Should JSPO deputies be charged before investigation concludes?

Wednesday, May 16th

Should the 4 Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputies involved in the death of 22-year-old Keeven Robinson be arrested and charged with murder?  Or – should that decision be made after an investigation? The NAACP and the family of the Robinson are demanding it. Should police be locked up while the investigation is ongoing? Full 1 pm hour.


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And welcome to our show it is another hot afternoon it's Wednesday may the sixteenth I'm glad you're with us and even though we don't always agree. Regular spending every afternoon with you we've got a beautiful picture of our Kurt cobain's daughter. Francis being. On our website at WW dot com and it is right above. The Z on who fit the blog that I wrote which is our Kurt cobain's daughter lost her dance guitar in a divorce. She got divorced she's lost that iconic Kirk coping guitar the one he played an MTV unplugged. The one everybody associates with him. She lost that in a divorce I wrote a blog about it it's on our website at WW dot com. And we'll talk more about that she wished she was when she was much younger she looked just like Kurt. And unfortunately she's starting to look a little bit like her mom Courtney laughs but she does have a beautiful Kirk over notched. Anyway you can check it out it's on our we're excited every if you don't dot com we have a lot to talk about this afternoon coming up in the last hour of the show about 345 senator John Kennedy. When you talk to us about Susie Harris casino deals so we'll talk to him about that in May be few other things. Later in the show and we'll also on a talk about something it's not happening with baby boomers. They're not retire. Not some baby boomers to retire but some don't retire. And this is costing Moeller Nielsen younger generations to be upset because they have this sense that baby boomers are holding on to jobs. Too long shops that may be Vick could be taking. Maybe they could be moving up this baby boomers retire. And I guess the question is if your baby boomer or if your millennial. Are you really gonna retire are you looking forward to the day. That you retire. Are you retired or are you glad you did. If I haven't retired by this point in my career. You know I'm never gonna retire Jessica I mean I and they die on the air Monday Mueller I guess that would be the best thing that could happen for the race you know I die I die on the air Monday. They don't listen to Roscoe and Jeremy died today he died the 2 o'clock hour is a funny like sometimes I feel like I'm gonna die here on the show. I'm so what with the whole idea of retirement on I don't know I don't think I would be happy retired. But that's just me and I love what I do. If you don't like your job. And I can understand why you we wanna retire. So maybe how you feel about the job you currently have. Has a lot to do with whether or not you want to retire we'll talk about that in the next hour. Also if you look you haven't heard I'm sure you have heard this North Korean. Leader Kim Jung on. He is now canceled this summit with. South Korea. And show. He's indicating that he might. Cancel the meeting with trumpet here's what trotted to say earlier today. OK so again but we'll see what happens in like this does not fall on president trop this falls on the whacko and in North Korea but did you know president trump has had a tendency to celebrate too soon. Remember the big celebration when he thought the health care thing was gonna go through. And I think it was the house first. And it went to the senators are big celebration day and set the White House hey we did that we did. Paul Newman went through one house of congress is so then there were problems after that. In any event. There's a lesson to learn tennis and it doesn't matter who you war or what you do in life the lesson is don't celebrate too soon. And this idea of peace was North Korea hopefully it happens. And it's a just happened president trump deserve a lot of the credit. But it's way too soon to celebrate when you've got some wacky guy. Who is head of of a nation. And he's young and impetuous and and so it's too soon to to to celebrate I would hope. I don't think this is gonna happen. But politicians sometimes do things just to get attention. And they do things for the accolades that they will oversee for example. If president trophies up for being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize if things work out with North Korea. Would that inspire president trump to maybe give up more than he would've given not just so he gets that honor. And I'm not accusing president trump specifically of of doing that but this is something that politicians sometimes do. It's like more I've got a chance to get that honor then then you know maybe he'll do whatever I can get the honor I hoping that our subconscious level that he is is not happen. If you do wanna join us for the comment about anything we talk about this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy area code 5042601. A seventy. Our text. There's a 77. A first up on the show issued for Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies involved in the death of 22 year old Stephen Robinson. The arrested and charged. With murder. Or. Should that decision be made after. An investigation which is currently going on. Jefferson Parish sheriff father declared sheriff Joseph potential. Has called for independent investigation state police I think maybe even. How the FBI had been called in and they're not gonna just investigate this on the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office level. Four guys. For undercover police officers all white. Are resting this. 22 year old African American suspect. In the process of of containing him. Because he's resisting arrest. He dies. The coroner has ruled it homicide. Which simply means that he died at the hands of other people. What's it justifiable homicide. That's what we don't know. But I'm wondering if if I were on the street. And I got into a scuffle with somebody. And they dot. What I'd be arrested. And charged with murder or pencil or whatever when