Should seniors have to take driving tests as they get older

Thursday, July 12th
Bob Mitchell, in for Scoot, talks to WWL listeners about whether or not there should be an age limit for getting a drivers license

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Look Jefferson Clinton. Well as be Bob Mitchell in for us due to the afternoon a couple of things we're talking about this afternoon. Is a teacher calling a five year old student a bad boy or a loser. Crossing the line or are we raising our kids to me. Too sensitive that is our blue runner WWL opinion poll on me crank over here and see what the numbers say. Him is that peninsula there we go. 83% say yes 17% say no and what is it time. To have to hang up most car keys have you ever had to have that talk. With one of your parents or anybody in the family members decide look. And now you don't want to do this but it's time to up. Tana hand over the keys and because that's that's ultra brutal thing let's go to a rubio and rubio how are you today. I am hanging in there. I. Like turn the turn your radio down in the background so I'm okay. Turn your radio. All right there you know so. Are you calling it talked about of the teacher org or call in a ball when it's time to turn over UT's. Our bar that. And Kate. Have you ever had to have that talk with a family member. And did you me the situation that prompted you to do dead and holidays ago. So I had such is. The teacher caught in Rome there. You know content of their abdominal couldn't move on package we. My kid actually. In the future at all yeah. Billion a teacher's boss. How does that have any group he grew up and then became the teacher's boss. Then you own or with all that that just works. What is this a bit. Oh carrying. What do you think about I see on the screen you wanna talk about the the driving them by being too old to drive. Should be based on age or ability or combination of both. Clinton of being a C on road and track. It's. It's. What you should have detector test. A all right ruby and I appreciate your phone in and we have Samoa. Phone lines open at 260187. Accompany you guys were on holder in the news and couldn't wait to call back in and and we'll Kutcher. Right up the story about the teacher. Telling a five year old he was a loser what happened is that the kid came woman complained about things and until mommy didn't wanna go to school and cried the morning didn't wanna go to school. He said the teacher was being mean Indian middle five year old YouTube think about that so. Moms stock today a recorder. In to his bag and mom gets the teacher on recording saying that he's a loser and he is a bad boy. So she goes to the schools school did nothing about it so the bottom line to me is. Is a teacher calling a five year old student a bad boy or a loser crossing the line. Or overly raising our kids just to be too sensitive and how would you feel. Are you know times have changed so much. I'm I'm those of you war. A little bit older know that when you went to school whatever the teacher said went I don't think there's any excuse ever for a teacher. Calling a kid and loser. I'm okay with the booklet being called a bad boy and and you are the misbehaving but I think a loser it's going to wave way what way. 24. And what it what what when it comes to teachers supposed to help a child teachers bulls took. Two to build up a child and I think. The call of feature into called child a looser. That is way way way over the line let's don't know mark mark thank you for calling WWL howry. And our liberty. Protection. Or you know later on. Certain maybe state. I would say they'll be should be up. 788. Seven not but a bit Troutman and which shot. And direct the mission oaks and so entity. Web attention so beat you on the but the stuck back there it went mayor point gimmick that turner. At the end of the meat has brought back to your tickets because what they're doling on tape it changed signal flows that earned. But Google it's true that it's no you make it during you need it Centennial away. So that that the so now outweigh where it is part just did not. Attention just. And ordered them at their children and guys just took him oracle. Where the wayward so. But I don't know if that's aids related. Haas they are still a lot of young people drive that way today. And own. Door to go about it they're just pick then all of a pot hole. It. And Erica I. That there that there. It was a keep something in front of them. And just where it went about the great director important to. Mark what about this teacher is an okay deportation until five girls that he is a loser. More than he's bad boy. No no I don't think it's appropriate I do not think that's appropriate Beers to await the opening yet note. You don't agree with you factions to one going to be statement. But then to look forward operating yeah it that you salute. The bad boy is okay what about what's it. I'd refute that bad boy that board debt dumping. Them. Oh. And it's it's you don't back. Can people do. Well let me ask your question that I have I have fallen by a fellow bottom but never never never ahead and it had the guts to do it. If you see oh policeman that's not driving properly Hume you mean you've been tempted to the Collins ate a lot of report car. So and so that there were going 2000 didn't have their their lights on order or they've that they made an illegal turn you've actually thought of knowing that. We don't know what. Going. I've been released them with children in the but it caught note on them and you know I've jumped out to. It without