Should heads roll if the Pels miss the postseason?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, February 22nd

Bobby & Deke ask if Dell Demps and Alvin Gentry should be fired if the Pelicans fail to make the postseason.


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And good evening and welcome the sports dump the full show tonight gone to 8 o'clock. Coming up a slew of baseball coaches will be joining us on today's program including LSU coach Paul minera Johnson a 6 o'clock hour. The vote on the southeast and visit with. Paco to the southeast some lines and Matt Verizon has a lines afford one. Big series last week and and then of course beat Louisiana Lafayette last night they'll play at the university Connecticut this weekend. Also one of the top coaches in all of College Baseball coach in the state Louisiana tomorrow we shall. Coaching the new universe of Louisiana fit reading cage and they host Wright State. This coming up we can't. And will be joined by the voice of the New Orleans pelicans for fox sports TV and host above the rim we days serious satellite radio India radio. Jill Myers will be Weathers and Mike deteriorate NFL scouting con man. And William Mike's thoughts on some plays that he is paying attention to what to see what they stack how they stack up against the other competition. At become bank Indianapolis. February 27. Through march the fifth. Operating mas opinion poll online at WW and I can't talk a little pelican today as they start their final stretch of the season. In the pelicans they ought to make the playoffs should head coach Alvin Gentry and dale dams be replaced you can cast your vote online at WW dot com. Operating mines an opinion poll body is a playoff a bus for those two. While I should be it has to be mean I don't know how you cannot take that approach this even live back to money wounds. Okay. What was the kind of approach that you got to motto is because he maybe. To a good team as far as he could take them that was the I think that was the thought process yet allocated playoffs within you know. Realistically they the 01 game each and wanted to hone this and again it's well known not sure what did you wanna gain via right. But. That's why it I don't know he had the whole the organization's feet to fire. Now whether bogey because got hurt or not the event that he Davis. AD should be a twelve team. And I'm looking at whether Iraq right now a lot of prices should be O coach gentry because they have an opportunity. They now live this big in the playoffs. But to possibly be what I don't know fifth succeed or something. But they had their strike you yes you try and only other kind of look at their records yes it did I'm not indicated she's been Bryant in nineteen games back as an on site not right so hasn't yet so we'll look at all that. No you gotta close strong got to finish strong. Think now this has had an opportunity. Not now we Anderson to see going forward the mineral is gonna with the pelicans. They the saints on more solid ground obviously. But you look at responsibility and then Mickey Loomis has. And then you look at the status right now would miss the Vincent. You know in nine years of age and his health. The await to hear no debate about that I asked the hospital. You know you know one day dealing with the flu and know where he's that bit. Wolf what comes about when ultimately have to make decisions where. I don't think you become remiss to busy just trying to survive and live where all of us out of the pelicans don't live up to expectations. That you someway cleaning house when he by cleaning house is getting a new coach at a new general manager yup. So because this week which today over the case has pretty much clean and yeah and it's a big issue. Because that from a financial. Prospective. That was good because it's the not to winning big guys and I think he might come back he might be a different type individual but if you play the percentages. That when you're that big and you dealing what you foot you Achilles and all that. I mean I think bogey cousins to come back and be a solid NBA player. But to say he'd be great. And now you know kind of Max I'm Max contract. Like him and and damage goody good reward him by a 150 million guaranteed basically run but that's a big decisions and views and and that I'm not only ultimately. Dell Demps and make make that decision. You know I think has that given the higher ups. That you know whether you. Mickey Loomis this closet don't go ahead and what do you elegance has changed there would have to be a change to wage is the slate had to be cleaned. Yeah you need to bring in new people and front office and everything goes well parliament here and big that's why and I'm adding enough is enough because this thing is like in these parts don't we've put more pressure. On our football program as it would a basketball. Ranked good day today if it bit of the holding will we say that if things go interest rates 79 seasons though it spoils of us make our and the saints they both meet some changes on their way up right changed on the parliament. Coach Payton you know from lamb I think a lot of times Bob because the success the saints head. You go back and look from sixteen to seventeen. Do some significant changes they coaching staff. I mean longer at some of the the longest tenured coaches there on the stable coach Payton will replaced beeline I'm acquiesce and and in the course that the club with season before that they they move into the politic in and out of the sky high end apartments so there there were leading up. They would