Should nationwide sports betting be legalized?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Tuesday, December 12th

Bobby & Deke discuss whether sports betting should be legal in all 50 states with Brett Smiley of


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And good evening and welcome to our number two sports saw hello Bobby bare and in Bolivia. Coming up this album will start to go behind enemy lines to get familiar with the saints next opponent. And that is the New York Jets go to New York Daily News and hit on the jets and coming off an embarrassing loss of the Denver Broncos mr. were sent out 23 to zero. Final four. 26 so when he simply is an American involved you can text the city 78 sending operatives jaguar opinion poll is online at WW elf. Dot com and we are asking you the saints are three games remaining. First the jets vs the falcons at Tampa Bay where they close out the you know. Vote online at WW real dot com about me. Very interesting over the weekend because so we were not. Covering on football Sunday like we normally would. But the big time hit to their lineup alone did you roads and just if you look at these big market teams in you have to wonder one day with the unit fail. Be like Major League Baseball where you may dismay in which you won't and you know and people used to bash and say well at the small market teams have a chance but as of late they've been small market teams that have been very successful. Yeah and you look at. Scandal seed all ranges of formula that can saying you know in the Kansas City Royals you look at the Houston Astros you had to make and he exactly now you might have to sacrifice short term and then you all in one year did so that there isn't winning foreign but I denied see him I don't care if you Jerry Jones in Dallas. Whether cowgirls are relevant or not. That they don't want amassed of that form. To meet what's intriguing about the NFL is true socialism. It is true what I mean about that when do you first of 32 everything share. The now they sharing a lot. And you know Roger Goodell. Had a goal. In the year 225 an error of forgiveness it was like. 25 for 25. To have 45 billion in revenue for the year 225 I think being pushed it back now wanna see 20/20 728. I want right now what is it that and fourteen and a half billion. But that's so much you think the NFL's gonna grow in and I shared amongst 32 feet when they they've got to have citizens so why isn't drawn into it than that so why the exactly I mean I'm just say they have a vision right behind closed doors vote why would you want him as their 40 mess with a formula. In our alum or anything. The meeting I care about the jaguars. I hope the summary of the minutes Momo blatant mortal again as the blade morals to play awesome. I would love to see the NFL when not one this. In Minneapolis Minnesota. What is suitable as good partake. The early February Cologne and look at a popularity and NFL. Worldwide when you come out this rule then I would love to seat in New Orleans Saints. Against the Jacksonville Jaguars. In a suitable small market vs small market. The they're really don't want that and to be in this in his seat as the playoff games come out well. And imagine how the officials call the game. Holiday call of the game to let that happen here well where to meet AKB so one sided weather right you have an official crew. And they can even the flags in their pocket OK you let them play. Vs U gonna throw a lot of flags but are you throwing a lot of flags on bowl team to get to that point because here they wouldn't want. The jaguars to overtake it team why don't patriots artists dealers. When he hears when he gone back to about officiating okay. The NF AO let okay rugged yet he's he's like I'll play a bit and a lot of people console you give display as all their money. They kind of lose that that feeling that they got to get I think get paid to get that sense of stability relaxation. Comfort so to speak security. And as valid but yet they get haven't an everyday life too as well so Rodriguez did his new term drew for a million dollar deal. And I think it looks as bad amongst in FAO. Teams and fans because those who Libyan FAO and keep the winner of an continue to keep the wind in that time that they may not agree with some of the things that goes on. This deal quote unquote an NFL guy but investment to the other leagues I mean if comrades did dale and everything it took place on Thursday night. And all this other stuff with the saints and thousands game I'm in advance of the Gary Bettman in the face I'm I'm embarrassed to look at. Commissioner. It doesn't I can't think of his name announced Adam most of the NBA and Major League Baseball. And I still though I assume it is embarrassing because these are some small things that if you did just. You know wiped up your own bathrooms so to speak cleaned up. You could've avoided it you'll put Amanda best played several years in a robbery and let him officiate a saints game in the falcons game. And just so happened that officials have to be the one guy that said demo was not out of bounds flashing it in the saints. And Morocco's gain which have so it was clearly out of bounds. So easily conspiracy theory I don't know but also in the key people from hot and an up and adding one plus one is too too close to his fourth. There ought to be a mess and they look like some Mickey Mouse operation