Should marijuana be legalized?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tommy talks with Luke Dean Niforatos, the Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor for Smart Approaches to Marijuana, about marijuana legalization.


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There is a headline and I notice from the New York Times it's as Californian today. Legalize nation of marijuana easier drug. So is it just a matter of time until it is legal all over the country when that be a good thing or a bad thing Lou teen affront to those joins us right now chief of staff. And policy advisors Smart approaches to marijuana go mornings are. Good morning. Thanks for taking the time when this how many dom I guess about the state of marijuana legalization in the country today Ian. What states. Is it legal ways is it creeping with legalization with is the first step by guess medical marijuana and then from there it becomes more acceptable etc. Yeah absolutely. So yeah we're definitely seeing you at the country. In not bitterly on the federal ought to remain the same. But we're seeing some of the states tried to experiment in different ways awaited there are laws are we don't have. A majority of state to have not legalize recreational there. Only only a few people will. Speak about sweetly at all recreational. Albany number eight have legalize medical. I'm sort CNET and and it you know number eight or are trying out but we're seeing all of a buried. You know concerning. Results coming out of this so our arms so you know work. We're seeing a number very concerning results percent Colorado Washington Tuesday that really pioneered. Legalization of recreational marijuana seeing. YouTube is skyrocketing. We're seeing a number or we're seeing. Traffic fatalities related to marijuana more than double. Actually done accurately called rattle him now that in order Northern Virginia but. I was in Colorado or during. After the legalization or they're sort of experience that hand of that kind of new movement legalizing marijuana I can tell you it was I'm actually stretch for the Colorado. And back. You know we journeyman it would take our fourteen month old daughter. Walks anymore. I'm just that the marijuana smoke and found it interesting a lot of folks are diverting. Again. In the downtown area to other cities because. Under a lot of complaints about just the danger of the area now after the patient. Another situation where you know things in order concerning across the board of state that are legal and they're one right now. I'm but it will say in certain currency. Eight look at the Colorado and Washington and say you know what maybe we don't wanna go back row maybe we wanna look at them could also is that we've had mixed bag right now what we're seeing its German patient and unfortunately in very. Concerted results. You know we're talking about smoking later on you minor heard me say that. And I know that's not why you here but as you say that it makes me think that one of the arguments I hear about smoking is with secondhand smoke. If somebody decides to you and I don't know take a pillar of what have you will then you're not exposed of that. And as you say that makes you think about secondhand smoke with marijuana that. You don't necessarily want to partake of that but if it's going on all around you it might be kind of hard not to do then I'm mattered that our early proffered before. Police are probably keep things about that at first it is. The leader and mayor spoke all over the place especially that from personal experience in Colorado. I'm at and second off you know that there's a bit more dispensaries and marijuana in Colorado and our Starbucks and McDonald's all. I'm at but it's such a huge number of dispensaries in the dispensary. Pop out on you can smell them for mine. It is I mean you'll be right on street and it won't be the country or another few blocks and you'll smell I'm so there is that we impact on community especially neighborhood. I was actually driving and you would appear to be just a very nice you know neighborhood and children are and there's a dispensary there. I'm so it just it's very in the chapter over the plate on a fortunately. We're seeing in all the league like they did their targeting of very honorable community. I'm communities of color. You know poor communities are not we're all these are chaps are going up they're not going not been richer areas. I'll do you know what we're really concerned about at Sam you know marked urgent and wanna my organization. Is just this rampant commercialization. Of marijuana so you know work seeing. Eight you know I think what people hear about usually at least marijuana I think a lot of people think oh. They're just trying to to make sure that these you know sleet hit bees do you know dissing combined are gonna go to great. A moderately well or are they were talking about Wall Street were talking about billionaires are business people seem. Who are writing in multi billion dollar industry. Of pork rocket. A slim majority. The nation day is for marijuana legalization but about. Seven in ten people would be bothered people did their smoking in public even if it was legal and I guess it's going back to what you were saying. And leading us into at a bulls is opposes smoking marijuana. Absolutely and it actually your point about all you know it's really interesting we did eight. That's a similar coal miners that you found out there and he just stated was dubbed the state what 61% support for legalization of marijuana. We did this same hole we copied it and and and we just gave one more option. You can be only one nation you recreational marijuana. For. You can't just he criminal in other words allowed users can use it but doubtful you know we you know legalized failed them and commercial patient. And will be given the option. Of the support for the patient here wondered your state built 40%. So adept at minority of people were interested in all the patient one they just want it for people to jail. Opera