Should school children protest gun violence?

Newell Normand
Friday, April 20th

Today is a National Day of Action Against Gun Violence in Schools. The date, coinciding with the 19 year anniversary of the Columbine shootings, was announced following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings in Florida. The Network for Public Education has called on teachers, families, students, administrators, and every community members to engage in 'acts of protest in and around their schools', including sit-ins, teach-ins, walkouts, marches, and linked arms. Our guest, Carol Burris, Executive Director of the Network for Public Education joins guest host, Dave Cohen.


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We're talking about students. At schools. Pro testing the gun. The violence joining us now is Carol Burris and or is it pure as executive director. The network for public education hey Carol. I how Larry FitzGerald are. Burress got it thanks for joining us we're glad you could take some time I know this is a busy day. For folks at the network for public education specifically since you're advocating that students across the country. Walked out of classes city end to protests and hold other forms of protests in their schools today. As a way of speaking out against gun violence why are you asking them to do this. Well here we are not. I think pertinent action we're not asking you to look. At it keeps coming up in the game and where are. I believe there are other group that that organized and not. We are part of a greater coalition of 41 or at age and battery in every. In and it. To raise this issue today gun. Our legislators. College teammate Kurt. Bad bout with the public in general so that kind of activities. Where it. Today. Horry out. There and teachers like shell. Eric Alina entries or Shelley. Protection. And how they healed that it very important that our young children. He'd protected from these that are. Where I think AD YEU policy maker. From more or it's O. So that they are at it and I didn't count. And tech colleges but when it child does trouble me bill without it right away when somebody's making their craft Beers. Per cent in the school. That that was your that wrecked can go there. Albert demean and man in. Email campaign in called campaign. Kick concrete. Not only buy and where are obligated to teach in but I'll go by and at the age and it secondary school and that. We're encouraging everybody that we are in order to be able to read the actions you know why we apparently it went to college in that group that protect our goal dot. If we come up with a lot of different kinds of activities that the public inning each. And we've app. People watch those activities on our web site that if you were looking for. Today you can find in your area. Protect our schools dot com is a place to go if you're looking to do something to data. Participate in this after it so you don't want students specifically. To walk out to march to have Sudan's. Or to link arms at times when they're supposed to be participating in educational activities. It didn't do that and the bullet that part of after. Where you know we're not advocating for example that it just about it eat it and walk out it. We would well at a that they like that occurred that victory with let the Al and the and that it organized and orderly and everybody's. Maybe under am I level. And frustration that we are extraordinarily. Proud. A part in the leadership that they take on added that might well at the culture is he here at the column by her. And I haven't we where it had. Believed at that time that it would point could be. You know it's big your career. It was. Just something terrible awful but would not happen again. And Bentley Iran. They are Indy keeping ad went handy cap and we felt so well read it very clear channel and I think now it is. They're really occur and what everybody. It is just hang. Com you know it's adopt. Something. And it's not going to be won the race and it's going to be at the collegiate and indicate that our. Agent. At least two we deport her background check we support a ban on all right well. We deport more resource is going to school two prep high psychological the board and as well security. And we support that she headed up the courage that they action. Out in organizing events in March as well as other event in there came out for need attention to the issue. No more children murdered in our schools no more parents sending a child to school who never comes home no more teachers coaches principles librarians or any other school staff standing between students inning gunmen. No more that's what it says when you go to protect our schools dot com. The web site for the network for public education. Joining us this hour on WWL is the executive director Carol Boris Carol how do we find common ground in this day and age of political polarity. Harnesses in politics that allow nobody to compromise on anything. How can you avoid the hot button issues that will keep people from supporting your efforts but at the same time. Help them get safety back in our schools. Right out you know what it's a complicated issue. There are a court of public opinion. Majority. American 121. To see better gun control laws that are. Out there not in support. Com. All right well yeah. Look at that are quite what happened up until that boy is that Eric and Mary I'll call it action. Minority. That. Is here and not a national rifle at the age in. And they are. They're one issue 08 I. Add. Is that they're there needs to be there and eat it beat people. Died at the edge. Who say hey we'd you know. We care enough about this issue that it is going to be one of that crime heaters that we're gonna bring it to vote the why don't we make our decision that our soul back on pieces. And keep it in. To a creed that we all. That they're a mental health component. To this issue I don't think there's any. There's a lot of count irony and I think you're right there there's a whole lot of common ground on the mental health side on the gun control side. That's a difficult that's a polo cup polarizing issue that's one that has seen. Very little if any traction. In Washington DC but on the mental health side and I think that's what I was getting at can't we find these issues of people do agree on and attack those first. Rather than. Throwing it on one big ball of wax that is destined to fail or at least take a long long time. You can't is that should be. It. Solutions and policies that optical for all. And meet but there's no reason why should not pass legislation. That is aimed at her body more aunts will help here at that the court. More mental help there music community battery and it each. You re each site to twenty. Now I see a day gusty that just faced a bitter fight the Louisiana legislature and went down in flames. There was no way that was given through the Louisiana legislature and I don't see anyway that gets through capitol hill man now. I don't what I it's really very difficult for me to understand it I might like among elect that I'm about it all at the Eric. To really emotional. They're very very volatile. There's no reason why 21 world meet our stock and well. I mean not twenty when an eighteen year old she beat Bob dot and in a while and comedian makes Japan. To me is get people peeking at there. Believing that any law is going to be an attack on all laws and I just don't think that that's practical option. I need yeah I can't imagine anyone. In this country believing that the young man who at that time. And went into that coolant did what he did should have pat back. And I don't think there's that many people who would disagree with you but I do believe that you have identified the problem though. That you do have many people who this issue gun control is such an important issue to them or no gun control would be more appropriate way to say that. That they will not consider anything else. If a package of legislation. Includes any. Infringement on gun rights and I just think that we're headed for the same mall Saint Paul if we continue to fight these battles. That can't be won at least not in the short term I'm not saying over time they won't be. Increases and gun control but they're not happening now on Capitol Hill that not happening now in those state legislature in states like Louisiana. I just wish everyone could agree do. Come together and all the other issues solve those problems first whether it's metals sectors whether it's better spent saying. And gates and walls whether it's more police in the schools whether it's mental health those things to people can't agree on. At least move those forward because this is you bring up the gun control thing. The whole thing is a non starter for so many people. Like you what you are at as a former political principle that Paul may because what you are saying you want a kid yeah. And picked chip that well it is that it more like a president that it is champ. Because people can't agree. You have sensible gun control I mean that makes now that's like the idea of army teacher. At this format high school principal rival tell you that'd been how ridiculous and dangerous side. I have ever. Earn mileage is out west for the record I was his listing those things that are out there wasn't advocating for anyone. Iraq. Mean OK maybe we might agree around the eye ear out better mental health services at school better identification. That. You know it'd objectionable if a police officer knew that it was somewhat it was highly able and the town because it was every port. And they have the ability to went to that curtain now. Add the add on. And I think again I think yeah I aid. Then it makes much sense in fact both sides seem to be really really passionate about it and that's a good thing. Bad thing is neither side. Can come to the middle where the other side is but I think it's great that you're advocating. For things to be done and I'm glad there are voices out there. That are pushing for all of these things and I hope that today and going into the future that we see continued successes and moving this whole thing. In the right direction Carol we could talk about it all day I appreciate you joining us and sharing your viewpoint here on WWL. All right protect our schools dot com is the website and go there and find out what you can do when your local community. I will note though the Carol there are pictures on that website of students holding signs and protest and maybe that's where some people believe that's which are advocating. Because there are pictures of those kinds of things.