Should there be oil drilling off the Florida coast?

Newell Normand
Friday, January 12th

Should there be oil drilling off the Florida coast? The Trump Administration has reversed course on opening waters off of Florida to drilling.  While the White House wants to see expansion in other areas, the Sunshine State is no longer in that number. Should there be exploration off the Florida Coast?  

This Hours guest:
Chris John - President of Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Association


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Did Tony and renewal Norman on your Friday. Morning's. A hole he had thanks for joining us here on the 1000000007 in 1053 WWL a famine WWL dot com. As we kick off the weekend ride getting excited about the New Orleans Saints taken on the Minnesota Vikings. In Minneapolis this weekend for Sunday's showdown. With the winner advancing to play the winner of the falcons. And Eagles game on Saturday. In the NFC championship the saints are four point. Now and many casinos five point underdogs. Do you think the saints will be the odds. And head to their third. Conference title game coming up next hour we'll talk with saints color analyst saints hall of Famer former saints running back. Deuce McAllister and WWL. NFL analyst Mike did chilly day coming up. In the news now where will continue to discuss the saints but also mix in some other topics if you're an NFL veteran and your son was playing against your former team. Would you review your kids. Or your team. Saint all pro defensive end cam Jordan takes on the team is dead. Help define when the saints play the vikings Sunday in the NFC divisional playoff game. Reminds me of when the saints and colts were in the Super Bowl on people were asking Archie Manning. If he was rooting for the saints his former team or for his son. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning is there really even a question we'll talk about that in the near an hour as well as president drop. Now denies he referred to some poor countries with an expletive. In a DC meeting but several lawmakers insist they heard him say it over and over again calling those countries and ass hole. Haiti El Salvador and countries in Africa. Is the president lying. And if he did say that those countries word of that and an ass hole was he right or wrong to use that. Term and that language that's all coming up here on WWL. But this hour we're talking about drilling for oil and should Florida. Be exempt. And protects it. Should there be drilling off the Florida coast the drug administration has reversed course. On opening waters off of the Florida coast to drilling while the White House wants to see expansion and other areas the sunshine state is no longer in that number. While others drilling off Louisiana Alabama Texas. Should there be exploration off the Florida Gulf Coast as well. Joining us to help think about this is Chris John president of the Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association Chris. I'm doing all right did pick up the phone we know enjoy that and I guess listeners can hear you better. And let me ask you about well thought out better yes sir. Do you think there should be drilling off the Florida coast. Well you know let let it below here yet the answer here should be at least a month and I mean you're you know you're on. You know it in 2000 civics. That was a congressional moratorium that put all land the eastern Gulf of Mexico. That moratorium expires in 2022. And obviously there it is it is. The United States is resource it's not ordered resource it in the a crucial Florida on Torre turned up several. Waters of the united Cho answered that yet and you know you look at the big picture they think. The problem Mexico is it it is separated into three areas shall western ball the central gulf and eastern. Western all these you know obviously the coast of Texas for the most port central girl. It right now Louisiana and sit in. And those areas have been and part of this five. Year leaking plant and that's what we're talking about here is just a little complicated but he made it important. Every. Odd years the Department of the Interior puts together while your plan. At least. America's resources. In the federal law and now that's what happened last week. The department of interior came out with a 2019. To 20/20 four plane. Just a business plan to to safely and securely. And strategically. Take care of the resources of America internal waters. So they're deciding which area should go up for upcoming releases and which should be available for oil exploration and potential drilling. Exactly they do that every five years in the plant in that came out this is just a draft proposal. That came out. Yeah it too much to. The support of the oil and gas industry and and much out as a former member of congress tried to get eastern Gulf of Mexico open for years. Com that the department interiors new plant opened. 