ending its political and how. Our Baghdad to investigate everything they want on with the falcons in the slaying includes paying. There was a whistle blower on the saints let me do this with just like pro wrestler and I mean it's it's this is script like a soap opera ready to death got no better laughingstock. Among all the puzzles sports leagues nailed a left in stock right now amid if they're not embarrass and Hamels picked up stand about a bag and adds. Then shame on mandate their convoy within their job security. But those that think that they could have avoided just simply steer industry official in another direction. Are you know give it didn't cowboys Eagles robbery fell almost two and ravens Robert I don't know they got called at your kids. Oh McKinley and I think going to far because that are bedding is gonna come about. Legalized betting that only allows Beijing vote to win knowing New Jersey are different states over gonna talk about that later in the show yeah. But to me. If you have any connection. Let's say you're from Louisiana and you could be a fan I'm part of the hood and nation are right some association with the saints are saints fans. No you can be an NFL official review gotta go call sim game in the northwest drag it feel like this guy film Achille OK go call. That that colds bills game yes and and buffalo. But they eliminate eliminate everything that can be now in this eighteen and make sure look bad because a look suspicious now it was like we tell they're in there tonight at the schedule and when that being said though. Now film McKinley has done a number of saints games in the past he's weren't thirteen saints games. And want me involving the falcons throughout his career not that it like that yeah. He's in world thirteen saves gains to one rebound the thing as of now with the artist career remembered the day every game because it's the end dolls are Rolf. And then you know they don't want overturned but they don't you go off the field area as well what do you call on the field. Now I thought was interest in is that when you look at it this this year bomb and be fair here. He also worked you all of spurs game against Carolina. And and he worked the game against Tampa Bay. We won bald Eagles. So I don't know I don't know I know they understand that there's just column looks yet but he shouldn't be doing any saints and found no big. Listen in on your view from Tim and always Durham Baton Rouge are you from here. You should be not do it any game in the NFC south right aren't associated yard sake you might be of great official. You gotta go and other parts of the country come on this day and age. You wanted to fly a little longer to get there but not nothing well there's no conflict. It does this too much money involved I do you. And examine this is almost Malo but it was it 201213. Amy played saint Charles in the state championship. I'm close essential program goes on been friends because Monica just about all my life. And of course I went to a meat out of love to call my Haskell home how scooting the superdome. But I mean c'mon how could that do that went out in even if I called it down allowed gives it all he's studying meet anything Allen Don so I'm recuse myself from the situation as somebody else called it. That's with the NFL should have done if this guy yet like I say it could have been between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. Along some of dissident play with the Steelers you don't let him do that gained just to from the image standpoint it does don't look right. Well bigot may go Arnold while imitator right now Lockett tell you my grab paused part of migrate over George Hebert with the principles solemn was high school and we we won the state championship. All I know is we've plane bottom all right Gary Galley and I didn't have the superdome classic during. And they had this I'm far from Alexandria Louisiana Nina and ages said on the you know just let the boys play online if tejada call the game behind whatever is drug had a bunch of delays speckled Trout and and oysters raw oyster you told us the gift. You know that they might violate the division and it didn't say hey Vatican now any of that Kelly is his single day and that's he obviously Jumbo size and not right did you just don't that don't go to the foul play out again did you just kind of relate to and that's okay I'm in the wings women Matthew not a damaging game -- would have a dismal human element plays a that's a party years ago nineties Germany's seven you know. C'mon. Our knowledge to get one day when he set the job market down the town. It's fallen Libya it would it would definitely the experience of is is really yard got the first down yet been through all right sports are now. 88 o'clock tonight on W ultimately come Christmas it. And welcome back he is the case he can embody a mayor and I'm the ability to 601 it's only the saints three games left in the regular season. The jets the falcons and at Tampa Bay with things on the table and finish up at twelve informed by BMW. The way it looks right now the last game of the year at the saints will play that we just folk in the division. And Carolina plays the toughest foe outside in Wal-Mart tells us right that is declared in Atlanta and that game could be four I think cannot already be in. But it's good to see a classic example just like it was in 2000 and not a six. When the