Should concealed carry permits be honored across state lines?

Newell Normand
Monday, February 19th

Newell was joined by Shannon Holtzman to talk the reasons why the Conceal Carry Reciprocity Act will hurt states and its law enforcement.


Shannon Holtzman is a volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.


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You're down over the concealed carry reciprocity acting you know the bill is passed to the house or representatives. Letter she earned its onto the senate in his in the senate judiciary. Committee and there are roughly forty co sponsors and on the line with us now Shannon Holtzman moms demand action from guns cents in America volunteer welcome to the show Shannon. Appreciate it. So I just had Tim Schmitt president founder of the United States concealed carry association now obviously a proponent. This reciprocity. Acton and carrying a concealed handgun. So ward or or your organizations. Thoughts about this bill. Well. Our organization strongly opposed the bill we're joined by mini major law enforcement organization. At this time in America we need to be strengthening our gun laws not weakening them this law. Seek and may. Every other states accurate that. The standards. Are out. At you and safety training and who can Cary hidden loaded guns in public. Thereby making beat me yet states rules. The prevailing and weeping. On why for example in Louisiana. Has. On a system in which you must have gun safety training prior to getting permits and ethnic background checks. You do not have a history of engaging in violent behavior and there are several other actors that are looked at to determine whether you can. Get a concealed carry permit. In Italy in the outlet just. Wore out of New Orleans. I read this seeking care it conceal. Well it weapon in public. With no permit whatsoever as long as the Mississippi you resident eighteen years old and not convicted Allen. They could carry. A concealed. Loaded gun in public this slot patent that means that any. Resident Mississippi can come over to Louisiana. And concealed carry in our state and quietly in the that. Decisions that he'd made it made to the prerequisites sport training. It's that. Now I do know that we have reciprocity with Mississippi are you saying that in Mississippi they don't have to apply to get a concealed handgun permit. Crack at Mississippi they just had the inherent right to carry a concealed handgun in Mississippi. Under new line Mississippi that's correct it's. I think passed in 2016 at 417 bearing amp. I'll cut you act and I act out a must've missed that you know I'm I make the point and I made this point with Tim earlier. It's really a slippery slope for the handgun permit. Concealed handgun permit individual. These laws change all the time. And in and you're really put in significant onus on them if they're traveling across multiple states 'cause every state has different rules and regulations and if you're still. Most of these reciprocity X you still have to followed their rules. And the obligation and responsibility. To check their rules I think is a pretty top obligation. Because they're change in volatile. Well I'm not familiar with what all the different rules are but I do believe that. You're gonna carry a loaded concealed guns in public you need to follow the world just like when you cross state minding your car you have to follow there will there deriding. Don't get that followed your. Louisiana have to follow the driving open Mississippi you get it to me it's the same principle and an immigrant. It is not immediately affect anyone's right to opened here. If you think you're so afraid for your safety act to have a gun with you at all times this will be in this as not being opened Cary king and open area believed we all and all states in the country. While I'm not sure about that but that they hit the open carry is legal and then in the vast majority of states. And it's the same thing here remain in Louisiana right now we have reciprocity. With all but about. You know twelve or thirteen states. Right you know as as it stands now and if your opponent eastern seaboard is probably a bigger problem for those folks than it is for us down south. Because we already recognize everybody else's hand state hand and arm. Right bet that the apartment I believe that the losses at a firm that now that Mississippi has taken away that permit requirement. It's kind of it is the match and an and bring back the second really big factor for our opposition to this bill. I think really create a nightmare. For a lot of import. Because. Step burden on line for it to determine whether. This non residents who. Have a permit and as well in my hat tip permit but I'm eligible but the bird enforcement to figure out that writer. And I just don't think are sharply opposite need to be pulling. That thing. No and I made that same point I told Tim earlier and I forgot to tell you to begin issue I was in law enforcement for forty years and I was a sheriff attend. And you know from an enforcement standpoint I think it it creates any number of issues there are some states that if they sell alcohol and you cannot carry a gun into that establishment so if you're edit edit. At a truck stop and you go into by. You know candy bar and happen to sell liquor there and you you're carrying your concealed handgun and and the lady at the cash register see June calls the police. That's a problem. You know you think that your follow on a lost cause in your state if it's okay to do so. But in this state it's not and you know then it requires. Law enforcement intrusion in any time you have law enforcement intrusion. Even when everything. It is done by the book. There are ugly outcomes. And nose at the outcomes that I worried about day in and day out. You know Shannon I was just checking out the Mississippi. Law on year in fact correct. United it it. In fact in Mississippi. It's eighteen in Louisiana it's 21 in Mississippi they have an enhanced permit that allows you to carry guns in. ABL alcohol beverage outlets but in Louisiana they don't. You know so there's pitchers. Kind of begs the question that there's so many different traditions that some states adhered to and some don't. That's true and and we'll Louisiana think we made the right choice for Louisiana and we would not have to be. We did not want to be forced to accept. The choices that Mississippi. In my quick review Louisiana kind of falls. A little bit moral and the more restrictive side than the last for strict of side of what of the states that I've reviewed the that concealed handgun permit laws would you agree. Yeah I think the key it data familiarity with you know all. But we. But we do you know we you know we confidently you know we get it we know that. We like are done that we that they can be dangerous that we acquired safety tree we do require background checks to make sure that they people. Aren't concealed carrying a loaded guns in public places you know grocery stores and not so. That's who were waiting and it made that decision. You know I haven't done new show now haven't done this show now it I'm really gonna go look at more of these states and what what's required because. This conflict in the laws and in what the expectation is I think really does present a real slippery slope with a gun permit holder who's who goes to other states and is carrying. A concealed handgun as a result of that reciprocity. Even what I just today I mean I just see that there are. And then and people need to be aware that they are setting themselves up for failure in many respects of what their expectations may be. I think that that could be a problem for the concealed carry holder. And they need to educate themselves. But the answer to that problem for those people is not concealed carry reciprocity. Better there would be to have federal standards that apply the best. Safety practices. To all states. Yeah but then you get into the State's rights issue and you know we can't get that right on so many fronts right now. It it. Greenside and how it's not state right United States rights issue to say we have for Rory to. Required safety training. I know I have a right not to expect here no it's deeper. Not I get a totally it you know a lot of the same people that are all we're all big on states rights or or in support this bill. For all the reasons that they would be against it for any other subject matter. I guess I guess I get it took a lot. Yeah and I'm not trying to take out the side I'm not trying to sway either way I just try to point out the obvious and you know and any obvious concerns and I half of people. As they looked you know want to legitimately carry a weapon. And but what they're setting themselves up for the Donald know that they sometimes think about these these the outcomes it that are presented. Was bush senate thanks so much for joining us today we're really appreciate it Shannon Holtzman moms demand action for gun cents in America volunteer we appreciate your time.