what it wanted to charge for something. Or would there be an investigation. And since it is police. Is that a greater recent. For there to be an investigation first or. Do you think these four Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies. Involved in the steps during the arrest. Do you think there should be arrested. If you wanna join us our numbers 2601878. Or text is 87870. From Metairie Dylan welcome to our show good afternoon. And deal. Part that is wanna see it much. Yeah I'm looking forward to retirement and all because. I mean while they'll for retirement when it fifty years now. Get my whole life because by Ole mean. My years. I'll make good for good for good for you and I mean I never there was never a moment in my life when I ever thought about retiring and some people look at retirement as an entitlement. And I realize that we do pay into the system. But that doesn't mean you have to retire and some people look at this is Michael this is an entitlement in my life because I put into the system. Right in it for what these people are not retirement or are I think there will actors. That killing. One being not really feeding her that well or harm it. Here with what I think I'll insurance caught the debris is rising. Cost. All war. Probably just see your role increase of cost of living probably people living won't gentle all. I think those are all reports. But but the fact remains that there are younger generation is going hey come on man retire retire because their parents' generation rip retired in. Baby boomers are not retiring and is to get numbers to all those are really good reasons John if you're on wholesale where this if you got a comment on numbers 2601878. And are taxed as a 7070. We're talking about the four Jefferson Parish sheriff's deputies and this is always a tough conversation. Should they be arrested and charged with murder now. Or should that decision be made after the investigation. And remember we've got we've got historic moments recently. That indicate. That police officers are either exonerated or. They're charged and found guilty or pleads guilty in cases where they used violent force lethal force in dealing with a suspect. I'm stooge for the afternoon ever come right back on W zero. Yeah that's something the police are not supposed to do aboard you know every once in awhile it does happen. Should the four white Jefferson Parish deputies. Today be arrested and charged with murder now in the death of black suspect or should there be an investigation. Concluded first. 50% saint investigation should be concluded 50% say arrest them and charged him now that's a pretty much opinion poll give assure opinion. The Gonchar where such every if you don't silicon. Pester Hilliard Robinson is provost and a family pastor Hilliard is the Robinson family attorney. And John it is this person was on CBS this morning had this to say about on the people who caused the deaths. The people and caused Keenan's Def will be arrested. Will be indicted and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You know and I mean that that could happen. Do you think the police are getting preferential treatment at this point if you wanna join us on numbers 260187. Yard texts. Is a 78 Saturday from a town Gregory welcome to the show or Gregory. Hey you could only to talk to you I don't call area up to shoot though. Tocchet and working unfortunately now balance fortunes to your work. Right now fortunately. I'm gonna get a deal could. I would just I do want to bring that subject. Oh I got our vote on the corner. But what it we're on your screen and they're. Kucera two truck and a Nobel Peace Prize. Well if this really come to fruition believe. It. War and peace prize because I believe it. We're fiery rhetoric or good keen on believe it. Certainly. Because it is example. You know President Obama and peace prize just speak. The president and Nobel. Committee and it took it. Food do historical so fundamental. Applicant American to become proudly united we got the award you know just like. What we don't we've what are okay well what if if if he did not deserve that award that's that's workable that's a different topic it you don't get and you don't give trumpet award if he doesn't deserve it just because a while ago when I didn't there. Yeah. It he's taken all that. In addition to never being. Which is oh look everybody it's oh lead back Hillary art art cronies. And the funny thing. It that we about. That the our people only get in the game we eat we fiery rhetoric. Toys are you so wait what you're saying that Kim Jung on doesn't bother trot. Came on. Track. Truck note I talked. Well so. So so far I mean let's see what happens if you look I just I just say Gregory to carry yourself. I I just said that if this does work our president trump does deserve to be nominated for Nobel peace but I don't know who the other nominees are. But I mean president trump would be a legitimate. Nominee for that however as I said sometimes politicians do things. To put themselves in positions to be recognized and applauded and you know. I don't think trump would give too much away I don't think that's gonna happen for straw but look it's a legitimate question when you deal with politicians. From the plus less. You know W. Yeah oh yeah less unreal I'm gonna. Who what when you're at. That what happened at that. The you do it you're at the art of get. And daddy was strangled. I decent you know I didn't that they went at it that they. If you you know. Last if you wanna if you wanna argue that telling what you wanna argue about because I sent it what I said it was I said it was a homicides last. I'm not OK okay go Beijing did OK but what. I'm I'm a resident of area. I don't know what's going on who it. Like not. Like they get bigger and and and the Q and what did they. And you know yeah. No I don't I don't. I can't say that I know that lasts. Unit unit unit did not say. All the gymnasts. Our conversation. Is now over because I'm not gonna tolerate conversations with people that mischaracterized. What I say. I said yesterday and I said again today it was a homicide. So if you want to criticize me listen to the DM show and criticized based on the facts. Not what