Should CNN have been criticized for that live coverage on NYE?

Tuesday, January 2nd

CNN’s coverage of NYE was criticized because one correspondent, Randi Kaye, was live on a pot party bus heading to a pot party to celebrating the arrival of 2018. Should CNN have been criticized for that live coverage on NYE? If the consumption of alcohol is part of a New Year’s Eve celebration – then is it wrong for pot use to be part of the celebration in states where marijuana is legal? Full 2 pm hour.


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And welcome to 2018. Are hoping at a great Terry do New Year's Eve weekend she and two it was so it was COLT and the world cold weather is gonna continue. And you you've heard in our forecast this is so rare. A chance of snow flurries. South of the lake it really even as south of New Orleans but that doesn't he remind I get some enormous. We're talking about the start of this new year and the start of every new year is there is a fresh new beginning and in our minds. And what's interesting about the beginning of a new year is this is something that the world celebrates. It's something that you know your Thanksgiving is kind of specific. Christmas is specific Chanukah is specific there are. Holidays and celebrations that are specific. But it seems like New Year's Eve for the beginning of New Year's something that we celebrate around the world and every. A centrally every culture does senator there are few exceptions but most hazard to cultures do that weather's. China or France or the United States. So at the beginning of this new year. Have you made a resolution. But not just that. Have you actually made a resolution in the past. May be last year two years ago five years ago have you ever made a resolution. Did you that you capped. And to this day. You stop doing or started doing whatever it is your resolution wise and you're a better person today. Because of that we've been talking about that also. Is it possible the saints let the Bucs win the game. Because a loss might bring on a more favorable playoff scenario. I don't know but there's a lot of talk about that I was disappointed that they lost to the box thought they could've won but it seems like the past to the Super Bowl. Look it's going to be tough no matter what. But he seems like the path to the Super Bowl might be a little bit more. Might be a little bit better for the saints if it if they would've lost that game to the box or is it possible that they just kind of let them. Windy in the in the I I mean I don't I don't know but I guess it is possible. Really disappointed in LA issue. Notre Dame is a very very good team but. LSU has even as good as they've been at times this year overall there's been just a lot of inconsistency. Mr. with the tigers. And they showed that in that today in that game and Denny at laying. It is just not the quarterback for L issue sometimes he receive a great protect many times very very often. Very consistent so you know he's not a guy. And it's going to be interesting to see if they'll issue. Reappraisal on their next quarterback. A Myles Brand I think is his name and size if he becomes. Like a really good passing quarterback because that's something that under less miles you know its top quarterbacks they wanna come here. They wanna come here because it's. They weren't gonna throw the ball because less miles was a guy who want to run the ball. So it's going to be interesting to see if they do attract. A passer. That takes advantage of maybe the passing game and you know I guess there's some people who love LSU just running the ball. I like an open offense where it's run and pass if you wanna join us with a comment about anything we're talking about this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. Is somebody text is 87870. Here's what Drew Brees had to say after the loss yesterday in Tampa Bay. It's we'll solve obviously just way that they demanded ourselves when we thought we should want. So bottom line is we are in the C south champions and there's. So watch view product. It's. It's been a long season you know we. We've had our ups and downs at times I think we've. We've short ourselves what is possible we'll. And obviously you play the regular season to give yourself an opportunity. To get into. The tournament and that's where we are not. Three to host a home playoff game. Guess Carolina and the consumer takes us from there let's no more important game and obviously. We want right from us. We're really need to do our best. Yeah and I hope the Arabs are the crowds I guess in the dome early and this is allowed as they were. Out of for the game against the falcons did you social hold different die attitude and in the Mercedes-Benz superdome and I hope that happens again. On this week against the of the Panthers you know it's difficult to consistent consistently beat a team we would have to beat the box. Three times in one season in order to continue on in the playoffs. And done. Men over the weekend they're just so many great game yeah I said the saints yesterday I met Sunday am you know Crist today it's it's Tuesday but it it feels like a Monday doesn't. So aren't a lot of great