as as the want so much so who's whose roster spot we. Presumably take here. Well it ain't a young still McCain you look at nice to look at Cameron Meredith come and often knee injury. But he's 25 years of age we think he can handle. Let's say Cameron Meredith ready to roll committee handled being the number three receivers saying you know. Honestly I mean what you'd you'd say and number three but honestly I think he can come in India number two I've got. For that price so mean for the price you got to pay and that it's not. I beat out. That's the best thing that problem bigoted. Have to be it is safe priced right I mean you can't be Dez is right guys might say well they did was take cuts instead of fifteen and Owen seventy million. I only the last of him. Eli still McCain just just real quickly. Well we'll wrap this up you're gonna get a move on I went to so finish up. All I'm delighted with this situation. Is so much Mort that's not means that it they have Bryant. Wanted so many so much money so many dollars and many millions of dollars and now. But it is not the needs of the negotiate and honestly I really believe. You of the caps bit and on the what do pole a lot of fact is there would wooden awards but he got cap space and opportunity. For him to play we Drew Brees initial commitment to agree assaulting. But the ability and the ability isn't as attractive yes do McCain still however he's up problem and a lot from you didn't tell me you lay out anything's show me the contrary to the otherwise steal or take the ball well still it gave. Then at least ago right now does corner where a quarterback. That is playing at the highest level. And and I think that can make all there was in the world in his career going follower. But he used to play. Approve a contract remember osh on jeopardy. To a news both the top dog and a bears and he won an Eagles and Eagles a one year deal he got all with the Eagles and it made him so destiny got a humble himself. Did do one year approve a deal. Based on production the last couple years on this roster he would camera Meredith in Ted Ginn junior Mike Thomas. Oh by the way alma tomorrow is used up quite a bit as a as a receiver. He'd be fourth he'd be fourth on the on the on the depth chart so to speak to view all steeler Cheney can stay on Twitter though don't worry about now look I love the debate. Sports on rolls on here on W well. Sought here on W into LA anathema dot com Joey fell to a master control. Bobby Hebert Christian Derrick here and getting into the pretty Mazda people body which FC team had the most. Successful free agency hall read the best free agency All Saints falcons Panthers Buccaneers. Where would you rank them and without being a home are a look at it objectively like like you always do how you feel how would you go without instead the Buccaneers saint. So I name it closes things. I mean just look who'd a sign in. And now on the wall for ourselves are like live the Buccaneers Brent Grimes. I think bring Grimes a cornerback. Can play. Then you look at the falcons Rivera at I mean. That bin Garland the garden I mean then you look at Carolina. Now they re signed Julius Peppers in now so I'm Maggie Shaq Thompson but. You know we got occurred caller from him there have Jonathan Stewart Charles Johnson anymore. Now they signed Ontario. Pulled a David to tackle these two stole him away. From Atlanta. So when you look at top to bottom. The same system the top dog. Think right now three CB Ian Anderson to see when you combine. Three is the in this draft if you look at the NFL's a hole. The top dogs are for sure. You know 'cause the rams and the saints will probably have to eventually. If he with the rams I would say there's three NFC teams. That out again an edge over his saints. That would be the rams. And then I would say adding the vikings have you gotten better and a 49ers. And in AFC team is there a browns but this is like the browns always wanna get better. We have a quarterback they look at Jarvis legend of the contract biggest game Tyrod Taylor quarterback. Facility look. Carlos Hyde the running back in the game him so. And the browns still all five of the first 64 picks in the draft so it's almost like. How could Cleveland not have success we tell my bill and you team young and what are you must success have a winning season when you only win one game. In two years. That that's almost almost have to try not to win to accomplished as an NFL. We do we do the worse when you think the parity. Now you look. The Tennessee Titans. I think you would be kind of robbed. Because of Vrabel that they the patriots. Bring him back adding that Malcolm Butler they got running back Dion Lewis. But to me just. In the NC saudis and I get the saints won and the one debate loses to meet you say losers as an indices fell. The loser czar I think behave be cynical and here is the it is over it is yeah you know. I think right now. It's just shows you I was only built now that I think you look at the NFC away as the cardinals in the C offices say and you gonna have the rams and in the party niners. And then. I don't like to save his but are the patriots. I mean is that dynasty. There is that they're looks at this seems to be some cracks in that organization run out apparently grown cows he's unhappy at what chauffeur on the offseason conditioning. Brady might not apparently there are whispers that the people that they're tired of going through the Bill Belichick patriot way. By the loss. Look they laws but learn. I brought him Malcolm Butler they laws Dion Lewis. The laws salmon dole Nate filter. The top left time to predict. Tom Brady's blind side. Died meant by that now. Our tree just president elect of pages pictures he would be good news who won the FC south free agency saints falcons Panthers Buccaneers you tell us a final four. 26018 semi text 878 having the sports talk here on WWL. Per hour and they'll schedule comes out Thursday schedule be released on Thursday. Dates and times and but this time last year were waiting safely got one primetime game none at home course she gets flexed later on but could you want. To open the season against for the New Orleans Saints home games include Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay filly. Washington Cleveland Pittsburgh. Or Los Angeles rams who do you want the saints to open week one against whether it's on the road right home again they there on the Aureus Atlanta Carolina Tampa Bay Dallas. On the road New York Giants Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati bagels or the Minnesota Vikings I'd like to have that Minnesota viking I would my going up there for the for the opener yet again. Yeah now a look at those who will chance Phillies of the field. The Eagles. I wanna played in prime time when the beast on the united football Monday night. Because I think in the superdome. I just like Drew Brees is shocking track correct yes it brought and time and it might take that time Everett in it to beat a team like the Eagles. But I imagine asking them how to primetime games Steven again I it's history. A at least right now. Now in the past when their expectations are high Cruz in the hi and it has meant that is poor right. So I'll tell for sure because they still very efficient offensively. The best. In Armenia to score points we want to be able to obtain sole you know when all's said now you coming primetime Thursday nights and on a Monday night. Right. I thought I'm saying for. Yeah this is silly because you want Thursday gonna put the saints in the thousands on Thursday night two it's going to be. If that's almost a given it's been a consistent side of the street sentiment and I go beyond treatment yeah I think. I for an off he's probably a conceivable want. So you wanna go on the road again is that by the got a on the road again against Minnesota picking on the season again is why not. I don't know it's a blow to the most injury it's where it all it's where last season all ended. And return of the grave sites alas I'd rather be one and all of I don't want. While they were X seven seconds away from I know I know that Ottawa. Or a bad memories Warsaw rules on here on W to grew up.