big losers edged up one at all. Done that I want to call because it's so. Wide spread out that they stopped big loon and look what your particular hearing them. All right mark I appreciate your phony and okay. Our our our phone line is 260187. You can touch me and 87870. Let me read a quick a text message or two before we go to a break and Gary you're gonna be first up after the break. My dad is 71 works full time and still its Coast Guard certified he should be able to drive and still be captain. Although both his help it was fun. Here's one my grandma taught me how to drive bless her heart now wait. The net you say a material not read the rest of the text but monetary it's not going to be taught totally piles of whatever is site. While bless her heart then the negative is coming my grandma taught me how to drive. Bless her heart but the instructor asked me why it was a break in with my left foot. And I says. That's saw was told to stop. Driving is all about reflexes and as you get older you lose. That reflex my mother is seventy years old and she thinks she can drive but her reflexes. Are are not good by the time she reacts. It's not too late all right we will take a break our phone number is 260170. Tech's lead. At 87887. It coming right back on WW well. And that would really like to hear from you we have bus several lines open variably with it in and just a bit if you are just shooting and talking a mile up a couple things this afternoon light what is it time to hang up the car keys India ever had to have that talk. With a loved one that I'm sorry but. We really need to take your keys away. Tough tough tough thing to discuss. And and that. So it in order to run. Make sure their safety on the roads as you get older. Should you have to take more trash. Should have detector test to show that you still understand the rules and and and your ability you can call me at 2601878. And we have a story about a mother. Who put a tape recorder in their child's not cycle whatever it is a backpack. And had the child's teacher. Recorded saying he was a loser. And it was a bad boy. Is that crossing the line or do you think we're just raising our kids to be to central may read this one text measures and Dario get to you. I had teachers widely with a wooden panel hello soft soft fat. Like eight. Almost all of that with polls at that goodness gracious. Had my second grade teacher put a bar of soap in my Amal had my dad put a belt across my butt you know. I turned out owning several businesses and have a great family many kids these days need to. The build the so. And if they test older drivers more often than they should test. Sixteen the 26 page more often all right let's go to Derek Daryn how are you today. I man on I don't ligament randomly do baseball. I. The panel and only. So what do you think is okay for a teacher to. Follow a five year old a loser are bad ball. What would you do if it was your family. Well and a congress in. General. A teacher and yeah. Jerry have you ever had to have that talk puts some on your family that. They can't drive any more than they shouldn't drive anymore. Your soul. The Ningxia. I've had that talk weather. She's pretty. Sure she wants. Check. Out. There that. Yeah. I can't go. Outside and come back a little faster out. Them. Thing about it is. Recession and doubt about it later. I want them or so Michael criminal and does work and Brooke army almost let down. And it was mama. That article. When. You're. I like. Butter ball. You know I I have some friends and I'll shall find that the older people. Switching the motorcycle. She. That. Now. But in March but. He's. But do you find that more older people are switching to motorbikes. Allowed. Aren't there shortly to Bernard bites pretty much all the slide. I'm 57 and he's probably better shape now. I looked down here at that age you know they got to go and try. Who Gerri appreciate your phoning in to the move on to Henry and gentler Hillary how are you today. I don't fine. What I was talking in. To Germany before he. Played it is sound less like consuming used is survey. And listing goals on initially for insurance it was in front straight state police or anything like that was dazed. It is not age it's overconfidence. Is is start to drop. So these sort rod motorcycle. The first two or 340. You take that turned over to finish and gnashing his effort motorcycle. In Louisiana. Voted. And want to legislature to again attacks put on them. Some motorcycle safety turning. Ott took the advance motorcycle entry shaky straight training as well it changed initiation. And saying you know there's value. Respond to. 32 response. And figure. You know goal is if the and they. Good finishes it can't when he comes to referee school. Luck Gupta breaks. And and you see all for you go when you lock up the rates. And we see cause. People tailgate they do it took me all of China. The fish you the fish sitting in salt. The only thing can do this sort slowing down and make them go around. All right Henry appreciate your phone and and you would never get me on a motorbike. My wife used to work in the emergency room no wait let me let me give a couple of books text messages are phone line is 26 year old 1878. My wife had power of attorney over her uncle who. Who had and my my wife had power of attorney over uncle. When when she brought him to see his doctor. The doctor told him it was time to stop driving he was flying a pretzel yearly visits what the doctor. Is a very good way to a value wait. The driver let me see I've had one. I have one Bob the rules of