not only draft classes are free agents they will coaching moves and there was also front always moves down led NL kind of was a perfect storming came together delays just. Their success to leave as a fan base. This pro sports you gotta be demanding hell would just competing you know our beautiful Elton indignant that when you're trying to get a fan base in ball well that may in what I'm saying is that. To me we hole. Professional full ball way more accountable in the NBA in the pelicans and where manhole. The palace is vague well solidly just entertain us so we wanna go to games where does say you've got to win the same sort of in 79 again. And though Sean Payton all day and it alluded in about every other day would have been a show. We got to make changes you we got to go to different direction we Drew Brees even though Drew Brees played great sign we still seven and nine you know it a bit unacceptable on LSU wins ninety's and you're giving article it's football it's easy because Ellis who's treated like a pro team off all LSU football you know after you know at that anger and certain areas about it you know is no doubt it was their nearest colleges are treated. It's all more than normal and a and a harsh situation in the approaching it and big I would say right now as far as being accountable and now. Not just having winning seasons though replaying our competing. I'd say deadly weather that we have a one or two saints football that LSU football. Probably unless you want to puts things to but I but I could flip flop that they're getting on in focus if you love football and but you know who is a high third. It is that him because expectations again and LSU baseball and -- there I would say that I'd like coach Leonard W gateway from sin and Osce to a year that's right dedicate we always gonna go to regional right buyout boy shame on us we don't get the super regional XE it's either that hard cold Caro or somewhat like a little bit you had saved from the minute apathy and other things like don't unit it had a bottoming anyway guy if they win then I'll support it all went -- do something -- I don't know I don't know have opinion you know you rightly so but that's what we don't need to be that we're gonna tell don'ts don't need one of across the -- All right he's Kasey Kahne embodied Dendy Bellamy and not to get to go on 8 o'clock tonight right here. On the home designs and a tigers this is WW. And of course you can text the case candidates 7870. Yes Canada. Because this a good fixes this person that follows the pelicans. This from nine acted before I think of intelligence make the playoffs in getting beaten the first round they still won't far gentry. Mickey Loomis was clueless when it comes to NBA would give gentry a pass. Because do we use the excuse obviously that. Bogey cousins the you know got hurt know that that bad toll makes cents. But because. To me isn't that where we were are when we got ready mine Williams. And a little bit differently I'll think yeah it and that looked. Some better served in me but my opinion is is that. The players are gone beyond his team out this year. I mean to the players are gonna be allowed to introduce you knew the bailout happened DO didn't. Mean as far as being a playoff I winning right right I'm not aunt and those that have believed yet you can't just give. People together in thrown out there because we've seen teams do that before with that said though. When you have the top two front court big mean in the game and you've got a top 1012 point guard. A veteran dog. Neat that's a playoff team that the New Orleans wasn't play I'll tell you for the incident on the call someone on sane is just you know. Move out the way don't impede their progress don't who don't do too much food get out here way let him get out there let them let them develop in the comment to him which they started to. Become a team but I don't think anyone would have thought. Had a pelicans going in a row with which they weren't getting going on the road they were playing whale. Dead it would admit all the sudden. What Dell Demps and Monty and Alvin Gentry had done now hear of him with the players I mean did. A letter read the benefits right okay and that's why. NFL. Three straight seasons 79. No the same trite now are among the best season NFC yeah you can turn things around quickly but you got to demand that as a fan base. Now big guy file look at this to read these numbers don't lie is not an opinion. If you look his money would have to 2015. Playoff appearance. OK coach gentry delved in. They've compiled. 64 wins and a hundred losses and two season that is going to this year in reality got a winning record but think about it you get rid of money Williams. You go 64100. They finish at least eight games. I'd have been number eight spot bold times so we got about you know can we get today's target that a playoff. We're winning it's never been known a couple of big did finish at least eight games out of eighth spot ball times. Think the 67 that that's like and I think we got a hold them accountable you know and up. And now the one Big Dig I would see out of anybody disagree with this some policy view that. Sixty art is somehow you do better than like seven arena having to play. The rockets to the warriors. And then you win a playoff series and you lose the next round or oval yes I would think you'd say what the teams heading in the right direction and coach gentry got him to play even after the injured a book because you know you have to give credit for that yet again to meet that's what it would take. I agree I just