games and Alabama convincing win over Clemson and job Georgia Tech game was a score was 54 to 48 Georgia beat Oklahoma. In the Rose Bowl the other semifinal game so now it's gonna be Georgia and Alabama. In a championship. To SEC teams which I think says a lot. About the SEC. From Algiers Larry welcome to the show happy new year. Have a real coup and thank you were they good go sure. I don't know how does it go about your roots and called and talked about these. Knew these cute. Small group mayor walked through he would sit down and more we're on workers aren't cheap. At this stage did this deal were not proper Leo. Trading Opel GDP. They don't do building. Sit down with it. I don't think it's proper Gatti. The goat there are some good kid could go on the spot of good young do you you are going to write very. Larry if you know it if you knew a teenaged daughter where is going to be sexually active which you make sure that she was on birth control pills. Well I would teacher. Looked on and 12100 teacher members. You don't come true. Wondered your equipment your. It's tough decisions. The training as well. That's what we've done giving me which does something. What we have to do is mark. The only trying to do and what you have to watch. Well here we are right. Paris and Paris are not looking for ways to be strong terrorists are looking for ways to do is almost men who are looking for ways to do as little as possible. Larry happy new year are able we come back when I talk about to CNN. Reporting on a life pot party. New Year's Heath. On they were on him they were on on on a party bus upon party bus. Is that with The Who meant when he wrote this song. Magic bus. I mean that's kind of the image I had of the song. You know I think what happened here John is. The I gave you the wrong there are kind of magic Moscow is. They were supposed to sourcing and before you we try to have to show very well planned but when it's not plan I'm gonna just be honest with yet. That was not well planned out when I start talking a slow start saying. Hey it happens it's like radio. I'm scoots and we'll be back on to be a hero. You see how smoothly that worked you know as soon as they're talking stop there the song hit rivalry wondered too. That's always try to do vita it's like radio and sometimes you know it's it's I guess it's the equivalent to Drew Brees sometimes throwing an interception. Or are fumbling has always work out that way. So yeah I was actually at wal mart's yesterday and I heard this song are being played one talk over the line and I couldn't believe that Wal-Mart of all places where is allowing a song to be played it was about drugs. This year CNN's New Year's Eve coverage was hosted by Anderson Cooper and his longtime friend. Not lover not boyfriend not partner his longtime friend and eco. Alleged comedian Kathy Griffin has hosted the countdown show with Andersen in the past. But NBC severed ties with her when she held up what appeared to be the severed bloody crisis style ahead of president truck. So the decision for her to post that are caused a major backlash against her career and many people including myself are ecstatic. Over the idea Kathy Griffin is no longer part of the CNN New Year's Eve special or anything else every plan to see anytime soon. CNN sent host Don lemon and Brooke Baldwin back to New Orleans again this year to anchor the New Year's Eve celebration in the French Quarter. Don and Brooke. Kissed each other midnight. They were doing some shots. Earlier Don lemon kissed his new voice for. Who was a guy he met at the same bar last year or doing New Year's Eve coverage enormous. And done mentioned earlier than Brooke Baldwin is now engaged to a man she met in the same bar two years ago so. And that bars got a really good return on investment for people who are visiting that bar maybe CNN we'll start sending they're single people out here to learn to be people in New Year's Eve. But CNN cents correspondent Randi Kaye just female Randi Kaye with a knocked. To. A site they ended up attracting. Some attention and criticism. CNN's Randi Kaye was in Colorado. And she was reporting live on a pot party bus. Heading for a party called half past and paint. And I assumed that this is the kind of bus The Who sang about when they did that classic rock yet magic boss. When I was playing the song is a young DJ has screwed in the morning years ago I often thought about that kind of boss. At one point Randi Kaye a live on CNN says quote I think I'm gonna get a little high right now. Randi Kaye another time model to a gas mask bond. Which I don't know you know if things continue to heat up wins with say North Korea nuclear threats this year. Next year may be the maybe the gas Massa bond would serve a double purpose actually I saw one of these for sale ahead shop on our canal street wants. Randi Kay's comments. And her mere presence on the pot party buster criticism. One tweets accused CNN. Of promoting drugs on the air. Another tweet read this is where your morals have landed in 2018. All ladies and gas mask bond CNN las pot hash tag fake news CNN. All right let's start with the absurd and inaccurate description of Randi Kaye