Should the NBA be able to draft high school kids?

Newell Normand
Thursday, July 12th
Newell talks to Jake Madison of Locked on Pelicans about the NBA's draft policies and whether or not it's good for high school kids to turn pro right out of school

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We're back in NBA commissioner Adam silver is certain that change here's our common chewed the league. Summary easing. Others not so march silver met with the NBA board of governors on Tuesday night and said he thinks the league is ready. To scrap the rule requiring players to be out of high school for one year. Before becoming eligible to enter the draft and joining us to talk about that is Jake Madison locked on pelicans. Welcome to the show Jake. So reject what is the impetus to this move at this time. You know what I think that we interviewed people how. Close by it would one and done what they call if you a lot of players were killing the year of to go play brokers he's gotten them into contract thing in China or Europe somewhere in the Rangers I think. Maybe content to the United States here. What you mean kind of opening quarter into a market we are the most ignorant people. But I'd have the opportunity to money that they ought. Keep that kind of grow these player on board to keeps. Did that. League exists now that mean you referred to it as the G league. Scene where they don't. And try and build back. You'd be kind of eaters defensive I think it in the program. Did I then claim geely for a couple of years trying to build you know he made in India. And are you hit a day hearing any thing from. They're college ranks as to what their position is on us. You know certainly a lot of these universities and colleges don't like this one and done some due I think on picnic and take advantage of it like to contribute to the world whipping market's gonna come from here. That program and continuity having players leave after one easy to bury being pitched well all you were. Up to sometimes root for the being over over what button so where note. That. To a little bit more to. So they're in law are. Some of the players who are you ready to. Help. Back kinda court ruled that you. Pretty Colbert well. Should be god or or a pair broke a white. But all the money quote play. The truck and got the truck they that you don't hear figured there but high profile player had. The college and mean it. Jacob never paid that close attention to and I know LeBron James was one that went from high school to the NB I. Are there many that make that lead that transition and actually can excel at that level. It would still very typical you look historically you have Garnett or Kobe Bryant all of these. And and the rules and we have seen are numbered years the you do you kind of got go to Europe for years quail over these report and entry in the NBA. There are cared for something you'd help but we've seen a number of successful players in the past. Thought he made. A bridge he is with the opener. Who dropped out of high school never really. Dollar brokerage of the heap on board that we all thought. Oh spurt and what's. You're so you can still kind of think. You need your. Called you you you know or the rigor of either. So the roster numbers now on the NBA they carry how many actives. So they're. And be up there and then as it could really going to be interest scene they change. The days that one rule. Called 22 way contract players. Who would be the 200000 dollars a year. And it kind of split their time between the when you don't need to be kind of and then back out I think. Well the one of the reasons. That they want it changed the one and a rules you have these other contract simply does that you don't have the MD and having people want the pressure proper spot in the you know there's. Only beat yeah. Are ready to. Right if you got a good player that can contribute two minutes three minutes you wanna have the availability of them because I can make all the difference when you make an Iran. Source if you have someone it's marginally hurt crying. Yeah exactly so important in making contribute to get to practice with. You're the NBA team they get the MBA coaching walker the expectations are. Play about quote. Just look at all the Brit well. Players that may or chicken you're sort of the ought to try to develop this field a little bit. Pitch to root out die it's actually you do that to the movie didn't you bet. And you don't leave your border could be code development art and kind of bring these players along with a slew. So we think about professional sports. NFL can you come right into the draft on a college. I mean out of high school. We got ruled. You ought to have been three years. And be under a graduating class that would mean you can make the top of the program stand now significantly quicker than we can you know in pretty NBA's premier. Baseball I think you can write. Debate has an interest in which would work in the NBA you wouldn't be shocked at. This is kind of the model they got bored with in terms of these book you can go broke. Right after art school but it you come to college in quite the read you're there. Eligible to be in the certificate. Or your. And make a decision early on it you'd get the because of that. He took the broke up because you got to get the I don't see an opportunity to bring you. NHL. I who's gonna head to head to send your curve ball there today. And I don't know anything about the yeah. So they're they're they seem to an article that I read they seem pretty confident that this thing is gonna pass and it's gonna happen. Yeah I would agree with that I think now that they've kind of have infrastructure in place the train forward he's younger. The Buick contract wouldn't be brought. Lou incredible it time to make this change and to allow that opportunity. The better players that we. Were out in that were leading them to ultimately it's back. It kind of depends. A couple of years ago it was the onto the court. The structure quite a the. And in fairness to the NBA there was a commission that was led by Condoleezza Rice and have a lot of respect for that ladies and and she says that the college community is saying we really don't want those one and done players anymore and and the Adams over the commissioner says I kind of tips the scale and his mom. Yet. Good working relationship with the eyes and you know these