you think I said or leave something out just a fishery gents I mean I'm not gonna tolerate debt. From Jefferson Oscar lockyer and Sherlock you're WL. No Sherlock. You're going to be. Okay. 00. Yeah. So. Asia or. The white. And Jim. Was known to. Do. You. Oh you. Think you. I'd sure like Turkey were four you do for our country but I think the police officers are going to be a rustic. Because it is a homicide. Hasn't happened yet should happen right now well that's what we're talking about. Or whether there should be an investigation first or they should be they should be arrested now. The guy shouldn't have done right and police officers are not allowed. To use excessive force. And if your police officer and you don't understand the difference between using excessive force and not using excessive force then you shouldn't be a police officer it's really that simple. I'm studio focusing your conversation when we come back. Yes it is. How odd it is July yeah it's just too hot tonight I hope he can do the best you can do it to stay cool. Should the four white and JP SO deputies be arrested and charged with murder in the death of a black suspect or should an investigation be concluded first that are pretty must opinion poll. 54%. Say the investigation should be completed first 46% say arrest and charged them now give your opinion by going to our web site. Every if you don't Telecom. On May LaToya Cantrell is not going to hire Warren Riley who's got some questionable things on his resume she thought he was a very qualified person for the position. In Homeland Security for the city but she says she listened to people on both sides and made the decision not to hire. Not only do I agree with her decision not to hire him. I also agree with her process. So at this point that is to be commander. I wanna mention again. That. And I said to so many times. The police officers. In arresting Keenan Robinson Keenan Roberts. Choking to death. That has been ruled by the corner a homicide. Which is death at the hands of another person. Read my lips. Homicide. Does not mean guilty of murder. There is a phrase called justifiable homicide. Does that apply in this case I don't know. And so you know in it in my attempts to be fair. She this is what this is what's so tough about this job these sticks. In my attempts to be fair I get attacked by both sides. I'm either and and offer and I'm protecting the black man had a committing verbal genocide against the white man my race. Or I'm protecting the white police officers. And I got to a pretty strong record. Of trying to be fair and yet when it happens. You know we'll talk about I'm not saying they should be arrested right now I think they're going to be arrested. But this is part of our conversation. The NAACP says they should be arrested and charged with murder right now. Is that what you believe and get back to your calls some from New Orleans Mike here on WWL. 401. You know borrowed drought bow wow. There aggression but it by the ball in the hands down my front. Yeah I'm wrong but I think that was our. Well that's that's true now as you know selling drugs dealing drugs are just not always lead to the death penalty especially odd not before trials so you can you can argue that he did he deserve to die because he was dealing drugs because that's certainly not. Part of our system of justice. But if you wanna stay away from getting into a confrontation with police. Van. You know you you know you you you choose a different business to DNN and an alleged drug dealer is not so is not a choir boy. And it much of it now so our hair a bit harder thing happened to. This why at a map should just ten yeah they would do. I don't know what they're like they're in the hope lit get bird isn't. And Florida. And certainly. And I'll shorten native and I'm able throughout the drug a monkey ball award Mika. I'll let you know well now and a government and people complained of a child the baseball but they don't. Though Joseph about the war built jobs. Yeah I've heard that on hard to analyze my to welcome I'm going to call so we're also talking about their retirement I don't know half her regular conversation in in the next hour or to try to had a conversation. From Metairie shift your endeavor to be you know good afternoon. I'm okay. I got here throughout backed the car real way the police stalled. Got to him he did wrong. So lovingly to be daughters looked but the law. The war is important call being what will all play out. Want police to do all call what we did. It. While appointment I would get one guy hit it. Two were can't short or what. The door. Well how mean technically you may you may have a point but he fury if you're is a year you know that they're. There's going to be a trial in the trial we'll we'll determine who is at fault and who's not his fault. So. You know it just because your charge for something doesn't mean he you're guilty but if you're there were you an accomplice warrior you know I don't know there's a lot of questions to be. Lot of questions to be answered in an and that's what we're talking about but yet it's really interesting how if if if I say well what about an investigator fight it suggest about an investigation. Are you're automatically. You're automatically defending the white cops. No I'm not I'm defending. As best I can fairness in America. Now. Because a guy is an alleged drug dealer doesn't mean he deserves to die something went wrong. And as I said I just a little while ago. There are certain things in your job and in my job in the job of police officers that you can and cannot do. And if you're a police officer you are not allowed legally. To use what is known as excessive force. If excessive force was used in a guy dies. That's sounds like murder to me and you should be charged. If you're on hold hang on our student come back for more of your comments. I if we get to it later and I hope pursue our Kurt cobain's daughter lost her father's iconic guitar in a divorce. I kind of blame her ex husband for this but don't you think that some things should really not beat community property. I mean if they break I hate you but look I'm I'm not connect to your dad's guitar from. But the guy do it. We'll talk about