Should the Saints trade Kenny Vaccaro?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, September 20th

Bobby & Deke take calls on whether the Saints should look to deal safety Kenny Vaccaro, and they preview the Saints' next opponent Carolina with Jourdan Rodrigue of the Charlotte Observer.


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And good evening and welcome to his son did business sports he is Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program. A lot to gain due course at 649 how we take palace station with saints quarterback Drew Brees is Bobbie we go QB to QB. Also coming up on today's program we will go behind inning and lying to continue looking at this week's opponent for the New Orleans Saints that to know Carolina pat joiner arrived read. Panthers beat writer for the Charlotte Observer will be what is the talk about the two uno Panthers who have allowed just six points in two games. Off to a to an emotional look in the making for you know. Over the weekend as they are a favorite over the black and gold. Also taller Tyler will be what does that give us his take on LSU's loss to Mississippi State in the tiger is taking on Syracuse. And the gray Deuce McAllister with a reading you preview this from five to 630 PQBQB at 640. Then LSU for about eight hours or our show at 7 PM. 5042601870. Is the number to get involved. You can text us at 817. States have operated jaguar opinion poll is online at WW mail. That time when he comes to the saints defensive back can either Caro says the black tango. Maintaining keep gaining the Karo put Kobe winning it seems they can give right now. You can cast your vote online at WW Mayo kind dating cannon in his van they topic of conversation. Going into the week in the thought this Sunday and in the course lingered on into Sunday. Throughout this week. Early on with pain has been asked about it. Others have talked about it it's kind of on the national radar. What would you do with keep the terror. Well. I would. Release him and not release them I would trade him and trying gets of the forum because after the season's over. I think the saints or pay enemy nine million dollars whatever that market will bear. I mean he hasn't produced enough. And he's been too up and down where he was outstanding as a rookie any kind of went down the and he went out went down. And he's not really been a difference because fours taken a way to football. So I think that's. What he does not have going in his favor. And if you look at Doral. I don't know of all season hookah OTAs minicamp. Training camp. You look at the competition we had a deceit to position. And you know you'll Tim. Veteran leadership I think you're having that deep it's about meeting room and at the safety position. I think we can have that a Raphael bush. You have Von bell who aegis draft that you have Marcus Williams. So that's a position I think we can afford to trade. McCain even Carol and get something for him. But he was to get paid like a top safety. Like Eric Berry and whoever you might consider. A landing Collins with the giants the model I think Collins. Who is drafted apt as the finance opening. The US that are probable he was all pro with the New York Giants last year. Dutch down with the universe Alabama. So when you look at production of where your act known at public arrow icon that. Turned a corner. When I'll look at can you know obviously animal on the bears' defense a player. I thought cable Carl could be right behind right but when the games count him and when they account. He was exploited. Whether it was all coverage. May coverage you look putting god full on the corner route not once but twice. What time it got sucked I don't play actually gets it that can happen but I've seen I haven't before. Been in man coverage. He couldn't guard gronkowski. I mean they're very well what it. Over a cylinder cars get like thirty some yards receiving against achieves. My Malaga the total diva is very very was on him one on one. And an and as the kind of player David Karl wants to be. And and big and I said this before. I think became Guinea but Carroll is that he's not solved. He'll knock the crap bodies of those times you get pin of the fifteen yard penalty are ahead shy but I think he's a good tackler. I think he's still more amongst the best. Tackling defense of bags. In the NFL overall. I think he'll he'll hit you hardy he's not afraid. But he's a liability coverage now how the saint to utilize them. You would say you always have them in a box are even earn a slot receiver you can come on a slot receiver if you have a another divas have back missed another seat the older top open him. And maybe cover on their routes. But as far as if you don't get a pass rushing get it all goes back to pass rush. That. The only to play is beyond three seconds. He's not gonna get a pass defended. After two games. A look at my notre Hague like past the pin it will what does it actually done. To be close enough to make a play on the ball that hasn't. Been the case that Hammond. Anonymity did come over an interception the guy has a penalty. Ago again tonight it's they