smoking. But we believe that really people are talking about one need our response be polls that most people don't wanna shop and bared it. Most people don't want marijuana smoking in their communities are most people don't want traffic fatalities Khmer wanna go out and and all these I can't see that it's rainy and all the other things that are so you do you don't want that their communities that are there. I think most people just don't want the on and pray that you are registered or 100% on board we don't want people go to going digital smoking Joseph are all eager but what were concerned about what most Americans we think are concerned about is. Commercialization of marijuana. I'm so that that certainly justice to that point. Also you know you've brought about doubles. This is a totally different game art today. It was thirty years ago we're not talking about Woodstock we eat which typically with 15%. Peachy. You know very eerie miles but now the degree mayor one. Worked in about 90%. Each the apple now what axes brownies ice cream companies. Things that are very benign looking up things that really clear targeted at the children of the younger population. They look at these things and think. And so bat but when they consume it they're going to the hour or even worse they're they're crying because it's such an amount of marijuana. I'm so. Would lead you know maybe be executable or not smoke but we all industry all the different type of drug is the hype cycle well. And I'm ready jaguar opinion poll is asking you should the federal government legalize marijuana because just from a a business model standpoint. Yeah MO lawn that is against news or Lisa's something is against federal law. That states are Macon legal. And some banks are afraid to handle proceeds were talking no Luke. Dean of Toronto's chief of staff and senior policy advisors Smart approaches to marijuana and Luke before the break I might miss this and I'm getting a lot of text honored are you saying people are dying from and a bulls and because of A kind ten of TH C at setter. No no well I mean I've become an appropriate. Certainly that that working out there I mean it's certainly having a number of adverse effects we just saw Doria Colorado just two weeks ago about an eleven month old that under spilling still kind of doing the medical research but certainly marijuana marijuana Hannibal the part of it. I'm so that's something that were concerned about are the negative effects of marijuana on the we're not cheer you doing reaper that now saying oh you are one and just this you know creek you know it. It's not thinking heroin and other drugs but. It as a host of negative consequences that come with it we're seeing in the researcher were sitting in the news coming out of the states. Our name were very concerned about it so you know absolutely is not out there killing everyone on this is certainly not a reefer madness. I'm section that were or were to put out but we are very concerned about costs. Alice sorry about the financial consequences it seems as though less of this before the break back in the day it was gambling everybody thought legalizing gambling was gonna. Take care of any budget problems at the municipality was having and I think. The same argument sometimes being offered when it comes to legalization of marijuana what do the numbers show. Yeah absolutely so obviously that you know the number one. Argument you often hear with marijuana is if we legalize it we will get aid budget windfall for our state and get a lot of tax dollars and I can see that the very compelling argument and honestly I think that one today in Colorado when I was living there a number of people voted for it because big school to get a lot of money. Let's talk about what really happened. I'll be first you know the first marijuana are basically the guy who implemented and oversaw the implementation of marijuana legalization and call Brad of the first one to do it. I'm told other state in multiple panels on and conversations he said don't legalize marijuana for the tax revenue because it is underwhelming. That east that armed and so you know working. But you know at a state like call Brad Owen and others that. On any. The black market didn't go away in Oregon and the black market is over 70%. Of the marijuana market they're after they legalized. To the ice Luc. Well you know it is the number of things echo in the but you know leader. For patient the bigger other states I you know I think price in the piece today on in it he attacks you why. You know that the black market obviously it will exist any attacks into a leadership you know what you won't get read your state it's in there and kind of unpredictable I think state. Legislators in Q when they try to figure out where the armed you know marijuana. I'm but regardless what were fighting the state in the darkness and that aided the tax revenues should not they're not compelling complex widgets are. An article out of the Denver Post yesterday. I'm bit said that this. This state but the school budget from there Colorado are still suffering a number of them the major school systems are in very serious budget situation. I'm so that the marijuana money just did not comment on that problem and you know it we actually did make our analysis. Be what it would look like for the state of Rhode Island they consider legalization. And what we found to be with a combined public health car. Transportation costs he talked about marijuana on the related traffic fatalities in an incidence. And in other other our enforcement regulation extender that he would marijuana legalization. Of the costs exactly outweighed. The revenues brought in. By the projected revenues brought in by I want to consider. That we actually happened on our web site learn about and work. LE AR and about spam dot org. And should urge people to go there and look at that study that we conducted. You know and again they are just bury. Early estimates of public talks and already. Way over on what the actor would be so you