Should The LHSAA Reconsider The Andrew Robison Case?


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Also gonna have too late Tuesday this hour welcome into our for the final hour of sports talk here on W Demille anathema dot com reminder will be out at the bull revised next. Tomorrow me. Deuce and body. Three hours out there the bull rushed sports book in casino resort as well before that. So Chris are you optimistic. Whereas saint thread because. If you look at it. And we all thought you know pre season favors the good NFC's. The falcons are right there with the saints. And you know playing in Atlanta always say I don't care where you win on the road route home. Can you split. With the falcons I think both teams are relevant and the point spread three now have now wanna say it was four points cogs view four point favorite. I'd definitely. Promote coin on that and take the saint and the points but I think to saint signal an outright. Now you doubt deuce is saying well it does matter when you play you know target about must win. No listen click it was a must lakers who you're playing is that Cleveland Browns Atlanta's I must when you might say well. Kamal we all and one in the NFC south who came beetle into. But I still look at your opponent. But you know was crazy and a little bit scary. Is that Christian I thought Carolina was gonna win. Can you played outstanding. Considering. Wing Carolina was playing the falcons. And you look at Atlanta's interest. Christian they had like four Pro Bowl and Iraq I'll. Matt Ryan was outstanding it is still scored 31 points so that's a little scared but I think the saints. And have had a humbling beginning. And I'm glad I'm we are fortunate to be 101. I just think this thing to gonna go we would win on the road let's hope so. New York cinema city was going on your cent year on W do well. In particular call outlook Mitt. This conversation wanted to double and so he just catching it literally. Our bid to understand and re sort of an excellent comment really more. What we're seeing and it sure you conversation today. Have been watching the liberties union warriors. Documentary. On them for our country produced. It really talks. ROB Cooper Campbell Soup area and approach surrounded. It'll. And then some degree or simply that this young. Fortunately all the way to prevent a potential. As Bobby. Great to get out and importantly what it once again. That no matter what really happens all things being equal to go out and they're. Involved. Those kids' ability to export heavy load. Are completely different and something can opener but the person. Really should secrecy in the open that would actually called long because so now you're in a little. And into mobile. Itself. For hurt people. Well that being as you have adults and you have Eagles involved in and you know who's gonna get over another adult and as far as the competition. Everybody wants to win everybody came lamb than you have an individual kid who's very talented. Who could better himself and through playing sports at high school it's agreed environment. You learn about team work it's pleasure playing football the team sport that it is but also get an opportunity because you skill set. To go to the next level. And in you get an education in. If you Betty opportunities in life to get a better job I mean ultimately won't by the go to college. You go to college so maybe one of her yeah you can have a priority yet to have a profession a better life. Marty they've played pro ball that can be buying this guy. But still. To be the pick out. Like as apparently what was best the kids and so big kid you'd pay go approach. While wanna help global mom and dad are wanna help out my mom I don't know all the financial burden of family has but think about that if you are fortunate. Enough. Like to Guatemala for a kid's got a scholarship. And the two had a big college tuition owls fortunately April ball I can put. In not a state tuition specially California but I maybe made a mistake it's a young go to school where we all want you on a pay for wool. After a couple of years or seven guys got to get a California driver's license because that this is ridiculous but the point being. That is a player an individual if you can help out your parents. And get that scholarship. And you an end and that I think parrots would appreciate. Maybe not have a net financial burden especially data kid that was bad talent and could take advantage of that. I think so full called your sample will step away comeback got two a two's due to my head football coach Willis for us to drill a hole we're gonna continue to talk by the so sit tight Charlie Johnny. Chuck inject the sports talk you're on W two well. I want to back to sports talk too late Tuesday. To head football coach Willie forests at coach Debbie for its own terrific coach of the Tulane green wave coach or. Your. Good listen. And I was at a wasn't these next are you wanna learn as a result he wanted to atom you match WAB just talk about what kind of what went wrong. All started off slow here would open hole when he should have. You know and you couldn't. Excuse me too early. On impact. Yeah. Yeah and limit like that's our war. Can run per not to call on the perimeter. Into. Had built for Q why it. You know they put together we try our Mercury Utah are currently. Check it and the other night. Matriarch drive. Period or you know came down and gotten. To twenty. Ward able to our viewpoint on. Another electorate we'll open it picked it out. We got you better. You know planes and looked to be here. You know the better job and