reporting as fake news. Fake news is any story that his fabricate it. It's not true it's fabricated. For the purpose of attracting attention clicks listeners or viewers. Fake news is not real news. Randy case alive reports were not. Fake news and this is just a reminder as we begin this new year of 2018. I've been brief football got a lot of work in terms of convincing some people what really is fake news and it's not just in news. You disagree wit it that's not fake news. Is a criticism of CNN's decision to have a reporter on a pot party buster Colorado headed for part party is that criticism fair. The recreational use of marijuana is legal and say to Colorado. So that means that CNN and reporter Randy K we're not breaking any laws. But more importantly. If CNN and other media outlets covered the drinking of alcohol to celebrate the arrival of a new year. Then why would be wrong to show people smoking pot in a state where smoking pot is legal. I wanna say this again for the record. I don't smoke pot. I have talked about this on the show before. I have been honest in my past about my past I smoked pot in the past. And I haven't smoked pot in many many years as it was legalized I I have no desire to smoke pot at this point. So my defense of legalizing pot my defense of CNN showing pot use in a state where pot is illegal. It's not based on any personal agenda of mine. My personal agenda is I guess. Remaining consistent. And the comparison. Of the use of pot with a comparison of alcohol I think is fair. If you gonna drink. On the air. And they were doing shots not only on CNN but that New Year's Eve there'd they do shots on TV. If they're doing shots for the partied and why not show smoking pot for the party if it's legal in the state where they're showing. I mean if you argue that pot is a drug okay but then you must recognize that alcohol is a drug to. And people smoked pot and drink. For many of the same reasons. Supporting the drinking of alcohol to celebrate the beginning of a new year while criticizing the use of pot for the same reason Timmy is a height of hypocrisy. And discontinued condemnation of fund a pot. Really goes back to the US government's campaign to depict marijuana as an evil evil drug. Even as evil as heroin. In fact today marijuana and heroin are both listed as the same schedule one narcotics I mean equating the dangers of marijuana to the dangers of Carroll went. I think destroys the government's credibility. In assessing. Drug use in America. CNN. In my opinion did not do anything wrong in reporting the open use of pots in a state where the recreational use of pot is legal. As CNN's decision have a correspondent on the pot party bus. Is equal to all of the accepted coverage of toasting champagne at midnight on New Year's it. And even if you don't smoke pot. You believe that is essentially. No difference between drinking or smoking pot on television. A New Year's Eve if you would like to join us in the comments are numbers 2601. A seventy. Terry coach 504260187. In a text number is a 7870. One thing we look to join the show is a point out the apart perceives that we we deal with often in this country. And to me this is very hypocritical. And as I say that's not a pot smoker don't plan a smoker pot. But the point is it you know to a to a taxi and and or to attack anybody for showing. Legal pot use on New Year's Eve. To be it it is a mistaken and I and I do believe it really does. This hysteria over pot hearkens back to the days when America was trying to create this irrational fear. A marijuana. I gotta get to the news here but if you wanna join us with your comment on this with CNN. We see in right in and showing us. 2601878. Or text is a 77. I've Stewart's number coming right back on every ago. I'm not promoting marijuana use but I do think the criticism of us CNN for having your correspondent Randi Kaye auto pot party bus heading to a pod party Colorado New Year's Eve. I think that's and I think the criticism is ridiculous said here's our party must opinion poll. Was it wrong for CNN to show pot use Sunday years even a state where it's legal 55%. Say no. 45% say yes give us your opinion by going to derivative you real dot com and getting some text saying that odd that I'm I'm wrong it's sick it's against federal law. Yes that's true is smoking pot is still against. Federal law. But we're talking about it in a state where it's legal and before during and the state and even though it's against federal law. The on the Justice Department so far has decided not to prosecute although there's been some concern and in some. Mumbling some Jeff Sessions that he would wanna start prosecuting people for for smoking pot even in states where it's legal. Because it is against federal law the Obama administration. Under Eric Holder said that they were not going to knock on the Internet if you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Text a 7870 Janice welcome to the show happy new year. Having it be used to it yet it's very child. It is really nearly as kind of behavior on that this kind of held. It doesn't it would be dead at hands say yeah we're all concerned about trojans fell out the side out Cuba and