the road hasn't changed so why give a written test. Well because the C weather is still remember. All all the rules of up on the road no Butte is you start forgetting things. Coming up arm while walk off Monday and the new on the kitchen that did something by the time I get to Africa forgot what went into debt so you know I I think people should brush up on the rules. Of the road I've every known that all right we're gonna break right now for a CBS news and then after that. It's going to be Jim Kenzo and more WWL live and local news. Welcome back a couple things we will be talking about this half hour. When is it time to hang up the car keys have you had to have. That discussion with one of your loved ones where you say I'm sorry. You just can't drive anymore and it and it's tough phone them you know can you you lose you lose your independence but you know safety always have to be first we're talking about that. And ago talking a modest teacher that a mother caught a teacher on tape. Telling her five year old but it was a bad boy and a loser now is that. Crossing the line or a ridge of raising our kids to be Tucson so let's go to dean dean thank you for calling WWL. Art involved. Are under ordered to pass thrown about why can't. Bring you what man VA. Payment to the man Obama. And her raging under drummers. Weren't there should cheer should. That they had at the moment adequate to power. Could she still drive it in the united. No authority partner. Program but upon our of this or that she got on. Sure whoever outshot umpire. Apparently not orange count them and our own sport wrote. And I'm daughter. Was taking their growth for Asian. I came back out and caught ago plus what and then. Well she decided that program. Is sure if you could feel the cheek. As. FFF a that the. Money and get flies and not be prepared and well and what war. And to herself very simple well should have been under in this comeback collection time on earth. Could not that's amazing and I can't. You know I can't imagine myself living well I can't imagine myself aren't hundreds. I don't know. Well in your right I mean at at. I wanna live as long as I feel good and I'm good and healthy but if if you get to the point where. Liked like people with dementia and alzheimer's where you you don't even know where you are. It's times like down I think it may be technology. Has a lawless to live to. Well she went sharp minded. Well until she started having mini stroke and at about hunger and during. Archer with the sharpest that they know that you. And never respect. You shall not only should know everything about. As as we get older. Should day. Give us a driving test should days of that the Delaware is not not not automatically. I'm not really sure I'm when you re new your licence alimony years it is I I want to say ten does anyone know. I'm not really sure but you know maybe maybe after a certain age you you you you you should have to maybe go back a little more often get tested. I believe there. All right dean. Oh home. Victory and I'm though that. If things don't change the way things escalate. I won't be able to drop the I'm nominated. Well good luck Tia dean. Your bank is a very much. All right what's ahead of a text message I wanted to read this was concerning the the the teacher a bad boy is okay but does. But the bad boy is okay but bad loser is never okay in the misread one more. One more text message on love message okay hey man worse do it because you suck. Those little ones I really liked. The no you slot are right. Okay we'll take a break and we got we have some lines open so if you wanna Foley and during the next break out when biblical to write up a WWL 2601870. I was right to our phones will go to Amylin Amylin thank you for phone and then tonight what's on your mind what you want talk about. Who don't want it and maybe three years now coming from a health club. My name is Evelyn not a brand that I need is a name comment is 89 I was about brain we don't take anxiety medicine and AJ gets the nom but you know and Boykin. Well no Wallace now that's. Chris are you talking on the phone with me while you're driving them. It would armed opt. Out happily accepted just just it's okay the talking in the moment don't text a drug that's that's not cyclical. I don't act and I refused to be dictated as plummeted technology it. So you know it's now all I'm old school kind of bad didn't have computers you know month date book and it you know. Plano an Evelyn not I think you and I are like on our I have a phone. But it's the basic bonus it's still but like almost like a flip phone I do not want qualities both of all these other options where you know you can you didn't. You can turn your lights on. From your fellow well I had to do what I wanted to do that. It just went was that a that it did not pocket well and I don't have debt. You Rhode Island and. And my daughter put in a new album alarm system and choose to only. Cops looked at this is I didn't B I can be at work and I shouldn't watch this I can turn the bedroom line will cherish what I want to do that for. That it can tackle. That night talk saying here thank you so much Evelyn. God bless you to thank you so much let's go to Jack admiral John how are you today. It. In their jacket. But we're here I didn't hear you yes to run ahead. I think that is all we hear that depicted the written dropped not every come out like this dump up or reveal. And how often should come up Torre Knoll. So you you would be OK with taking note but tests the written test and may be a driving us every four to