outcome or you're bigger certain schools are usually Kentucky came to the duke North Carolina. And in the lead any kind of what he's such a scrambling and there are good coaches they're able to do that. You're. In a long term model. And now albeit on ever heard quite a long term really grows chino are shoot three fourths you can look at that it occurred. Courtroom for the years ago and there money sooner rather than later they go interpret victory organ the better. All righty Jake Madison locked on pelicans thanks so much for joining us we really appreciate your insight. I'd have a great week we wanna hear from you 2670. Or Texas and 8770. Talk to the sports fans are those that follow this and from an educational standpoint is this a good move for the NBA. To start poll hauling in 20/20 one. Kids right out of high school day in the draft will be right back it was called to succeed when examining a Texas at 870 its nominee. This is new rule on Doug Dario. Where vacuum we were talking about the NBA change under rules as it relates to. Allowing high school students to enter the draft. You know there's been a number of folks and have been very successful say a number a few LeBron James B and wanna obviously Kobe Bryant two of the best players and in basketball. Number. I don't know that there are many others that come out of the high school ranks second make it to the NBA ranks and play the speed of the game the physical weakness of the game. It in that fashion you're very few players I think that can ultimately make that transition. With Saudi either go on overseas and playing in the European. Games over there are doing some the and Africa the guy's name all my people VAR. Ball worse on the Ned has league here and he. And a lot of players and that that are not going to school trying to get prepared to do. To the India day. But you know it's it's a truck it's a tough to transition they have this G Lee I was not aware of that that they had the G league feeder system that they played in as well which is very similar to what is done in. Professional baseball. But you know it's colleges not for everyone remember. Vividly a lot of criticism about Jerry Tarkanian when he was coaching that you and LV. And Jerry's combat was simply this. If I can keep these kids in college one year two years three years. Where they're playing basketball. In their living in the college. Culture. You know I haven't again show up to study. And do the war do this do that. He really believed that the end of the day even though he had some of the lowest graduation rates in the country. That they were better for. That the experience was robust enough round that enough. The development of social skills. Travel skills any kind of experiences. That a lot of the inner city kids were exposed to that they have never. Ever experienced. Any portion or any piece of that lifestyle. That they would be placed in a much better position. To succeed in order to become a productive. Citizen. In just being around. This the educational. Environment during that peered at Tom was going to be something very positive. A read a number of books. About him by him. And I got to the point where I I agreed with him I thought really. It was a far greater upside than it was a downside. In that respect. And especially for the marginal players that those that have yet to really fully develop themselves and they didn't have this opportunity of moving to the NBA or. Or some of the alternative leagues. At that point in time that it was there was a huge upside the challenge was keeping him in school because they came out of distressed school systems where they didn't really have the fundamental tools and they enabled him make it through college many. Did. And I remember reading the stories of many of the students. After they left at UNLV of those that ultimately made it through. Who on day one. Would candidly tell you. That. They had no inclination. Or no faith in themselves that they were gonna make it through. The university culture of the university challenges. Over a four or five year period was not gonna happen any ultimately ended up surprising themselves. That they did. That they reached it deep down they made the sacrifices they hit the books they were able to make it through they got they got to degrading. And quite frankly they say they would never do it differently. That the experience in and of itself. The life experiences. The development of social skills. And and being exposed to so to the diversity of the college campus. That they did not have in the communities that they came from. Was well worth waiting for one to get to the NBA and chew. Well worth the act in the afterlife. Of the India. The NBA like the nine nearly as violent as the NFL. You know you have a longer history. In in in the NBA typically. But still. You never know when you have a career ending injury. And you've gotta go put yourself in a position to go do something else. In life although the contracts that bird or crafted different their protect shoot. More in the long term than they do an NFL contracts. But the fact of the matter is as you're gonna have to draw upon those skills and those experiences. Of that collegiate life in order to move forward. And I don't know I just bring that up because I was always very removed. Body would Tarkanian said his mission laws. And that's why. Excuse me and that's why in many cases he really light go on after that French. Kid. They kid that was different that kid that presented different challenges yes he had some basketball talent. But he went after kids for a multitude of reasons to bring them together to try and create this. Synergy when his team. And many of his teams had been referred to as being thuggish. And you know so he was it was a different. Situation but I thought. Then he his experiment. Ultimately ended up making a lot of sense and I know. Looking back and I think a lot of folks headed followed this closely would say. That for the most part for those kids. It was a success. And he actually did meet the challenge for them and many of which not all. But many of which went on to be very successful in their own own right and attribute that right back. To the time in the effort in the experience that he spent with them. While it UNLV. Something to think about. We'll be right back we'll talk about some other issues to 601870. Or text that said 87870. We'll continue our conversation. This is new rule on debit Libya. We're back and we've been talking about any number of issues and just finished up our conversation on the NBA and in them and looking at a rule change of allowing high schoolers to enter in the. NBA. Draft. Wanted to talk briefly about the Texas can attack true Tennessee Republican congresswoman thank you US representative Diane black says that she is introducing the bill. To make first time illegal border crossings from a misdemeanor. To a felony the zero tolerance for illegal entry act. Would it also require employers to use. It is a program in order to determine very easily whether or not. In the in the immigrant in this country is. Capable legally. Over working in the United States in other words has the appropriate visas and everything else if they are not. A US citizen. She goes on to say that. If you make it the felony. On the first frost. