Something’s squirrely here…

Wednesday, September 13th

Panic in the streets as squirrels run amock in Lake Vista!  What can this recent development in the squirrel-world teach us about how we treat threats in the human world.  Does one bad apple spoil the bunch or are we too quick to judge many by the actions of one?


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We're talking about squirrels attacking people in lake Vista and I've got a text here that says it and it's a serious side Mitch Maier Misch went through better do something about the squirrel crime. Before he decided before it gets out of hand I mean I I agree and I tell you we don't knee we don't need the mayor holding a press conference saying. On the squirrels attacking people enough is enough. No mayor you have to address the real problem here's some text that says psalm. Steve thanks for making me laugh. Has the same time thanks for showing how silly our society is today. Hash tag squirrels lives matter we'll urine WW real good afternoon. I've got in. Israel and the problem. As it goes in the Arctic. You got to score them that are you. Okay. And that. He liked their. Because she can't judge a squirrel population based on the behavior are thrilled. You. Could be in secret and New York you know. Problems would scrap. Rigid. Score and actually. Honey squirrels are two pretty domain with rats. I mean they know they look like rats but the whole tale was the whole different that that long ten was a whole different thing. We elected this issue this they come out. I. You see her and that's an end and that's why there's so darn brazen. You don't because again these women were attacks coming out of church of saint Pius. You think that it if you live in lake Vista of a peaceful neighborhood you could come out of church and I worry about being assaulted by a squirrel. I'm from west we go Kevin you're on WWL. There is that squirrel who lives matter. To be expected that they Colin Powell as well especially collar up arms to pick up they got that world. Helena I. You know I I I agree with you Kevin I mean but see this is what happens in this country you know we each get a couple squirrels on the news. And everybody wants to judge all squirrels. By the behavior of a little squirrels. Here's a Texas says so squirrel seasonal this October the eleventh off from Metairie Bob you're on Demi WL. Tag that you Bob I. Cotton tree and it to a where -- and drama squirrels nest. So. Rick. Has been and put it in the book. And put it bot and then. Brought in and what those computer. In to look at. Can't prove they'd be girls young. And I. You know made pretty much resonance. I swear this is true when I got to have poll out that says you have to massage square those kittens. As we shall all that well. I'm so glad to this squirrels in should put. And a triple coming. I'm done and that just as to garage true. But I'm not doing I don't know where stock again. Oh yeah. Yeah I don't even know what the purposes of me and regulatory purposes. You know like I guess sentinel some people do listen. It's. Yeah. But I'm not taken scorers but slow down and I got ya I back. I I used in car vibe I've I've I know I know a lot of people don't like to do that up from Covington Eric you're on WWL. Eight. Or Arkansas. Pollard but oh what or orders. Population out here this comedy world act in have been caught it disturb Portland but. All world. Appliance world Alpine world all worlds meet their. Right the. It is true Erika. Two to judge although the all the squirrels based on this dispute here I mean you can't even judge all gray squirrels with a can they were born that way were born gory. Yeah and I'm getting some text here about a buddy. You see that's just start to me that's just stood name calling. On and we should not use the name of the squirrel on in faint I'm scoop we'll be back.