actually that do their job ethically clean and everything we do feature it here. Now portrait before you start covers play having to go at Ohio State at the heart issue that's. A pretty special venue when you consider. The tradition and Ohio State what is your approach to give players. I mean you know anything can happen in a game in this so Rosie have because I think that's. A pretty unique got Adobe that Tulane has played Ohio State in their history but when I saw that game on the scale civil that's pretty impressed that you're able. To go out to Columbus in play Ohio State Buckeyes. Well me you know obviously they're great. Victor ranked number reformed country. So. Our Metallica. You know these. Like and then when it played that next level. And like you can literally years. In if you want to sell them at all going to be an opportunity. On. I've played Oklahoma right. The core. Even a country that are negative that helped Obama optically like. Yeah. I managed to intercede. For you look at when governor look guy. You know. Great program. Our visibility obviously. You know if they're dated today it's all should great team. No different. I think you should all challenge yourself. Now you know coach downing you control this arm navy could enlighten me the schedule makers. As far as boy I was real disappointed. Because I want to do audio for his game was August 30. When you host the way far subtlety and the saints are in the road. For pre season and elegant as schedule there's that I gained the saints are in town but then I'm looking at Memphis. I said Tim murdered tornado Friday night I mean cold we love high school football down here is. Is that president TV that controls. Had a little yeah you haven't played those big game on Friday night. Now we're. It'll. Show. Eagle maker Lipman a recruit high school as well. Unfortunately. Partly contractual. No it like Thursday in later in the year. Don't our game. You're the latest source and it should change their. Your little bit later right. Obviously to play game machines and either. Iger. We'd like. A college coaching job. You know I've Russian Internet ladies division I football coach executing them. Don't want to play out right. They all cheap today at night shaker high school football at the cheap TV control. And powerful and try. To head football coach Willie for its hero at coach to be Fritz on Twitter Tulane Tuesday and Ohio State what do you tell your kids are out to play in a venue historic venue that at the horseshoe. Yeah it you know like. That kicked into. You know guys should be excited about it opportunity. I know that it coach peck. A little high school junior college coach shall be little blue ring true to get a kick off at all between the white line situation that. No it really happened. Kurt not idle. Shall we got. On the ball game capture patient protection. And other things these cheap ball into a killer cute. Cheaply or. Entities seniors capable plain art. Or breaks each quarter either signature to that many huge break in the two at that minute break between worst when he managed. At halftime show. And it plays harder on. That you're tired breached yet. Now drug courts Fritz so where's Jonathan banks set right now. The quarterback compared to last season as far as his progression. Are your expectations with him. You'll only be played. OK. Yeah. To cool packaged in the current and ogle. And a you know. Game. Completion ratio. Nobody looks at quarterback. Play virtually. Kept completely you know. Didn't protected well we need to protection. And time to impact. Qaeda. Right action. To play at. All. To an affable coach Willie for its good luck this week aren't. Paint portraits are getting back to the phones we go jump in home what's going on Tokyo on W tomorrow. Yeah I had them. Question what was that discussion of the bond fund rule bombs are the bonfire and move. That are missed development token amount. We these discussions and he said that authorities that there was climbing up on a fine move. And not been married and now is listen okay and you seem to have had a reported fraud abuse are there any thing in the report that says what's the basis of the fine mean that the camera had not made a modified move. Yeah so let's see I'm looking at it as says. Based on on May 21 of the robe listens other Robson signed a twelve month lease agreement. For a basically a three bedroom apartment. And it was apparent to us via the investigators. That drew in color Robertson live there the apartment was neat and well furnished and had closets full of clothes. Also they want to detail about they were given a copy of the agreement. Of an agreement to sell their property and home. Content but doesn't sing more religious in its semi cute and at the bottom I'm Luke had not been made. Testing goes on to says the four bedroom house was void of furniture. And mostly empty and it it was has. Obviously been abandoned as a resident said is that the hole and a house and home correct. Now my understanding we got a text now now chuck got. That that the house is until it's been sold yet the dude it's got its so they had what they had the rigidly to. I think three offers under contract in two of fell through me three and fell through. So so he has a younger brother my understanding it's still in school and terrible crash parish and it's Saint Francis some trillions of school yes so they commute is that that's right the Robinson Stanley commutes drives drives Anthony who's a private schooled on their job is there anything else. Well I'd just I was. It's been here and and it's the only comment that I