Should Supreme Court justices have term limits?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, July 11th
Tommy talks with Andy Smith, Director of the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, about whether Supreme Court justices should have term limits.

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Jeffrey Toobin CNN political analysts use adjusted that the founding fathers may not have ahead. Then the aids spanned their lifespan of people today in mind when they suggested supreme board cited Supreme Court justices. Should serve lifetime limits and it's not just Supreme Court justices it's. Federal judges well we're also talked about the NFL PA. And about. Their new grievance that they filed with. The NFL over the new National Anthem policy Andy Smith joins is now director of the University of New Hampshire survey center in the morning ending. Good morning on the U. I'm doing great thank you very much and you it's a beautiful day here gonna be eighty degrees here. When you got a saying guarantee that. Might affect any time during the summer avenue Englewood planning indium quit playing whether relent with you because I guarantee you're gonna win. Tell me about dumb did the supreme court's founding father's lifetime terms life expectancy etc. Well the first topic that the misnomer that Supreme Court justices are appointed by. They're appointed for good on could be teacher and I Padilla Padilla. The founding fathers and especially. Hamilton in the federal 78 really talks about that quite a bit out that's critical to the independence of the court. That the they do it can't be seen that people that can be removed those cities. Folks disagree with that. And they and he thought that was critical. And there but the part of life expectancy. But yes quite expect. Now is is on longer than it was back to kind of stated Greek constitution was written but essentially what people got to their forties are so big we have. Relatively the same sort of like speed and we did they might have died like yours earlier shall but their. You know what are on the ball as well to their eighties and nineties so it's not that I'm not that different. So I broke. I think that to the argument it is. For the fact that he does he disagrees with some of the people on the court you don't want on that on yeah they noted that. They do anything big. And they're not. Sentiment. People make their decisions. I don't think he has a problem with RB GD thing. Oh. Tell what you know brother Tommy about the choice of the bread Kevin on and in terms of confirmation he's gonna go up to the million a day to visit with senators. He is there anything that I mean I understand you have to engage in a formalities and be polite but is there anything really. That the Democrats can do is to stop this from happening in iron this report today about some procedures but wide. Well I've really the only thing they can do is find something in his background or personal like that is so egregious. That would keep them from being elected and I would imagine. I in the environment we're in right now they're depleted requiring some sexual harassment case or some things are complaint against him that might be something that could do it but. By all counted doesn't sound like he's the kind of person to that. Moved to a date in that these seemed kind of buttoned up. But. I think that we believe they can do now also be a bit the kind that Democrats are gonna want to have their burglar in the so much as possible to. To them an opportunity to look for something that will. Could disqualify him but I don't think procedurally there's really that much they can do. Even if John McCain has. Unable to make it any of the the hearings or votes these still would have the votes. Democrats and try to pick a couple. Republicans but Republicans probably have a greater chance to pick and also democratic senators and place. I read enough bed yesterday by adding there's money in the national review really it was a very conservative. Publication and they said that the president basically blink in this was. In the New York Times and who's written by conservative author the said the president blinked when he came to this appointment because he had a chance to really. Point somebody that would appeal lose base that was not a Washington insider and instead. The. Well I don't know you know you get into some of the these articles that are written that about it. Do you wonder what the the true intent to some of the offers order. This case I think he got a mainstream conservative judge a guy who's got a lot of experience you've been around. District court and he or she video appeals court DC. For what 1012 years so. The he's. Seeing did they solve conservative. She I would say probably me more about the booklet justice rather than they. Lito. Or court sits but there. You know. I think could be. Long forbid the most conservative culture that is to say it that. The the that Cavanaugh it really doesn't represented conservative equal what. But but they in the Ivy League. Yes it'd be a bias or Ivy League presence on the court does that does mean we have been the best minds in the nations. The best legal mind serving her doesn't mean that it is. In a way in an old Ivy League club. Well I think you. You can never get around the training that you get in the Ivy League school and people that you're around in the connections are unique and I think that might be some of the complaints of people have. You you. You get it to provide schools now not because you have money you get into that because you've got really really good grade then in the white school and and if you get into. And I really columns from law school mean you have. Really really good grades include. Test scores did it be able to get into those places so I think it's more collection of the quality of the borrowings of the people that are in the Ivy League schools and it is. Turban on an old boys club which is made or certainly could've been back in the nineteenth century. Andy appreciate your time is always enjoy your eighty degree weather and nineteen. And Smith director of the University of New Hampshire surveys senators.