90% of and on the outer continental shall. That include Californian in the Pacific closed include Atlantic coast all up and down the clinical. An important info yeah. The eastern Gulf of Mexico because if amber is but a laugh out for us to go and safely bore all in there. Do and we're gonna do people and we have a you know Porter of New Orleans. Puerto food should all sport all those are going to be each hugely. Positively economically impacted. If we do more drone so. That happened Friday. I'm Indian yesterday or artistic or yesterday. Ago. The president. Decide that Florida should be out. And and I just think that that's another example. Of this administration. Just being inconsistent on line means but it is truly. Is it bad decision that we're gonna fight for a lot of reasons a person. All we well men average on pause right there on when we come back we're gonna get those reasons from the president of the Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association Chris John. Why did the president reversed course. And why should he not have according to the Louisiana mid continent oil and gas association doesn't want your calls at 50426. 1878. Text messages and 87870. Do you think there should be drilling off the Florida coast you can also log on to WWL dot com and cast your vote in our they get seventy ready jaguar opinion poll. Antonio won thanks for joining us here at WW LT going in for Noual Norman are big 870 pretty jaguar opinion. Paul should there be drilling off the Florida coast 85% of you logging on to WWL dot com say yes. 15%. Say no the Associated Press reported this week. The drug administration says it will not to allow oil drilling off the coast of Florida a blob abruptly reversing course. Under pressure from Republican governor Rick Scott. Interior secretary Ryan's and he said Tuesday after a brief meeting with Scott at the Tallahassee airport the drilling would be off the table. When it comes to the waters in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean a Florida. The change of course just five days after the administration announced the offshore drilling plan. Highlights the political importance of Florida where president Donald Trump narrowly won the State's 29 electoral votes. In the 2016. Election and has encouraged Scott. To run. For senate that from the Associated Press let's ask the president of the Louisiana. Mid continent oil and gas association Chris John. Do you think that's what this is all about the president trying to secure Florida for victory when he runs for reelection and trying to get Scott elected to the US senate. Is this all political. The administration reversing its course. Well picture certainly would be naive to turn back to what you red tape is that exactly what is so out and waste. Now what we need to remember is that. These are terrible waters distinct portal or South Carolina or him. This is towards these resources all all manner. And at the start a war wants to stop drilling off their coast in state waters and with. I don't want this year's yet industry shouldn't walkers and we're talking you know what it traditional under all goes well with what is. But I mean you got. We shall we need to remember that these resources for all of and so the answer to should we be Truman in the waters coast water. I'd say that it is reasonable to believe that should be part of the strategic plan of how we. Make a mayor or strong period energy security in the in the. So can a few minutes ago you are as few minutes ago the U we're gonna tell us the reasons why you think though that's not happening why. Then what are the reasons beyond the fact that while. We see oil rigs off the Louisiana coast off the Alabama coast off the Texas coast why won't we see them off the Florida coast. Well and and Emma got a little bit of background experience on this one remember. Is when I was in congress does the congressman from Destin Florida you know and I have made it a great relationship. And I talked a melodic and you know it was just ground zero. I mean that was politically. Suicidal. Before going all the COLT applaud. And so from a political standpoint on a member short order you know it's not what the people lord of war. They want art natural gas NR. Absolutely to you know fire a better conditions and you know. Motor to look at our own but it won't drill which I think is all and other compensation they cute short side. But you cannot turn your eyes to the political matters. What just played out last spot. Well. I am not now we ought to politics are part of everything that happens in Washington it has to be that's. That's the nature of the beast. And and obviously. Build that world understand that world but playing. This kind of court one America's energy security at the time where Arctic is really important. No I mean just it is is very typical but Florida is siege read more important. Electoral College votes on the just look at his last presidential election I mean. It could have decided the purpose it's always a battle grounds. It typically as Florida goes soon goes so goes the election. Absolutely so you you've got to look at you know the president. Looking at it from electoral reelection. And bill the whole governor Scott mentioned you know government should not as well and running and being urged Iran. With the US and if you all are running as an elected official in the U in action and it federal state and new war for oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida