Should LSU get rid of Mike the Tiger?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, September 14th
Tommy talks to Kelsey Bourgeois, advocacy communications coordinator for Care2, about their push to get Mike the Tiger released.

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When it comes to Mike the LA issued tiger not the Auburn tiger and on enough they have one. There is an organization I believe it's based out of California that is getting some petitions signed. And they've been through this before we get them a second about Mike the tiger being kept as a mascot. Tells C Boudreau joins us advocacy communications coordinator for cares to how are you Kelsey. Hi there and having me or does a name like luge blow would automatically make me think you would have some type of Louisiana connections and unnecessarily. Actually yeah I married a dramatic. Al-Qaeda in the background. And militant. Tell her at. Tell me about it. What it is that you have beef with pardon and the choice of words there what is it that you have a problem with. And what is it that you want to see Ellis you do in these hundred what is it you know 72000 people write that have signed a petition. Yet that need it battening climbing would two billion when he went to do. Well what we block I'm not have a lie about it. Alan C madam I am now Mike the tiger is really loved and really cook at the community you know rally around. Something like that I actually grew up my it on your lap I know a little bit about. The excitement or how I am but require it I believe that are here are kids that act. And light and exotic animals action. And that shouldn't shouldn't be at my map I am around people attacked like especially like to see him. Our money got a 142000. Singler and he didn't want might. Six replace strengths Mike seven them back. Exactly and that's that's the good and actually was authored by now he allotment act Andrea and mark. Didn't wanna be another what a great time to do away with this practice that. Now LSU has said they do not at all believe in. What is it breeding tigers in captivity. And and they're not the only school with a tiger can as the University of Memphis as 12. Yeah that's great and trip Tripoli would love to see any captive. Higher being used on a college campus. Not being used on a college campus so it Allan you can never been at the moment. And you might just came and that yet and get her life will we don't wanna see an aunt being used in this. University of North Alabama in Florence has two lions ralphie the buffalo Leeds University of Colorado team on the field. Baylor University has bears in an on campus zoo exhibit in Waco. And here's the gold and you eagle at Auburn whom. LSU plays is weekend as a matter of fact rebel leader Colleen Texas saying and that's. Obviously a dog courses and a couple of colleges onto bulldogs representing several different universities. Are you against all of those even even the bull dog in the colleague in a burden. You know a lot about all of those are again the ones that are classified as big Arctic animals animal that normally would not. Contact with humans the Adam Whitman to secretly does. Being around. That many people that they're offering animal regardless of the enclosure. How it cared for it and are miked or are currently well. That the apple unnatural environment that had an animal like I can't comment. All all of mascot but definitely the tigers and bears. Alliance that sort of thing. It just doesn't make sense you can and that Wayne trot them out in front of big crowds like. I. If it can't wait till like the try no before that he said the tigers. Yet. And won't the other two. And and in tigers don't mind. That is when you get that so what was it what was the Genesis for this time how would make you get involved with this specifically Mike the tiger and Elin issue. And do you think you really can do anything with this situation before we run out of time. Release him where does is tiger was reading captivity in. He can't have him run around Baton Rouge some Luigi announcing he'd fare very well in the jungles of would be the plan here. Yeah it would be released. My two at banks and their all and sanctuary where animal like that can call who. We're bred in captivity so that cheered and not suitable to be released into the jungle obviously he should not be released in Louisiana. Did you beat and Mike do anything Larry what I think it and it is care in general Ali advocating or animal it particularly. I'm animals that honor. More. Are threatened that we were using in the ways that not really care about without it we're gonna carry you. Goal in general and I think we can do that they ranking you know it things like this kind of coverage just I don't of people for the fact that there and educated be excited about. Make the tiger and get that people that are really the mascot. But I think I'd want people think a little. More about the animal on what that animal. Really is going through it is that really aircraft could be used to that. Com what has been no issues reaction this response. And so. Well you know what if we hear anything packs that typically after some of the press coverage. I think you'd generally. Pride in the waited an ordinary school take care of my and again not targeting. Just bet that tiger shouldn't be there and even if he would cared for Barry. Kelsey I appreciate your time and don't necessarily agree with you but you've been a delightful lady to talk to and maybe we'll talk to get married. Might have a good day thank you Kelsey booze why advocacy communications coordinator. For cared to.