know you look at it from a pragmatic perspective it started apple doesn't sit well. You know when you wanna make a decision about that you know it's gonna bring in revenue UN Richard the start and exceed revenue and in this situation we're seeing call or athlete he grabbed. So if if the black market exists even though it's legal to do it how can you then make a case that. In aid to legalization is bad because then the but he just from a marketing same point the black market is there. And it will always be there are some people are gonna use it anyway whether it's legal or not would do what would you say to them. Well you know that the listener questions so I mean. Obviously there's always going to be people breaking the law. On that there's no reason for us to not outlaws. You know so when you when you look at okay. They've league like that what markets still exists so you know what's the big deal. Well really I mean there's there's a couple of things and make it really neat deal the first stop is is what our issues chiefly concerned about witches. Rampant commercialization marijuana mega billion dollar players getting to the table marketing their products I put the I'll bet are just having you know effect that we can begin to understand on human brain. And on book especially traffic fatalities and in other areas of a light so there's a beer being public help caught in an epic that cost. And so you know. Where it may exist to some degree in either scenario but there's a hole about other issues that we have to consider. I'm outside the black market. You know that would influence. So the name of the organization is sensible. Obama approaches to marijuana would do would do what do you think ill what is your organization think is a sensible approach or what's acceptable. Absolutely so our organization is all about so first off we are not contracted agree for we are here trying to stay. On anything that's not grounded in science marijuana we believe in the 21 century cutting edge psychic approached. Until marijuana and a wire scientific advisory board. Has yeah all the bigwigs are all Ivy League school that you know on people or leading researcher topic with many many side oracle journal article did research done. Arm and basically. What we view is have an education and prevention based approach so we wanna educate the people the country on the negative effects of marijuana. I'm we want you know we want them to wait to you does that drug has very negative consequences that would cheer that the the the state are and that's really our first goal. On and then secondarily. We agree wit. You know the American people that we see people going to present upper pretty you know pretty crimes for the fences. I'm looking jointly in the compound there on home when an emergency people go to jail so. Are we certainly are open that kind of thing. But what we don't wanna see and what we're really fighting against the commercial patient. We stopped at the old recreational put should be billion dollar player beat Wall Street fat cats who are not doing that or are good they're not doing their social justice. Are they're not doing that it take care market impact. They're targeting kids with their advertisement in and their their cheeks she laced I screamed and gummy texture until we want stop that. From from happening in this country. But we do why would it matter in in no words I can understand you're looking at it from a standpoint of Indy causes cells probably causes problems society. But in terms of Wall Street fat cat. And trying to make money off public did I don't understand where that factors and others. Well acted this way because you know I think when Americans are considering you know states are considering we. Think that. You know they're thinking oh I want. You know you make industry players putting up advertisement in bill or community like it is in Denver. I'm telling my drive through the city of Denver here doesn't billboard saying you know promoting wheat products are. Spectre every single block there are television advertisement there be some of the journalist. Are on the table marijuana or companies on there are so bitter conflict and now pro pot article. And just pushing people who except marijuana smoke marijuana and try to keep our. And and and the rule. Mega commercialization and mega industry if you look at on tobacco for example. We. Are used talk about being tobacco because we will prevent tobacco 2.0. So when tobacco started out eight years ago years and become massive industry arm you know all these different advertisements that. And all these different you know way to coaching you know people to smoke cigarettes and massive problem that industry for over eighty years a typical long time to kind of get them back in the place to prevent big tobacco two point now. Which is marijuana on we just finished kind of stopping a big arm. We have a big pharmaceutical problem country. We're still dealing with. I'm do we really need bird med industry with billions of dollars pouring money and advertisements and pushing their products to devote an. Seeing you would you rate go rocket at that people twelve people thirteen years old an eight or their number one. Per you'd use of marijuana for our users of marijuana on top ten all states that have legalized earned the top ten or. Per you accused of marijuana and and all deeply concerned at all that research showed. That is especially on all unto you you can't do this later on they're productive they're unable to function. On the low and others and so were really concerned about so you know industry clear coming into the big difference. Thank you Luke up preaching your time blue Tina for autos chief of staff and senior policy advisor Smart approach is to marijuana. I'll say this I've never smoked marijuana in my life they judging from the rabid texts I'm getting from about five numbers. People that smoke marijuana are not laid back based. They're not peaceful. At least from these five numbers I can tell you that that could be a myth.