hear it was. I don't like Dick on Bobby but and I don't think there's. Something that has to do with racism. Look. Some of the same type of rule infamy. I'm no different terrible there and within the last five years where black female athlete was disqualified. From playing sports. But but but I think chug the point houses make it because how we look view football. And that I'd think it would be maybe get more widespread attention if there was African American now full ball player. Who was highly thought I was pharmacy it is bellows. I don't know limit foreign net. Who less than an our show played insane or whatever I'm but I'm just giving example. How we view football and how it's in the news down here. And it feels a stud player was a dislike a guy who can play high school but maybe could have a lot of side going forward afforded the college level. Then that's why I just think he'd be getting more attention to this day and age if there was an African American stud football player on that that's just my opinion. He can come I just huddled I don't necessarily think it's. Fair to break. And it ended thing you know would chuck I think they've vote should get attention. I think what's fair is fair I don't care view black or white. And that this should be addressed. And we trying to bring it to light. Because this is not fair Ted. Big kid in it as I Kiffin is not fair. That a high school football foot high school athlete where they're adults should have the more significant punishment. Verses. The kid being basically banned his senior night being able to play. Talk face of a phone call more your phone calls at our CBS local news headlines here on W Demille. Bobby and Christian wanna down here on sports talk. I'm with the whose offensive tech's linemen well edges because how we are create. He bounced forwards in these self football is king I mean I don't make the rules judges that I observe. Would be having this conversation of news debate team the science club math club or chess team. You know I you know AAF debate teams prior to visit Hollywood art this is reprehensible. OK are you recruit. Member gonna lose friend quiz bowl because you'll still won about Catholics know. Just I don't make the rose just we society is an over the gladiator mentality. How we love football the musicality Nellie. So what taken that away going forward man in a rightfully so. Is a fine balance the rules that you get is said to protect the individual players but we still like that is a cal at the and I know the debate team are prep is what we know I'd be. I don't Gately Amanda go Cali to go on bill now on those probably gonna win state. The program is able. No he would come in is because we love football terms of passion. Johnny on a cell phone what's going on Johnny you're on WL. They. Call you. That. Rate while our innate great play great private school nor shall. In the coaches they Wear cute control locker room you know. Well what happened news much or to pick on younger. Sort of beat them up and locker room wrote compared to talk about he's. Well I don't know eight income on every day. Indicated where they pretty shut up. So anyway compares article and brought to school and administrators and leave children the tape in the ground. And then finally be coaches. Basically black kids they were allowed to play that I'd like two years. All of a bug bit the coaches got to go the coaches are now control the team. Thing and then go to conduct where indicated that triggered an advocate like that they were at Q school they made that kids are out. Okay thank boys out there at school the following year they're they're out what you're. They went to other schools want to analyze that sit out a whole year that their sophomore year was ridiculous. But it gets better. Hope. That the cut at the school equipment and to a small school district. What. But what about it like oh my house and moved closer the other school district must I'm allowed to play. And you believe that all he can't that the that out here that's how they. Played juniors. But the thing at the school with a rabbit will be here are sure they didn't abide Hispanic or conduct that come to still coaching today. But boy it basically when I quit the game goes on in the debt quit their right great to hear it in Belmont from the ring. And basically app work the coaches where a lot let game male women that it wouldn't resign as what was going on. And they were black while new administration knew everybody knew it. And basically approach said thank you pleased that we try to keep the board and seeing. And that would help everybody equipment while our kids out of school for them to go in that penalize that promote accurate. While that that that that the seat that's an individual case they common sense says that come in the play and and you review each individual case and you hear all the evidence and debate I'd be a no brainer to make a decision on that. Now you wanna hear both sides. Of course but. To me that that's that the proper leadership if Europe cozy should not let that be going on now they have somewhat. Like hazing like a paternity type thing in. That's as a blade been nipped in the bud a rightfully so. Considering what's happened on college campuses but. The stated I was everyday occurrence another coach got a and control the players are who are the right leaders on that team they intimidated. By younger player that they might get beat out by them. Come on it's all with the team. So the coach was not a control. Of that situation it's a shame. That the kids who will win in your situation. That yet to sit out