Should Louisiana legalize sports betting?

Bobby & Kristian talk with Brandon Lang about whether the state should legalize sports betting.


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Take a walk on the wild side and it's fourth and final hour here the sports talk on there W him well enough to knock on the scene. Body of our crushing Garrett Mormon aren't at master control brain and Lang coming up this hour pro sports handicap her. Bobby's worthless. Are she's new bodies useless knowledge nuggets. Well right now it's that all worthless I used Liz this is very informative. And very respectful. Okay. To say the lease on the starts and this is is is it is. You know sometimes you don't get around to acknowledge certain. Things that occur in the sports world. Chris you know Jerry still lawless. Yes it LSU fan. Jerry Stovall my dad. Was a Kansas City each day. Because it Jerry Stahl I took it out before. My dad would take their approach. Does he loved LSU. Whichever NFL team had the most LSU players far. That's all I'm cheering for. Cologne Jimmy Taylor. The tiger's era Disco and old school so. I think LSU deadly to the right thing because interactivity jerseys retired. Jerry still vault might be the malls versatile player. And LSU history you know who modern day version honey badger already can do. Volume of the Jerry's still ball now 77 years of age. He's in the college football hall of fame back in 2010. He's unanimous. All American selection in 1962. Is three varsity seasons. And L issue. That graduating 61. Was from sixty to 62. Christian is really did Jack of all trades he played have backed. Davidson back. Kick returner. And punter. Sort of bottom line is you want him on the field. He wore number 21. And now he's gonna joined will melanoma Tony Billy cannon. And number 37. The greatest name of cobalt Tommy Casanova. As a retired jerseys and LSU football program. Signing get big dollars or does or all of the teams that I'm from milieu it you know alive because of my dead. Dahlia I know who Billy cannon is Tommy Qassam over. Even though played seven years to be angles was it was dominant then they got out and before he got to be out and Jerry Stovall also rose raw household names. To me now. On a different topic because. We talking about American gaming. And that being a low wagering. And we talked about Americans. Illegally. Last year. This according to the American Gaming Association. They wagered a 150 billion dollar little sport illegally each year we talk about that'll be yeah so this is a long these lines are remembering. You know 32 states are considered likely to offers board's meeting with betting within five years. According to one research firm well. Louisiana be in that number I don't know I know Mississippi. Is going to be in that no beef Florida's football season. But do we get the reason why bring up that wagering. On that bidding Christian. Did you see this woman. And to by hitting it big for the Kentucky Derby and I did talk about this this is unbelievable. This is something that person in my network journal morphine did. That this woman. So that she bit on. Justified. To win in the 2018. Kentucky Derby. This morning just that one race. She had a one point two million dollar payday. She's a stay true Texan. They. From central Texas. Janet Radio One point two million dollars Margaret Reid from Austin. Was at. Rim matter. Comfort house there right remain apart near San Antonio. You know off track betting whenever she is watching waging the day's racing Saturday at Churchill Downs. She wagered eighteen dollars. On a paid five bit. Picking which charged issued dog who win the derby then vina could argue Jeremy. You already got races before that if Ford Churchill Downs races leading up to it. She hit each one. She bent on limousine liberal in the church hailed down down stakes. From Iran and America interstates 39 to one. Long shot funny gut in the pad B mouse stakes. Nine to one longshot. You shot him. In the old forest a classic states Vinci pig justified. So Chris and she'd turned. Eighteen Dallas. It's a one point two million. To let the gaming. Tell it she knows she's drama three dollars in the one point two men who marry. Now shed the can't argue that said that take five sitting held but the winners right in a long shot was 39 to one that she picked. And and and that's what kinda obviously. And Israel with a fever and a dog derby justified now this is a little sentimental or bring up to you here. It just shows you I am getting old map past relationships. Older. Older well older. You know I mean older and I mean again it. They are. But the reason I bring it out you know Idec caller saying who Dan Collison a few years well well well and there's a whole. Well when out of now walkers and on the definitely view that number. But. This past Saturday. Two former coaches. That recruited me. Passed away. From. The first one being. Billy brewer. So who's Billy brewer him as the Ole miss football star he went on to coach the rebels we died this past Saturday was. 83 years of me. Now if you look at coach brewer. If 67 wins and Ole miss. Artist second in school history only behind Johnny vaught. The stadium is called Johnny bug stadium. RG those and is he was inducted in all his sports hall of fame in 2011 that being Coors brewed from our relationship with him. Was that he was the southeast Louisiana head coach. From 1974. To seven in nine. While won the state championship. And 77 so I would have been a freshman in 78. So coach