saints in the Eagles both and is it 106. But we winning and as the two seed because we beat Philadelphia hit the hit and that's what we wholesome in the division around. That it to me right now Carolina I think they gonna go three you know. And they're gonna finish trailer for and NetSuite. Is extremely important because. Headed in morning winding you go to common opponent divisional record conference trek and all that but because you sweat Carolina Bebo betrayal and four. We could be that we can be that preceded. Yet I don't know I think he's gonna how they would be five I think I'm telling you right now violent democracy a well thought about to be either five or six and I thought it was imminent the crystal ball the in and I think we're in them being from the three C. They did it in his not I'm not as faucets is is is some would think three of four I mean yes when I think I think we will in that range and I'll think about. We dug in about the draft abilities in any case. And I said. And they and number of people within this approach because you have three straight seasons and seven and nine night until proven differently your poverty club right I thought I. As a good the ball's bouncing their way. They get the double digit winning the saints away yet okay. They can get that into wins. And us at the ceiling would be eleven. Would dig right now. You be extremely disappointed they don't get to twelve wins oh yeah hell I got did you say no double digit wins yet I can't let no twelve wins meant to be twelve and four. This is a zombie about it on to you what they can be closer to tee and as a favorite over and and it then they'll close the file I'll take it and I'll wait say it again when we did with the lack of onetime plastic with new loans minus full yeah yeah in Allentown last week. That is saints' all of a 1516 point favorite right now split amongst the books in Vegas but waddle dot. Bulldogs all of those big brown do William he'll. I'm looking at hand and next week by the NSA to saints are least. No loss of seven may between eight and has Annapolis for un over Atlanta. Next week and as a matter in your opinion who's available or not when injuries and all are you significantly Bobby he would have to be like running not top tier top tier backs. Don't even count for like a full point I cornerbacks a Cologne to what the oddsmakers say. All valued at more than a point well DL we call a Mac O well ID and had to be value more than a point considering that price that is pulling is that a judgment now. Nobody would go volume by about point I agreed to go up I'll pat has gone out yet you they got no. It is like that who does that come one Bryce had a the gut that this is. They cannot even hardly get a first down that 61 now's the whole game a hundred yards. Noted analysts at. The shame on this saint trap game Hal going don't have an entire day normally I'd everything on the last analysis thing NATO trap game is the jets come Sunday. I. Coming up eight CBS update. And then we'll get to bottom and out news it's in hand so. He's Bobby bending Bellamy a sports talk into 8 o'clock tonight on WW. Coming up I've done next break bread smile he's the editor in chief of sports handled dot com talk about the Supreme Court sports betting case. Recap what does this mean as far as online dating bidding in certain areas and date and not he wants a candy. For the president to seek a United States the governor of New Jersey. Is a big against a proponent he's he's one of the driving forces behind how people can bit and not just. In certain areas well well TK go up in the places Ford's bit my understanding not just the laws they yes like you would be an old TV. Yeah alt tag then you know and the guy I think if it. In a comes about and I think it is in New Jersey dad Obi is the ball fake and we'll have a car and country yeah. Are you just like you go you're going to Harris you know you go to the ticket windows sometime and people case in like that none of the table. It's like go to the window taking gimme Tony found on the you know it's. Bobby who get a bad call us and now across the board of traditional place they give it to get beat the same thing I got the same minus sixteen this week total 48. Boom followed her solace that that would be it in and get and that. And look and yet more in it and get it out Alabama did because a social media and is now you don't have the point. Then. Virtual virtual sport TV man. Like global virtual sports events it's almost like a video game. Right and if people are betting on I'm an elaborate or more as we going to show that. Dig at this is like a futuristic. And futuristic which is now. What I mean I definitely when it first interest stuff that's gonna come about dabbling with in. This year next year for decades to come. That is going to be completely different then how if you wanna be involved in gaming. And bedding it's going to be a totally different animal and what you would have seen. At the beginning of this entry I was gonna come about. 