it later. As a bloc about that and our web site. It's having a fuel to accountant I'm scoots will be back. Why should there be an investigation nor should we arrest the four white police officers so right now that's our party must opinion poll 75%. Say the investigation should be concluded. And Tony 5% say arrest and charged him now here's a checks and says I'm black and I'm for an investigation. Because I don't want the opera or an emotional roller coaster of an arrest then released if found justified use of force. There are a lot of times when people have overreacted. Because something didn't happen immediately. And one of the last times I remember that happening are talking about it for a swindled Norman we share for Jefferson Parish. And there was an uproar over DT initial charge against Ronald gas or forget exactly what the deal once by. There was condemnation. Of us know Norman because he didn't do with the public wondered him to do. But he had to do what he had to do because it needed to be methodical. And ultimately Ronald cancer was charged. As all the people who were upset ended up being satisfied. So the fact Richard not happy right now does it mean that your not ultimately going to be satisfied with the results now if these police officers are not charged. That may be entirely different topic. For mid city Mike here on WWL. It in my. All that out for it all before its summer but you know all of the forest they're not a war. He taught them to compare out more opportunity. All about Ocean City. I think so. Or as close as one of them. Oh okay quite these are you know well just some do not cam on all changed. You know armies do. It would. And it make you burn. Out and got chewed. No I think there should be cameras except Mike did in this particular case these guys were were undercover and if you're undercover you're not going to be wearing a camera because that's not part of the undercover. Universal what. But you do bring up a good point about cameras and I thought I would be comfortable with cameras but you know even cameras are not colonel always tell the entire story because a camera. Is a body camera sock under provided 360 degree angle of of of what happen. But there's there's August you know in all fairness. In office sort of but think that the you know the issue I was I don't I agree I totally agree with you. You know the proper the most populated I would call you know well I don't. Think it has to do with population as much as it has to do with what's the right thing to do and this is to technology is here for body cameras then. A body camera may help decide a lot of controversies involving police officers. And if I over a cop I'd won a body camera because I'm gonna do my job appropriately and I want that the court it. Over our quota or certainly that you might appreciate the call. And from New Orleans Charles here on WO. They I don't go to Abu. It I agreed yet but he options should be should be jarred by our understand. That there are almost. Was not originally each. But separate. After the incident. The report are that he had some kind of medical problem. As my in my correct area. Our Internet which I don't it was I don't know that he was blamed on that but that was brought up as a possible cause of death and and that contributed. That was also part off on something that contributed to maybe his death because of this stagnant air and the for our conditions that we had because of the intense heat. Okay. That's that's the reason why are. An investigation has to be done. Because that was brought out there. So you have been an investigation. But at the app but it ought to have you know. And that car in it would arm. And now I think they should be arrested. Because. If we yielded. The key Asia industry right now argued you knock you out these big Mac say oh okay. We have got back gave. After we know that yeah and I know I'm missing and I are on the spot then toss it up this. They have a lot of police directed now. That was pointed up. Yeah I did I didn't make that point in this a legitimate point if it if it happened to me. If I got to a competition Samie ended up dead but I'd be arrested on the spot and then it would be an investigation. Look these are all legitimate questions. There had been too many cases. Of police using excessive force. White police officers. On African American suspects. To Manny. Doesn't happen all the time but they're too many cases. We need to know the truth. Will be back and Everett zero. I get a lot of these these checked out by the way I'm I'm gonna give up occur over here in less than a minute. And you're gonna have a chance to win a thousand dollars or you have to do is text that Covert to 72881. That's coming up. I don't read many checks like this but I do get a ton of text like this one. Scoot you're doing a great job with his difficult story keep up the good work of being every civil force. Dossier that's just not as fun and exciting as reading one that says you soccer ball court or you're this or yours that. So that's why I mean sometimes I want you to know that I get a lot of those on. But the other ones at the confrontational once or distant the most fun to have to read and get into. Will continue this conversation into the next hour don't have time to get to know the call before the at the code word but also I wanna add to the conversation about baby boomers retiring. Or not retiring. Are you looking forward to retiring when your baby boomer or a millennial. Here it is your chance to win a thousand dollars in cash in the intercom national cash contest. The code word this hour is dream text DRE. A M. 272881. That's 72881. That's all you have to do. A thousand dollars in cash next total orders coming up bright for the top of the hour news at 3 o'clock. And you'll have a chance to win just listen to the code word we're doing it every hour from now through 60 am. 1000 dollars is up for grabs whenever charge for text but individual plans next generation and apply. Please don't text and drive so if your millennial are you planning to retire if you're a baby boomer heavy retire or. Would you retire if you could we'll talk about that and we'll continue this conversation coming up in the next hour.