Some actors in the Academy are not feeling the new category

As the Academy Awards announces a new category for "outstanding achievement in popular film," A-list actors including Mark Wahlberg, Tim Robbins and Luke Evans react to the news.

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The movies this weekend oh yes she's such shark week was over but not on the big strain among the four new movies opening this weekend. Is the mag. Why had two weeks in a row where Ryan nailed it would Mission Impossible I said the current top five our Mission Impossible fallout Christopher Robin the spy who dumped me. Mama me here we go again in the equalizer to. Joining them. X this week is Jason state comes the them. They're goals he had an escape me after escaping an attack by what he claims was a seventy foot shark. Jonas Taylor must confront his fears. To save those trapped in a sunken submersible all of my goodness something tells me the shark comes back. Yes that's a primary resist honored curses and why it is a movie cost like 150 million to make. Ought not expected to. Anything like that this weekend at the box on them some interesting also opening this weekend slender man PG thirteen horror movie. About a small town in Massachusetts where a group of friends fascinated by the Internet lure of of slender man attempt to prove they doesn't really exist you have some out of out of St. Joe a lot of mysteriously goes missing out. Black Klansman opens this is getting great reviews. It's a Spike Lee joint he's back yah know looks. Let's turn to funny Ron Stallworth and African American police officer from Colorado successfully manages to infiltrate the local kkk. And become the head of the local chapter. And this is a biography. Comedy parents. Oh it's getting great reviews by I don't know if it'll have the mass appeal that. Get enough of the box I doubt one also ally actually open on Wednesday where as dog days. Which is a PG comedy drama. How about dogs following a group of inner connected people in the Los Angeles. Damn it's a David Blake rally is being number line now. Come Monday on camera from my money on May get our side the so called mandolin. Seventy foot shark adjacent state and why do you like action and adventure Jason statement generally delivers. Yeah I he does and union onset of it we need a bigger boat is gonna agree we need a bigger ship that if I thought I. I was of that lines and there are now I'm speaking of movies have you heard about the curve thoughtful. In LA about the new category that will be included at the Oscars I hear no. You know typically. And I think we offline as many of the movies nominated for the top awards at the Academy Awards for the Oscars. Are movies that may be Warren box office success are movies that may be Warren the biggest grossing movies are movies that. Warren the ones that most people went to see exactly you know how often do the nominations combining a guy says it knows. Well now their adding a new category best popular film. Is I I think it's about time well the idea apparently is not going over all rarely yeah. Actor Rob Lowe a long time academy member went so far as to declare the Oscars are dead. Because they've inside decided to include popularity as a man. He adds though late awards are survived by sequels. Tent poles down vertical integration. The Motion Picture Academy says a new category will help recognize movies. That have wide appeal now. But critics suggest winners in the new category might be seen as a receiving a participation trophy. Others oppose the idea saying it might hurt movies like black panther. Which many see as having a legitimate shot at winning an Oscar for best picture ice they bought voters may give it. Most popular are best popular film and that actually give it the best picture now I can see where some might be upset socialists say shark in NATO oh yeah. Winds and health scare when I was now that ideal duck boat but I understand your point Jack here yeah that illustrates the point here here's the thing. If there's a new category called best popular field. Does that suggest that the other films in the other categories were not popular there unpopular. I don't know see this is one of those weird things. Should the awards before what people in general like you know there are seriously going to be for the whom components who yacht. Those who like the owners of the business them. I don't know I hear about the this'll flipped so the Wii sells apparently it's on the Oscars and it is in the best popular film category. I'd like our listeners to tell us what they think text me at HLB 870. Do you think it's a good idea for the to be a new category called best popular film. At the Academy Awards and does that damaged the Oscars in general. Or is it a good idea to recognize movies that have long been commercial successes. Hugely popular with most moviegoers but have not been recognized with the top awards in film which of course. Our the Oscars so the vast majority of people texting mandates 7870 do not care for this new award at the Oscars or don't care for the Oscars at all. Although one person does Texas does it make sense to give films that have traditionally been the last out of the Oscars. Yet are very popular with the public and award I. Applaud that. The Oscars will be giving the award out this year for the first time for best popular film well yes. How many times now and I think it's more recently to the Oscar nominations come out and you haven't seen any of the movies or you don't want to see any of the movies that are nominated. Sometimes it's it's like a vast wasteland of movies that nobody went to see. An end. Sometimes there may be a little too highbrow or artsy. But the vast majority of the public text messages coming in at 87871. Person's as everybody gets a trophy. And then maybe there is a little bit of that involved here now says it doesn't matter the Oscars are BS anyway. Another person Texas sedate seventy attorneys that I could not care less about the Oscars honestly moment as well there'd be introduced in this category is from people against. Who don't care about the Oscars and are hoping to generate some care. Then there's this text message today it's seventy it's every past popular film. Isn't that what we have the MTV movie awards for yet and the people shall. People's choice as well. I intend generally the Golden Globes where the floor and press select the winners we tend to see more popular movies winning those awards. Then perhaps we do at the Academy Awards and other present texas' who watches the Oscars anymore anyway. Because of the Oscars have become a big joke. It used to be a night to truly showcase Hollywood talent. But now it has become a place for the overly opinionated he had and I think that that's a lot of the problem as well that. Politics have entered into so much of what we see. When you watch an Oscars broadcast now that aid people who yet they just wanna celebrate cinema this wanna talk about great movies and instead. In your face and all over the place is political and social. And other rhetoric and some argue that they pay less and people who are in positions of popularity. In positions where people listen to and watch them. The they'd be irresponsible. For not speaking their mind and fighting for the causes they believe in but then others say hold on. I'm not. Interested in movies because of your political or social views. An interest in them because I wanna be entertained I want to see great performance I wanna see acting. I wanna escape from the politics and those other things another person Texas today it's 787 he says call all the new rosters category the most selling. Instead of most popular while some are going to be determined by a box office outcome this are gonna vote but now they get a vote on which was the best popular film.