Should marijuana be legalized?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, April 20th

Tommy talks to Tim Hitt, a former police corporal from Monroe and spokesperson for Law Enforcement Action Partnership, about the debate over legalizing marijuana.


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That extends and actually for Tony was the time these guys in the seventies during a meet up after school. You go search for an abandoned field of marijuana and from there it became a thing referencing. Marijuana in our ready Mans opinion poll is asking you will recreational marijuana eventually be legalized. And about two thirds of you are saying yes I think it's only a matter of time and Tim hit his with a as a former police corporal and a spokesperson for law enforcement action partnership. And he joins us one answer. Get more good and you. And I guess the big key word dear Tim is action. Action toward one. Yeah park opening yet when and good morning and thank you for being here. Yeah no Utley started ramp it now you nonprofit organization pot belly doctors who family organization. And it is the group on ex police officers federal judges prosecutors and police chief share. We all agree that the the last thirty years. Law enforcement. Heavily finger handled just not the right again that we work on line. Broader range drug policy criminal justice issue. Tell me when it comes to. The futility. Of the war on drugs I don't know if it if it is just about drug users about marijuana and I'll tell you why I'm saying this to him. Yesterday and one of our suburban parishes saint Tammany could you know we don't have counties here we have parishes. A woman was stopped carrying ten pounds of cocaine and the only reason she was stopped. Is because she was following too closely and an expired license plate which means. She was not only a drug smuggler mule she was stupid because I I don't think. As a law enforcement officer Tim is that the correct thing to do would not the correct thing but is that a pretty dumb thing to do when you're trying to get ten pounds of cocaine from here and there. Well at all is one thing about law enforcement job security now. That you know. My most criminals. You know are not the sharpest. An out later there are volatility criminals but I had a compound. Amber and make it eat out in my adult and actually know aria yeah okay he has seen on the terraces and everything else. I don't think college Monroe Louisiana Monroe in the and they were open either either grand a year from their original yet we've been taken. Out of Monroe. Monaro look at so when it comes to. Mas of grandma's opinion poll asking people balloon eventually. Recreational marijuana eventually be legalized. I mentioned earlier having a daughter you know for a long time I was against this and and she's 21 now one man in college and I hope she's not smoking anything. I know who's being a legal agent in college a decent drinking and it's illegal. The drug which alcohol is now better body's doing it responsibly and I believe she is but it's not about me the point I'm making is this. For people would hear this and say I have kids and and nom dead and marijuana is a gateway drug and and I guess on trying to semi own clumsy way Tim is that. I hate when people say alcohol and drugs because alcohol is a drug and we've decided as a cut a country. That we want that to be legal but then we have this stinging ants marijuana and I just wanna know if if that's marketing is that branding word in the bias come from originally. Well they get I mean you can you can track the reach back only the party that they sprint in early release bird you know. Outlook and. And it reefer madness but. I think we're started the poppy had. They collide. You know a lot a lot of racial disparity is smaller has them marijuana enforcement yeah. And I think that's where again it it's big kick well in the sixties and your right. So many people lot impacted by all. You know former law what we're seeing now. You know. We wouldn't they are out until one thing structure again. You know. Need to decide in which you talk about alcohol impact some of the the people from among these gains don't. And even Tim the most dangerous called police officer to make I believe is a descent domestic disturbance want to timeout calls involved in that isn't not. That's correct yeah and you are more police officer killed in an astronaut calls than any other India Chile now all of play determined role and and and you know we're talking about reform and Italy we take it in illegally compare what I think to the other we need to prove. Com or shadow. That is not. It's not what it when it was it. Portrayed in the and it's got to this tremendous stigma especially. With some of the current. Administration. And actually. Attorney general's action. And especially. Tend to you have some time until. Sure because I'd like did today keep it till 7 o'clock if we can and take some calls if you don't mind. People that have different questions or comments at 2601870. Tim Pitt is our guest. Former police corporal spokesperson for a law enforcement action. Partnership which is basically saying marijuana Tim let me ask you quickly says they the right thing should be legalized or decriminalized. You know it's Boras. You know mop my view is or illegal racial we. A couple of bill you know in the state right now calm down and Irish found where they're working on statewide decriminalization. Which I know people are aware of what the difference of that. Tim tells a difference between. Decriminalization and legalization. Yet those big issue. Really at. Who ultimately cultures bail out people picket act you know it takes that away able but it giving. That police saw little discretion so they get cold over you will want our what's the if we're in an area that decriminalization. I'm not certain option of giving you ticket like civil fine. No criminal. A ramp. And you're on your way shadow. That really helped bill law enforcement get back to the job they really need to redo it. Com or a lot more. Being bitter. And hot call more important from. So it is it is it's a good tools at the plea culture battle. That's decriminalization legalization would be just you get added it's like heaven. I mean there would be I guess like an open