Should families who come into the US illegally be separated?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, May 17th

Tommy talks to David Bier, an immigration policy analyst with the Cato Institute, about President Trump's immigration policies.


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So here's deals many Texas and former Bush Administration officials have little standing with combating. Illegal immigration. They were open border globally as he tried to push amnesty during his second term. The illegal aliens break up their own families when they come here by themselves. Well. It is then why would they be dreamers Dube who would we be talking about legal families are broken up every day when one of them breaks the law. This abuse by illegals needs to end. That's from Tom from no. This text do you honestly believe Donald Trump or his administration. One to rip apart families. This is total propaganda. When he going to lead your show with how about the unprecedented once in a generation successes of this administration. Three point 9% unemployment talk of denuclearization. And a summit planned with North Korea when terrorism right now. If if you are. Counting that denuclearization. With North Korea and that summit. As a success. I think you get a little ahead of yourself I might be wrong. Embassy moved to Jerusalem shame on you for spreading negative propaganda Lebanon today. Let me tell you later David beard joins us right now immigration policy analyst at the Cato Institute good morning sir. Quite welcome thanks taking time with a so. The president's Homeland Security director. From numerous sources dressed down for about a half an hour in front of a cabinet. Meeting which is no way to be humanitarian thing we don't know that you don't do in front of people because and only dues get manage you know and illicitly saying. But data but. About using. Family separation as a deterrent against illegal crossings Michael Gerson. A conservative writer. In the national review says you know what it's inhumane. David Beers is a morality argument is is an economic argument is this what and tell me where where we start with. Well I think we have you're so why. This is happening and it's happening because. These families. Are coming to the border or quest. Violent in the United States they are trying to sneak into the country. They are coming in turning themselves into Border Patrol agent. This is not in illegal. Immigration issue and because they have portrayed it the president to trump. In illegal immigration issue. He is in Jerry because he feels like. We're being flooded with people who were trying to sneak into our country. And that is not the case. These people are trying to go through the legal process that we created. Super then. The US government from sending people back to persecution in depth and that is what we created. After the Holocaust because he said we're never going to do that again we're never gonna send people back. A persecution and death and evaluate these greens I think it is all based. And if they're not entitled that'll send them back but until that been determined work market deport people. Who may be facing. Violence and persecution in their room cut its. To be the argument about using family separation as a deterrent. Is that message drilling and gonna resonate with the people are coming into the country or is that just something that sounds good been practicality will not work. Up well the administration has sided an act there meant that they ran in one particular Border Patrol sector and the claimed that it would successful but. If you actually look at their number. And break it down a month to month basis it doesn't look like it really did have much and expect to. In that area there were just as many families coming at the end of the experiment as or it. And so that was largely indicated these people are really. Strong incentive. Two be escaping whatever violent or whatever years they have their own country. And they're not being deterred by this new policy but even. They were deterred we really have that result is that to work credit. You know if the Jews were prosecuted for criminal entry into this country when they tried to escape our car with that BS. Credit to our country. That will be deterred them from escaping that violent I don't think so we really need to ask ourselves. Power we bring that. And what's really behind net before we start talking about what measures to take. Thank you David appreciate your time. Thank you David beer immigration policy analysts of the Cato Institute which identifies as libertarian.