you're not gonna win. It's not that it's really that simple but again I think it's short on that we were having to look at the bigger picture and the fact. That. Secretary thinking put it eastern gulf in the first planned. And and publicly. Talk how the and then reversed at 55 days or shall go on that that just create an uncertainty. That we cannot have that we. In Washington and you know in Batman shall. Let me ask you this now if you lived in Florida. Would you support drilling off the Florida coast if you and yeah I'm I'm sure you've been to some of the beautiful beaches along the Florida Panhandle and maybe the Florida peninsula. I love vacationing in Florida. And I and I and I understand people who say hey when I go to dauphin island and I just see. Oil rigs everywhere. Off the beach I think that is necessary the prettiest thing I'm looking at I wanna look out and see unadulterated. Beautiful. The gulf waters and others after the gulf oil spills particularly say hey look what happened. To the coast as a result of drilling off the Louisiana coast we don't want that in Florida are the economy is too important here. To risk of that kind of damage to the tourism industry how do you respond to that. Well part although. Allred you've seen in dauphin island Alabama that was an Alabama State. Did not in the federal all those yet we're talking about it federal waters which were ten plus mobs and the 200 miles off the coast. About our co. So daddy can you know coach can you see them on the meat. You can't eat ten miles out so well so then what why is it such a political issue and why why why the Florian so much to not want it if you can't even see. You know they've used arguments about coastal tourism and all that I think there middle way. By day he's an idiot would oh there it straight political. Pot with technology not opportunity to political ally in the and if you or or use should not. I think there's cannot offer it would be channeling a Louisiana politician proposing getting rid of the homestead exemption you will not win if you. Come forward that proposal. Date that is unbelievably. That you would say that because I have likened this conversation you just. Outfitted like a little weak yen a politician BM. And hopes the action. That's what Florida offshore drilling is huge just is that right well there's the debate about but. It politically you can't recover from. So were you surprised that the administration even. Did in the initial draft release publicly put the Florida coast and ten miles off the Florida coast. In the available areas for oil exploration. And then we surprise when they pull out abruptly after this meeting between the administration and the governor of Florida. I was more surprised that they put it and and they pulled out a when they learned I was really surprised about you know we'd we have always. What is and falling gas industry. Especially here in the week and that that actually had the expertise. To be able to to effectively. And safely explore. And benefit from that we always want to go to eastern Mexico. Pan but you know we we never could climb that hurdle when it was announced we were all surprised. And then of course you know the the politics all reality it. But what would need to be very careful about this is now that. Florida has pulled down in in nick and shaky hand. Trumpet ministry cancel out there there's a bunch of need to he's going all out there too it's not just about war. You've got now people in California and Oregon and Washington South Carolina and north or understand. Well at Florida pulled out we want to pull out. And I think that's very dangerous in a lot of ways because we stroll. Just more important moratoriums on areas we. Cannot. Safely explore that resources in our federal wars. And I think it starts handicap in and you know a lot away shall. I'm not only. It is the decision taken out I think the ramification. Of well if they can't monkey. We have we don't wanna see the domino effect and it also does as you pointed out earlier have economic ramifications on the Louisiana Chris John president of the mid continent oil and gas association the Louisiana thanks for joining us more after the news. Deuce McAllister joins us and half an hour take a look at the saints vikings playoff game in the meantime we're talking about that drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and really in all the federal waters around the United States of America. Should there be drilling off the Florida coast of those of you logging on to WWL dot com 84% say yes 16%. Say no comic right now at 504. 