Should a Catholic school counselor lose her job after discovered she was married to a woman?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, August 15th
A guidance counselor at an Indianapolis Catholic school could lose her job after administrators learned that she was married to a woman.

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The inner dates from someplace else and I have no clue why I am not a short cutters and meg yeah it was supposed to be assured it's all right Eric that's out. I'm nor should talk about so I called my wife and I said tell if she said all right. Describe where you are do this you are right. You're such and such bushels continue to go the way you're going and you should run into the inner to bunt attempt to be all the time Aaron Ward so. You have a you do any of vacation but the kids in the car. Holing out here on other markets and a look at. There firfer in the apple. But denied knob and I've been in that position before. And I will admit to being stubborn illnesses like you know. Why aren't sure that I know my way around here that's it you know that's and not keep that on the until I have a breakdown and and finally you know. Wife and break out the GPS. Rescue right thank you Dave all right here's what we're going to kick off this hour with showed a high school counselor. Lose her job. After the school discovers that she is married. To a woman to Catholic Church. They gave this woman Jolie FitzGerald an ultimatum resign. Or dissolve your marriage resign or dissolve your marriage she's been placed on it admission administrative leave. After school officials discovered that she was married to a woman now in all look the church says well we don't believe in gay marriage and marriages between a man and woman shall we want you to dissolve. Your marriage and she has been. Teaches at the high school out. I'll wanna say fifteen years since she's been a well respected teachers for our ability of the kids lover should she be. Made to resign. To six year old played somebody especially of all the stuff going on with the priest. And this goes the horrible horrible report that came out all on the grand jury is a book that investigating them. For child little or a beauty shop I'll read a little bit more this is the morning goes on but point out that sure sounds super critical the day. Let's go to gun or a little short Don thank you for college WWL a warrior. I don't well sigma car more on hanging in there. Ollie don't elect don't fall at a that. But I I think she should lose their job well I get their ability. For her to. That Ballmer marriage and or to keep her job. I might get beat up go wire two children are in the top school. This is not a public schools the schools and one of the reasons we spend archer and you've got old. Is because you want them don't work out but just kept the attic get them. And go mole hole. Requirements under god and under the Bible and it may not for everybody and not say it. But it is currently in we choose to pay you wish you about Jordan school so that. Learn about the Bible and what the law of god and all and and although all of them both god and man. Well what I wanna bulk respect they interpret them. Okay what about what about what about a priest but it's caught having sex with children. In his own diocese should should he be given the boot to no no no questions not that you're out here. Still Smart upper. Right. After it's as simple. Or. And they should receive it. One. Should be should. Do. Should be considered not yet been in the what the is well. But it's not been done by just move on the different restriction you know that's true. I. But. Our current. But. But but that church. The church in the Church of God the character. But it's not one it's one byte man losing it at all. And that's why. And we need to have a church. And I congregation at that this is not a comfortable and for our leadership the day. We need to take it out. Two important things out in not covered about for the sake of politics but church should not be political body but right now. It is. An unlikely. Let me make this type in what what when I first read this story my opposition was exactly what yours is okay. It's it's it's against what the church teaches church teaches manners is free but between one man and one woman I that she should she should be fired but then. You get this report from the grand jury and you see that ha collar Catholic Church that they they hid these things and and some of under I don't know if you have a chance to. I hear or read the report. It's us or more than 1001000. Victims and perhaps thousands more and that it goes on it says let me just read this a world what clogged. It says that they document and a wide variety of abuse by priests within the church and creative ways of covering them up. One k.'s and flew a priest that the grand jury should raped a seven year old girl while visiting her in the hospital. And then a priest made a nine year old boy give him oral selection and wrenched the boy's mile fun with holy war. To purify them and these guys is still praised. I'm Ryan. It pitched it right but you'd you'd say is they haven't been. Litigated in court. Don't like. Yes in that church need it would all investigation. Like yeah an internal look at its belt and there are screwed up prohibited carry out there in the Bible. But leadership could not be at odds armored agent in the congregation that that often make that on the. I Don I appreciate you trolling but bottom line is. Women shouldn't marry women men should marry men who should be one man and one woman so no matter what usher should be fired thank you for your opinion we're also. Going to be talking about this club. Catholic Church sexual abuse case that's going on so. Odd and I do apologize and offensive you have little kids in the car. I'll try to give you warning of weep. Say something that would be. A little graphic okay I won't go to Jimmy and Slidell Jimmie thanks for calling WW well. I'm dragon in their Jimmy best again. Well. So this this woman has been married. In a relationship for fifteen years and they started investigating her and they. Came up with the fact that you should be doing this so it's it's against church law. So if you wanna keep your job you have to rub. You have to break up below with your significant other should treat. No. You know I'll I'll base so like you know. I'm not religious at all season and I would get out at this. I understand the private school showed that that's another thing I know that. Parents pay tuition to on the school. But I also know that the current administration the drug administration they're trying to do. It is such a program where private schools can't get funding so if this school is getting any kind of federal funding is that is. Then deftly and it'll have a right to. Tell the teacher what they can and cannot do an apartment life's passage 100%. You know tuition paid still no. No funding from the state or federal government. And you know they have kind of leeway which I don't agree with but you know they're basically private entities so they can. Well what are available what the church has claiming and I definitely understand where they're coming from that they do not believe. In the same sex marriage they believe that marriage is Joseph Torre and a man and a woman and because that's what they teach and that's the bully for the Catholic Church. That they can't have someone who is not living by those rules. Not teaching their kids which I'd I do