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to go to jail. But it does mean that it puts the government in a better position to deny you entry. They are afterwards. And ended it and makes it harder for the an individual. To get a green card once they all are. Deported in coming back in to this country. And I and I think. That the purpose of what she's trying to accomplish are these folks that are repeatedly common across the border and nothing's being in Dhahran. Then it's kinda why there was a zero tolerance in the first places to to develop a record of the activity of making the illegal border crossings. So that they could ultimately. Be able to do something with this individual as opposed to this catch and release and everything else. So this bill is is going to. Being introduced by representative. Diane black. Interesting as well. As president trump talked about that he had had a conversation with Mexican president elect Andris Manuel Lopez Obrador and it turns out. That. The president elect. Has. They refer to his arm rule. Is now saying that he is going to create eighteen new specialized. Force. In an effort to crackdown on drug related gun violence and illegal crossings that they are southern border which would stop. The the folks migrating through Mexico and coming across the border now why is that important to us. If someone. Mexican descent crosses the border illegally. We can push them back across the border. But if someone from a country south of Mexico comes across in May hit US soil. We have to go through the deportation proceedings and can't just simply push them back we have to fly them back to to their origin country. And that's if their origin country is in fact willing to accept them. So Mexico plays a key part. In being able to minimize. The problems that we're having and our southern border and it's in its interest thing. Because you wrote call that president trump did say. I think he's going to be willing to help us in this announcement has just been made. Alfonso got us though who I hope. Was and is not a relative of general Arturo durazo who is on the FBI's ten most wanted list. For a long time he music Mexican general. Who who can't commanded the police force in Mexico City in the end he was a criminal from every. From any definition of the word. Hopefully they're not related but he's he's won it's now been put in charge of this effort at the southern border. Last year. They're there they have an issue. Obviously in Mexico last year. 25000. Murders. In that country. In 2016. In the US with 171250. So obviously we we have more population. They have less and obviously there haven't a much bigger problem. Then than we do since 2006. Which would mean. From in the in a ten year period is I think that the most recent data they have mister 2016. 200000. Murders in Mexico. So there there is an issue there that they're needing it needing to deal with and if this is true that. Or open a door is going to have this task force working to southern border that is gonna make a significant difference. In the challenges that the this country faces. At the southern border give us a call 260187. Near Texas at 878 semi let us know where your thoughts are. Kind of interest thing we'll see where these bills go unconscious and seeing what the a country of Mexico. We'll end up doing as well we'll be right back after the break. We're back on attacks line it should have always been a felony for an illegal comes across the border the first time breaking the law instead of just slap on the wrist. With this nonsense of a misdemeanor liberal politicians want it. They want their future votes another text says have you talked about the walk away. Movement and there's an article. Brandon straight killings gay former Democrat behind a recent movement to hash tag walk away from liberalism sat down. Which sumo reporters the other day did discuss this he was denied service at the at a Rama electronics store in Manhattan. By an employee because of his new political beliefs. Distort quickly apologized on their Twitter account. And the incident has given him even more reason to you walk away in not only walkway that says but instead to run away. From liberalism American on censored. Is a program dedicated to political stories in the they wrote historian and he ended up. Being noticed I guess by some folks in in a store and the once again it's its interest in where we're talking about. You know these these movements have getting into people's face and in everything else in interestingly there was. A woman. Who was wearing a Puerto Rican T shirt the other day and a gentleman and at a park approached her and started yelling you know crazy stuff batter and everything else and the folks on the left went crazy I mean Ana Navarro. Who's on CNN. She she completely lost that she was like man this guy's got to be arrested he's got to go to jail he assaulted her he did this he did that. His conduct was no different than to conduct that was done to all these other people in restaurants and it. Laundry stores and grocery stores and everything pulls. But it's it's just it's kind of interesting that when it happens to them. That it it has a heightened importance. And in requires. A more intrusive engagement by a law enforcement. And it. When I heard Ana Navarro talked about it first and and I went and looked at the video what the guy get a guy was he was he was a little off his rocker. But it heard description of it in what actually