think from the standpoint though that at this fan base this again off feedback and so forth it. Had they been in the geek going in the direction that they were going in the full boogie go her. If it was the players do. And and or right dumb airport also every year winning yet that was in February this. That was pretty high. No motive behind him you know fasting is live in Houston game in the news that pretty much it's. The season this season as far as you begin. The eighteen that the like man you know you just don't go from not making the play ousted TU a conference finals but you could show. When their first round series a skating hello of people you know like pelicans didn't upon his in the way. And they took San Antonio a seven game series ulyetza and so what you and I look I am very glad to the conference finals against the lakers. The solar Xavier pro NBA city that's what you should expect yet. That all of us that was you know that was a thing ankles David West and Chris Paul I mean look up close though that's like OK can is that like flash in the pan once season. Cam we have. May be an and a five years and at three times do that mart may be back to back seasons now like oh we're almost there and it being. And you know oddly you talk about a top since he came to do is leave and I don't think there's any question that at Dana davis' first year that he was a top. I say ousted top TM it's on a top fifteen player active rookie year. So he's gone up every year today probably tops the top seven top five official now so you tell me in all he's use. He's on a minute now want to. No I don't know that that's a hormone that's embarrassed that and it's unacceptable I don't as some other. That is on his shoulders to yes some I was always younger hold them accountable no one I don't want him accountable bunny if you truly like a super you know but a lot of salary goes out in the army he's manic and it's they say do you know in a year at the first year when they had a game due out. You know here's a guide its phone and all the ball and then toward the end of the game they don't give him the ball kimonos coaching there now right right I mean this thing like debts on to be coaching. 260170. You can Texas and 87870. If the pelicans failed to make the post season cynical to Alvin Gentry and dale damped. Be replaced 260187. In. You can Texas and 878 Cindy LSU baseball coach palm there will be with us. In the 6 o'clock hour plus as SMU coach southeastern coast meraz a Johns us and Louisiana Lafayette raging cajun coach Tony Roma show those two teams actually play last night with the lions weren't MIT he joins us. As well and the voice of the New Orleans pelicans for fox sports TV. Jo Myers joins us as where 2601878. Is the number to get involved on 8 o'clock tonight on W and David gum magnate within caught in realized this from John we're gonna go to John after the break time that's pretty special anniversary ally we'll get to that too is we're the first of here's a serious of the and welcome back out to the phones go sell call for John John didian thank you for calling WW Leo. Bobby decrypt the pigment call appreciated. You bit off topic I hope you don't mind. No knowledge there it's Olympic time tomorrow yeah and so today's thirtieth anniversary. The United States Olympic hockey team beating the Russians. Are. To me order that John that gained a miracle own eyes that to me. I'm just Ali from the highest level. That is the greatest upset our I don't know how to even describe it on probable thing to happen. When you look at the odds. You basically. Have Minor League Hockey players. Plating is the best hockey players in the world. So it would be like could be almost like the equal element of high school team. Beating the best players and NFL. And it's from a ball perspective that's why. That people realize the significance of that. To of said Russia but they had played like four days before you make fifteen to one and a you know like a hockey score it was something grown man here and yet it was nothing like ridiculous so that won't debt that was. Truly a miracle. Brooks was the coach in key line that game up. Because he wanted. Your chances. Deal and they lost produced and three Margaret does he would batters he didn't it. Best players he'd hit a lot of his own players and story. A guy from north to go to girl -- all and your meal brought in as well on one little tidbit though we view it but. There's so many but deep Christian Kia actually it was a forward you know he played a right. Bob. Herbert asked him. To played defense and he said OK of course it'll do in and because he played defense in my opinion that's for others to. And we were able to puck out of this so to turn much quicker. That is the patent you know and he was the one that shocked the talk. From past the center line and at the end of the first period against the Russians we're down to. Treachery the greatest goalie ever faced. Saved it but that rebound Mark Johnson picked up. And scored 12 left I think that in the court the other goals to do that pretty much despise. The whole thing it was I grew Cuba thinkers the greatest upset at least. Bubba 'cause his his professional. Russians. And and you know look at the NHL who you consider like truly all stars the greatest players in the world. But that's what you had like the greatest. Professionals. And that's that brought Russia's you know hockey team was against college players. You know kind of coming together. And it is it's just mind boggling and and this thing was it was like went who beat Russia then you had to still be