would back you go either way. Depending on how the official. Calls what you wanna say bad luck or whatever to go against them but I think he wants to be a leader and I think. He's very demanding because you know the bodies play long enough and NFL. That he wants to be that guy. But the one thing is we needed a lead that team and a locker room. Are on the field. One thing you all the always do together you watched the film. How can you lead men. When you're watching a film and you getting birther. Are you have a company busted mental assignment. Is being expecting young guys that. Well you gotta with a gain habit. Then again Ambien that you interviewed you can you got to look at these. The the idea act is big news sells. It in their words you got to walk to talk you can get all fired Ayman do all that but it if you don't want. That at times a week this is that a like ten Jordan most of the times you know we say he's kind of flaky. He knows cal personality when you do an interview Wyndham. He'll talk about different Thompson all that but can can turn on and off. Where on the all when you see like game day. How disruptive he has mind. So I say and then and who wish she had more sex but he's a disruptive player with Ollie doesn't pursing a third down against the run everything that's. What you would want from a first round pick like Kinney the Cairo. You know where he was taken. And and begin now he was a later round pick at safety. I wanna save for a fifth round or so you might say well you have Lou. We'll get him the rotation but what he wants to get paid. Like among the best safeties. And he has the potential to beat at hybrid type guy does that with the NFL's look at far but to me guess two things. He has to get way better. In pass coverage of what I mean like Europe man to man at times. And they got it past governor got that was that the mom line I would save pass coverage. And odds is gonna come to image I would just it was two things those who make about a kid with Carol. That it was a pass coverage because I guess and I think he's a great run support guy but is gonna come to him after debris. All right iMac to all you call is operating jaguar being able if you want the saints would you keep giving Darren a cut bait and see. Which you can give points right now this is puts off you know is Iran show it's 7 o'clock tonight Drew Brees it's explored here on WW. I've voted to colony a big I want to bring out to the they have a camera panel have brain part out and no takeaways. I think he's a liability coverage now you might say a lot of safeties are light bill is doing covered but through his criticism Nim has meant take a week out right. I'd tag is he wasn't the universe it tags if he's stuck we have so Beckham fan of his Haskell annually Wisconsin and yet because yeah who has zero when is he really taking a way to football. Mega said the guy I think he is tough. You knocked the crap body they used to tackles well in advance they would draft analyst is going like. Only in a school he creates in the two Daryn over my OK got to be doing so I don't want why don't we draft Marcus Williams. And you tell from you to present to the ball yet. Because the potentially deceive his skills said making plays and of all look the last year but Carl had. Because two interceptions in it too forceful ovals but you know that that that that's good the considering. They he wants to get pay he'd like he's like all pro Pro Bowl safety year in a row and so it is in his mind be Disney might be a stupid question over another stupid but has anybody and and most deeply in months oh yeah oh yeah I had the in the evening image is it is that realistic note to be and they ended and his saints would wanna premium. The saints who wanted to be at the highest of this they could pay you know I'm saying but then later and I'm Obama questioned use it. He can he get that Panama where he might be delusional. And now he gave go to another team needs in Indy has to prove himself. But it did not now it could be a potentially yes based on what did you think he has good skills that I could think we've seen him look good and an in practice. You would you gotta do it in their real game. Brian in light you know when it counts. You know when the lights are on whether you playing an adult more outside or whatever night daytime colony gains cal. Derek in new loans on line to Derrick good evening thank you for calling WW ago. That. Back in 2013. When crow rookie. I've been working with the where. It all went on it. Yeah 2013 yeah yeah it could not quit Ryan and Alberto. Of the year. That you are at the and they offer. Aren't eager to Oregon and red river. Horrible. Horrible. And it litany though they heard that I was there I was an easy way yes suburb of going to be too yet system. On the that hasn't happened you know I've dated guys in the UP one in accounting gains in Rome all going to be here. Could it have been part of game. So there are there tomorrow and we weren't there. It will implement it. Full book called went that route you were born there that you worked on that. You know he's got within. On and come back when you