six years. Every quarter six Hayes might help Bali church rates go down some. They may not for everybody no matter butcher ages. Every single person who want to drop in Louisiana. That jacked up and you wanna make any comment on this a school teacher who told a five year old boy that he was a a loser and a bad boy is that OK or we'd know art or we may be trying to be too sensitive or mom. The not liked at all mom mom want to the school interest and even the school. College up pushed are awful but I guess I'm okay it would bad boy but Colin elected a loser I'm not. That at all. At the little over the top. Look at their compensation which feature that maybe you might wanna he or she might maybe program. Can't handle up Bobby Earl. All right Jack I appreciate your phone and so much okay. Right. Also did have a text message room. Here's one bad boy yes. If he was bad loser never. Teacher needs suspension without pay. Oh let's go to Mike and Slidell Mike thank you for calling WW well. Hope. That's the wrong amendments that outrage in oil on camera all that beer yeah or draw. You're not think it but don't spank him be played out like Campbell. Go to drug Jenny Law but I am just to show up a dialogue back in my days though it problem man on man. Good now which it must sell out there that you can't stay out trying to one hour that remark. So you look. And in your brain. Your one age but your body is another date were. That then yeah. What thank you Mike thank you for full time. Out earlier I like we have we have another might might go what do you think after a certain age should you have to. Get a test to renew your driver's license. Well you know I would say I would say yeah that's a good idea they've asked me about what really want a new you know. William publicly as everybody else to do. Right and you I don't want anyone or golf or just wanna tell you. Oddly enough or he takes them well he's you know top flight data. I enjoyed your show or anybody else we tell you why you've not controversial. And you rarely lives on anything just let people talk a quick get to ball call handing out global Boehner well like he he you know. It. Lottery won't exist say I like to say. I'm not a talk show host I'm just a guy who can talk on the radio. Yeah aligned I enjoy the way you do things. Mike let me tell you I enjoy my time on the coach OK. And and it's amazing what you can learn by just laying on the couch. Last week was on the culture all week. Astaro watching and then one channel was showing law and order every episode that ever existed some watches for weeks. And here's what I've learned one of the things I've learned from watching that. And if you watch a program during the week watch this and then you're gonna say Bob was right when ever day and whenever they are interrogating some guy. They they talked him and they always say and it is you better talk which does Joseph overly in the other room is as spilling his dose you'd better talk. I had talking you know you leave you this year this pop I'm not our rat and then the minute. The minute they got cents a detective walks out and starts the debt by the door wait wait wait that that column back watched not always a always fortunately. I dug out which I'm about what a great thing like that but read the story early. Why. All right thank you so much my art all right we will take a quick break and then we'll come back in the trying to get some more calls before 4 o'clock when sports talk to share. With Christian Jarrett and Bobby Hebert. There's a text message. My dad is 86 years old still driving still sharp still in good health tending the fifty acres of land thirty had a of Collins bailing hay is starting to slow down just a little bit. Here's how not to keep the elderly from driving a friend whose mom had early dementia disabled her mom's car. The mom Kart mechanic and had the car fixed. And then proceeded to get lost. While driving to what she thought was still her home it is better to have the talk that's got to treasure in New Orleans treasure power you. And it. I'm doing fine still driving. And and I'm not touch it and now controls. Not my acting. Yeah they. Eight. And blinked at all yeah. A lot of and eight are are there. Again and opening. Round. By the next time. While at the material I I've discovered why people don't use a bleaker. And sometimes I'll be honest with you I've done it myself because if you put your blink Iran. Liked when mama went on head at all let's say you're looking to make when what one I hit home and I'm trying to get an expressway a late if I put mumbling to Iran. Half the people speed up the try to keep you from coming overeat you're trying to signal. You wanna get in the lane because you don't wanna miss your exit and and that does speed up to keep you out you're not get in my line. So sometimes. Sometimes I do the same thing on a dole used the blink your. And odd odd to odd to sneak on over I appreciate pressured or you call on but listen you should always use your turn signals. And I'd do except. A couple of rare tough pins such vote. Think I got myself in trouble there alright. That's don't do a fourth of it all on did wanna remind you of the well we're talk about sports talk. NFL annals Mike to trillion will be. On sports talk the entire 7 o'clock hour as we count down the saints' training camp. So you can tell and say it's a getting near. But bring out the big guns are burnout Mike to trillions of sports talk is next on WWL thank you for all the phone calls in the text messages. I'll be with you again tomorrow right here on WWL.