focus that Google wanted a gold medal and play another game. But it is that correct Jon no it. They had to be decision yet today's players Sunday morning I watched it all eyes because where we were we a Canadian cable. And so we got to watch a lot of work to rescue state watched tape delayed. Yeah and herb Brooks I walked. Say what. Because that wouldn't go out on the radio but he really here's pregame talk before the Indian wars simply if you lose this game. Well I won't finish it needs stopped and got to the door turn back around at the same thing again you can use your imagination. Says. And they were they came from behind again and they beat them fortitude when Google was pretty amazed. John thank you so much for the trip down memory lane we appreciate it. I 260 warnings and you can take this city 7870. We take to bring it come back we will go and get an update on the Olympics. And no Korea today as Obama now worth. Are they look in that. Allen though Bob that was. To me like well that that this ski jump yesterday to read and those who were the decision a CD PD and I know they know way in hell and then that you could ever do that as an even if you're in an ugly it was shave less than a million the big chief on that ran. Ain't no lie like a burden on being made him an elderly and minority are strong play Armstrong you're nobody's gonna be for them the exist did feel though in in liked it to hold them in a position now to get that is the loan to view the big dance and I'll think when you logic nanos are here youth as the biggest like look like I don't know I don't know I'm gonna hurt yet bigger lead you don't want a verified to play being unified by his salad PPI have that in no. Those guys let's announce those silicon and a metal out next here on WW. Well there are games that are good. There are games that go a trip and then their games and events they go as long and this fall as they can possibly go. That is exactly what took place. Last night in the gold medal game between the the US and Canada in women's hockey he couldn't go any further mama and saw with today's Olympic Medal update. On the Dow's an incredible game last night host on you guys during during the break I was. I was doing a little crib work last night with my it would my kids crib because he decided he figured out how to how to climb out of it. Saw come up late trying to lower this crib downs of that city so they won't climb out of it. A finally get to sleep put him to bed and everything and then. Capital look on Twitter and say you know what the hockey game Stallone let me go check it out so I tuned in about ten minutes left in overtime they can also be over any minute. Now when all the way to the end of the overtime period. Which then leads to a a five person shootout each team puts a five people. To shoot right on gold. And at the into the shootout it was still tides they went to. Sudden death shoot out and in the sudden death shootout the US finally gets a victory it was it was a it was a very emotional win. For the for the ladies of the US hockey team you can see it. When a when they. One when it exploded with a motion when when that. When the goalie blocked out the Canadian shot to win the game. And this was the third time in a row. They face Canada in the gold medal game at the Winter Olympics that's now twelve years they've been working towards this. And and he finally it finally broke through with a victory. I'll tell you what. You could say you know Canada won the last two they should be happy the silver they were not happy with a silver the public knew they were pretty upset they were distraught and I thought he at least a couple of the Canadian women on the podium got the silver at the how they come to put the silver on your neck. The only took a write off they've they've added in they didn't want this over at all but it but the US. Break you through it with a victory for the first time in in but two decades since they'd process take pot of gold medal and got past Kansas so. It was a very emotional game but I think it wrapped up just before 1 AM our time. Oh it was maybe maybe a little bit later than that but it was it was an amazing site and incredible game to watch live in terms of the medal count. I did help the United States they are United States won a couple of gold yesterday. They also won in and in a relay race with two women on on the cross country skiing. Taking gold medals to the US has now bumped up into fourth place overall. They've been tied for fifth a couple of times this past during the past week but now they're in fourth. All by themselves at 21 total medals eight golds seven silvers and six bronze. Ahead of them Norway still in the lead. 35 medals overall that's ten better. And Germany who's in second place in Norway is lighten it up at these Olympics they have also got thirteen gold medals that's tied for the most gold with Germany. The Germany with thirteen golds and 25 medals overall in Canada. With 24 medals overall distant third place the standings again Norway and first that Germany. Canada and then the United States or three behind Canada and the overall medal count and their forehead. Of the Dutch SOA firmly in fourth place the United States with a few a few days to go here so the schedule there's only. Three nights left the competition. Because over there authority Friday. So out of the Friday schedule includes the by apple lawn. It includes curling figure skating freestyle skiing. More hockey from the man. You have the nordic combined whenever that is the short track and more speed skating tonight so. Curling which