imagine that it would so that is open. Well yeah. But listen I think the vine and that he can have. A good game against the saints it would be a special teams. It did his coverage is not on Nene and throw mob there'd be presiding might have to consider and a line backing core but today it is the finance and he's in there. And and is a passive play. Drew Brees delegated responsibility. Again needed Drew Brees who burns the fun and getting in the passing game if he's in coverage Howard's hands down man thank you for calling WW our. Her a man. Carol on it or. Not. While. There. I don't I think the signs were ominous and I think should be. And a mode what you do now I. That they should be structured. I think it would VO bigot just sort of thing salute them because he's done all of this thing. For a long and I think he's done a lot to contribute. Com I don't think. Still what is rookie still does rookie contract and an honor. You know. What would you would you pay him though how would you pay him 89 million dollars. Now no outward well then it. You can't according to what they're contributing. And that's the bit on the piano up they wanna go mart these contracts. You know should they support whomever. You want paperwork and nobody. You know that's a bit every now and I was out good in theory but it happened well lately and you look at fours season's big kid even Carol thanks Martha pullen is located at Kara has five minute sessions four forced fumbles six I commit to all you calls WWL dignity give them now let's see there's sort of CC BS update. And welcome back community did to the foam caused a couple of tech yeah Deke and I tell you what it is in these are good ticks. This is from a 1774. You understand who dat nation fence as a may be in the minority here but to me bond bellas can David Carroll 2.0 pay. You might need got bruised due to the idea might be. He's a young guy they don't have depended thing is money does come into play but is now posting news is person a sensitive practice EDT the ball was do you use of that's right guys. Well the thing is would bond now. And that contract that he's on there. You have to you have to pay him came the parity and have to pay it was the creative accounting is a top seeds in the league in this 89 million you know more than. But eight. He might be another can even Karl now how bug is Bob reduces from 8490 Bob do you think that we had a better pass rush. Will that cover unit will get better yes Alyeska shut argument. I think Kenny would Carroll would DeVon looked better. But that does it mean even Leakey is a good cover guy ninth but no we got booby said that it was as the draft come on we gotta disrupt the opposing quarterbacks. I don't look good. You know addicted city is letting his branding coat. Look in the giggled in a glass of the other little Lattimore review against Randy there's troubled past the pin that he's getting sued for he goes all all premiere has them most and nobody does not disrupt and the quarterback no but he's gotten me right now it's usually it's yes exactly all right. That's going to amend the bill for Ron Ron to the thank you for calling WWL. Teamed. Yeah. Really the first caller they called in the first when is you know he's got a point seen that were eight guys in their early rounds. Added to production that good in street ball. An advocate lower picks in the how did you set the caller. Yet he did in the car and accept an offer the Ito only grew upon a purchase at sea in their coverage. So like I like what question. We go out and look at players. It seemed that you know look at it for you more needy under the current all the other players there are all off. An hour I'll say it out. On the image is that when you see rights fees would you explain explain to. Kenny yet seen so he caught it bought bought corporate pretty good or not I would pick up a ball wide pack you know go to the block. But now because other people had not been available. Out there copper any basic skills. We are engaged Ginny good Karl would be more of closer us it's a the Roman harboring covers not as good as Malcolm Jenkins you don't like leaving Carolina when he got Roman Harvard they put a Roman Harper in the box. I did say he would attracted to things. Think Kenny McCarthy you might go to recall and help me out here. Bill watching film Texas against Oklahoma. And there was some slot receiver. That I can't even Carlos hang wet wolf you use the use of I don't big gap that someone I'm sure someone's gonna tax me and enlighten me with is he to have an amateur I do it was he was guarding man and Deke. Here was a safety. Who looked like woody is covenants slot receiver Danny had a quarterbacks. Gail what about though the team gains a year. Big I don't know I just remember that going back in the draft you know you're not yet not I think the primary yet you pointed out at me and he showed some highlight of that but again I still never is still never took away the ball attacked Iran you know you you jog my memory in the big what from what Ron said in that that's why hands in the comment if he would define it. Forty men basket it's almost