260 points and you can Texas and eight sim needs in the do we do this couldn't break now so we can handle a good send him because we want a factor in how this. Handles a lot of people they called independent view from Vegas in oh understandably by B there's a lot of states out there where you can pull up. A site on land and you can bet on it but if you're in a certain state you're not supposed to bid on it. And how does this dig into that online dating and houses begin to like Bobby says. Being able to go to casino sweated so. You know interest says Sarah's those ones and here boom down the West Bank so they let rude she get anywhere like that. And the same ticket we had a fan buyer from mobile. After you remember earlier this year during training camp. He sent me in a ticket he bit torn down on the saints go to is the global times a new attention to be like Farrah books. It's just the ticket just like that almost like if you go and I got much of a movie heat and engage all the information on. Love these just show you why it's a vanished two worlds we go to break is like now nothing about this this is like Star Wars kindness. Virtual reality okay what's truly reality. You getting to a point where you got real time sporting events. Verses the outcome of virtual. Sporting events in the biggest all of fantasy I guess is the life of fantasy you know you hope as a fan is in a positive way. But it's it's unbelievable was gonna come about. Also come on Bobby December 23 it's the CBS sports classic and it. On New Orleans four although most prominent basketball programs in the history of college basketball North Carolina. UCLA. Kentucky and Ohio State ball played to lead me to a doubleheader at dusk moody teen center right market right here tomorrow we're gonna speak with Ohio State coach. Chris Holman and then on Thursday must meet with UCLA men's basketball coach Steve Alford. It is said that some big time basketball here in New Orleans just before Christmas. Highlights both some continues until 8 o'clock tonight on WW. And welcome back how president of welcome the sports handled dot com brits mounting evidence she Brett. Thank you so much for the time and you know we we do a pick and show here too long start about one of Ali great NASA known wholesome but they'll Alberto. And we still a dual forma debt on Thursday nights in a call over the course of doing this there's some confusion. Of how people actually do get involved in betting on football because. Some places are not allowed to bet on land and this other places you know people go locally. Take us through what's gone on now and it's from a legal standpoint is Supreme Court and what it would do in the form of debt. Yet here to view it here. You know there's there's there's show's all about country like yours where they do kicked on by. There's that. You know where he illegally. Brett right now we check out and robotic not. Illegally with not short but some local bookie but more of a point there. A big thing that happened last week in the record the United States. New Jersey from that decade now by very aggressively you. At or any state however. In 1980 shoot and federal law called cat. That has prevented New Jersey and a lot of others all the other states. Bet on sports betting. Two billion and so it made it to the Supreme Court to people's surprise. And they are arguing that it did argue that constitutionality of that law and by the spring we'll have that vision and it tutors to prevail. That opened the door sports betting and they're teenagers need that while the number of other states that are getting ready. The end of the bread I was reading where not only New Jersey but to legalize sports betting in 46 states. Where is not permitted and what you might policy to hold damn country. Whom you know would you breed now the 46 states politicos about. Now about what's also interest in and I'm looking at this company. Play sugar house dot com. Became the first in US that I gamblers bet real money on online on I'll become a virtual. Sports event. Social what what I'm thing I would hell does that does that like fantasy sports. Now you look at that technology already exists a wanna say in. So Nevada casinos as Wally used throughout Europe but it is the first time that a B available over the Internet in the US. And have when you look at it and they explain that to me. That virtual sports bedding is used effectively to fill in time between races. In time periods where there are no real time. Sporting events when he's talking about cars dog vehicle racing it's unbelievable. That is in like the sky's the limit fitness. You know frankly I'm not sure what. What what exactly sure that it but it it down like a lot of these. Caught gambling and there aren't you know not too different from the daily and incher here. Like the sooners are currently drafting that scandal there's all the time in between games. But. There there's a massive amounts sports they record right now illegally. You know not been hacked it not been regulated. The way it could be jet in the and he eluded you a little bit the I bet the integrity that they are capable of monitoring. Line movement stir any sort of now possible scandal type it thing. But eight down like where your currency is kind of somebody trying to find out should be between Allen when it. Well let legal and there are a lot of states. That is one of them coma. A lot minorities that patent much elation in the hopes that federal law changes. Now Bob Brett when you look at it and now we got to fix this seems like a gamer. From 5147. And and you know I mean obviously I want to be educated every game he's just saying they put the sports book at Harris. They'll make command the same with the golf Coles that did being in United States big money's spores betting