understand that I totally do it in my first thought was that that tried. But then when you when you weigh that against all the sexual abuse charges of of trees where they just move them around. That's kind of build two faced. Bit hypocritical when I mean. Based Catholic Church still produce today. They control written and if if some surgical preacher at the choice. They'll say the word you know load. Sinner hate the early. Well it's kind of hard to tell someone. You know don't act on Liu wore it like being homosexual. Is not actually. It's being homosexual that are spiritual or bisexual. Is the same with that symbolize green eyes are brown that this just going to war your borne out all right Jimmy and Glen. Not that. I think it's wrong for them like if that teacher. To see what the school's been renovated church or do enemy out I would believe in this goat there could be other schools that would trigger. All right Julie thank you shall of that do you agree or disagree with a things are opposed the Jimmy's Charlie on hold will be with you and just a sudden we're talking amok driving in and taking troops sold at this morning. I hated I hated taxiing. Five kids in the car all take a vacation now it's just grocery fun. Not you know but it made enough funny movies about you know national am prudent Telesis and says it's it's it's is a crazy thought. I was back on a crowd yes I tell you what I did one time that this is this is the absolute truth or not. When my oldest son finally became driving days of the will 1516. Or something like that. We will only to finish. Couple all the kids. In one car he drove. And I drove what was my wife and I carded a flawless. Wryly yes you you really hear much from him you had a lot of faith in him who's a Saturday. But funding that way if fights broke out in the car yeah and no matter how more than the other half I got here and left and of course you don't they first took that permit they wanna drive they wanna drive all the time so let's look I don't I did yes also appears to Asia chants. I thank you they would be on get back to it to our phone call our. Question this hour is should a Catholic high school counselor. Lose your job after it was discovered that she had married a woman in this relationship had the marriage relationship was like fifteen years and she's I'm not doing that lesson well you'd have to lose your job. While she suspend their right now Charles what do you think. Absolutely. In Matt. Actually pollute it not. I mean. Packet the chat cherry. Black you sing it well auto debt right now. Jake you Gerald Islam and mean what she'd do it ended up big wreck which it was thought our right now. A horrible because they had to it would went low bar it might have been you know you. So hypocritical it is sharing. Say I can I can understand. Let's say Iain. Because I'm I I am old school I believe that marriages between a man and a woman but that's that's my personal belief that you don't agree with that it. It's okay. Come on I'm not to the judge anyone but it seems to me. You tell a woman well it is it is against Catholic believers against the Bible. For you to be married to another woman so if you wanna keep your job. Are you gonna have to take your break up your relationship. A law hall are are you gonna have to leave. But yet the same time one day catch these preached doing things that are against the Bible though Bob had a file is definitely. Against the bubble. Then all they do is meet them to another school or are on another church. That. I don't let there. What what where why the spirit being you know now. You want to investigate it greatly. RB America I have to fit being. I guess because there were rumors. I can't imagine that gov. Army. You know you can't clean up you know accurate but emigrate and Italy in. A fit Vietnam and never happen. No child I appreciate your phoning in a guidance counselor at in Indianapolis. Catholic school. Have been placed on administrative leave after the school. Discovered. That she was married to women and men with those chilly for sterile. Should be worked at the high school which is run by the church Catholic Church for fifteen years. And has been with her now wife for 22 years. The charge thrown out that she was married. And they said that this is against church falsely which it is. They knew the church policy is between one man and one woman so now they are telling our mushy dissolves or marriage. Then she has to lose her job. I question is should the I Catholic high school canceled lose the job. Nonetheless discovered that she is married a man that it it does but if if you go if you go by exactly of the law. All of of the church that's right she should be cut out of the same time I I am sure that in in the Catholic Church played them they have to be. Other homosexuals teaching so do you do you purge everyone. And hop how do you tell this woman. That OK we know what you drew it would we believe what you're doing this role Olson's what you're doing is wrong you no longer have a job but yet what the priest. They know what they know right from only know what they're doing is is that right but they don't lose their job it is. Moved to a to another part of the country let's go to less than a plus plus got about a minute and a half a warrior today. And and hang in and their less hang and then there. You know what. Are we trying to beat approach. We apply what. It would greet each week Peta quarrel Asians we seek re. Going to win. There will only get oh. We've got the sport and we think we know. It. And we I. Did it we get court. Yeah well call me pull my. Yeah. Let's let's let me ask your question when the same thing apply to the preached. Okay did it. What the ball if anything should apply the Greek diplomat we. Yeah. Are. We're keeping you in Kabul but you'd be correct. Right and we got a call but the bottom. Yet. You only one arm and a right. You. Could. Yeah when. I wish when you. Can use. What you didn't do anything about it. You keeping these would be young girl and when you've. Been. Meaning to. Be doing. What happened to Nabil. Why didn't they didn't know in the beginning that she was married and all of Austrian relations it will another woman. But they just recently discovered that. It will still in the school record. Book people up people. Didn't. And couple of you know the less I can't and it'll come out. But now that it is how you believe that you aren't. I hit it a little bit you know. Melissa appreciate your phony image you. He also shows set earlier that it applies to everybody applies to teaches in the priest and a and does that every one if if if you break the rules it and you should be gone I agree with that let's say good morning to you London how warrior girl I'm don't do it along time. Yeah how are you tell I'm new only. I wanna make that cap man the schoolteacher. I think that the Obama discrimination that would be. They are a lot of people might get gay and lesbian people. And it is a good church teaches that. Cash. Been able can't we. Considered that right okay. Saint Cooper. Live in her room. Attention. Ed and the people at the that IP in. Depth and so at the Amtrak and why is she being pointed out it would because it. Typical situation. It's jailed at. That. It. This is that you know back. And what about what happened what about the priest that are abusing it into. Horrible and be out harmful. They don't like being worked state that they could do it simply because I. The kick in and get children and they trot is supposed to be.