ironic when you hear you know you hear everybody say they always got the right people in the locker room. But it's almost like OK what what does that mean because it got the right team in the locker room is not shown up on the field. Greeted their paper locker room breaker out. He'll buy apple it'll. Rite Aid and I can answer oh I'm. A lot like that like Charles Haley c'mon everybody hated him of Mitchell's really produce did did the media that's why is black balls along geographic and you have illegal when he won the five sixes oh yeah you would of 49ers in the Dallas so. I mean when I look at that made the bottom line it's a production business. You can be a do great things that a community. But you got to produce on the field now you ought to player and ultimately you want a player. Who produced in the feels outstanding in the community but have yet to choose one though he said he got a kick ass on the town like news. You could do all the little things. And lose in India don't matter and you couldn't. You could not do all of those things to be like you say is so VMware and if you don't have because if you win the then all of this though did you not knowing it don't matter if you do all that stuff and you don't win them all of those so don't matter look at him now win. No it did if you have the team's winning ending you have social events and you don't trust this particular player then you get the long snapper to go to the socially exactly he didn't and you could dead insert beat him to have to rush to call her partner and not. All right let's go to whom we have in this but Rain Man owns a steamy can't on on three can't get Eamon thank you for Colin. You got to thinking. Yeah you know I would not be any objection to trading the Errol. My only problem in I don't want this organization that I wanted regime. Pick and boldly. That's what we have trouble we yen now. Him picking pulled open. So you mean like but it 2018. Draft that would. I made a cadre. Well yes guys. I mean. That quote that there are so so what now now can do you think that. Jeff Ron have you given him enough time. You know because he's the kind. One dad's keep in supposedly last couple a draft so Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis in check do you trust that he did we give enjoy upon a time. A bit but what the news Kabul the determining poverty they've come up when it is here. We've got I'm. Why did it definitely dug it about Julia he had the sixth place in the it was it was rank and OK we witnessed as when you're tabbed with. Was that more musical which again Williams then ran today via progress yet today you and in the Sheldon radiation Lincoln's widget to guide new clothes you buy him on bail out those with Indian names in our. Picks this year I think it would. That all of not compromise your outlook. Yeah asked about the net and be paid on its feet. And that people. See the problem. In the V 1008. I'll be up all the that we can keep 82. You know in the wind. To blow you know we got this guy now we need to. Do. You know I'd like running in the building block. Like that all of them. With the it could be. Forced to BB Marcus. Not out here will be. Yan ranked in bail and Thomas leads up to read it well. I don't I don't act alike film. Sort of yeah did Jeff Ireland but that's I'm saying it's a jab Marlins got involved and it did did Sean Payton and I mean Huey Long was realized that they had to get help the city brought Jeff aren't onboard to help them. Looks like they. Think about. It OK. In how far repay. This year analysts. That it real shaky. Pride that we appreciate you for one. Pro war and what from one way. What good thing is a you know a good thing is imitated Susie Gardner break camp. Geeky kid name apparel wants to get paid like he's a top Saipaia I think that's what a saint to trying gets on the farm is a federal just let him go and not pay them by. We can't even Carol so what is that saying okay. OK if you look when he did it university Texas we'd done the things too horrible defense in his prices this so are you stutter horrible defense. What that means is that okay less thinking that there are less Moses cone of lives and this is seeking details. Does it won't negate pay at the tops they did because he's not perform like the top safety. Then allow would you why would you want to keep being the anyway could you volume I ran better on over to dread to Bombay he objective Williams obviously want to give them a debt position. And if he's not doing what you want to have to have leveled him. To me he's like okay why would you want to keep him anyway. Yeah and an end and they want that's what they and his stability. Also have Raphael bush as a veteran right to have that stability would talk to don't ask them right overdrafts. I welcome back motive phone calls he's decay taken in by BA bet I'm. WW. Sunday near the tour no Carolina Panthers always favored over the Owen to New Orleans Saints the saints have. Not one in Carolina since 2014. In that year course Carolina won't win the division 781 record George Rodrigue of the shoulder observer here witness. Governor cannot pass this joy