Billy brewer. Was the head coach at southeastern. And so was recruiting me and air forget. Myself David Dillon Robin Crosby whereas Salvi sending a flame is to be college for a game. And we kind of left at halftime. Because we wanted to go to warehouse district duo that the warehouse district and garnered a warehouse. And list in two UFO. It was a bang them when people go party that went Nelson. But I remember a coach brew recruited me. At the southeast in any in the past two it is Saturday. Well this other coach also passed who it is Saturday. Ground chuck. Chuck Knox. The former NFL coach Steelers no no the real on the outside and you dignity and internal will look chuck Knox and knocks out of their way yet a jogger knocked to ground chuck you know we gonna we gonna roll over them. The format a vocal agility LA rams to three straight NC jam Asian games. He also led the Seahawks in a Buffalo Bills we passed away he was 86 years of age. This Saturday. Now my connection is that he took over to Seahawks. In 1983. It's sunny today yes in 85. And immediately when the 83 led the franchise to report first playoff berth and at that time this CR to a net AFC in there and it kinda gain. He spent nine seasons with the Seahawks but it is thought that was in his secrets are going to bring that I was like whoa cause you know who you cross paths with. Going back to early seventies. 7778. We Billy brewer. And then also coach chuck Knox. Back in 1985 with the Seattle Seahawks. Bobby's knowledge nuggets here on sports talk. Ellis shoot down a commanding lead five enough and over Northwestern State here's how it happened Dave Cabrera is right up. Two world. It deep right field line drive shot lead back is Tyler Smith the time. And now all you. Aliens. Two run blast gonna make it five. I have nothing tigers. Lot of talk about Dave Cabrera and that's the rising star as a hitter for Allah issue I mean he here down the stretch he is red hot we'll step away most of way Bobo Christen. C'mon. Can we seek Jed dogged US that in high school in Major League baseball's can offer you a million dollars. Will you go to LSU or you take the million. I'm taking me. But yeah in the snowy hills show you how good he knows he can be right it's actually in and looked they may be peaking at the right time. I go anyway if it is about it and they offer me a dollar of go play I'd take it. Sports talk wailing coming on next here on the meego. NBA draft lottery under way unfolding. Phoenix Suns. Win the lottery to the number one pick NBA. Lottery Atlanta. Skiing too in Sacramento at three. He said Dallas led the second worst record in the league I do their offense their pyramid as the report from a while. Draft lottery love or hate it it is what it is in the NBA gene and the co almost one on gene you're on W do well. I yelled bill that Bobby Bobby Cox or knew full well what a well. I gotta disagree with you com College Baseball college sports in general I mean that can be. Parity and just this war. Lost them are so weak in the it's gotten plate and you don't that is still playing games. Oh cool hostess. At this thing is being kings host. You know inner change post that the top. Of the world. On the. Also Carolina won a World Series if a couple yeah and then go out there and it's slippery slippery that's living on stony broke Tony good to beat LSU. I get that quick you don't have a inhabited football basketball and put it. Christian folk who have yet LC ten different routines that they took us all but like while still not much power. But well Clinton not you couldn't keep college basketball managing. College football you can name the team on what. Think the parity united in baseball it's a huge flaw ought not drill all the items in between go you still at the it's about that thinking. That interchange Celtic forward and all those. Tunnels and the parity. Well you know you don't you don't have the parity heavily in the northern part of the United States. And the water I am. Right if you go like Virginia might be. That no. Closes thing and on these argued state gambling and on the last but is Emily. And geographically incline that the and a warm weather states. Jeanne the wrongs don't last as long barely be on this is a might be a little our little long waited. OK so Florida won last year they're probably gonna win it this year than the best in the counties of Florida finally one part of Florida was that it picketing Canaveral wanted to or Tuesday. Has Mike mark as the all time winningest cup collegiate baseball coach and in history. Eight and he's been almost sixty guys. Hasn't won once at Morgan State is a perennial powers well LSU knocked them off last year I understand what you're seeing in terms of UCL a all the team hold on gene. It but these assist these aren't necessarily sustain for long third time in today's College Baseball the days and LA issue where they can throw out their 25 players on the roster. And on scholarship and he would go back to back deep runs in the college World Series win. Back to back national title those kind of days are over on on the significant level consistent level counties saw in the eighty's and ninety's Barley are. I grew I haven't seen on the musical activists have anything about how dominant US the US and even Texas. Not. Just within it better it's more parity but thinking host you don't super eight probably going to be. In on appeal should issue but what we're past how many it was a though. I just say a whole season he's editor Zia. You know the packet