Should there be an FBI investigation of Brett Kavanaugh?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, September 19th
Tommy talks to Lara Brown, Director of the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University, about the allegations against Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh.

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Lara brown joins sir and our friend director of the graduate school political management at George Washington University good morning. You. I let's talk about this whole. Professor. Lum blahs he forward. A judge Cavanaugh is saying now she says she will not testify before committee unless. And FBI investigation. Or differ one is done in judge camp and on specifically. Relating to her claims and I stated that correctly. Our guards appear to be the case that her attorneys have around the latter on Friday and that should not be rushed. And that there should be on the investigation of the matter. Before the testimony takes. So. How does that change the dynamics of all of this and Tom it does it affect her credibility and dole did annoy SS off core crusade that he said go along with the vote on. Wednesday if you don't show up flake said the same thing I don't know about Susan Collins are Murkowski you know what they're saying about this. I don't not at that yet I mean I didn't. What is important here. Anita Hill did write an op Ed in the New York time yesterday where she suggested. That there should be independently. Investigate and our committee this crop that are dealing with the actual. Monitored the actual thought charges morph there she said that there should be a century in neutral. Investigations. Bodies that then should present to find you. To the Senate Judiciary Committee and that should guide the Senate Judiciary Committee. And that that would be later removed from the part of it and ship. Probably be content. Allegations and Alton. I'm unfortunately I just don't paint. Is that going to half and he then is that we're up against in the internal action plan to the fact that he's trying to vote. On view are seen the Republicans saying he paid. Where we did extend a hand say. Odd which has like senator irked that you are I'm only now we're kind of in it. Good hurt when you're going to vote but everyone knows the Republicans want a vote sooner rather than. Dianne Feinstein has been criticized for holding on of the letter I think we've covered that ground already. But yes who racial Fox News that she could not Dianne Feinstein now could not be sure. That Ford was being entirely truthful. Scissors a woman who's been profoundly impacted by this now I can't say everything's truthful I don't know. How damaging is that to the professor. Well I'd be hard card that is the NC it's just that this or so ago right. And that is the place where. Visit the content of their theatrical allegation in panic and even investigate. We understand the desire for a neutral party investigation and you know. You know I myself particularly. Sexual harassment training. Seminars in my places of employment. Either they're. Strict adherents. Are are these kinds of cases to insure that they're they're. Both his apartment who collapses. Abuse it and hear the person who analysts to be user. The difficulty in the matter is that we're talking about. 35. Euro currently. Hand that does probably don't even know there are bad and that implies he has. You brought it up a full hour in earlier time than Pete as early as 2000 while with the Santa is our state and right lie detector. On. Oh. You know I think credit. Israeli action and the difficulty here. Is. Actually happy and the additional evidence that would crews cleaned it would be true. When it happened at the time. It seems to me in terms of political chess if the FBI launches an investigation. Summer saying it wouldn't take that long but it seems to me. If it's 3536. Years ago that this is not to me an easy investigation conduct or. Conclude system mid terms are approaching. You can't tell the FBI RH shut it down to we're gonna have a vote so then it kinda. It candidate meg it did what sort of thing and I'm kind of paralyzes. The Republicans senator who once they have a vote on judge Cavanaugh is set possible strategy here. Well they're now without that I. You know. That Democrats are he'd only culprit that way as a hypocrite. Because it. But today Christian possibly even your internal action and been to a place where there's potential. Far more Contra particular. Obviously the Republicans would like you hate these if it is possible. Pat Cavanaugh on the greens court. And I didn't see it there are a lot of confusion about how I'll. How does the Republican. Party proceeded. Expeditious manner. That the main content. Not a threat. Ito sort of more women or suburban college educated women who are ready this Clinton voters and election. This some I don't mean any disrespect anybody but. The ultimate thing nears that. You're nominating and confirming his Supreme Court nominee that will serve for life judge Kevin knows in his mid fifties. Thumb. Clarence Thomas Anita Hill has that affected his work on a court end of this for whatever reason is forever attached to judge Cavanaugh as Anita Hill is. To Clarence Thomas. Will lists have any effect on and on his work on his. Judgments etc. as a member of the Supreme Court. I don't think we you know Egypt. That the day. What we're talking about here at the powder behavior. And over and what we're. That this got the united whether or not. You know character materially matters to the position you hold. I don't even you know. Back. Either they're the wave to essentially judge Clarence comments. And that he had me in that word is quite possible that pack unity and how she'd been. And her topic of course it's been hired. On service 800 pounds and could court and that being one and why he. Considered is considered to be one of the quiet. The pretty important numbers up there units and rarely ever on her vocal. A lot of matter only so. He has big winners here essentially speculating. To avoid because it should yeah. Argued. That actual you can't argue what didn't happen to know what happened. Larry Williams Tony seconds or screaming at me and control room there's new book and your family. There and get back in my family I'm absolutely certain life in about it I didn't really think my heart and the public. In his new book called mr. comfort. Wild ride. And it really is so many ways purse strap it's history. With regard compact it and they plan his first year and. Thank you and that's available and Ali Al with some presuming. Are. Thank you Larry have a good day airing. Tell me your high I'd Larry Brown director of the ground Turkey good director of the graduate school political management at George Washington University.