container law. Maybe occasionally if you if you. If you smoke too much you dear disjointed voices coming in from nowhere but. I. Know would seriously legalization would be you can hand and although would be suspect is subject to when you drive. The same as alcohol things like open container loans or nine. Yes yet correct it is it's not just like people being illegally moved its internal you know free for all it would spill. Follow under guidelines that would be and obviously impaired. I'm like you know what you get that politically patient. The what the deal or attacks in regulation Z like cigarettes or how well. Is there a racial disparity when it comes to marijuana are there any. Or roots in this in in to raise sore area are black people more and I'm not trying to to make this thing but. Because it seems as though. Black. Of we sort of thing and I'm gay activists will tell you that that's uses to Lou incarcerate black people. Who would when in fact is many white people smoke marijuana they just do it in a different man now or manner or maybe they. I don't bracing come how does Soledad factory in this to him. I mean it is in an Indian more than that paying at least for the you know solid report stay in two eager quote ACLU's. National drug is that they mean it would buy it but yeah people collar about recount that likely to be arrested from marijuana. Then why people. Despite the use that right about the idea they're well there is a large amount of racial disparity when it comes to the enforcement Merrill. Is there when it comes so police officers. I don't know if you've done any polling or not and I'm running police officers belong believe that. They would do whether they'll say they're not do you do you think a lot of offices are just say you know what has gone on in a way where are we wasting her time with us. Yeah I did. You know giving it to get across the country and probably altered an even here you know from where our medical Louisiana. Now they're not it quickly to to publicly say that it just did a geographical issue com. You know probably not like it is down into war but yeah I mean most police officers. We neat you know like that are that we need to be on our way to connect call and they when I think law enforcement in general agree. That marijuana in Portsmouth. Really hinders agency. And it could. A lot of people. You know making it in jail for firm a moderate stance which which is really. Terribly big legal art in there. Yeah law enforcement in whole thing is is does not have a problem with the late of extramarital. For people like myself that are libertarian when it comes a personal behavior. But very fiscally conservative they you can make an argument I would think that it would cost a lot less to legalize since. It. You know we. NATO operation disparity one thing but financially I mean. Outbound could get a degree last week you know eat. We got go to jail Friday position on it can't get out of jail. NATO and the money correspondent. In you know he's been in breed a jail for a jewel so yeah there's a lot of other things. Com understand you know the criminal record map but financially well Archie for just a small market. And for society to house these people right in prison. For really our jails or something that they dummy inside really anything that may be a lot of suburban lawyers and doctors of what heavier Dylan. Right exactly it you know it cost. They appear Washington cares about that 39 dollar a day. Without somebody. And the east are Clinton yeah upon those are tested to simple as civil director relaunch it. I'm beginner you're gonna tell bill pretty quick. And I think there is something to be said you can correct me if I'm wrong fork give you put somebody in for minor offense then. I don't think that's a best atmosphere and you might wind up sending them as criminals school. Yeah absolutely they. It. You know it gets people in my you know we're trying to repair in that country be relationship between law enforcement. The and the public and I think. Merrill Ali Asia. Can kind of be a little. Confidence back into you to all fortunate yes same you know what we're just trying to start locking everybody Brooke. But when I say this through quick guy in terms of law enforcement to officer shot and killed yesterday in Florida Weller just eating. And then they don't know what was behind this as far as I know they don't says that the person they think that shot the officers. Alone that there was somebody else involved kill themselves after Obama idle problem yes they drive in home after the EI shot Rana. A red light and I didn't really see. And the officer of earnings Jefferson Parish sheriff's officer Ryan Arsenault he he wasn't concerned with. Given anybody a ticket are being in tough for any news on me Germany it was safe and I think a lot of times law enforcement officers. And I know that's not why you're on template. I you know I don't think people realize. What a difficult job that that you all have been though you had dig his I don't this year with police department anymore but. God bless shaman on Tonya when do the job brokerage somebody texted in instead. What about driving while impaired. How would that differ from alcohol and I would think there has to be some impairment. For you to pull some O'Neal for anyway Renton. Right yeah I mean it is there would be you know like it's an. And earlier with the legal aging you still all under need to drag regulations yet she can't be battered. From smoking marijuana. And it portal would be just saying that there were alcohol so it is not it's not a free ticket you know it if it's legal racial occurred. To get dropped under the influence of any work out I'll order. Is someone who wants to find out more do you guys have a website. Yet now that we. Were action dot org. Www. Law enforcement action dunhill orgy in the partnership and make it in there in the URL. Hi Tim appreciate your time I really do and again thank you for the work did did I guess you know police officer and Maurice. I'm not a bit of both thank you for the work you did when you were ones I appreciated I think society doesn't relies on yelled do you think is there. Well thank you rat you bet Tim hit former police corporal spokesperson law enforcement action partnership used to be against prohibition.