might Mo at Florida State the perennial you know bridesmaids but he's there you're in Europe yeah. I think that if you look at if you look at all the if you look at Jeanne if you look at some of the dirt bags that I think was was the name of their. Long beach state they've been in if pro while another it perennially little oval just got in the baseball game and look how good a program. They've had the guy I mean I think it's not just. It's not just always the same teams year in year out look how. The level on the playing field without the same amount scholarship what is done for programs like the chanticleers like the global cardinals who. By and large were considered a basketball school for a long time in here lately have gotten extremely good at baseball that going to the college groceries and back to back. Years had it not acknowledging he also when you look at and we always bring this up March Madness has Cinderella story. Will would you classify is truly Cinderella. If he can make at least 20 lead eight. I don't know final four is sweet sixteen elite eight because. You know you look at some schools like hum alchemy bedecked university even if it is basketball. Gee thanks a phone call now we appreciate it certainly aren't our CBS news update Brent and playing good call Jean. Brain and playing sports handicap are finally dot com. Coming up next here on WW well. Texan a 787 like this one will Pete Rose get in a hall of fame now inching they bring that up body and I gonna talk about that on Thursday with these with the the supreme court's decision to allow nationwide are each state to determine if they want sports books in the there state won't change evening local currency rose any better in his own team you bet to win you want to discuss that the author of Brandon Lang join us right now here on sports talk sports handicap for Brandon Lang dot com is where you can find them what does this new sports betting ruling. Mean for gamblers Brandon. Well it is basically. Is in the court or he's still going to be in business people have a relationship with them. For years. It. Take guys who were little leery announced orders. But our source sports book poster read it Leno and hey it happens I'm crying out loud. That it he says it all missing pick up your then. Legally and about it in our fifteen minutes of work. It is opens up a tremendous convenience factor. For the general sports. That it doesn't responsibly and then it simple access to it now. The big winner though it the state and so what I can put the gentle person doesn't understand. Is that each year into an estimated that 400 to 500 billion dollar wager optional. So think about. Oh cut out part 250 billion dollar. That Robert Costa Rica that they got in July. Now you're in peace and now I'd take that away from it that sort of billion dollars. Up right there right in the United States helped us stay. The fact that revenues that you were. If you put sports books have made it acceptable for people with a sport interstate. A lot apple revenue that we now have a chance the state money that they indeed did things so it will incorporate some call for the last forty years. Great Britain has for years and they function perfectly. Insight. Usaid in time and time. This is a big day period. Now Renny talk about what's illegally wagered. Now. I'm paid. I guess playing both sides and offensive board is skewed heard the local book he's been than. Would you still have individuals could you talk about the relationship where their local bookie. That you still want to be involved. With that individual. Silly because of parting taxes now you take any chance this hearing if you would be legal. Get arrested and all of I kind of stuff but is it also case in point that you still gonna have be legal betting. Simply tell void taxes are way. Our ability. To reason why it you know but taxes. And back that would in certain book eat that first. Well for. Humans that we need at least seven or about three little treatment. Big difference ugly looking into sports legally legally use that the money. Gotta be in there and right date was April. You start we've got the start. Your work out that monopoly money only becomes real that following Tuesday we knew either way the collective act ejected we. Or being which is the worst is an area of the pocket you to shop at NB I get a pay it. That they let the main action packed well for seven days. Money that you don't have made it. Yet. You know Italy responsible. Now brandy look at would states are on top of things and though we compare and these pars Louisiana Mississippi I know. About a time football season starts come pre season or even the regular season August September. Then now my understanding 45 to sixty days. Mississippi is to be ready to roll. And look at their proximity to Mississippi Gulf Coast in new loans now a number of fans and did dig and love to go and do a lot of wagering gaming. On the Mississippi Gulf Coast but would you break down that and then also. You to comment and about 32 states. Are considered likely to office towards creating within. Five years is that pretty accurate Iowa. Well so ignore. It it anymore. Yeah. You can't count taxable income. It. For years it is easiest thing that the the CEO's the global casinos on their nations that are there. There are licensing placing the sports book up and running. Latin if you Libya were about sixty days to that the there's any legislation and we passed would argue with the racetrack. You EB. We're such attack that