when yet to go to different district. I mean come on eight I can make a decision that in like in ten minutes or just give it seven right he had that that that's a complicated at all. But I that you did do the right thing. By and I think Paris need to realize this. And all you kids get away would this now league could be all different circumstances but once you start subbing don't quit. Could give you start some and you quit. You quit other times in alive when you shouldn't. Does that make sense when you SA did that that was a once you start to know you got to play next year. Our sign up. But once you start something you gotta finish and I quit nothing that'll go a long way and development in demand are the young lady that you want. You kid to be too I think sort of fall cold don't bring in Greg Miller now. We just they represented district 56 in Greg thanks for joining us. Her secret and thank you Bobby you bet so I'm sure I know now your are where are you in this and drove Robinson story now how much. His legislatures start not to learn and in maybe perhaps involved here. Well you know here's the thing you document speak all that you look back on the talk a lot of the people involved in. You know let it in and you know got a spoke with all the legislators up. Spoken with staff and what we do about it and you know in the past the legislature has got the ball. We issues deal with the LE USA today. Including requiring law audit is well as dealing with eligibility rules for home school players. And would probably is the Supreme Court that we. State Supreme Court said that we have over except our arms and new. Violation of the Louisiana constitution and equal violation leak check and law. So in our hands are kind of tied in dealing with Alec yet they say because there. Technically a purely private corporation there at. Private nonprofit corporation. Yet there are membership comprises of the principles are public. In private schools like you know their cooperation dialogue there are covered by individuals who that are members of that organization. So as we sit again explain that again. Did so because the because it is private. Corporation. It. There's a law opera the constitution prohibit the legislature from enacting. Special law. That getting to the government. Put up a corporation. So you know in the past. Bills law that was passed on legislation. To a stack the box outlaws. Affect the effectively tried to amend the bylaws and military that they date to tellem. Who can be eligible and who cannot be the end. That was enough. One of the law that the 2000 in 2012 Louisiana Supreme Court. Ruled in favor of the only chipping in and sit. Declared that these laws apply to delicately anywhere constitutional. So grave now words since I get hands are tied according to the ruling. Yeah I mean because. You know rule of particle operation not a quality public body. You know they said they're not subject to the open meetings law a lot of the champs try to deal wit with them in and you know where you know where. No. As the Supreme Court clearly said 2012. It will feel struck down now we have weakened we can. We have enacted legislation. That deal with it you know the school so in 2014. And later bill. Said that you have to at least if you're going to be a public school. And feel long to pay in private organizations. Like delicate state aid is paying them. But it that a unity deal with eligibility issues you have yet we give them the right to have arbitration so that you can have some kind of appeal process. Now put out heaven go to court. And I Greg do you think did future you know we always trying to look into the future would you come about. Because you guys it's a lag can not a leg in people that have complain about. That situation that you can maybe. Have a split. What are you gonna have two different organizations where private school vs public schools. And they have their halt all version of the LH SAA as far as who's gonna govern net. To do woods right for there are practical. Institutions whether it's. A private school or public ami because I mean I'm not saying we got a copy Texas. But I think even in the Houston metropolitan area and then Texas. Did they do it in the right way. Well I think that certainly possible because you know people and a phase in this organization that it's going to be. That it's going to be down in filing its own rules by law and you don't. Then then people lose faith in the in the organization it is that's been done in tiger's case in the process is flawed in. It should be allowed play. And these kind of situations keep Iran in there and eventually you may end up having. The principals. In the public schools aside we're gonna go separate way it is it to all Republican crop it. Gary and Greg the the Supreme Court in 2001 citadel to say it was primus that's the still serves the public interest. Yeah but the 2012. Let it play. 2012 opinion specifically over ruled that. I don't see from that C Chris what you read 2001 yet so you'd Chinese male what it lately right tonight phobia so. So what's OK what what can you do to keep you do anything this year began drop zone feel yeah. You know could well. One we're we're and so we couldn't hear you even read it that constitutional authority to do it you know we're not infection. And so we cannot enact laws. To deal with that now with his girl you know it and we can't even. Introduce resolutions that are non binding purchase last. Organization that. Do certain things but we're not concession that we can't do that in certainly expressed our opinion. And to get that look you know