happened wasn't even close. And I'm not so sure that there was even a chrome of the the little snippet of video unless there's more than I didn't see. Of the little snippet of video that I saw I don't know that there was a criminal violation in the least bit. But yet we were. Often running that there should be all kinds of criminal sanctions for this individual. But you never never do you hear Ana Navarro go out there. And talk about what should be done to the folks that are in that in the face of all these other folks that are callers to not be able in their apartment. You know wondering whether or not their food has been spit in. You know having to throw their eighty dollar sushi meals away because. People in the kitchen and come out after delivering the food to go to them and start. You know yellow and all kinds of stuff about them working for the trump administration. And others and it goes on and on and on and on. Never here. That that there should be a sanction. As. Relates to those. Individuals. And it seems you know we continue to have this double standard. And I don't know where it where it's gonna end and where common sense begin to prevail. On on this. Conflict in him. It that we're having right now. It just doesn't seem that common sense is allowed anywhere. Around any of these particular. Issues and now with the Supreme Court nominee it's only getting worse. And in fact they're calling out both sides calling out the other side. I think they. A read a story yell correct me if I'm wrong they were criticizing. Cavanaugh for buying. His Washington Nationals take it on a credit card. And today they reported that. Anyway gobbled up all of his tickets and paid for the whole season. On a credit card. So watch. How many have you gobbled up all your New Orleans Saints tickets and paid for. On a credit card guilty guilty as charged. I don't know. I'm not sure what they thought that that that can be read into that. Maybe it was the type of credit party refused on Monday it may be it a wonder if the bank. That sponsor the credit. Russian collusion that's what it's going to be it's the bank is going to be the Bangkok I don't know who knows. We'll be right back to 601878. Texas 878. So many. On attacks on. Ana Navarro is a true American patriot you are not enough well that's one opinion will say. We'll be right back after the break this is new rule on WWL. The real Robert Mitchell joins us in the studio and just got this hot off the press they dropped the charges on stormy Daniels she was arrested for touching a patron while stripping and stripped joining Columbus, Ohio is incredible to settle. Admit in it was a it was a setup yes. So. And his the eternal. Attorney Michael Ivan Gotti who's talking about runner for president wants to thank the prosecutors for their professionalism and drop in the bush charges and I'm sure we'll find out more. And now all the rest of the story. Can't pick on storming. Tour Dakota today well let me tell you what I'm not gonna talk thoughts. I'm not gonna talk about the NFL telling players if they want a protest they have the state. In the locker room after getting death threats yesterday. I was looking for you want me to my card it's got Korea. Crazy you can't have a conversation you can't have a disagreement you can have a countervailing position. You can't can't can't because folks cannot understand that that you can agree to disagree. And if you think differently you're racist. But yeah I mean that's everything that it while you're gonna talk about today. We gonna start the show is when is it time to hang up your car keys have you had to have that discussion yet. With mom or dad and from what I've read it that hasn't happened yet it's very very dramatic to be told hey. You're too old to drive you can hurt yourself you're gonna hurt someone else to Bobby movement from. NFL players that go on all begun and I think that that's safe harbor there. A I cannot run them though we're gonna if we're gonna say they come out of the woodwork noticing what their reaction is gonna this. My wife thinks I should hang up the car keys now. I hope I live drives formally opened sits in the seat next a million just tell me where to go I don't need a GPS right there you go what else we got coming up. Well we also gonna talk about. A teacher called a five year old student a bad boy and a loser. Is that crossing the Lansing when I was going to school. If my teacher or to send me and go through an Ambien a bad boy she would correctly but now. Can a teacher tell a five year old year old loser that is gonna crossing the line well I think I had my knuckles. Rapped on for the first time with a yardstick who knows about five or six Catholic school. They've they move very fast from the bad behavior. That corporal punishment yet. Is ahead I still have vivid memories. Of that and I think that's why my knuckles still stand up and old pit mine and I'm sure your parents were like nine of the future settlement though that you were misbehaving. They took the teacher's word in Europe. You were punished Lamotte. My parents were equal opportunity disciplinarian. Than shared that. Pleasure with many moon and gave everyone the the have full opera tell you to make sure that it. I wasn't on a straight narrative they can take care of business mum mother didn't know the phrase wait for your father did so now not just that was around too much of an album. All right Bob Mitchell is up next these in first dude who's on on vacation and then I know that he's got a a great show for you for you guys we're gonna talk about tomorrow obviously we're gonna have no filter Friday at site at some point tomorrow as well. And we just wanted to remind. Folks that. About our new radio dot com if you're on tune in and Dan no more of its now radio dot com happen you go to radio dot com slash listen. And download the radio dot com to listen to WWL and all of the other great. Stations. That we have so. State tuna and Mitchell's going to be up next and also one other reminder. Of the cash contest. It returns on Monday. You can every weekday here and every day every all you can win a thousand dollars twelve times a day. On our inner calm national cash contests on Tommy show my show's cute but I mean Christian. Thousand dollars cash do you text is 72881. That comes back on Monday. We'll see again Amar thanks so much for joining us have a great evening.