problem state importantly want. I think it into the day I believe we're gonna have over 48. I say you know what. You're due out this depicting. And out war general actually believe it or I believe it it'll it'll be on the effort. Brandi out all the mormons goal so a little Louisiana's largely conservative you know Christians etc. And he they're kind of Ramsey Orleans also Wright who were there also opposing this right now lately two weeks ago and our legislators. Now didn't have any interest they don't wanna have any interest in a local legislator that that. You know basically. Put a building gathered a shot down. An and a special session. And they don't want their reason is they don't wanna expand the gambling in this state first off it's a that's a moron aquinas to approach it. The load what more of a sports book mean you think in Louisiana with so much interest. And the pelicans and the saints Ellis shoot football obviously a smaller schools well with the interest down here who sports fans. And 88 branded I think of like New Orleans could potentially be like law's vague his junior yeah. Yet but the atmosphere hunters known about. In any that it took me that there's so it sports betting. But sport that no different than you'll hear. Ellis. They're really you know people don't understand it really there's no different than differences. You're asking on me toward but scratch off argue that it came into an hour later you know that you want. Money there. Gambling. Is gambling. Here you can't separate sports betting that the let's stop by which I hear you know per liter air there. There yet that I heard seen the latest stretch out their life. It's hypocritical thing ever seen but you know today. That's what we're dealing with the big hypocrisy in the state. It made it quite odd in game. From happening or deny it state back Obama that they used and there's 88 better. And you know it's it's that humiliated and our people of the world economic well. Because you have these Christian fundamentalists that are still living in 196019701980s. And worried too about. Now Brendon. What you comment on this route now Louisiana legislator. Legalize fans and may legalize fantasy sport apps you look at. The legislators have approved a bill that could lead to fantasy sports games whether played on the Internet smarts hole such as draft kings offend you. And the become legal for the first time in the state now the voters we get to decide whether fantasy sports become legal. In their communities on the members six ballot. But. Just educate the fan base warn you dealing with fantasy sports with him about America's. My understanding that's more a game of skill and chance. When you talk of going out now bad. But it still gambling. The looming different page European. Card players and played resident is now. Let me use the word hypocrisy yet legalized. In that are in place at Google entrap game. Legal case that it would mean people who are educated. You know and game span football. Work hard pay saying there so. Or are they kill me. That that people sports betting they categorize sports betting over year. But it okay that people all year. During the has been played up their football it's the same meeting in me that people they'll. Well I aid brand and along those lines it's amazing. The power of lobbyists. Could terrorism are bring that up in Louisiana. You look in the past the video poker industry has helped kill legislation. That would have legalized fantasy sports as because operators see it sees as gains as competition but then. They had one major video program obvious Alton ashy. He has sent last month that. That the bill what you look at is not a priority this year because he knows lawmakers. Would have to come back and neck shared her drug regulations for illegal. The legal tendencies towards gambling to become a reality. So all of a sudden. You look at apiece in a pie. And you guide the power of the video poker industry. Saying well this taken away from us we don't want that around. Yeah it that that body you're dumb. Wait that's like that calm and opponents. Every step of the way. Think about what it took to get there's there's so we're at right now and probably some years ago. Our stadium body. Idiot and it states that it is today. We're talking hundreds learning about tax dollars it to Asia it like it did the right way. If leaking it and do it too bad New Orleans in their city. At that page is do it and ignited me it looked at from local locals so local business news. But you do get the wrong people in the leadership. Pot is that they can't happen and that's the sad part while. Now Brandon and I just want your opinion on this when you look at obviously. Outstanding players are individuals. What they've accomplished on the field. And times change you look at Pete Rose getting in the hall of fame. I mean could this help may be his case going forward oval what is your take on that. His involvement and and possibly. Being in inducted in all the things. I think the former like. Never proven that it in Cincinnati. Just any bet on the net. Arguably the greatest baseball players in the history. Deservedly so. Well you stare right they'll hold it would be itself. I eat dessert shut tight chip. That we have or people in the position of power arms being shipped. Social so Woolsey. I think that it. Sports legal is the pot is that that direction and most certainly will help. It would take. Commissioner billionaire who behind him but it over where Baseball Commissioner. People