Sneaux Day in NOLA?

Will New Orleans get snow tomorrow morning?


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I'm taking issue about it. We've your description of the weather outside our growing base it dated like how can you say it's a miserable day. Today is a beautiful day hours. Lives and enjoying every minute or else I'm above ground on this it gets rides here on the right side of the ground. So that's a good thing maybe it was the walk from the parking garage around the corner in the dark this morning that just got some items gusty winds you. Cold temperatures forties feeling like thirty's but it's not raining. Not right now but there's more to come the gas we gonna rain at the moment but we do have gusty winds. And we have cold conditions and more and more people are talking about. That four letter word sin in those. I I don't know if this is just one of those social media things that's kind of grabbed onto it and it has its spreading. Aria and people are just kind of wishful thinking. I mean is if you become convinced we're suddenly and have a winter wonderland here Friday morning ya. A beautiful Rockwell Leon's seen her of short you could make snowballs and snow men inaugural. Thanks so let us know what you know why no one ever talks with snow women it's always Sonoma snowman there you know there's snowman snow woman and all snowballs. It's and it is not going to be any of that in his and I cannot be. It's snow accumulations does not going to be snow balls is not going to be skiing and second he's landing at but there may be. A few flurries here in the and who knows you know once and a while conditions and just right where you do you know loans small later. On some of the bushes shrubbery. I'd it's not I think it's more hopeful game is likely. More sleepy looking maybe I don't. Wintry mix may be Argo will see. And I hope for those of you who are anticipating expecting in the import to some legitimate but it does happen. But I also wondered warn you to be prepared. Not to like you know done expecting. The opera at 3 o'clock tomorrow morning Pickering out you know. This flight. I'd also like the 11. Place I. So we shall see who ends up seeing and being flakes who has. I. Right so it's possible we could see some flattery. Is tomorrow. Morning from about his time and sell made today. More likely north of the city and west of the city. And we're not expecting any accumulation. Suggests that we get that out of the way snow is possible. West of new war rounds on the way over to banners north of New Orleans all the way through the North Shore and up to Maine to Mississippi but we could see a few flurries in the city as well. Man everyone buzzing about this snowy forecast. You know the National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory from 9 PM this evening to noon tomorrow. Because they mix of rain and sleet could begin late this evening nap before becoming snow. Friday morning that's tomorrow. This could impact some areas during the commute Friday most areas will only see flurries with a little if any accumulation. However a few spots especially. On the northern boundary between Louisiana and Mississippi. Could see. Less than an inch of accumulation on grassy surfaces rooftops and elevated surfaces including roadways right in that spot justices reports in the southeast Louisiana southeast Mississippi and southern Mississippi. From 9 PM today to noon tomorrow. Visibility will be reduces the National Weather Service tomorrow morning in areas where snow falls. They winter weather advisory for snow means that periods of snow with accumulations less than two inches within twelve hours will cause primarily travel difficulties. Be prepared for snow covered roads and limited visibility. And use caution while drive. Are we do so well leave it right on that app and this is off from the National Weather Service out and people are texting me. Very adamant. About whether or not they believe it's going to snow one presence as snow question mark exclamation point question mark or exclamation point out. Definitely nag good people can drive when it rang house that whether it's out it's another presences there are enough flakes in the city already the top topic huh. Hamas' main the snow fallen punch. And others. Is no game now that's just ridiculous. Just like the falcons beating with saints then get out of this. Hung up another presence has come on Dave snow Allen Mayo just stop already it's not going to snow around here. But then another person tax is apparently bin doing their research says from 9 PM tonight through noon tomorrow. Her wide and vast areas. Latest consensus models and are supported by a number of west. And our support all around game out by a number of Mets. Online. Showing two to five inches of accumulate all of well let down to not be so quick to laugh it off. Well in north of the way or drag our rights of people are formulating their opinions and making their predict songs. And I'm believing whether or not it will snow I will take a wait and see your doctor come on the flights. Speaking of flakes.