2601878. Or text me at 87870. What do you think. The administration. Released a plan saying Florida waters gulf Florida waters. Atlantic Florida waters we're now going to be included going forward in the strategic plan for oil and gas exploration and there would be drilling allowed ten miles off the Florida coast. In federal law waters. Then the administration meet with the Republican governor of Florida someone that the president would like to see run for US senate. And the president's administration. Changes course and does not Florida's off the table. There won't be drilling off the Florida coast you think that's right or wrong you understand the politics behind it. And even if you understand them do you agree or disagree with that. Call me right now 5042601878. The vast majority of people who are texting a sedate 7870. From Louisiana area codes. Are on the side of gather should he drilling off of Florida obviously there would be great benefit to Louisiana. If drilling were allowed in the eastern Gulf of Mexico in the coastal waters all around Florida because so many of those jobs would come from people in Louisiana. Who have lost their jobs perhaps. With the oil and gas downturn that we saw over the last several years more rigs more jobs more jobs more Louisiana eons making more money. And it's better for the Louisiana economy. McGinn did get one text message today it's 7870 though that says the people who want to drill off the Florida coast are under American. They're gonna destroy the beaches of Florida. Some but then we have a lot more text messages like this. It's just another case of the administration not thinking things through before doing things now how is president trump. Gonna keep the other states from wanting the same thing. As Florida. Another text message comes in late 77 he says oil rigs as we all know here in Louisiana draw in game finished. It would seem to me that having oil rigs would actually increased nine. Don't only have more people wanting to fish offshore in Florida. I think you're right he would increase the fishing tourism if you could more easily find the game fished off the Florida coast. I don't know how Lou would impact the beach tourism which I think is probably a lot bigger than the fishing tourism but. Is like former congressman from Louisiana and now president of Louisiana. Mid continent and sell oil and gas association Chris John just told us. Can't see these things there in federal waters not state waters federal waters ten miles or more off the coast. Another says if you don't want drilling off because and you should pay a substantial coastal restoration fee for every state that is willing to drill. In every time you buy oil on us as a Florida doesn't want drilling off its coast Jack up their price of fuel. Melanie thanks for calling your on WW well do you think there should be drilling off the Florida coast. Born well and I feel that they felt like drilling on account and they need to pay. We're providing them. So you think that oil producing states should get lower fuel prices are. Definitely the work wrecked on. And he went out of the car of Louisiana. And I edit and people wonder out there Africa and that's fine but and they need to. More than the pain that weapon and our state in Arco race. Do you think they'd be willing to do that do you think is someone floated. A proposal in congress to have their BA federal fuel tax. On State's coastal states that oppose drilling are blocked drilling. That that would flying congress. I. Think it should be an intern and they've achieved an engine. You know an op there and I think the government should be able to use what kind of not being made up because. So you think Californians Floridians Alaska ends wherever states have successfully been able to politically block drilling. Should have to pay some kind of a higher fee or tax as a result of. Yet there are definitely. You think you mean do you think it'll ever happen really. I mean economic albino or I know the president were put or. Al maybe maybe not but apparently if it's a state that he needs to win reelection he's going to have a little more leeway. Carol thanks to the bomb on a Buddha. Your calls next level four to 601870. Margaret text messages and 8787 DD get it do you agree with it do you think it's right or wrong. The Florida is now off the table after being in the plan for federal oil and gas drilling I'm Dave going in. For Noual Norman hey good that's on the North Shore joined Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia tomorrow at noon. For our WWL divisional playoff pep rally at Rouse is market in man to bill where your black and gold stopped by to talk saints football. And show us your best Sean Payton dance moves Powell did this John Payton. Where is Bobby and deep tomorrow at arouses at noon on the Norris or the WWL playoff pep rally with a cajun cannon in the big chief. Noon till three at Rouse is 3461. East cost way approach in man to bill. Are you had coming up next our Deuce McAllister might until the day we'll talk more about the saints vikings playoff game with a trip to the NFC championship on the line I'll study where you can meet deuce and Santa of that reporter Christian Derrick coming up. Later today I'm Dave Cohen in for Noual Norman Kathy thanks for calling here on WWL do you think there's a rig drilling off the Florida coast. No. Wine dad. Aren't. We thought. That. A lot in Asia that people. Nobody should be deciding whether. Been reading on both co opt the cult before. Well Florida gets to decide in the state waters as do all other states that went to get ten miles out here in federal waters. And then it's the federal government gets to decide and the federal government had decided there should be out. Drilling off Florida California Alaska 90% of the