you make this process air and you need to make transparent and you've got of people at Dayton. You know you can't have a process where people just don't have competent. In in the process that it aired part. And I think that that is what I'm hearing from this whole process and all the other calls that albeit an express. It expressed their dismay with the Ellington thing anyway. Can the education committee call the Alex SA into into a special hearing. Well I'm and I think it I get that could possibly do that if they choose to and have a hearing. Two and invite people to testify. Well as it is you know as to what they're doing in invite principled and decide how you know popular come up with these bylaws. You know how do you handle these appeals and whatnot. You know and yet it seemed like that. If members of the organization following the rules and point and these rules. It's frustrating a lot of ways. Greg I got to be honest you know and hearing that who was so there's nothing negative so there's no oversight that can be done. No immunity like and Alan Ball more ought to do their business but I mean I'm gonna keep trying to. You know. Keep exploring. Ways that we can try to make sure that schools are if they're going to be participating. In this type of organization. Just like that are players arbitration. Legislation. That maybe we can make sure that is it is there that do processes afforded. But to the two kids who are losing so much. Like liking Andrews. Well above Greg every and that's a comic says thing and you'd bring this. They're big kids should never suffer Mort and and adults that are involved. Yeah that he's. I think that the comets that. I think I mean he's he's he's not going to be collecting a salary. You know you know after four. For gays. I'm glad. So that an out you know I don't know all the details about what that suited them you lose. You lose your salary or anything else but it certainly seem like to bury our four honest with her and her. Or something that Ali. He had to control. Greg Miller Louisiana State representative district 56. And not a little discouraged by what you just told me to Gaza but. Yeah yeah well are near the current top them keep looking at options for. For you know people in the future but unfortunately for answers situations where. Where were out of dot. Oh lead in the process and hopefully the court oracle corporation procedure. We'll. Help Angela. Greg Millen thinks the time we appreciate it. Earth thanks Greg thank you Bobby Bobby Christian here on sports talk on W two well. I try to squeeze in Jay Lulu was gone. They may or make a really good and shed light on that could really. Call discordant ring. It shouldn't happen it hopefully in future don't have any other cute and it's got a couple quick questions. They undergo eyes or watched Richard in long overseas that does one secure homeless one home. Autoworkers are shall go dead or should there there really to conduct that shackled in specially coached. Because based on just like it was here and hearing. Bitching like it's it's almost eighty what happened and I mean first sober coach Kelly Q did you cynical play Turbo you can legally light. Girardi had I mean it just basically Chang and wanna compete against you and then when he came on real. You know even Christian or established rent and interest charmed life. Well and I think is big by this Steve van the bill's not playing on bill. I you know Canada's standing is like man he's become active beat navy goes DDY eight. Terrible that's in our backyard as far as publicity. On the buy you a terrible parish. But he they're going on bill I mean oh c'mon this is you could not he got to be mature adult you cannot be better. He you have to realize that you should what was in the desert city kid. And go from there is yet if too many. Adults they get involved and be able part about themselves and that an individual kid. Jay's case of a phone call. We wrap this thing up next your body Krishna sports talk on W could well. We night's 8. O'clock the last lap with said go out coming up here a few moments such ago said the lap tonight show pension. For some label. Penchant for some and at all OK and ball I was like all our team remaining lifetime health insurance vs myself. But what they Tanzim are master control held put together the program also Steven Geller and once again. Thanks today vote on the executive director of the LA to say for for coming on in and be in pretty candid and open. I'm so if you missed that interview here again it's on line and audio on demand section online at W liberal dot com Charlie Rick Patrick Mike. I'm sorry we couldn't get your phone calls a very very busy day I love country can imagine for the show so because I don't be a stranger though and look. The only Gulf Coast tomorrow polar homage casino and resort the new sports book is open out there so we meet. Do some body to be out there from four to seven for sports. We ended if you want to or because there are about this award to Christians do a segment I mean no we ought to be focused on the saints and L issue yet and agreed Vic rail issues that in saint civilian development if there's yeah development we will constantly update this story about you and I both made a pledge when I let this go away. Well look he's got to get it right now we got to get Louisiana high school sports heading in the right direction in. Hey we just want to do the right thing for the individual player and athlete in hopefully they'll get them. I see guys tomorrow 4 o'clock simplify I'm out Bobby do you think. Blog we'll lay. All. Good I bugle.