more money. It's boards banning being casino wagering. Andy you look at that taxes on the pay out not to mention when a big cash out occurs but listen. Our former national respect of our state prospective. Trying to. You know did that to get revenue took to generate revenue that. You from a tax perspective that's why. I think is that playing in a car is sub's gonna happen not only in New Jersey but and a number of different places going forward. Yet tax tax revenues that we're big driver. Of what's going. You know a good point to the fact that the minority curry. Illegally you know throw it right in. And so about all of that work so there's there's one way without having that be any attack from actors. Or whatever. Generate more revenue it at all so. We'll drive more traffic into they think it hasn't there's pitino then. At least or state already. Not now Brett would you look at. Obviously sports wagering and NFL and the power. Just talk about the significant. Significance of that you're actually. That is nothing shady it's on the up and and what. You know when you jerseys trying to do. Will rue Governor Christie in all that to get that done and now it's it is Supreme Court that. What would stop if all of a sudden some occurs in New Jersey would David fighting to be like a Las Vegas. Of the East Coast but will be casinos all over the country debt it would do is beat the status quo that like I said before. You have. You know 46 states involved. And he'd be deadly from a local respectively not having to get involved directly with the youth. Well. Monica which is going to be slipped I mean there's about it at this stage right now. That there are at least China democracy and rules and regulations that would work. You know it futures he wouldn't majors you would certainly be. The first second third stage yet to get moving well a Pennsylvania. They got a budget deficit that are there'll be an attic and etiquette. I mean I district yesterday Michigan has. They got one legislator who wants to moves so but it of the individual states. To decide how they wanna do it how much I want it acts whether they want to allow either Britain or you know. Operates sports books or allow mine. Operators to enter the race so. Major win them out of the occasion by. Later in June of next year. They'll look at the time chew. First they get up and acted privately that I need by the in the next year that advocate ego or else. Yeah now Brentwood that being said talk about how important it is. Then everything's on the up and up. And that True Religion at a look at professional sock her in Italy. And you go to different sporting events around the world. That. To me if you have the confidence in the league are the process. That it has to be 100% that big gains a legit. And the fixes the emerald and thought about going forward the challenge is NFL would be facing what he talked about officiating crews. We all know would have occurred with the saints in London falcons in. You background. What do you associating would a certain team our region but Becky come into play because it's an aid that's what has to be nipped in the bud. From day one. That big gains have to be proceed are passed actually be legitimate and that it's fair and it's actually wanted to feel there's nothing shady. That honor sensor and NBA commissioner at silvers in 2014 he came out and publicly expressed support score. Look you know wider legal sports betting. In the US not to bury it internationally. And they heyday in Europe and then. Particularly United Kingdom. They have legal and regulated sport betting and or companies that specialize in monitoring. Mines movement you know right now language routine play star. In the shadows outside of the view. Regulators and you know there was a couple or achieving you know in the early nineties around the time that. That love past but that point saying you know we're actually slack. By. Bio people monitoring the lines in Nevada. So from my perspective. It's we're bringing everything in the pocket and out in the open and it's not happening. I mean look at China you know the age in a lot affiliated and that would you know in an environment where. Where there's no regulation whatsoever so I think. You know consistent with that silver's if it. If there is more attention shall know enough people monitoring irons. And I'll say about that you know it in the sports books that interest to be cooperative with any authority because of the Little League games not about right. Brits Molly editor in chief sports channel dot com read how big a deal with you on social media and Alamo this good information you give us. Type that it is mark you're the expert on the auto update but that. Or candle or we're on Twitter. On the an organ and go to sports and know that at Brett smiley one where Gary EG I think. Thank you so much of the time we appreciate it. Let's do it if they can sit and come and though it in your. You I read brits amount they could change everything as far as a sports is related is interacting from a gaming standpoint. Coming up we got a lot more to get to the saints have a ton of times rejoiced Johnson a veteran defensive end. And the inaugural. Sixteen class hall of fame put he Allstate Sugar Bowl. Some great legends from college so ball they'll be going into that. Inaugural class of the Sugar Bowl hall of fame that will be this January talking about that next on WW.