coastline but then pulled Florida out. We have. What. Or you're out weeks or actually hair and make a lot he'd walk out. And many out change am because. Got up its act. And there's all. I mean there way that they are the way. Had seen you know G what they outlawed in. What they need to do that spot in that and more. That energy where nobody. Could work out that clean energy. We in Britain well. I've been under. Lock. And on the no one what will happened. Got a BA et Al want or well. MacKenzie let me ask you this should Floridians than pay as several people who have Texas and called us have to know that. Higher fuel prices because they don't want out drilling off their coast isle Louisiana Alabama Texas I'll support it now. We may make people. You know. But it went towards the whoa wait 10 how do abortions have anything to do this. Hour. Now. No. It relates that people don't want abortions to pay more for abortions you're saying. Yeah well that. Well. Am not sure how I'm not just value a lot of. Emily and I like apple audit. I am out there. And eight. Or that was the worst oil disaster in US history no doubt but clearly that's the exception. Not the rule. What are rising and we don't he had to you you may get a talent we have those happen every week every month every year out there he doesn't. All. All right. All there's risk and everything you're absolutely right there there is risk in everything Kathy we appreciate your call. January disagreeing with the overwhelming attitude and opinion that we've been hearing and every it's every great jaguar opinion poll for example. 83% of those people voting at WWL dot com. Think there should be drilling off the Florida coast 17%. Say no and many people are texting us saying you don't want drawing Africa assign you pay more. For oil and gas. Not a text message date 787 he says yes Joseph loss to Florida. But have an out of sight from the beach will hurt tourism if you conceive their next month ten miles according Dick Chris John you can't see from the beach. Another Brazil is no drilling off of Florida we can't take the risk. Jim in Vero Beach and attempt thanks stamp he did at a who dat so he's a saints fan and more after the us. The trouble administration's five year oil and gas exploration plan calls for opening 90% of the nation's offshore reserves to development by private companies 47 leases proposed stop the nation's coastline from 2019 to 20/20 four. Nineteen. Off of Alaska twelve in the Gulf of Mexico nine in the Atlantic and 7 in the Pacific including six off of. Al foreign yeah but. Florida which was in that number initially now is not after the governor of Florida met with the administration. And the president decided okay will pull Florida out. The exploration plan. Maybe because he wants to win Florida and his reelection bid coming up in a couple of years may be because he wants the governor of Florida and to become a republic in senator to congress. Stem politics has something to do with the everything I know. Is that the right political decision or wrong by the president John thanks for calling your on WW. I. Yet both art or do you support the president's decision to take Florida out of the Max. Well on the Republican and you get little credit but I do support. Children. Because you know I'm I'm kinda about having to go to other countries. And get oil from them and then you know I have a little you know legal route and Albert a while all. But I'm about. Now wearing green we are increasingly self sufficient when it comes to oil you know that the right that. It. Plants all present beyond that but I'm. But lady that called into cars at the achievement and nuclear power industry and about outplayed by the well. Yes it's sunny it's mostly the offshore drilling election crazy people wanted to boards. So you know there can be problems the people or discrete. You know bottom line in Ireland. I don't know about I can't imagine that. Nuclear power play at that meltdown is any paper and people. Acts. Iowa we appreciate your call John do you understand by the jump administration to Florida out of the makes them. I completely understand but you know he's short of such great he's sure that all of that straight. And and get everything done before he made any. Now you know why put it in the draft plan and release it publicly and then after change course and abruptly pull Florida out of the plan. They administration had to know on its surface that it was gonna (%expletive) off Florida that Florida would be very angry with this. And it could have anticipated that and made the decisions ahead of time text messages come in and it's seventy it's 71 distraught second to destroy the coast off Merrill Argo. Another person says Florida's coastline is unique everybody else is coast must be an ass hole. I see Bridget did there borrowing a line from the president tide coming up at in the noon hour we'll talk more about the president's comments. Or alleged comments about Haiti El Salvador and some countries in Africa allegedly using that expletive to describe them. When talking about immigration next hour. Don't go away Deuce McAllister joins us after the news to talk saints and vikings. And playoffs here on WW well.