or their future but didn't agree that it probably it. Probably been in that he was that your opponent. Yup and eatery and we can that game. Yeah they're 1% of it did not yet that. Sober and I think her forgiveness yet right. By no links professional sports handicap or Brinling dot com to stub our Persia the visit. They've Brandon tell you this text here rates and the gates and the it's about ethics. That's why this gambling is wrong that texture goes on to say. Don't know about ethics when URD a gamble senior state anyway it is about the idea that legislators. Don't wanna expand. The gambling so that's hypocritical you guarding have a and then you're gonna turn to stand on expanding it you don't have a don't rest on ethics then. If you wanna keep that out like Utah and never let it happen he should have done that years ago bill solve your budget issues I know that you want to talk about making cuts to higher education. Cuts start to tops on other stuff gets sports betting in here changes are just aren't you tell you when you're talking about ethics who's gonna control the money. Where does that go annual XCO trust those politicians that XP kidney. Where's the money going to that the key sports talk here on W all in government aka. One out base hit right up the metal RBIs singled out as you planets guns and Bain delivers. To make it eight nothing tigers. Hellish unique enough and the top of the fourth inning over adolescent stage every general rule of Italy I don't know a what do you this text here 87870. With Syria. He's refreshing you guys really need to educate your cells on ethics in gambling and what does to fail is that what it does to human beings okay for some. I I am I am educated on that's why I'm not. I'm not a gambler. He goes on to say the expansion of gambling. Could this Keefe has to keep coming in road test the expansion of gambling. Wounded. Increase the number of addicts etc. etc. and if you seen damaged destroyed like I have now I'm paraphrasing. Approximate proximity to the close game establish or increase the number of addicts when you have seen families destroyed in children with no food and people commit suicide because they are addicted to gambling you'll look at it differently I promise you look I've seen people dolby narcissistic to think and it only happens to you. I've seen what gambling. Addiction does to families I've seen it firsthand in a lot of ways now. Don't we haven't seen it secondly it's up to that person to make a decision as to pay this is out of control I only to partake in. You go to gamblers anonymous. Well whatever thing I don't need an alcoholics anonymous gamblers anonymous caller on hold individuals accountable not. Not did not the state are not legislators for better inducing. Addiction gambling addiction usually get those those and those that are addicted to gambling. We'll find ways to make their bets that they're gonna. I don't know that's a cop well. So I mean if you look at it let's just the way you talk is found. You look at that stay. That that that is that surprised me for her presence in Utah. Is there a boom down the treasure chest Paris or anything no. And I got to have that and you throw. But here you have this right here. But Paris Lou do promoter largest land base right casino. And and you look then all of a sudden you've got to be over water being reported a land. Louisiana yet murder riverboat gamblers. The Mississippi River. Mark two lane has gone way back CF a look at their culture and environment. Busy and have. And as just society but you can have the haves and have nots with that. If you have a prom then you got to get help that's why you see these giant billboards. And gamblers anonymous if you need help call this number and address the issue. I'm a regular listener to your show. But your expertise takes an awkward turn when you go from commenting on players selections in the draft. Or placed a call on third down into becoming experts on ethics morals and even religious criticism was your gas that you had. On about sports betting. That suggest that you return a new worlds are Las Vegas into another who owns our new wanted to know Las Vegas I should say. Every that we here's a deal you're gonna miss out on millions hundreds of major dollars in revenue and what are we keep hearing from our from our legislators and Louisiana's broke were broke right. So every other states doing it and guess what Robert raise your taxes oh well gotta get some kind of the revenues everybody else is going to go. To Mississippi he gonna drive revenue out out of Louisiana those that wanna. Placed bets on sports and go to Mississippi select Mississippi soak up all that revenue while you sit idly by his king king to say I'm broke or broke or broker broke. I don't understand why you wanna let that money get out of your state. I don't understand it. Nov ideas thanks Christian. This is sort of 6111. Bob illusion dark cars the big things roster. I will get to those retina and no Chris you know my dark horses. The tide anyway is to get jockey right young yelled yeah yeah welcome back to wrap ups foresight you as a democracy is all series now. I mean I just know I can't understand how we're gonna. Hello we are always sensitive now I'm not the most among annually since that now. Mark Bernard thanks for your help Steven Gellar as well all and actually had on a text line of phone lines geno calls tomorrow. Samba file my body don't think please go to large you know bundle relay zone good night we will bat.