A store in Hawaii has become victiom of a Spam thief. 


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You like spam. The email or the food the food and you know he kilowatt hour. Yeah allow someone you know every the hawaiians are very popular for there are enjoyment of Spain correct they they prepare spam in many different ways but apparently. Some Hawaiian has taken it to a new level of the Honolulu store complaints that these are targeting his cans of spam. And becoming a common item being stolen from Honolulu stores and then sold on the streets for a quick cash. Business I am black market the wow really Inco clock hit it hit a really does come out here we are playing aggressions to you why wouldn't you just go buy it from the dubious or why we have to buy it from a guy on the street I don't understand but Rob Long who owns a convenience store in L a loses shoplifters of typically targeted alcohol the past. But recently more cans of spam have gone missing. He says quote. I mean muted try. I mean you try to keep an eye on it but if you if they run the you just can't leave the countering chase them over a can of spam. He just takes it. Well I mean there is expensive why don't look but either way. Yeah I guess they go Yang so they're stealing inning going on the street and selling it for less than full prize. Zone. How much can a can of spam cost. Me we we only hear what we're desperate for you know Perkins whatever it. That's about it. Thank you Dan.