fit anywhere and being. I'm wrapped in a blanket on the Atlantic contract. It's just I have the heat. On any OS I mean what a Kaye has called so long bomb there was stated this at a controversy. Then and the effect on hand news to unitholders about it it's got out coached has agreed to hold it so it really concerned about you. All right thank you I can make you think you can. My rent that it's I guess I'd say that this is an account appropriately and how about the title. I heard what that man shed nearly. And about dot. And if you still listening to. It important to you to top ticket. Thing. You telling Janice. The city street. I'm Tony that not funny Delano I thought I'm not near what she serious. What do you like Q did he did between talking to your child and it kind of right from wrong and everything. And ash. Up. Whip and a you know. Legally and I am speaking to my legal standpoint. It's called add to that the mind. Did you get this our future Sharon's. Did you get this our future. Out Janice do you get this'll do you feel like you got this'll teach us. We'll wrap it up we're gonna move on. But since it out about it. Yeah are Jews took it looks like you know do you experience being a parent. A. Well I addressed I listened Janice pierce her. Janice here's the point oh don't call the show and act like you know everything if you don't actually have some experience. I mean that's. She just hung up. I mean just a serious. You know sometimes you don't have to have experienced to have input but don't act like you know everything if you've never done something. And Janice is referring to a caller we had earlier and I don't necessarily agree with this guy he says this fourteen year old daughter said I'm going to a party and I wanna smoke pot. Any say well. I'm gonna have you smoked pot right in front of me and I'm a CIA had. I don't agree with that but I do agree that there is a point where. Children. Teenagers. Get to where the parents should teach them how to drink. Teach them their limits. You don't you teach your kids to look mostly from the cross the street. You teach your kids to not touch Steve that the stove the birth when it's hot don't touch fired don't play with matches your teacher it's all these things. But your kids are gonna go out and drink. All of them put it in many cases you know you're considered going to drink they go off and drink they don't have any idea what it does to them so based on that. You should do you teach your kids to drink. And if that's the case then if you know your kids are gonna smoke pot. Should parents. Smoked pot. Whisked their kids. I'm not promoting that it's it's a question it's a strategy I know mothers there with their teenage daughters. 1516 years old. On birth control pills because they knew. Their dollars would end up having sex. So do you do these things whisked. Your kids do you teach them how to do this stuff. The real point is discussing whether or not seek an end did the right thing in airing this. This New Year's Eve special. And. Randi Kaye one of the correspondence is on a pot party bus heading for upon party but it's in Colorado where if recreational use of pot is. Is legal. Our list. Now I who has his mind. He is a reefer man. Luck if you just tuned in I'm gonna say it again. And I'll say it again and again. I don't smoke pot I'm being honest in many many many years. My agenda. Is based on the ideas that. If it's legal in the states it's not a big deal. I'm scooter coming right back on WL. All right this was not the only song Tom Petty did about marijuana. Do you think Tom Petty ever sparked. A dupe. I like I'm just talking about the reaction. The criticism of CNN having Randi Kaye correspondent lies on. Up pot party bus heading to a part party in Colorado for New Year's Eve is that a big deal if you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy. And our text is a 7870. I did a did a video of artists and it's it's posted now on our FaceBook page WWL radio. It's also on the on soda SO TA scoots on the air a FaceBook page. And you can argue that in our common on a tennis some people just comment on headline Britain similar fuel or responsible actually abuse of video it's not long. And a common article on I'll join a conversation. Later this evening and there are just always some very very interesting and frightening comments frightening in that. It's it's it is sick it's a reflection of how some people sing and it's really kind of scary to me was it wrong for CNN. To show parties on New Year's Eve of the state where it's legal that's a pretty must opinion poll 52%. Say no was not wrong. 