and thank you so much in. That it says tooth and observe indulges some people in this in near Charlotte media this week in even through all the great defensive years that they had seen. Julius Peppers was saying this past week after the game against buffalo he feels like this is the best defense he's been a part of and six points in two games that that's phenomenal. What are you see about his defense Georgia cove listing for awhile means is it as advertised. Well I think it as a tremendous defense with the attack potential parrot back what they have in the different color. Including a couple of bad that they repeated court jury which has shot at our at Brad add. About eat at the line and while lack in airline backed independent expert you know we on now and that they want a better. Each what had been a question for Carolina and a pastor that aspect there other day he sure that their their back. Your corners have remained largely untested UT shirt he'd been. Having guys like Brian Hoyer and packer Taylor attacked and they haven't had a true re attacking that yet I think this week actually show. What did he sent could be made at. Now jarred when you look at obviously everyone's excited about that Krista McCaffery woody you bring that there was no viewer Carolina fan and just follow football in general mobile what is. You're take so form look at these averages about two and a half yards a run now he's had. 21 attempts. He's leading the receivers at nine Kansas 72 yards and on the write home about. But isn't all still we knew Carolina offensively is that how can goes so Eagles offense and what is his status. As far as injury wise of what where Ziad evening is in the pre season as dimly. Send him back. And can't in the industry that. But I've wracked at keenly. At you think about it from. But you're right now you're pretty even past that he went through the Apatow. And packed an ally action including cracked it. Total. So a tournament where a lot I hate it you've got to eat eat eat your. And not to make a patient. And their end. Karen and I was lucky in terms that eighteenth that they packet even playing. Here in. Coach and active players at camp had a chance you. Try to get them back in the but the board is there. Our Christian. We can really. While I had strictly a running back Kerry yet or are eager are the hatchet to the impact. Of the deal. App and of course but I had protection feature. Not only detected seeking an EU. Hatchet. How he can rot and there's toward him because they know what cap. There are weak and I think Eleanor. Or tires they're really use him eat really well and capitalist camp that he Q Christian didn't you act and a matching they are and you. Well now and my client writers that Chris utter operate under eat but he did jacket and there's. You can kind of on the outside when he lined up which need more open battle across the field or at them so it. Benjamin I can't. But that attempt there now. It kind of out of body where actor in Christian at the what he can you Natalie at the the the well. Now I jar when you look and had a defense obviously. You know a household name and broader Julius members and you look he's still playing at a high level it is age. But I don't know they have a better a group of borrow when I look at the point of attack. When you look at star. I mean about browsers seem Writely to allay. Star worries that and then also co one shark didn't. You drove Caitlin Thomas Davis and mean is it's a leg I don't know loopy grin Thomas they've is that. That'd that they are playing as young as ever and and and what they've been able to accomplish. Yeah and are not email back in procurement and get out of people struggle that tactic but I got it. Yet it is actually parent K cable cord sort purple. He not only long and at carving a distraction for occurred in court act opera destructing Matta supply especially. You know this match and her younger art they're expected to play against very matter but also they eat that statement that app and doing match. Allowed line backers. He hit out at the caliber. More freedom to move around and yet on dirt that they've made app and look at port they didn't happen that's pretty town had a patent though. Where are NKK. Operate kind of allowed secret how to state Duma when you're out at finer or how it feels. Covering the Carolina Panthers and all on top of the they NFC south in this week's match a New Orleans and Carolina Jorge Rodriguez the Charlotte Observer John how the Veba deal with you on social media. Well he could find me at Jordan. RE RG. ES I think that's and you are and I am a people aren't that a little bit easier and they era here and. Yeah Rodriguez some religions and a vial of bush put all the Kaydon jarred it. Yes that's that's where my family and and I insurance on their accounts. John thank you so much of the time we appreciate. And that is you know and in a definition that too many times two Brothers starting almost all the same offensive line that's the case with Ryan Mack legal. Both USC and both now starting with the Panthers offensive line's New Orleans Carolina Sunday noon here on WW though.