Southeastern's Riser on the Lions' hot start

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, February 22nd

Bobby & Deke talk with Southeastern Louisiana Coach Matt Riser about the Lions' hot 4-1 start to the season.


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Well this weekend another top 25. Team in town between fifth ranked UConn Huskies in him in for a three game series against the 41 lions. Plans for us all a big victory over the Louisiana raising Qaeda is joining us now is southeast and that baseball coach. Matt rise accord president you so much for the time you can attain a a another tough nonconference schedule and talk them about not only you codes but. A lot of saves and a stunning comment if kind of take it upon himself to. Make overall health this conference. Are stronger it's not just. Southeast and not just other teams that had played good schedule but overall the conference has done a better job of making tough nonconference game. Yeah. And I appreciate you got you know law and yeah it now I'll read seeing. Bet that we re all well last year's. With the opted for the two at large bit men were the only choice not. Power five school that that got it back back at large is that because the dot that we played golf via a link other ball line in. That you ought not only one bat there in the these in the league good now. Multiple bid team and the more it you know become official schedule more Julia aptitude at all when and so. In the day our comp get ought to young hungry. That endorse competition and and operate. That the club out there on out for the third man out they're prepared ready go to Wikipedia and abet the country in all of it in restaurant do that big display or Ayman in my career that might. Eleven years you're southeastern now that we get to top one all the albeit not come we can't you go on the weak yen you're they took in the year. And Al Gore tries when you look at that again it's especially. UConn Kubel went February even though might feel like may or June. Considering. You know I don't know who's in the eighties and at times so. Over when you look at satellite will is that global warming whatever but when you look at a team like UConn anywhere from a Barth. And they have a a top notch program this has been held the selling commerce and yourself. As far as the scheduling going forward even into the future. That you could entice a top programs from up North Dakota now it's out. Silly because you can play the game in my and I'd be ideal conditions but a whole lot better than you have in the northern of porous the. Yet you know you'd sell all school come on now about you know the conditions fame and it's normally going to be between them in a bout a year. Helical we you know might be sixty years helpful rule out that this orchard YouTube back there but. You know at that get them that may or teen gunned down our guys like you you gonna come down and the reason being it. Because our administration and you know all all marking former print that out of make a production of all things we've got people shall we gains that are. Baseball a line stand but we get people on the nordic and deal between the video board and all the new lights you've got in the play facility itself just. The council form and that the need to play and and and they note now is popular programs though that. There don't and a neat kind of problem environment that. Have all the men they want our eyes and and they could come out about the dude equality allotment. All of these the dish the RPI and you know a year it. Apart it's ER PR wise so. You know it the new Condo that read no big deal because that that the audit all the loot into on the road. Now of course tries when you look at out top to bottom the pitching staff and in. You look at you hitters in there where they're right now just break down his team to an audience. As far as how comedy are the strengths and the weaknesses. Yeah you don't think that they are straight going to be urge them now. All through law actual food at ground force last year. But. And the mall or return. Toward a bargaining. Or colony called counselor. Bulk of what gallery in rotational last year cake on his back will help that you went down two weeks or last year he is a new well two nights ago itself or state. That we wreaking got experience SARS out of bowl on me. You know eighty art and the season. Yet dot greenback is well all our. Cold the last two years. Have been currencies last year shall. This year all the world went out this summer they'll they only thing our broad. It is it meant that job. Continue to build repertoire and make it REIT which make that one pitch quality and it on in the open the door you know while it yet that the best that ball ball. The only god told them it was illegal under especially early. Like the tool and ability and he does do some things a pink line up top the the bottom of the chants beat dangerous. But a lot but he is a little spot guys the lot of experience and on line where four years on the web Bobo. Are quite dig Stewart. Are there now all of new that one play in the equipment. Well what we had. We ordered to replace them they can gain or how to play that things style you know also were were both feed off each other like that double. Wiesel and read on all good now. Excuse to perfection. Don't think that the summit though we continue to build into that a good job point not the only question you know law all agree that such an irked by gains put on the bag that you get point. And gain in distant scenic you regret that men and continue to use them pedal. Probably NightCall there are situations where. You know he does not go away all that much that always been very they have yet the thing by attributable call or note mentality he would put. Op board that. Oh situations note about momentum and I'll Japan this event that keep that in their momentum well. Mine now with southeast coast man Raza coats this week and then in the course may Wii game against LSU revenue of Danang game started home. In Hammond now how big is that for you used an eagle on this season and gold hey guys. Yeah we wanna be playing well it director is one thing is make sure playing well but there's two really. Play well and have a good record coming off of a nine game home trip. Yeah you know it's important it's important to our doll which ought not to get too old Rory early. It's tough not to be good golf you're. You'll went in the ball game but at in the day when that both in the seat and that not. And it can't do all the in a squad fall baseball Wilbur there in the tournament fiery what about all that so probably my opportunity that and yet you know all that extra on the position and we'll get there and continue to update throughout the year people all the old wall opposite the more outline but. These and so like championships not to let postseason play. About it become limited. One note now all those gut that being done on May they can or can't because that would really it was a ball games so. They'll be home advantage. You know force because you know the gotten used the scene. You know that the BP in early out distill it work we did that in that hole and our ability. Don't think that's going to be a big man for people on the road. How things we issued to gain international road. So do you think those men razzle as the Tony is ranked UConn Huskies aren't Hammond as we get alumni field game one tomorrow night at 6 o'clock southeastern. And the Yukon Huskies can I don't take out the Lance goes thank you so much for the time we appreciate. Good and though it meant Richard Samuel.