40% say yes it was for Metairie Bobby here on WWL. It took quite. Portland puppet they I don't smoke but. But at duke and don't be intimately about. Mo I try but didn't Evan. And not me. That's not for our. Not nothing is for is for every by recent. You know some people liken to an instance where to stay where sought legal I'm not promoting it but if you earn a state where it's it's it's legal if that's your choice that's to me that's no different than choosing to legally drink alcohol. I agree I agree and now from being who would know Whoopi yeah. So the beat president takes them out and trying to stop. The Lowell drove it special that no one. We need that we guerrilla. It will I think it will cut down moment crime quality of eagle video. Libya on a book they feel a little. Bird. Each year peak yet they bet old late July. Or certainly that you put the money. The mining would be the tensions that trying to. Stop them or him I'll bet that's what born I mean with it the other way. I think we need to drive. And law and I'm you know I don't soap on either but eat your reason is exactly my recent you know for all on first of all up until recently. I'm in Louisiana and New Orleans I'm too much police attention was paid to busting somebody for pot when there are more important things story about. But all loads of good the revenues could be generated for a state that is his brokers Louisiana. Not did you should just legalize something because it's gonna generate money but to me I don't understand the rationale between. Condemning marijuana and so supporting the use of alcohol when essentially peoples that do both for much of the same reason. I act I agree I want a vet who think that we capital it needs to legalize it and try out that what you. What happened and I elected to Kenya they get now total victim regular. Make it gives people get beat. Turns out there it is more problems that it isn't it. Bob I plush appreciate your comments and during a year. Also called a little bit. All right to respond. OK so who we've got them. I've got the play off scenario now I gotta right now I think I made a mistake earlier but the player scenario writes with a sense. John McCarron yeah it's confusing to my you gotta do math who would know what to do math. Its board some argue math. Menuing. All right here is the first weekend playoff scenarios or try to follow this has the rams the falcons on Saturday and the safety the Panthers on Sunday than the say so colorful enough to beat the Eagles to play Eagles and in the rental tells the Minnesota player vikings if the falcons beat the rams on Saturday and sees beat the falcons on underpants on Sunday and city governments -- to beat the vikings. Played like he's and then the NFL has and what I guess I saw it out disorder now. She. It's it's a specific kiss with a disclaimer. Asked and if they had I think that I was reprint military and assays for your tires on Sunday and it's our feet hit the bar here's the first weekend scenario. The Eagles at the number one seed and and then where that where the teams are seeded that has everything to do with this. Okay eerie to write this down. If the rams. Beat the falcons Saturday. And the saints beat the Panthers. Sunday. At home. This saints travel to Philadelphia. To play the Eagles. And the rams travel to Minnesota to play the vikings. And yes it's possible the vikings will be the first NFL team to played their. Super Bowl game. In home stadium for the first time. Now if the falcons beat the rams on Saturday. And the saints beat the Panthers. On Sunday. The saints travel to Minnesota to play the like weeks. The falcons travel to Philadelphia. To play the Eagles. The way the saints host the NFC championship game in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. This would be the NFC championship game. This would send it to the Super Bowl. The falcons. Must beat the rams. The falcons then have to beat the Eagles. And the saints have to beat the Panthers. And be complexities. OK it's just a I think that's it don't mean is it is is confusing and you know what I would tune into the second game show next. It's coming up next at four clock ball not next it's coming up at 4 o'clock. We've buyers after initial body a beer might tell you why for the silver slipper casino and Hancock county Mississippi don't break down all of this in a very professional manner. And also they'll be talking about. Some of the and talk this going around about two code ago after his first full season. Is he the coach. For the LSU tigers. Ellen she lost a disappointing game to Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl over the weekend. And also our special guest on the saints coaches show former color analyst former saints quarterback to legendary. Archie Manning. At 630 also former wide receiver. I'll Lance mores all of that starts at 4 o'clock to second guess Joseph Bobby and Mike to tell you life in the super super casino. In Mississippi and by the way I got a text years since a one to mention this and I can mention a write down hold a copy has been named to replace Matt Lauer. On The Today Show. Now it took him awhile to to work up the contract because they had it it took them this long to write all of his heroes in our contract. So congratulations sort of copy she spent time here in New Orleans sister channel four. And she has so I definitely caught on to with a big time and I just she just has that. That perfect job on air presence that perfect. Chemistry for being an on air hop personality so congratulations to order a copy replacing. Matt Lauer. A we've got a lot to talk about will be back in the next hour to continue our show I'm glad you're with us on this suffer show for 2018. Hoping had a great weekend. Stay warm scolds we'll be back.