has become very popular 10 and it wouldn't let us come around you have three straight nights of curling to close out the Olympics. And author of the men's hockey and the sport that I really got into watching a couple of times now is the by apple on. Were you gotta go ski for a while you got a chart trudge up a mountain skewed on the mound and he got try to shoot targets that are pretty far away. And I think I think we all know that you know you run a marathon than trying to stand up and shoot a gun and hit a tiny target is probably not the. Easiest thing to do you mark Manama on that stuff on the on the curling via an early in Minnesota was beaten can then be yet yet in a big and its inclusion of the Canadians are always there are yeses act with the United States who overtook him and you know was innocent because. A name like four key. You know John porky. The quarterback here and it was thing with the saint. There's a Frenchman. Now they've announced that for cod a car on guys he was a by aptly. And that's part Martina for cod for cod and he or one for Kate if you're damn it ya he's one Martina for tiger he's one. He's like a living legend price he's one animals gold medals in in Olympic history of the country. And it has the by deadly day yet the one that the and and you got a built to be steady Nutten. And go to shoot the gun I wanna you know the mental fatigue after they thought they would be to mental physical and and the built people like Guillen now mostly he's well what got me watching that event is that every time you miss a target you got to take a 22 penalty lap. So you start missing targets and I can really even a race out with with anybody have a chance yeah where it goes out there stressed out by the a BD. Fund announces diet and bill McClellan is an easy wasn't easy and open double Olympic marathon champion he won the marathon since 1960. Some Olympics. And he did so anyway any role in setting this thing a world record. And also in the 64 or some liberties and Tokyo. Running a marathon. Canceled it. Barefoot there foot so that walking. He's running a marathon. All surfaces marathoner benefit. That is exactly what the what would really have to feed I mean it was the last whose legs it was say calluses and believe me I'm enjoying it grace's feet us it would trying to I mean you they went and they had to be do you used to rough terrain and services and the to do death and that long that Tim bee is on that that that that that's mind boggling. Think that somebody could just walk on the pavement. Walk on the payment from out of their foot right to be cut out as well as you know they would Wear issues over there be dried out there that's. The Ethiopian record that is over the field lab ended. The shooting came out that mimic the shoes almost like you foot where you can you pretty its toe in lights up a psych is almost like a sock shoe was credited to him. That shoot its own and almost as like a soccer but it's issue where. Is that there's a par four each toe and he goes in it almost looks like it's. Was credited to him via the like it's almost like a five fingers schober it's flat host Hugh. And it was credited to him dad is a very young gays from the heat imaging in his brain. And it was due to an accident that he had Bobby but Doug this is a dad that I mean I'm an avenue that. Mean so that person who sinister takes thank you very much. Yeah and the the all know is you know Indian athlete in each bringing. And you have he always stressed the proper footwear especially if you have a high art art arts yeah. Hotmail does caddy get planet fast here on though I like detained and he still phones emblematic and had a great seesaw it a concern but not unlike. Just to support you put that that to me. The I don't know that that might be more impressive in that miracle night misty there's an out this in note this in though not own the banks that are world racquets. On the back growth misses is in between scenes do want it in and out any meat or all fifty wandered back row we call it what you read Jay's no word no and I'm madness Mr. Big Peco ms. Lee is one Sunday we live playing basketball and on the little play. And no shoes and I had to play benefited to a so much the whole day they used everything you know what we are sort of on the court and if you error the trip would double did. Will have that data so go right quick. Listen we had him and I'll live and Amanda's bill a man win like I was in just the guy's name was on the money being barefoot and all of my neighbors and is called the sagging coroner's only really is Amanda go remember this. We had a party before I went training Campbell across here with coach Lauren yeah who had to play museum we start cutting now Danson all on three feet of he is on the front forward to forging these economic dance and number barefoot and all of a sudden I looked down at the demo feet of lead and in Gaza side go to training camp camp and he tries to save their would have you did you think I did not explain that no the next day so I decided on a conservative Romano the LA yeah. And in my coffee which I'm just to go on bare footed I think it's said that principles all the zone takeaway is knowing that deals mean on fifth grade you know and it does mean. Do Y yo YU law I don't see why you feel getting caught up to rescue body was feeling no I didn't feel no pain thank you know and then also tonight here on a good and my feet of you ms. guinier was sent out my boys yeah I'll show Clinton he was Clinton overrun of the cities and of the country not a I suppose I'll continue easier on WW it.